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PATTEN (Robert) The History of the Rebellion in 1715. 8vo. London,

1745. [P. 168. (4.)] The DeclarATION of the Bishops against the Rebellion in 1715. 4to.

London, 1715. [P. 14. (12.)] The Conduct of some People about pleading Guilty, with some Reasons why Mercy was not shewn to some who desired it. London, 1716.

[P. 171. (6.)] The Thanks of an Honest Clergyman for Mr. Paul's Speech at Tybourn,* July 13th, 1716. 8vo. London, 1716. [M. 20. 11.]

Another Copy. 8vo. London, 1716. [N. 9. 24.] Elements of Policy, Civil and Ecclesiastical, in a Mathematical Method.

8vo. London, 1716. [M. 20. 11.] The Suspension of the Triennial Bill, the properest means to unite the Nation. [Ascribed to Dr. Sykes.] Svo. London, 1716.

[M. 20. 26.) Another Copy. 8vo. London, 1716. [N. 9. 20.] HUTCHESON (Arthur) A Speech in the House of Commons April 24,

1716, against the Bill for the Repeal of the Triennial Act; with a List of the Members who voted for or against the Bill. 8vo. London, 1722.

[P. 233. (2.)] Copies of some Letters from Mr. Hutcheson to the late Earl of Sunderland, and an Introduction to the same. 8vo. London, 1722.

[P. 233. (4.)] The Detection considered, and the Designs of those who divided the Friends of Government set in a true Light. 8vo. London, 1717.

[P. 239. (13.)] Papists not excluded from the Throne upon the account of Religion.

8vo. London, 1717. [N. 9. 25.] LETTERS which passed between Count Gyllenborg, the Barons Gortz,

Sparre, and others, relating to the Design of raising a Rebellion in his

Majesty's Dominions. 8vo. London, 1717. [N. 9. 25.] Three Speeches against continuing the Army, as they were spoken in

the House of Commons last Session, with the Reasons given by the Lords who protested against the Bill for punishing Mutiny and Deser

tion. 8vo. London, 1718. [P. 276. (10.)] PostLETHWAYT (Matthew) The Moral Impossibility of the Happiness of Protestant Subjects under Popish Princes. 8vo. Norwich, 1719.

[Gg. 3. 58.] HOADLY (Benjamin) A Collection of Papers printed in 1710. 8vo.

London, 1718. [N. 9. 27.]
Withers (John) A Vindication of the Dissenters from the Charge of

Rebellion. 8vo. London, 1719. [P. 59. (3.)]
CONSIDERATIONs on the State of the Nation. 8vo. London, 1720.

[P. 6. 21.] THE CHARACTER of an Independent Whig. 8vo. London, 1720.

[P. 6. 21.] Tue Conspirators ; or the Case of Cataline. [With a Key in MS.] The Case of Addressing considered, upon occasion of the Addresses to

8vo. London, 1721. [P. 239. (14.)]

* He was executed for High Treason during the Rebellion of 1715.

the Earl of Nottingham and to the Bishop of Chester. 4to. London,

1721. [P. 14. (5.)] The EARL of SHAFTESBURY's Letters to Lord Molesworth. 8vo. Lon

don, 1721. [P. 114. (12.)] Remarks on a Bill in the House of Lords for suppressing Blasphemy and

Profaneness. 8vo. London, 1721. [R. 8. 56.] A Guide to the Electors of Great Britain ; being Lists of all those

Members in the last Parliament who voted for or against Bills of the greatest importance, either to the Prerogatives of the Crown, or to the Privileges of the People. With a List of the Projectors, Erectors, and Directors of certain Companies which flourished in the year of

Bubbles. 8vo. London, 1722. [P, 233. (5.)] A COLLECTION of Advertisements, Letters and Papers, and some other

Facts relating to the last Elections at Westininster and Hastings. 8vo.

