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sent you one of the most fashionable models: it is both in grand parure and simple evening dress. also employed for robes pyrandmides, so called be- | It should be made for the first, of a gold or silcause of the style of the trimming, which is com- ver gauze scarf, and decorated either with plumes posed of pyramids formed of velvet ribbon ar- frosted with silver, or with diamond epis. Those ranged in circles; they increase gradually in size as of a more simple kind are composed of a plain they mount upon the skirt, which they do to nearly gauze or tulle scarf, sometimes a blonde lace one is two-thirds of its length.

employed. The trimming is merely a rose with High corsages seem likely to retain their ground buds and foliage placed on one side. Coiffures in half-dress, particularly those terminated at the historiques are much talked of; the prettiest that I bottom with a point on each side of the front simi- have yet seen is the toque à l'Isabelle of violet lar to the model I have given you. Those à la velvel trimmed with gold cords and tassels. A vierge will be still more extensively seen. The head-dress has just appeared under the title of corsages of evening robes will be cut low round coiffure Mogador ; it is composed entirely of ribbon the top, but as yet they are by no means indeli- arranged in coques and ends; there are five or cately so. Short sleeves have been very much six different shades of the same colour, so that it increased in length, so that neither the arms nor goes from ponceau to pink, from dark green to pea. the bust will be so much exposed as they have green, &c. &c. The new colours are those I menbeen for veral winters past. Sleeves will also tioned in my last; I may add also pearl grey, olive be more voluminous ; several of those of silk or brown, some new shades of orange and red, and satin robes will be partially covered by a full one some fancy colours. of lace or tulle looped by a flower, a knot of rib

ADRIENNE DE M. bon, or a jewelled ornament. Crape, lace, and gauze of different kinds will divide the vogue with silks, satins, and velvets in evening dress, Black figured net trimmed with black lace fiounces, and worn over satin robes of rich DESCRIPTION OF THE PLATES. full hues is expected to be very fashionable. I have recently seen some white lace robes trimmed in a novel style with a scarf of the

PLATE THE FIRST. same lace; it is attached on each shoulder by a næud of ribbon or a tust of flowers, which

CARRIAGE DRESS.- Pelisse robe, composed of also loops a very full lace sleeve, displaying the puce-coloured velvet ; the corsage en amazone, is satin one of the under dress. The scarf passes in made very open on the bosom, with a deep collar drapery fold on the front of the corsage, and and lappels, and terminated by a jacket. The crosses in the centre of the breast, the ends falling buttons, and the entire lightly embroidered in

lower part of the corsage is closed by fancy silk nearly 10 the waist; a bouquet of flowers, or a full chou of ribbon, is laid on the lace in the centre of braiding. Tight sleeve, rather more than a threethe breast. Bugle fringes, dentille de velours, and quarter length, over one of muslin bouillonné ; cuff various kinds of passementerie have appeared for a la chevalière, embroidered 10 correspond with the trimming evening robes, but I have reason to be - corsage. High cambric chemisette, plaited en lieve that lace, both black and white, will be more

chemise d'homme. White satin capote, a round in request than any other kind of garniture for open shape; the interior of the edge of the brim is silk and velvet dresses. A very pretty trimming with ribbon and a veil of Honiton lace. Ermine

trimmed with lace, and the exterior ornamented for crape or gauze dresses is a kind of embroidery

muff. in intermingled silk and straw; the effect is ex

Morning DresS.-Dark blue satin robe, the ceedingly light and tasteful. This trimming is expected to be in great vogue for ball robes. Fringes corsage high and close, descending at the bottom in of a light but very rich kind, composed of an in

a sharp point on each side, and trimmed down the termixture of silk with gold or silver, will be front en militaire, with velvet bands and silk butadopted in full dress, and for grand balls. A less tons. Long light sleeve, the mancheron and cuff showy but extremely elegant style of trimming bands decorate more than two-thirds of the skirt ;

trimmed with velvet bands. A succession of for ihe same purpose is composed of pearl they diminish in width as they ascend. Chapeau beads of the smallest size, it is a network of points. of pink velours épinglés, a long brim, the interior Where either of these two last garnitures are em

trimmed with half-wreaths of white blossoms; the ployed, a berthe to correspond must always ac

exterior with ribbon and an oiseau, corresponding company it. Caps continue to be made small and of a sim

with the colour of the chapeau. ple form, but there is great variety in their trim

Half-LENGTH FIGURES, mings: a very novel one is a guirlande chicarée formed of ribbon in five different shades of the No. 3. Demi.TOILETTE. -Robe of Eua de same colour. Others are trimmed with guirlandes | Danube, velours Cachemire ; the corsage is made of oakleaves; these guirlandes form a half wreath quite high and close, deeply pointed at boltom, on one side, and droop in a single branch on the and disposed in front in folds, which form a cæur. other. Several coiffures, of a very elegant kind, Tight sleeve, a three-quarter length, with a clest are composed of a velvet foundation with a papillon mancheron and cuff, both bordered with bouillonné. of gold net, terminated on each side by gold fringe. Cambric under-sleeve, made full,' and terminated The turban Algerienne is likely to be a favourite, by an embroidered wristband. Embroidered

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cambric collar. Brown velvet chapeau, lined with

