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FASHIONS FOR JULY. kind is composed of a long lappet disposed round

the front of the chapeaux, parily on the crown and partly on the brim, in a new kind of bouillonnée,

in which a wreaid of lowers is entwined : the ends Rue du Faubourg, St. Honoré,

of the lappet descends in foaling brides : tufts of

flowers corresponding with those of which the à Paris, June 24. wreath is composed, ornament each side of the

interior of the brim. My Dear FRIEND,

Though our public promenades offer a great Although several of our most distinguished variety of summer puletots, polonaises, mantes, &c. fashionables have quitted Paris for their chuteaux &r.., the majority rests with the scarfs. It nuust be or the different watering places, their absence is as owned, however, that some of these scarfs bear a yet scarcely fell, for every day brings fresh arrivals strong family resemblance to the mantelet, which from other parts of the continent, and from the is now voted hors de la mode. It is very likely provinces. The summer fashions gain by these that black and white lace shawls, and those of arrivals, for novelties are daily introduced 10 attract while burege, will soon, in some degree, rival the the notice of our visitors. I have sent you the scarfs. I have seen several white barege shawls most remarkable of these for your plates, and shall embroidered white soutache, and others trimmed now proceed 10 notice such of the others as are with a new and very pelly kind of fringe, called most deserving of the attention of your fair frange mosseuse: it really presents a very good readers,

imitation of moss. The majority of the palelots Crape is more in vogue than last month, both are of shaded silk; they are drawn in at the back for chapeaux aud capotes. Several are of that by a casing, and made with very large sleeves à brilliani green called vert Angluis. This colour is la Venitienne. A good many of the manles are in great vogue at present, not only for chapeaux composed of black lace; the others are of plain or but also for robes, polopaises, and scarss. The shaded silk, but the latter is preserred. The mante chapeaux are mostly trimmed with feathers shaded is merely a short, round cloak, coming up to the in green and white. The capotes are usually de- throat, and silling close round the shoulders, but corated with flowers ; roses are in great request, increasing in circumference so as to be sufficiently either in wreaths alone, or mingled with mignionelte widle at the bottom. Fancy trimmings continue or myrtle. Lace lined with crape is also highly their vogue for polonaises, mantes, &c. &c. : the fashionable both for chapeaux and capotes, I mean most fashionable are the passementerie lyrinthe, white lace. The favourite colours for the crape the points de Venise, and the frange mosseuse. are cherry, and other lighter shades of red, and Lace is also very fashionable ; more so, indeed, different shades of yellow. The garniture is com- than any other kind of trimming. Ribbon ruches, posed of gauze ribbon, figured in the two colours, and garnitures à la vielle, though not so much in and accompanied with either feathers or flowers 10 vogue as they have been, are still adopted by many correspond. India muslin capoles lined with pink élégantes. Grape are among the most novel creations of the Silk robes are still in a majority in promenade month. The only trimming for a capole of this dress, though I cannot say that it is a very large kind is a voilette of point d'Angleteire attached one, for muslin ; barege, and other half-transparent by a shaded taffetas ribbon. Fancy straw, hitherto materials, are also employed. The redingote form confined to the promenade, is now admitted into predominates in promenade dress. Those laced half-dress. Some are trimmed with wreaths of from the top of the corsage 10 the bottom of the fancy flowers, others with a single feather laid skirt are in a majority. I have given you so many upon the brim, and half wreaths of roses in the elegant models of these dresses, that I have nothing interior. Straw colour of various shades, and new 10 say respecting them. Robes anasone are lilacs are much in vogue for flowers and shaded also very much in vogue, and I think that those feathers, but the former hue is in a majority. made quite in the habit style, with a jacket, are Some chapeaux that have just appeared are com- preferred. The ceinture is fastened in front by a posed of white crape; the brim is trimmed with long, narrow gold buckle, and the waist is drawn ihree biais of pink ciape; the first is placed at the down to the greatest possible length. The manche edge, the second in the middle, and the third round Isabelle is a favourite sleeve for these robes ; it the bottom of the crown; a small bouquet of roses sits close 10 the arm, but is laced up over an on the left side completes the trimming. The under sleeve composed of muslin, which puffs out cupotes are lined with blue or pink crape, and between the lacings. Passementerie of different triinmed with biais of ribbon shaded in both hues. kinds, but principally that called lyrinthe, is em: Crape chapeaux covered with tulle bouillonnée have ployed for ridingotes and robes Amazone; it is lost nothing of their vogue. Some that have re- frequently mingled with small silk butions. Some cently appeared, are trimmed with a new descrip- dresses are ornamented down the front with soall tion of willow plumes; they are composed of the gold buttons, wrought in open work, without any beards of marabouts, are very light, and shaded in mixture of passementerie. the caméléon style. Silk chapeaur, ihough fashion- The peignoir is now in great vogue in morning able, are not so extensively seen as those I have dress, and is also a good deal adopied in demialready spoken of; a good many are trimmed with toilette. A good many of those for early morning lace, which indeed is also employed for crape and costume are made en blouse; they are composed of rice straw. One of the prettiest garnitures of this I cambric or striped muslin, and have the top of ile

