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to say he loves and reverences you; he were a dog the vizier's surprise, he found the young Turk not to do so."

already acquainted with the proposal, and to his Pecké.

mortification, that he entertained it in a far difHe cannot live, Effendi, he cannot live, he ferent light to what his father had done. I wish bids me say, unless assured you still hold him in this desire to gain bis only love sprung from his your favour, and that you believe him to be ever only hate could be traced to some chance firstdevoted to you and to the sultan."

sight and consequent first-love ; but fidelity to “Pecke, pecke," said the vizier, in a manner national habits, as well as history, obliges me to acthat seemed to imply, “ You are doing your own knowledge thé fact, that he had never seen the part very well, any how;" and then a pause took young lady in question in the whole course of his place.

life ; and considering he was sixteen and the maiden “Most excellent vizier," resumed the messen- six years younger, this was not to be wondered at: ger, in a different key to that in which he had as Neither did the son of Bayazeid Vizier fall in love yet spoken, as a singer having disposed of the altogether from description, so that with our sixth recitative commences upon the aria, “ Vizier Harry he might exclaim to the emissary who canEffendi," whispered he, looking furtively in the vassed him on the subject,direction of the attendants, “Sineis Pacha wishes “ Your wondrous rare description, noble sir, much to hear that your son is well.”

Do breed love's settled passions in my heart !" “Pecke," murmured Bayazeid, and now it Love, I am sorry to say, had nothing to do with meant “He is very well.”

it, so we must refer the passion he professed for “When it pleases you that he should marry,” Sineis' daughter to ambition. continued the holder of pipes, “Sineis bids me The plans suggested to Ali, and which, upon say there lives in bis harem, a wife not unsuitable this occasion he revealed to his amazed parent, were to him, our master the sultan having no daughters. essentially oriental. The jealousy of the MahomEffendi, this matter would he not send by a nubian, medan sultan towards his Christian neighbour for he looks upon it as a matter that concerns our Manuel of Constantinople was to be excited, and holy faith, knowing as he does, how wise-how in consequence his twoyounger children transferred good." The Pacha prepared to rise. “I to Sineis' keeping, under escort of Ali, who was may then, Excellence, say thai you think well of eventually to feign disobedience to his father, and this matter?"

revolt actually from the sultan: then joining himself The grand vizier arose, but he did not say to the Pacha of Nicopolis, await the issue of his “ Pecke."

dark and devious policy, receiving at the same "By my head !” said the diplomatic bearer of time the promised hand of his daughter. Bayadelicate messages and shiraz tobacco ; “By my zeid, we have seen at the commencement, spurned head!

cried he, hastening to his feet, “ Sineis this state villany as far as he was concerned, but loves you much, and would do, or assist in doing with his headstrong son, a youth elated with the anything you wished him.--I have said it." implied importance of being necessary to a slate

“Pecke," muttered the Vizier Bayazeid with a plot, he appears to have exerted his persuasive, as frown, but this time it was interrogatory, amount- also his parental power to no purpose. On the ing to " would he though ?”

third day after his arrival, Ali departed suddenly “By my life, which is nothing-by the prophet's from Brusa and joined his father's bitterest foe. beard, he will do all you can require of him. The faithful Bayazeid was the first to carry to

"Poco! poco!” roared the prince vizier, the sultan the news of his son's disaffection, and snatching away his robe and walking into his tent, the public designs of Sineis. Mahomet, it is said, and by Poco he expressed the uncomplimentary almost repented him of the mercy he had shown desire that Sineis, the pipe-holder's principal, and him when Pacha of Smyrna, and the Vizier received Pacha of Nicopolis in Roumelia might-eat dirt!” orders to cross over into Europe and invest the

Back to Nicopolis went the moody messenger, town of Nicopolis: but the army he had just and bore to Sineis this account of his rejected ad- brought from Ephesus being wanted in northern dresses. The Pacha vowed revenge, and well he Annatolia, he was dispatched into Syria and inkept his oath.