London, 1722. [P. 233. (3.)]
LOYAL Advice to Disaffected Subjects. 8vo. London, 1726.

[P. 131. (2.)]

GEORGE II. A Letter from a Gentleman in Worcestershire to a Member of Parlia

ment in London. 1727. [P. 171. (3.)] HOADLY (Benjamin, Bishop of Winchester) An Enquiry into the Reasons of the Conduct of Great Britain. 8vo. London, 1727. [P. 79. (1.)]

Another Copy. 8vo. London, 1727. [P. 6. 21.]
Defence of “ An Enquiry,” &c. 8vo. London, 1729.

[P 79. (2.)]
Another Copy. 8vo. London, 1728. [P. 6. (21.)]
The Craftsman Extraordinary, containing an Answer to Bishop Hoadly's
Defence. By John Trot. [Caleb D'ANVERS.] 8vo. London, 1729.

[P. 79. (4.)] Another Copy. 8vo. London, 1729. [P. 6. 21.) D'Anvers (Caleb) The Craftsman; being a Critique on the Times. No.

27. 8vo. London, 1727. [P. 6. 21.] THE ADVANTAGES to Great Britain, from the approaching War. 8vo.

London, 1727. [P. 6. 21.] THE APPROACH of a War, and something of the Necessity of it. 8vo.

London, 1727. [P. 6. 21.] Like well to Like: set forth in the History of Will Squelsh and Harry

Halter. 8vo. London, 1728. [P. 191. (1.)]
CONSIDERATIONS on the Reasonableness and Necessity of encouraging the

Seamen. 8vo. London, 1728. [P. 6. (21.)]
Loyal Advice to disaffected Subjects. 8vo. London, 1728.

[P. 113. (9.)] OBSERVATIONS on the Conduct of Great Britain. 8vo. London, 1729.

[P. 6. 21.). Remarks on a Pamphlet entitled Observations on the Conduct of Great Britain.” 8vo. London, 1729. [P. 6. 21.]

A Review of the Transactions in Europe since the Peace of Utrecht

8vo. London, 1729. [P. 6. 22.] OBSERVATIONS on the Treaty between Great Britain, France, and Spain,

concluded Nov. 1729, at Seville. [P. 6. 22.] THE TREATY of Seville, considered. 8vo. London, 1730. [P. 6. 22.] CONSIDERATIONs on the Present State of Affairs. 8vo. London, 1730.

[P. 6. 22.] A DEFENCE of the Measures of the present Administration. 1731.

[P. 6. 22.] The Case of Dunkirk stated. 8vo. London, 1730. [P. 79. (3.)] Gibson (Edmund, Bishop of London) A Caveat against aspersing Princes

and their Administration, applied to William Pulteney, Esq. and to

Lord Viscount Bolingbroke. 8vo. London, 1731. [P. 69. (10.)] The Danrerian History of the Affairs of Europe for the memorable year

1731. 8vo. London, 1732. [P. 79. (7.)] Sedition and Defamation displayed, in a Letter to the Author of The

Craftsman." 8vo. London, 1731. [P. 79. (6.)] D'ANVERS (Caleb) Reply to a Libel intitled “Sedition and Defamation

displayed.” Svo. London, 1731. [P. 79. (5.)] Observations on the Writings of the Craftsman. Svo. London, 1730.

[P. 6. 22.] A Sequel to the above. 8vo. London, 1730. [P. 6. 22.] An Answer to the above. 8vo. London, 1730. [P. 6. 22.] A Letter to the Author of the Craftsman. 8vo. London, 1731.

[P. 6. 22.] Reply to the above, by Caleb D'Anvers. 8vo. London, 1731.

[P. 6. 22.] Letter to C. D'Anvers, on his Reply:" 8vo. London, 1731. [P. 6. 22.] Remarks on the above Letter. 8vo. London, 1731. [P. 6. 22.] An Answer to the Remarks." 8vo. London, 1731. [P. 6. 22.] A final Answer to the Remarks." 8vo. London, 1731. [P. 6. 22.] The Case stated between the Craftsman and the People. 8vo. London,

1791. [P. 6. 22.] Letter to the Craftsman, on the State of Affairs. 8vo. London, 1734.