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corsage frilled with Valenciennes lace. The upper variety of shades than I ever before remember, it part of the sleeve is disposed in small longitudinal is also a great deal employed for shot silks. plaits, which makes it sit nearly close to ibe arm,

Adieu, ma très chère amie ! about half way to the elbow ; it is moderately full

Toujours Votre devouée, from thence about half way down the fore arm,

ADRIENNE DE M-, where it is again confined by plaits to the waist, and terminaled by a Valenciennes lace ruffle. Those adopted in demi-toilette are composed of DESCRIPTION OF THE PLATES. orgundy or India muslin; the former are always lined with pink, blue, or green Florence. They

PLATE THE FIRST. have the coisages made rather more than half high, and en peignoir, the sleeves are made easy, but not

Social Party Dress.—Robe of foulard Pomwide, and of the same width from the top to the padour over one of India muslin: the latter has the bottom; they are not confined at the wrist, but corsuge made quite high, and ornamented with are very full irimmed with lace; there are usually embroidered entre deux. Long sleeve, demi-large (wo rows, with an embroidery, not an entre deux

at the upper part, but the fulness is confined be. between ihem. I should have observed, shal the low the elbow to ihe wrist by entre deux, each row top of the corsage is also trimmed with lace and that which stands up round the top of the corsage.

terminated by a fall of lace corresponding with embroidery. In some instances, the skirts lave no trimming; in others they are ornamented withi Tlie skirt is trimmed with two embroidered Hounces deep rucks, surmounted by embroidery.

disposed in dents de loup. The corsage of the silk Silks , tarlutune, muslin, and mousseline de soie, sobe is low, very full draped in froni, and right at

the back. are all adopted in evening négligé, but the lighter

Short sleeve finished by two biuis set materials are most in favour. I think that black

on full.

The skirt is made sufficiently short tulle is coming into favour for evening robes; I

to show the flounces of the under robe, and is have lately seen several dresses composed of 'it; trimmed with a single very deep Aounce fesiooned they were to be worn over coloured silk dresses and moderately open shape, entirely covered by

round the edge. White crape chupeau, a round and were trimmed with very deep Aounces festooned three falls of point d'Angleterre ; a sprig of honeyat the edges with silk of the colour of the under suckle is placed upon ihe one thai encircles the dress. Silk robes, particularly those shot in green crown, and a smaller sprig decorates each side of and gold colour, or green only, are frequently the inierior of the brim; a knot of white ribbon at trimmed with black lace flounces. Indeed these the back and foaling brides complete the garniture. garnitures, I mean the volants, are in a very large majority. The effect is decidedly ungraceful, for