structed to make head against the aspiring Pacha Meanwhile the grand vizier walked into his tent, at the town of Aleppo, and proceed leisurely from and thus resumed his musings :

thence, by the Cilician passes, along the southern “The dog of a traitor, to wish to wed his coasts of the Peninsular, confirming as he best daughter with the son of Bayazeid, grand vizier might, the wavering feally of the intervening of Mahomet—Shaw of all the Osmanli Pachas. states and Sangiacs. This was not of course the Sineis, whom I am enjoined to watch like an un- work of a single summer; meanwhile, in the very chained tiger! Here again, oh, wretched man act of diligently and faithfully serving the sultan, that I am my duty to my sultan is at war with the Vizier unearthed a cockatrice that had like to my own interest, for certainly my son would per- bave proved a dangerous enemy to the state, being haps do well to have Sineis' interest hereafter, no less a personage than Mustapha Pretender. &c. &c."

In the number of Timariots raised at Aleppo for Bayazeid, together with the youthful Amuruth, the service of Bayazeid, there happened to be a returned to Brusa, where Mahomet I. held bis certain Spahi, named by the historians Griuli Eben court. After receiving the sultan's thanks for the Sagran ; he appears to have been one of those percourage and conduct he had displayed, he sought sons destined by Providence to perform a remarkhis son Ali, the subject of Sineis' overture. To able part on the theatre of the world, without the


slightest pretensions to abilities, sense, virtues, or Leave we now, Bayazeid Vizier, to traverse the indeed, lo any but adventitious circumstances : extent of Asia Minor as lie best may, stumbling there consisted in his having the ill or good for over the rocky uplands of Syria, threading the tune to lose his wife on the first day of their nup- difficult passes of Taurus, and skirting. Phrygia tials, and bearing a close resemblance to a deceased and Carainania, until he attains the Sangiac of the prince.

Troad, his troops were rife for war and plunder, It was on the day and at the hour that the grand and no doubt followed not the less willingly from vizier passed over ihe moat of the city of Aleppo, the treat they had just had in the supernatural. even where the troops of Timour are said to have Wonders however, like inissortunes, seldom coine slain their fugitive foes, three at each stroke of the single. Though Giruli really could not boast of javelin, in order to review the supplies mustered, any thing interesting or preternatural in himself

, for the service of his master, that Griuli Eben excepting the matter of his miraculous divorce, Sagran, the Timariot, darted from a building of his companions were determined to descry some but mean pretension, without the walls, habited startling fact, and, after the delay of a few days, in the costly attire of a bridegroom, but dis- this was recognized in a very marvellous similitracted in appearance. He rushed' furiously tude, in form and feature, 10 the late Sultan. This amongst his companions, who were drawn up in the Vizier imagined was carrying the joke too far, arms to receive the grand vizier, and regardless of wherefore he dispatched Giruli on escort service that great officer's presence, uttered discordant with a Kowass lie deemed it necessary to send beyells, accompanied with extravagant gesticulations fore him to Sineis Pacha-a well-intentioned, but of joy. The only coherent expressions he used unfortunate step.

Sineis, in the meanwhile, had received the fugi“ Yes she is-.she isI saw her in Eden !" tive son of the man he had sworn to destroy, with “What means this?” cried the grand vizier of every appearance of affection and esteem. He inMahomet, riding into the crowd that surrounded troduced him to his intended wife-a very unusual Griuli, now foaming on the ground,“ Is he mad?” step-and then proceeded to attach him to his

Now this inquiry was rather complimentary fortunes by every specious illusion his art could than otherwise, wherefore, perhaps, it ought to be devise. Sull, the jusily-offended parent was drawrendered, “Is be inspired ?".

ing nearer and nearer, and the rebellious Pacha “Truly, Effendi," said they, standing about, began 10 fear lest his more experienced followers “ we know not; of a truth we accompanied him might question the wisdom of his disaffection, home to that chiosque last evening, with shouts of when the arrival of the Kowass from the Grand joy, for did he not bear upon bis camel Syntana Vizier, accompanied by Giruli Eben Sagran, gave Fissa herself?

to the garnieni of rebellion, And who is Syntana Fissa ?” said Bayazeid.

A daughter of Paradise--a blessed Touri- “ A fine colour that might please the eye the loved of the Holy Phophet !" cried Griuli, Of fickle changelings and poor discontents.' still grovelling on the ground.”

