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Art.XXVIII: Zeal-without Bigotry; or, an Antidote-to the Aspersions of" the Author of "Zeal without Innovation." 8vo. pp. 90. price 2s. 6d. Williams and Co. 1809.

TJAVING expressed our opinion of * Zeal without Innovation' at considerable length, we think it needless to trouble our readers with a detailed examination or description of the answer now before us. The author appears to be a dissenter; and the view he takes of the work in question may easily be conceived. His observations are distribut' ci into five sections, preceded by a short introduction: the professed subjects are—the alledged decline of attendance on public worship; the increase of separatism j toleration ; lay-preaching; apology for the Purifans. Notwithstanding this appearance of method, the discussion is rather loose and desultory. Many of the statements and reasonings we certainly approve. With his zeal for civil and religious liberty, though sometimes incautiously expressed,—and with his apparent concern for the promotion of real religion, whatever form of worship or discipline be the instrument,—we most cordially agree; and have no right to complain that some of them refer to points on which it is a part of our plan' not to offer an opinion. The spirit of the remarks, however, is not always entirely to our taste; they are often chargeable with a certain rashness and coarseness, always injurious to the cause, and discreditable to the writer. His reputation will suffer with many readers, in consequence of his fondness for quotation ; especially as the publications he cites so plentifully are of a recent and popular kind, and the passages he selects are not in every instance strictly connected with his text. Some passages, also, appear to have been unwittingly echoed from his favourite writers; and are now and then modified, to suit the occasion, in a manner which destroys their force. We remember reading of ' a prayer in the spirit of an indictment,' and admiring the felicity of the expression in which ft is condemned ; but when we read in this pamphlet of ' an accusation in the spirit of an indictment,' that is, an accusation in the spirit of an accusation, we demur to the propriety of the phrase and the justness of the intended censure. The style is animated and fluent, but not remarkable for precision or correctness. I he title is but a poor specimen of accuracy, and but an unfortunate omen of success: the author should have known better than to suppose that * aspersions' are to be removed by ' antidotes.'

■ — i—i .—.

Art. XXIX. A Grammatical Catechism, for the Use of Schools; being a Compendium of Grammar in Questions and Answers,,designed for the purposes of Examination in that Study. By Mrs. Thackray, Walworth. 12mo pp. 70. price Is. W. and T. Darton. 1809.

rrHIS publication will very probably be found useful; but much less so than a similar work regularly framed upon Murray's Grammar.

Art. XXX John the Baptist; a Prize Poem, recited in the Theatre, Oxford, in the Year 1S09. 8vo. price Is. Longman and Co. 1809.'

rnHIS poem will not disgrace the Collection of Oxford Prize BQems, of which it is now to form a part; it may obtain consideration in good company, though not intitled to expect it alone.


%* Gentlemen and Publishers nvho have rvoris in the press, •will oblige the Conductors of the Eclectic Review, by sending information (post paid,) of the subject, extent, and probable price of such tuorls; •whuk they may depend upon being communicated to the public, if consistent with its plan.

B. Boothroyd lias in the press an Hebrew Bible, with the chief various readings of Kennicott and De Rossi, arid the various readings found in the ancient versions, intended to comprise whatever is useful and interesting to the biblical scholar and critic in the above works. The text followed is that of Kennicott, and the poetical parts will be divided into distiches in Ijke manuer. English notes accompany the text, selected from the best ancient or modern, English or foreign biblical critics, designed to obviate the difficulties, throw light on the obscurities, and harmonize the discordances which occur in the Hebrew Scriptures.-* This work will be pubished in parts, and the first part, containing the book of Genesis, will appear early in this year. The editor solicits, the friends of sacred literature to communicate to his publisher, J. Burditt, Paternoster-row, any short and valuable criticisms, they may have made or collected on the Hebrew Scriptures; and he begs to assure them the most respectful attention will be paid to such communications.

Mr. Johnes is proceeding at the Hafod press, with his series of Chronicles; and that of Monstralet is so far advanced, that it is expected to appear early in next month. A new edition of the theological and miscellaneous works of the late Rev, William Jones, of Nay land, in six large octavo volumes, will appear early in the ensuing year.

A selection, from the Hesperides of Robert Herrick, with notes, and an engraving of the head of ttu; author, by Schiavonetti, is printing at Bristol; also a selection from the Juvenilia of George Withers, both of which are in a state of forwardness.