DRESS FOR A FETE CHAMPETRE.- Robe-redincertainly there was nothing wanting to increase the gole of soie caméléon: the corsage, disposed in a line already' enormous rotundity of skirts. A much fulness at each side of the front, is triined with a preltier stile of trimming for mousseline de soie and high berthe of Brussels lace, which forming a caur turlatane robes is composed of ruches of gauze waist, where it meets a double nuntunt of the same

at the upper part descends in a straight line 10 ibe ribbon. The corsages of these robes are cut low, lace descending in the form of a broken cone 10 but moderately so ; some are draped, others are laced up the front. The sleeves are in general mented at the upper part in the armlet style with

the bottom of the skirt. Long tight sleeve, ornademi-long, but if short they are not excessively so. Coiffures en cheveux are not so much adopted as

ribbon. Rice straw chapeau, a round open slrape, usual at this time of the year; caps and demi- the interior trimmed at each side with a lialf wreath coiffures are made at once so pretty and so youthbouquet of long green teathers, formed of the bearus

of blush roses ; the exterior is trimmed with a ful"ihat they are adopted even by the youngest of of marabouts, altaclied on one side by a knot of our married belles. Caps are made round, short at the ears, and either without brides or with Aoatwhite ribbon edged with green; briles en suite ing ones. Some of the most novel are composed complete the garniture. of tulle, and trimmed with ruches of white and

Half-LENGTH FIGURES. pink tulle placed alternately. Others are trimmed No. 3. DEMI-TOILETTE. - Pink mousseline de on one side with a small blonde lace scarf, and on soie robe : the corsage is quite high behind, but the other with a full blown rose. A good many partially open on the bosom, and is trimmed with of tlie demi-coiffures are composed of ribbon ar- a ruche of pink gauze ribbon. Long sleeve of tur. ranged in a wreath of coques round the hind hair; a lutune of moderate widih, and loose at the bottom; full knot of the same ribbon with long ends falling it is terininated by embroidery and a fall of lace; on one side of the throat, generally completes the mancheron of mousseline de soie, edged with a ruche. coiffure, but a flower may be employed instead. The skirt is trimmed with two very deep flounces, Another style of coiffure very much in vogue is each headed by a ruche cupole of while Tulle over composed of a lace lappet, doubled and placed on while crape ; a round shape ; the interior of the one side of the head; the folds where it is doubled brim trimmed at the sides with knots of pink gauze are retained by a knot of ribbon, and the two ends ribbon ; the exterior decorated in a very lighi stile of the lapper, both falling on the other side, are

with tulle and white flowers. looped by a balf-blown rose with buds and foliage. No. 4. PUBLIC PROMENADE DPESS.- Robe The only change I have to announce to you in the of pale aventurine poult de soie ; the corsige bigla colours à la mode, is the vogue that green enjoys belind, but very open on the bosom; the sides deat present. I think I have seen it in a greater scending en cæur are bordered with pussementerie, and lace: half-way up with silk cord, displaying ruffles to correspond. Rice straw chapeau ; the a high under corsage of cambric ornamented with interior is trimmed with a half-wreath of exotics entre deux. Cambric long sleeve, demi-large; that and green brides; the exterior with a wreath! of the robe equally long at the back, and of mode- of similar flowers, and a knot and ends of green rale widili, is loose at the hand, sloped in the ribbon. cente, and bordered will pussementerie. Italiao i No.4. London Public PromENADE Dress. straw chapeau, a round open brim lightly turned Robe of dark poussière gros de Naples ; corsage up, and edged with blue and white ribbon; Hoat. à l'Espagnole, made quite ligh, slashed in the ing brides of the same; the exterior is decorated cæur form down the front, and descending in a with iwo round blue feathers. Scarf of black filet point; the slashes are attached by wrought silver de soie trimmed with black lace.

buttons. Long sleeve trimmed to correspond. No. 5. DEMI-TOILETTE.—White barege robe; Under corsage and sleeves of plaited cambric