“She is the daughter of Selicitur Aga," com- Of course it was not long before the faithful menced one of the spabis.

communicated 10 each other the miracle and the "She was, she was, unbelieving dog—now she brevet canonization of Syntana Fissa, and also the is the favoured of him who rode from Mecca rumoured likeness her favoured husband was Marshallah! Hear me, most gracious shadow of thought to bear to Bajazet the 2nd. Of this latter our sultan! These, my friends, accompanied me idea Sineis immediately availed himself; the last night to the oda of yon building. 'I entered Kowass he dismissed, with promise of submisit with Syntana Fissa in my hand; none else sion ; but he retained Giruli. He then departed was there, Effendi. I swooned, Effendi. I lay suddenly from Lampsacus, taking only such troops entranced even until now; but I slept not,-it as he could rely upon, and passing the ocean pleased the heavenly messenger that I should see stream repaired to his pachalick ; here he rethe glories vouchsafed me. Behold, I saw the mained for some time in comparative retirement, pleasant walks in the garden of Eden, and she, instructing, it is supposed, Giruli Eben Sagran in Syntana, walked next Mahomet the prophet, hand the parts he intended' bim to perform, and feeding in hand! Even now I awoke, and she was not near me--no, she is in Paradise--in Paradise-a miracle! a miracle !"

in Syria. Having repeated all the circumstances “A miracle! a miracle !” shouted the bye- 10 a Turk of to-day, he will nod to you his confirstanders, and forthwith, and to this day, Syntana mation to each turn, but seldom contribute any Fissa, who of course was never beard of again, additional matter himself. There are some freewas enrolled in the Turkish calendar as, I believe, thinking fellows among them who hesitate not to the first and only female saint. For centuries deride such traditions pretty freely. I have known afterwards, the poor in the streets of Aleppo some officers feel themselves and their nation begged alms in the name of Syntana Fissa.* scandalized by the pranks of a mad Dervish,

though under the Seraskier's peculiar patronage ;

and the soldiers of Ibrahim Pacha, in the last ac* The worst of Turkish miracles is, they are so count we have of the ceremonies' at Mecca, are short-lived. In the early part of the last century, described as ridiculing the over zealous display of this miracle was well known in Europe as well as the pilgrims,

the weak Ali with delusive hopes of future dis- The two armies were encamped near to each tinction. Lapsacus and the Asiatic Sangiacs sub- other. The grand vizier offered battle, but the mitted to Bayazeid, who returned to Brusa, wily Sineis had other objects in view. Every day, where be also remained inactive until it pleased Mustapha, attended by a slight guard, rode from Mahomet to send the angel of death for his name- post to post along the outward lines of the vizier's sake, when he continued grand vizier to his suco encampment, and entered freely into conversation cessor, Anuruth II.

with the soldiers who occupied ihem: “No Mus. The next or third outbreak of Sineis was in the sulman,” he used to exclaim, "sball perish on my commencement unsuccessful. Amuruth marched account. I call Allah and bis prophet to witness against him and the pretender in person ; their I am the true son of Bajazet, who was prisoner 10 rude undisciplined force were quickly scaitered, Timour. If I were an impostor, would I present and the Pacha of Nicopolis and Mustapha myself before you, who would strike me dead ? (Giruli), who dreading the turn things would lake But you see I have no fear-you are as my own had kept in the very outskirts of the battle, escaped soldiers. Come to my tent, talk with my followers, 10 the nearest stronghold of the Greeks. These, and return if you choose. Who shall prevent you ? for the sake of weakening their natural enemies, By Mahomet! the vizier shall come and return if the Turks, affected to believe Mustapha's preten. he think fit." sions well founded, and under this idea were deaf The effect of those speeches was to draw over to the threats and entreaties of Amuruth. Man- daily hundreds of his opponent's followers, and vel allowed them to take shelter in Lesbos, then the soldiers being allowed, nay, enjoined to return belongiug to the Christians, a classic but some- to their own tents in the evening, took with them what barren isle very conveniently situated for most favourable accounts of the generosity and neutral purposes; and thither repaired Mustapha imperial qualities of Mustapha, “ who declined," as 10 another Elba, with Sineis and the unfortunate said they, “ 10 receive any as deserters, since he Ali, who waited in vain for the completion of the knew the time was not far off when the grand promises made to him at the commencement of | vizier would be prompted by Allah to renounce Sineis' second rebellion.