HALF-LENGTI FIGURES. pink satin ; che brim rather shallow, and of an

No. 3. Morning Dress.-Cambric robe peig, oval form, has the interior of the edge trimmed noir, made quite up to the throat ; the corsage is with folds, and the sides next the face with damask frilled at the top with Valenciennes lace; long roses without foliage; the exterior is trimmed with and moderately wide sleeve, terminated by a ribbon, and a full bouquet of shaded plumes étagés. bouillon and a lace ruffle. Black satin polonaise

No. 4. CARRIAGE CHAPEAU AND SHAWL.The chapeau is composed of green velvet, a round polka ; the corsage fits the shape tightly, is high and rather close shape; the garniture is a wreath round with a deep pelerine lappel of black velvet;

at the back, partially open before, and trimmed of oak-leaves, velvet of a lighter shade; the sleeve, a three-quarter length, of an easy width; wreath encircles the bottom of the crown, and de- velvet cuff; the skirt, of the usual length, consists scends in a loose branch on one side, a little below of five separate pieces, each smaller at bottom the extremity of the brim. Cashmere shawl, very than top, and bound with a broad velvet band. large, square, and of the new pattern, for which we The hair is disposed in loose ringlets at the sides, reser to our plate; it is called Chále Mogador.

and a round knot formed of plaited braids at the No. 5. MORNING HOME-DRESS. Fawn.

sides, coloured Cashmere robe ; the corsage high behind, No. 4. MORNING VISITING Dress. – High moderately open on the bosom, and tight to the robe of one of the new winter silks. Pelisse cloak shape, is trimmed down the front with satin rou

of green velvet lined with salin of a darker shade, leaus to correspond, disposed in lozenges on a

the corsage part, drawn in full to the waist, is straight lappel. Tight sleeve, trimmed at the top partially concealed by a large pelerine, which falls with an armlet ornamented with lozenges: a deep in long pointed ends rather more than half way to cuff is decorated to correspond. Embroidered the knee; long loose sleeve, with a turkish mancambric collar and ruffles. 'Brussels tulle cap, cheron of a large size, and nearly the same length; a round shape, a very small caul, and deep head, it is looped at the bend of the arm : the entire of piece, trimmed with three rows of lace, set on plain the muntle is bordered with a new kind of rich at a distance from each other, and each surmounted silk cord. Lilac satin capote; a long brim, drawn by a band of orange gauze ribbon ; a full knot and in large runners; the interior is trimmed on each ends at the back of the caul complete the gar- side with a knot of rose ribbon; the exterior with niture.

ribbon, and a bouquet of velvet roses panaches. SECOND PLATE.


rald green satin robe, corsage en amazone, with a CARRIAGE Dress.-French grey satin robe, the falling collar and deep lappels; they are trimmed corsage made high, close and tight to the shape; with ihree rows of dark green velvet ribbon ; the long light sleeve, with a cleft

. mancheron, and lappel closes half way to the waist, but the corcorresponding cuffs

. White satin drawn bonnet; sage is very open on the upper part, and display a round and rather shallow brim; the crown, a richly embroidered chemisette, made high, and somewhat higher than usual, is trimmed with a trimmed round the top with lace; short sleeve, of band of satin, edged with lace, and descending in the bell form, bordered with velvet; long one of a long end on one side. Aventurine satin mantle; muslin, fulled in down the front of the arm to 8 a three-quarter length, and lined with white gros row of embroidery. The front of the skirt is de Naples ; the pelerine very deep, and square at decorated with velvet bands, arranged in the style the bottom, is disposed en cæur at the top; a of a broken cone. Bonnet à la Fontagne, a round broad robing goes down each side of the front of shape, composed of Brussels net, and trimmed the mantle: the bottom of the robings, and also with point d'Alençon and deep rose-coloured that of the cloak, are trimmed with a deep fall of ribbon. dentelle de velours ; a double one encircles the bottom of the pelerine, and the round of the top is trimmed with a single fall much narrower.

Public PROMENADE Dress. - Slale-coloured TO CORRESPONDENTS. salin de Laine robe; a high corsage, and sleeve rather more than a three-quarter length of equal

Communications to be addressed to the Office, 24, width from bottom to top, sloped en V at the

Norfolk-street, Strand, where all business is transaclette bottom, and bordered with a trimming à la vielle ; muslin under sleeve, made full, and drawn in by a band at the wrist, from whence a double fold falls

Declined, with thanks, M. A. F. S., “ Edgar in the ruffle style over the hand. Chapeau of pink

and Ellen;" “ Alpha.” velours épingle ; a round and rather wide brim,

E. M, W.'s contribution declined; but this and crown

more raised than they have been lady's question cannot be answered here." lately; the edge of the brim is trimmed with folds ;

E.; Marie F.-Accepted, with many thanks. the interior with coques and brides of satin ribbon to correspond; a bouquet of short pink ostrich

Office, No. 24, Norfolk-street, Strand. Sold by feathers aitached, and divided by a knot of ribbon, Berger, Holywell-street; Steele, Paternosteris placed on one side of the crown, and parily row, and by all Booksellers in Town and Coundroops upon the brim; bands and a knot at the try. back complete the garniture. Cashmere scarf, of a new winter pattern.

Printed by Joseph Rogerson, 24, Norfolk-street, Strand,


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