The Rev. Dr. Charles Burney will shortly publish an Abridgement of Pearson on the Creed, for the use of young persons; also the Metrical Arrangement of jjischyli Chorici Cantus.

Sir Richard Colt Hoare, Bart has now at press the History of Ancient Wiltshire, and the first part illustrated by several plates, will appear early in the spring.

The Rev. R. Gentleman has in the press a new edition of plain and affectionate addresses to youth, which will appear in the course of next month.

A third edition of the late William Sandford's Catechetical Lectures will shortly appear, to which will be prefixed a brief summary of his life.

Anew and enlarged edition ofWood?sAthense Oxonienses is in preparation, and the first volume is nearly ready for the press.

Dr. Aikiu has in the press, in two octavo volumes, Memoirs of the Life of Peter Daniel Huet, Bishop of Avranches, translated from the original of Huet himself, with the addition of copious notes, critical and biographical.

Dr. Stancliffe is preparing for publication a volume of Chemical Experiments for the use of Students, consisting of nearly one thousand, iu the various branches of the science.

The Life of Torquato Tasso, including his interesting letters, illustrations of his writings, and memoirs of some of his literary contemporaries, will speedily be published, in two quarto volumes, with portraits.

Dr. Edmonston will shortly publish., in two octavo volumes, a View of the ancient and present state of the Shetland Islands.

Dr. Lawrence is preparing for the press, from the papers of his late brother, a volume of Critical Observations on the New Testament, particularly on the prophecies in the Revelations.

Major Samuel Dales has in the press, in an octavo volume, an Essay on the Study of the History of England.

Mr. William Hamilton, of Magdalen Hall, Oxford, will speedily publish the Enchiridion Medicuin, or Young Practitioner's Pocket Companion, being a Conspectus of the new Pharmacopoeias of London, Edinburgh, and Dublin.

Mr. W. Wilkins, author of the Antiquities of Magna Graecia, proposes to publish, in the ensuing spring, in an imperial quarto volume, a Translation of the Civil Architecture of Vitruvius, illustrated by numerous engravings, executed by Lowi y. Mr. Hodgson, Rector of St. George's, Hanover-square, is preparing a collective edition of the works of his venerable relation, the late Bishop of London; to which will be prefixed the .life of the author, founded on the most authentic materials.

The Annual Medical Review for 1809, is nearly ready for publication.

Shortly will be published, Poems, &c. selected from the posthumous papers of John Dawes Morgan, late of Bristol, and • sketch of his Life and Character, by an early associate and friend j with an introductory preface, by William Hayley, Ksq.

Mr. Jepsbn Oddy, the author of " European Commerce," is engaged in a work on the Political, Commercial, and Local Interests of this Country, particularly as they will be promoted by the intended Stamford Navigation, of which he was the projector.

A History of the Inquisition in Ital}', Spain, and Portugal, and illustrated with numerous Plates, translated from the French, is in the press; it will form a large quarto volume.

The Favourite Village, with an additional poem never before published, by the late Poetry Professor of Oxford, Dr. Hur'dis, will be published in a few weeks.

Ready for publication, the ninth number of Leybourn's Mathematical Repository-, containing, besides various other articles, solutions to the mathematical questions proposed in the seventh number, and a series of new questions, to which he solicits answers from his correspondents. The number here announced completes the second volume of the work. The two volumes contain—1. Two hundred and forty questions, both in pure and mined Mathematics, almost all of which are entirely new, and in general each is accompanied With several solutions by different mathematicians. 2. Thirty-three original Essays on mathematical subjects. 3. Several Mathematical Memoirs, extracted from works of eminence, chiefly the transactions of learned societies. The tenth number of this work will be published on the first day of June, 1310.

The Kev. josiah Pratt is preparing two volumes for the press, one of which will Contain Memoirs of Young Men, and the other Memoirs of Young Women. These Memoirs are compiled or abridged from authentic documents, and are designed to illustrate the nature and operation of real religion. The subjects are selected from the various classes in society, and are limited to that period of life (from about fifteen to thirty years of age) wh,en the efficacy of religion is most clearly asserted by its victory over the snares and allurements which beset the youthful mind. Any person possessed of scaice and interesting pieces of biography, suited to this

purpose, will greatly oblige the Editor by informing him, in a line addressed to him in Doughty-street, near the Foundling Hospital.