the usurper Amuruth, and come to his side." Willing, if possible, 10 detach from Mustapha Poor Bayazeid seems, as usual, to have effected his sole stay in the Pacha of Nicopolis, Bayazeid, the worst ends with the best intentions. He was shortly after Mahomet's death, with the full sanc- privately, but treacherously informed, and of course tion of his successor, Amuruth, dispatched bis own by means of Sineis himself, that there existed a brother-in-law, Khalil, to Lesbos, with full power coldness between Mustapha and his general; and to sanction the alliance originally proposed by that it was his, Sineis' intention, to seize on the Sineis between his daughter and Ali.' But the person of Mustapha, and declare for Amuruth. plans of Sineis were altered, and while he amused | At the same time Mustapha sent him word openly Khalil and Ali with various excuses and delays, he by means of the soldiers, who now passed and matched his daughter with a chieftain of the main repassed unmolested from camp to camp, that land, wbo was endeavouring to maintain a sort of should be, Bayazeid, come over, he would immeindependence in the interior. Ali, ashamed to diately accredit him grand vizier, and commander return to his father, disappeared none knew whio of boih armies, and leave his pretensions to be ther, and Khalil, after throwing a brave defiance judged of by the heads of their holy religion. in Sineis' teeth, joined his brother-in-law.

It is not likely an experienced general like BayIt is very evident these matters were almost of azeid was altogether deceived by such specious a personal nature, for we read of the grand vizier promises, siill the fact of his personal enemy immediately marching against the preferred bride- Sineis being ready to seize on the very position groom, defeating and using him with great cruelty; offered him, and ihe conviction he fell that his, the only act of mere revenge the grand vizier the Vizier's downfall was the grand object of Sineis seems ever to have been guilty of.

lise, he determined on complying with Mustapha's Meanwhile Manuel, Emperor of the Greeks, in wishes. He rode out of his encampment at the compliance with the treaty made between bim and head of the Beys and Agas belonging to his suite, Mahomet, demanded the infant children of that and approached the tent of Mustapha, where that Sultan, and the grand vizier, by order of Amuruthi, personage sat in great state, and, as ottomite eti. sent a distinct refusal. The Christian emperor, quette merely required him to sit perfectly still, after some reverses, thought of his protegeės at and look composed, no doubt he became the carpet. Lesbos; for them he sent, and once again Mus- jure, as well as a legitimate emperor, for his face tapha and Sipeis saw themselves at the head of and features being after all those of a Turk were considerable armies, the pacha giving his whole as such time and military experience--and the latter seems

" Well skilled to hide to have been considerable to disciplining their followers, and the former by adding to their num

All but unconquerable pride." ber by profuse promises and studied suaviiy of On this occasion, however, he did speak, and to manner; or, as the historian has it, “ having to the following purpose : nothing, promising everything.” Against these “ Vizier-Grand Vizier of the Ottomites, beloved marched Bayazeid, the grand vizier, a sad man; of the soldiers, and dread of our enemies, speak for, in endeavouring to satisfy and faithfully serve 10 me the words of truth ; didst thou, when ihou his two masters, he had lost his son, and made first beheld me when riding over the broken walls bitter enemies to himself at home and abroad. of Aleppo, didst thou, or didst thou not, recognize



any similitude to the faiher of him you then served? | Pretender is now described as a child of fortune speak, for there my friends would fain bear ihe beginning to repose on the bosom of prosperity. word of an independent soldier like 10 you, and | He appears to have been loved by his soldiers, one who rememberest well my father.”

supported in his pretensions by the Greek Emperor, This was a very trying question 10 the unfortu. and, possessed of immense resources—but they were nale Vizier; wt 10 have recognized Mustapha in less slable than their appearance promised--by a lise Griuli, was merely disavowing him at once, and of open profligacy, he quickly dissipated his means, 10 have recognized him, and bave left to others the and 'Amuruth very soon found means of detaching asserting his rights, was not likely to be better from his interesi Sineis, who besilaled not 10 approved of; he got out of the mailer by an in- enact the traitor for the fourth time. Discounted genious combination or confusion of inallers. in the first engagement, he fled as before in the