. the corsage half high and light 10 the shape, is made Italian straw chapeau; the interior of the brim is with a round lappel of two falls each bordered, trimmed with knots and brides of pink ribbon; with passementerie lyrinthe. Long sleeve tight to the exterior with a rouleau, knots of white and the aim, and composed of a succession of biais. cherry.coloured ribbon, and a bouquet formed of The skirt is trimmed with two, each finished with two damask roses and foliage. passementerie in the same stile as the lappel. Rose. No. 5. Moaning Dress -Azure blue barege coloured crape cupole: it is a drawn shape, trimmed robe, half-high corsage, and long sleeve made with with ribbon to correspond, and a bouquet formed a little fulness lengthwise ; the skirt is trimmed of a rose, with a profusion of foliage.

very high with two deep flounces, the upper one PLATE THE SECOND.

surmounted by a ruche canezou en coeur of emPublic PROMENADE Dress.- India muslin broidered cambric, made quite up to the throat, robe, the corsage made quite high, and fitting close with a falling collar, and trimmed down the front to the shape, has the front entirely covered with by three knots of blue ribbon. While poult de embroidery. Manche à la Henri III., with a soie chapeau, trimmed with green and while ribturned-up cuff, and small muncheron, both em- bon, and an oiseau. broidered. The front of the skirt is worked in a light but rich wreath, which rises in a gerbe in the centre. Casian of pale gold-coloured poult de soie ; it is a

TO CORRESPONDENTS. three-quarier length, the skirt ample, the corsage full, high behind, but open on the bosom. Long Communications to be address ed to the Office, 24, sleeve falling over the hand, easy at top, but ex- Norfolk-street, Strand, where all business is transacted. cessively wide at the bottom. Ceinture, tied in short bows, and long floating ends. The whole is bordered with a rouleau of blue poult de soie.

ACCEPTED with many thanks: Viola ; Summer White crape chapeau ; a long brim, the interior by A-s P. Q. R.; Impressions of Beauty; trimmed with blue flowers, the exterior with a full

X. Y. 2.; A.Z. bouquet of white ostrich feathers, shaded in pale To Hope; Emily II. G.; A. J.; Monsieur Jean

DECLINED with thanks : Elizabeth ; Cleora ; gold colour; blue brides complete the garniture. Morning Visiting Dress.- Robe of green belongs to’ilie last century, while we inform him

Borthwick, to whom we may hint that Philomel and claret-coloured shot poult de soie ; the corsage that the paper to which he refers never reached the is a three-quarter height, right to the shape, and hands of the present Editress. round at top and bottom. The sleeve is right to the aim, forming a reverse V at the lower part, and

We are sorry Gertrude's poem is too irregular rather more than a three-quarter length, displaying in the opening and at the bottom a cambric under

To avoid any mistake as well as unnecessary sleeve, the skirt is trimmed with two deep biais. trouble to herself or chance contributors, the EdiCambric canezou made quite up to the throat ; the tress wishes it to be understood that she cannot ! upper part is composed of embroidered entre deux,

return or preserve short articles. When longer and full bands of cambric alternately, the lower is papers are declined, authors may recover their trimmed with four rows of Valenciennes lace. A MSS, by expressing such a wish a few days pre. succession of coques of rose ribbon decorate the viously io sending to the publisher for them; or, if centre of the front, and terminate in floating ends. they think it worth while to enclose an address Fancy straw, chapeau lined with white poult de with a sufficient number of postage stamps for the soie, a demi-baissée shape; the interior is trimmed purpose, they shall be transmitted by post. The with rose buds; the exierior with a long curled Editress however cannot undertake to preserve while and green-shaded ostrich feather.

even prose articles with an uncertainty of their Haur-LENGTH FIGURES.

being claimed longer than one month from the anNo. 3. Demi-TOILETTE.—Lilac striped silk

nouncement appearing that they are declined. robe, a half-high corsage, and long tight sleeve. India muslin cunezou ; the form is that of a high Office, No. 24, Norfolk-street, Strand. Sold by corsage and long tight sleeve, both composed of Berger, Holywell-street ; Steele, Paternosterfull bands of muslin placed longitudinally between


and by all Booksellers in Town and Counembroidered entre deux, but with a broad em- try. broidery in the centre of the breast. The top and bollom of the canezou are trimmed with lace ;

Printed by Joseph Rogerson, 24, Norfolk-street, Strand,

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