The first volume of the Works of the Rev. Richard Cecil, containing the Memoirs of the Rev. W. Cadogan, of John Bacon, Esq. R. A. and of the Rev. John Newton, with their portraits, will appear this month.

Travels through the States of the Empip' of Morocco in the year 1806, by Dr. Buffa, Physician to the Forces, will be published very shortly in an octavo volume. His correspondence with that Court, relative to the interests of Great Britain, including a letter from the Emperor of Morocco himself to the King of Great Britain, is prefixed to it.

The third Canto of The,Pursuits of Agriculture, will be ready in the course of the month.

Dr. Duigenan is about to publish a Tamphlet, relative to the State of Ireland and the Roman Catholic Question.

In the course of the present week will be published, a new and improved edition, being the seventh, of the Laboratory or School of Arts.

A new edition of Mr. Headley's "Select Beauties of Ancient English Poetry," with a biographical sketch, by the Rev. Mr. Rett, of Oxford, will appear in the course of this month.

A new edition of the late Dr. Dodd's Beauties of Shakespeare is nearly ready for delivery.

"English Comedy" in six volumes; being a collection of Classical Dramas, separated from the licentious productions of Farquhar, Congreve, Centlivre, &c. will be published in the course of the present month.

The Ecclesiastical and University Annual Register for the present year is in great forwardness.

A German newspaper commences with this year, to be published every Tuesday and Friday, by Messrs. Vogel and Schulze, Poland-street, Oxford-'street.

Dr. Uwins of Aylesbury has In the press just ready for publication, a small tract, intitled Cursory Remarks on the Causes, Prevention, and Treatment of Fever, occasioned by the recent occurrence of an epidemic disorder in Aylesbury and its neighbourhood.

Early in February a volume of Sermons on select Subjects will be published by the Rev. C. Buck, Author of the Theological Dictionary.



A Treatise on the Diseases and Management of Sbeep; with introductory remarks on their anatomical Structure, and an Appendix, containing- documents exhibiting; the value of the Merino breed of sheep, and their progress in Scotland. By Sir George Stewart Mackenzie, Bart. Illustrated by five plates. 8vo. 7s. 6d.


Evening Am'isements for the year 1810, being the seventh of the series of annual volumes, for the improvement of students in Astronomy. By W. Frend, Esq. M. A. 12mo. 3s.


A Collection of Portraits, sketched from the Life, since the year 1793, by George Dii.ce, R. A. and engraved in imitation of the original lirawings, by William Danidl, A. R. A. numbers 1 to V". price 11. Is. each. No. VI. will contain General Picton, Granville Sharps, Thomas Ilearne, the Rev. Mr. Hole, Caleb Whitefuorde, and Paul Sandby.


Euripidis Phoenissae, cum Notulis, edi<lit G. Eurges. A. B. 12mo. 5s.


II vero modo di piacere in Compagnia; avec le Francois a cote. 12mo. 6s.

A Grammar of. the Latin tongue, for the use of Schools. By J. Jones, author of the Greek Grammar. Price 2s. 6d. bound.


The Annual Register, or, A View of tiie History, Politics, and Literature of the year 1303; being Hie third volume of the lew series. 8vo. 16s.

An Abridgment of the History of Spain, from the earliest accounts of that Country to the present time; from the Spanish of Don Thomas Yriarte. With a geographical description of Spain and Portugal, by the same author. 12mo. 5*.


A Series of Original Precedents in Conveyancing, with Practical Notes; and also variations adapting each Precedent to the ■Dust usual circumstances of Title. By

Charles Barton, Esq. Barrister at Law.

Vol, V. being a supplemental volume, with

a complete Index to the whole work, royal Svo. 16s.

Bibliotheca Nova Legum Angliaj; or, a Complete Catalogue of Law Books, arranged upon a plan entirely new. Compiled and corrected to the present time, by William Reed. 12mo. 7s.

A Supplement to the fifth edition of the Bankrupt Laws, pointing out the alterations which the late Act of Sir S. Romilly' has created therein. By William Cooke, Esq. of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister at Law. Is.


The Pharmacopoeia of the Royal College of Physicians of London, 1809. Translated into English, with a Preface, by Hector Campbell, M. D. 12mo. 4s.—An Appendix, containing Strictures on the New Pharmacopoeia, is in the press, and will shortly be published by the translator.