“Great Sultan," he thought as he was so for the direction of the Christian powers, by whom it is present, there was use mincing matters; very doubiful if he would have been received, but * Great Sulian, your likeness to your father, it was not destined be should try their amity, doubiless, is niore easily discernible, and those The pipe-holder, well filled for such employment, who remember you in early life, are assured of all by orders of Sineis remained vext his person; at mallers being true that you have said, and that his instance he drew bridle at a remote village in you are indeed Mustapha Sulian! But you re- Macedonia, where he called for wine, as he was member, great sir, that I met you, even as you known to be unorthodox in this practice, the recovered from the trance, wherein you saw Syn- villages needed no denouncement from the pipe. lana Fissa walking-"

bearer; his person was instantly seized, and ere the “Enough-enough," interrupted he of the next day's sun had set, at the feet of the youthful heavenly spouse, who, strange to say, cared not 10 Amuruh lay the head of Mustapha Pretender. make this great mark of the prophet's personal favour the subject of general conversation ; " you know me now and will accept my grace, favour, and protection ?"

STANZAS. "I will! I do, Great Sultan!" exclaimed Bayazeid, prostrating himself at his feet, and seizing the hem of his garinent. This was signal of complete submission, and the Beys and Agas Thy face sweeps o'er my midnight dreams, bent to the ground and uttered the cry" Mustapha As glimpses of an eastern sky; Sulian!" When they rose, it was to see Bayazeid Like sunshine seen in fitful gleams, in the hands of iwo gigantic Arabs, and Sineis Like some far melody standing behind the couch of Mustapha, regarding Glowing with radiance- purely bright, his enemy with joyous malice.

Adorned with honour's quenchless, holy light. The silence, which for an instant came upon the bewildered assembly, was broken by the unfortu- But not to me its glory sent, tunate Vizier. “I hold the garment of grace and Wildly as I have loved ; mercy, who will assault me in the presence of my The stars in yon blue firmament lord and Sulian?

Are not from me removed “Sineis Pacha !” exclained that fierce leader;

Farther than thou : but far or near, “ Sineis Pacha, whom you have wronged and

Thou art the star that lights my sphere ! insulied, I offered my daughter to the dog your son- you refused--you since sought her for him yourself, and because in turn refused, you destroyed ihe happiness of him to whom I had given lier.

“ LE DESESPOIR." Mustapha Sultan, I will have this man's head!" In vain did the pretender endeavour to assert

(From the French of C. Delavigne.) his right of protecting the Grand Vizier; in vain

BY CALDER CAMPBELL. did the Beys interchange dark looks of anger and Or, hail to the sunshine of hope, disapprobation. The Arabs lore from his grasp Though but for a moment it glow; the bem of the Sultan's robe, and dragged him Oh, hail 10 the heart-cheering rays that can cope from the presence through part of the encamp- With the gloom-shedding shadows of woe. ment until they arrived at ibe ouiside of Sineis' And hail to ihe flowrets, that but for an hour tent, and there, where in the meantime the other Diffuse their sweet odours around; had sealed himself, they struck off the aged bead And hail to the music, that rings through a lower of one, who, during a long life, seems ever to Rarely blest with one joyous sound. have taken the wrong course, just seeing the right 100 late to be of any expediency to himself or The moments of joy are all fled,

The smile of affection is gone; The death of Bayazeid, and the submission of I hear but the sigh of despair for the dead his army, left the conspirators in the undisputeil I sce but the wretched alone. possession of European Turkey, at that time of I feel a dull void in the crowd of the world, no very considerable exteni, for the Venetians A blank in the empire of stars ; were strong in the Peloponessus, and Constanti. A deseit with green woods and gardens unfurld, nople still obeyed a Christian ruler. Mustapha And a bleeding heart cover'd with scars.


