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And Dan shall be with us, with nose aquiline.
If you do not come back, we shall weep out our eyne :
Or may your gown never be good Lutherine.
The beef you have got, I hear, is a chine :
But, if too many come, your madam will whine;
And then you may kiss the low end of her spine.
But enough of this poetry

I hope you will not think this a.pasquine.





TOME fit by my fide, while this picture I draw":

In chattering a magpie, in pride a jackdaw; A temper the devil himself could not bridle; . Impertinent mixture of busy and idle ; As rude as a bear, no mule half so crabbed ; She fwills like a fow, and she breed's like a rabbit : A house-wife in bed, at table a flattern; For all an example, for no one a pattern. Now tell me, friend Thomas *, Ford t, Grattan I, and.

merry Dan ll, Has this

any likeness to good madam Sheridan?

* Dr. Thomas Sheridan.
+ Charles Ford of Woodpark, Esq;
| Reverend John Grattan,

Reverend Daniel Jacklon,





DEAR Dean, fince you in fleepy wife

Have op'd your mouth, and clos’d your eyes; Like ghost, I glide along your floor, And softly shut the parlour-door: For should I break your sweet repose, Who knows what money you might lose ; Since oftentimes it has been found, A dream has given ten thousand pound? Then sleep, my friend; dear dean, sleep on, And all you get shall be your own; Provided you to this agree, That all you lose belongs to me.

THE DEAN'S ANSWER So, about twelve at night, the punk

Steals from the cully when he 's drunk; Nor is contented with a treat, Without her privilege to cheat. Nor can I the least difference find, But that you left no clap behind. But, jest apart, restore, you capon ye, My twelve thirteens * and six-pence ha’penny. A Nilling palleth for thirteen pence in Ireland.

To eat my meat, and drink my medlicot,
And then to give me such a deadly cut
But 'tis observ'd, that men in gowns
Are most inclin'd to plunder crowns.


but change a crown as easy
As you can steal one, how 'twould please ye !
I thought the lady * at St. Catharine's
Knew how to set


better patterns ;
For this I will not dine with Agmondisham t,
And for his victuals let a ragman dish 'em.

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a goddess chaste and wit,
Descending lately from the skies,
To Neptune went, and begg'd in form
He 'd give his orders for a storm ;
A storm, to drown that rascal Horte,
And the would kindly thank him for 't:
A wretch! whom English rogues, to spite her,
Had lately honour'd with a mitre.

The god, who favour'd her request,
Assur'd her he would do his best :
But Venus had been there before,
Pleaded the bishop lov'd a whore,
* Lady Montcahel.
+ Agmondilham Vesey esq; a very worthy gentle-
for whom the Dean had a great esteem,



And had enlarg’d, her empire wide ;
He own'd no deity beside.
At sea or land, if c'er you found him
Without a mistress, hang or drown him.
Since Burnet's death, the bifhop's bench,
Till Horte arriv'd, ne'er kept a wench ;
If Horte must sink, the grieves to tell it,
She 'lt not have left one single prelate :
For, to say truth, she did intend him,
Elect of Cyprus in commendam.
And, since her birth the ocean gave her,
She could not doubt her uncle's favour. ,

Then Proteus urg'd the same request,
But half in earnest, half in jesti
Said he -“ Great sovereign of the main,
" To drown him, all attempts are vain ;
“ Horte can allume more forms than 1,
“ A rake, a bully, pimp, or spy ;
“ Can creep or run, can fly or swim,
« All motions are alike to him :
“ Turn him adrift, and you shall find
" He knows to fail with

every wind; " Or, throw him overboard, he 'll ride “ As well against, as with the tide. “ But, Pallas, you 've apply'd too late ; “ For 'tis decreed, by Jove and Fate, “ That Ireland must be foon destroy'd, “ And who but Horte can be employ'd ? “ You need not then have been lo pert, “ In sending Bolton to Clonferr. * Afterwards archbichop of Cashell.

" I found


Аа 3

“ I found you did it, by your grinning;
“ Your business is, to mind your spinning.
* But how you came to interpose
“ In making bishops, no one knows :
“ Or who regarded your report;
" For never were you seen at court.
“ And if you must have your petition,
“ There's Berkeley* in the same condition :
* Look, there he flands, and 'tis but just,
“ If one must drown, the other must;
" But, if you 'll leave us bishop Judas,
“ We 'll give you Berkeley for Bermudas.
* Now, if 'twill gratify your spight,
4 To


him in a plaguy fright,
Although 'tis hardly worth the cost,
• You foon shall fee him soundly tost.
“ You 'll find him swear, blafpheme, and dama
“ (And every moment take a dram)
“ His ghastly visage with an air
“ Of reprobation and despair :
• Or else some hiding-hole he feeks,
“ For fear the rest should say he squeaks;
“ Or, as Fitzpatrick † did before,
“ Resolve to perish with his whore ;
“ Or else he raves, and roars, and swears,
« And, but for shame, would say his prayers.
“ Or, would you see his spirits fink,

Relaxing downwards in a stink? * Dr. George Berkeley, dean of Derry, and after wards bishop of Cloyne.

+ Brigadier Fitzpatrick was drowned in one of the packet-boats in the bay of Dublin, in a great storm.

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