Letters concerning Diseases of the Urethra, by Charles Bell, illustrated by six plates. Svo. 7s. 6d.


Strictures on a Work intitled "Zeal without Innovation," reprinted from tha Eclectic Review for June, July, and September, 1S09. To which .ire prefixed, Observations on the Controversy between the Puritans and the Established'Church. 8vo. Is. 6d.

Tales of Yore: chiefly translated from the works of Wielaml, Tressan, Manhi, Meissner, Lcsage, Fiorian, Petit, De la Croix, &c. 3 vols. 12mo. I.5s.

Pendeh i Attar; the Counsels of Attar, the Persian. Edited from a Persian Manuscript, by the Rev. J. H. Hindley, A. M. foolscap Svo. 7s. fid.

Motives to the Study of Hebrew. 12mo. Is.

The Prose Works of John Milton; containing his principal Political and Ecclesiastical Pieces, with new Translations and an Introduction, by George Burnett, Esq. late of Baliol College, Oxford. 2 vols. 12mo 18s.

Fables and Satires, with a Preface on the Esopian Fable. By Sir Brooke Boothby, Bart. 2 vols. cr. 8vo. 15s.

Fables on Men and Manners. By Richard Gurney, jun. Esq. 12mo. 5s.

The Leisure Hour Improved; or, Moral Miscellanies in Prose and Verse, ori'inal and selected, fo. cap 8vo. 4s.

An Account of the several Life Assurance Companies, established in London: containing a view of their respective merits and advantages. By Francis Baily. Price Is.


Betrarch Translated, in a Selection of his Sonnets and Odes, accompanied with Notes and the original Italian, by the Translator of Catullus. Embellished with a head of Kelrarch, engraved by Heath, from an antique Bronze in the possession of Richard Heber, Esq. 8vo. 10s. 6d.


The Religions World displayed ; or, A View of the Four Grand Systems of Religion: Judaism, Paganism, Christianity, Molmmmedism, and of' the various existing Denominations', Sects, and Parties in tbe Christian World. To which is subjoined, a View Of Deism and Atheism. By the; Rev. Robert .Adam, B. A. Oxford, Minister of the Episcopal Congregation, Blackfriar's Wynd, Edinburgh; and ChapJain to the Right Hon. the Earl of Kellie. 3 vols. 8vo. 11. lis. bd.


An Account of the British Settlement of Honduras; being a Brief View of its Com

mercial and Agricultural Resources, Soil, Climate, NatiiralHistory, tec. with a Map. To which are added, Sketches of the Manners and Customs of the Mosquito Indians, preceded by a Journal of a Voyage to the Mosquito Shore. By Capt. Henderson, of his Majesty's 5th West India Regiment. 8vo. 7s.

A Second Journey in Spain, in the Spring of 1809,; from Lisbon, through the western skirts of the Sierra Morena, to Seville, Cordova, Granada, Malaga, and Gibraltar; and thence to Tetuan and Tangiers; with plates, containing twenty-four Figures, illustrative of the Costume and Manners of the Inhabitants of several of the Spanish Provinces. By Robert Semple. 8vo. 8s.

Continental Excursions'; or, Tours intq France, Switzerland, and Germany, in 1782, 1787, and'1789. With a Description of Paris, and the Glaciers of Savoy. To this are added, Observations on the Dispositions of the Frtnoh previous to the Revolution. By the Rev. Francis Pennington, M. A. Rector of Thorley, Herts, Chaplain to Edward, Lord F.llcnborough, and late Fellow of Clare Hall, Cambridge. 2 vols; 8vo. 15s.


We regret that it is inconsistent with the plan of this Publication, to insert Dr. ©linthus Gregory's reply to the second attack made upon him by the Edinburgh Reviewers, in which he has a second' time convicted them of deliberate falsehood, and satisfactorily vindicated his character from their misrepresentations.

The Letter from the Author of a Work intitled "The Assassin of St. Glenroy," ii* ^of such a nature as to demand acknowledgement; but an examination of that work is preoluded by our established regulations.

Want of room has rendered it necessary in this Number to omit one or two articles which it was intended to include. Critiques on Laborde's Vim of Spain, the Works of Sadi, Pearson's Dissertation on the Propagation of Christianity in the East, Roberton on Medical Police, &c. &c, may be expected in the Number for February.

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