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earth, and you to traverse the upper and lower

regions—the air and the water-seeking, each of BY MISS ANNA FLEMING.

you, as you go, a chain far more beautiful and more enduring than the one in question,"

“ But how are we to find such a chain, your

majesty ?“ Please your majesty, two of your majesty's “ Seek diligently all around you, and link by subjects are fighting so, there is no doing anything link you will find it. Deem nothing too small, with them."

nothing 100 great. Go now! I wait your relurn The Queen of the fairies frowned, shook her in a year from to-day.” little head, and said, angrily

Mourufully and sadly, the fairies turned away “ Fighting ! there is too much of this. Not a and set out on their separate paths. day passes but I am disturbed with complaints “Where," said one of thens 10 herself— the one against some of you. Who is it now?"

whose travels were to be upon earih " where “Two of the mountain troop, your majesty." can I ever find such a chain. Our queen said it

“ Well, let them be bound and brought to me would be link by link. If I could but see the immediately."

first one! I will look about for it." The fairy page bowed low, and flew away. The scene was a forest. Tall trees raised their

In a short time, the queen's commands were heads high in the air, higher than she could see, obeyed. The iwo refractory liule people who had and the use of her winys was denied her now. incurred her displeasure appeared before her, sor- The gnarled and twisted roots crossed the little row-stricken and tearful. "All the court crowded pailway repeatedly, and in one place she saw that round to listen.

they formed a circle. " What is the matter?" asked the queen, with “Our queen said we must deem nothing too as much dignity as she was able to command. small, so for want of a beller, I will make this my “Why, your majesiy," said one, " as long as

first link. Now for a second." she is to be on the mountain, I can't live there, And stooping down, she saw upon the ground and I declare I won't."

innumerable lile insects hastening hither and " And if your majesty would be pleased to exile thither, backwards and forwards, in search of food, her from the dominions"

forming ring after ring in their various courses “Silence; I will have no reproaches. Is there from tree to tree, so that by evening she had comany particular cause of dispute between you ? If pleted some yards of the chain ; and climbing a there is, let it be produced."

Aower, she slept soundly till morning. Al this, a raluling noise was heard on the stair- By sunrise she was up, and, crossing a stile into case without; and the above-mentioned page a flower garden, was soon busy again. At the entered, drawing after himn a slender chain of fine gale, a Jinile boy bad hung a string of birds' eggs gold, which he laid at her majesty's feel.

over the topmost rail. The gardener was trimming “ Where did this come from ?" asked the queen, the beds into various fanciful curved forms; an surreying it with admiration. It seems to be of untrained vine with its curled branches hung on morial make, though beautiful enough for fairy- the ground, and on the top of a smooth-shaved land."

holly bush a snake was coiled up fast asleep. “ I found it in the grass, your majesty.".

When the wind blew in the fields, the corn “ Will you hold your tongue? It was I found swayed backwards and forwards in graceful circles, it, your majesty."

meeling, intertwining, and receding. A woodman “ Hush, can't you! I saw it first, gracious felt something stay his axe ;- it was the fairy's sovereign,"

hand, busy with the rings that the growth of years “ But I picked it up.”

had laid upon the half-chopped tree. “ My children,” said the queen," you have done The fairy came to a village. Al the very envery wrong. Instead of following my peaceful ex- trance there was a circle of footsteps, where some ample, you have, from what I hear, been disturb-merry children had been playing.

Unseen to ing ihose around you by quarrelling and disputing, mortal eyes, she walked up the linle street, and in to which even my presence has not put an end. every house, in every room, she found new rings, To this you have added the sin of covelousness, links of the great chain she was discovering so one which, I fear, is increasing in my dominions. speedily. We could not tell them all if we were To prevent ils speading further, I will confiscale 10 try ; but anybody who, like the fairy, will look, the article in question to my own use. Let it be may see then. taken to my treasury.”

And here there were some more spiritual links The page stepped forward and removed the disclosed 10 her—the kind deed returning to bless chain; as he did so, a murmur ran round the as- the doer, the bread cast upon the waters to resembly; the queen thought it was applause. The turn after many days. two criminals, although biting their lips for disap- Frightened with the noise and bustle, she sopointment, rejoiced secreily, each in the other's journed for a lime in cities; but here, for some discomfitore.

distance, the links were of ari-man's work upon “ But this is not all;" said the queen, "your God's materials. conduct needs severer punishment. Listen, then And the oilier fairy – her sister - where was - I exile you both from fairyland for the space of she all this time? Immediately upon receiving one year : 1 condemn you' to wander over the the queen's command, she raised her wings and

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