[P. 6. 22.] BudgeLL ( Eustace) A Letter to the Craftsman, occasioned by his present

ing a Complaint to his Majesty against Sir Robert Walpole. 8vo. Lon

don, 1730. [P. 98. (12.)] Letter to Mr. Budgell relative to his Complaint against Sir Robert Wal

pole. 8vo. London, 1730. [P. 98. (13.)] Budgell (Eustace) Liberty and Property : a Pamphlet necessary to be read

by all Englishmen. 8vo. London, 1732. [P. 98. (14.)] A Reply to Mr. Budgell's Pamphlet. 8vo. London, 1732. [P. 98. (15.)] A Journal of the Spanish Expedition against Oran. 8vo. London, 1732.

[P. 6. 22.]

The Case of the Salt-Duty and Land-Tax. 8vo. London, 1732. [P. 6. 22.] THE PROJECTED Excise considered. 8vo. London, 1733. [P. 6. 22.] The Conduct of the Opposition examined. 8vo. London, 1734.

[P. 6. 22.] OBSERVATIons on a Pamphlet, intitled · An Answer to one Part of a late

infamous Libel.' 8vo. London, 1731. [P. 165. (11.)] The Craftsman's Apology, being a Vindication of his Conduct and

Writings. 8vo. London, 1732. [P. 67. (3.)] ARNOLD (-) The natural Probability of a lasting Peace. 8vo. Lon

don, 1732. [P. 108. (1.)] A Letter from a Dissenter to the Author of the Craftsman. 8vo. Lon

don, 1733. [P. 153. (4.) A Letter to the Craftsman upon the Change of Affairs in Europe by the War begun against the Emperor. 8vo. London, 1734. [P. 135. (5.)]

Another Copy. 8vo. London, 1734. [P. 79. (8.)] The Conduct of the Opposition, and the Tendency of Modern Patriotism

in making the Officers of the Army independent of the Crown, re

viewed and examined. 8vo. London, 1734. [P. 135. (6.)] CONSIDERATIONS concerning the Publick Funds, the Publick Revenues, and Annual Supplies granted by Parliament. 8vo. London, 1735.

[P. 79. (10.)] A SERIES of Wisdom and Policy manifested in a Review of our foreign

Negociations; being an Answer to a Book called “Politicks on both

Sides." 8vo. London, 1735. [P. 79. (11.)] Letters from a Persian in England to his friend at Ispahan. 8vo.

London, 1735. (G. 21. 20.] The Grand Accuser the greatest of all Criminals. 8vo. London, 1735.

[P. 79. (9.)] A Dissuasive from Party and Religious Animosities. 8vo. London,

1736. [P. 115. (7.)] CLARKE (Alured) An Essay towards the Character of her late Majesty Caroline Queen-Consort of Great Britain. 8vo. London, 1738.

[P. 198. (3.)] Another Copy. 8vo. London, 1738. [P. 89. (1.)] Ax INQUIRY into the Merit of Assassination, with a view to the Cha

racter of Cæsar, and his Designs on the Roman Republic. 8vo. Lon

don, 1738. [P. 135. (1.)] THE HUE AND Cry after Part of a Pack of Hounds which broke out of

their Kennel at Westminster. With Modern Characters by another

Hand. 8vo. London, 1739. [P. 233. (7.)] The GRAND QUESTION,- Whether War, or no War with Spain ?--impar

tially considered. 8vo. London, 1739. [P. 108. (3.)] The CONVENTION vindicated from the Misrepresentations of the Enemies

of our Peace. 8vo. London, 1739. [P. 108. (6.)] Onslow (Arthur) A Speech to George II. on presenting Money-Bills.

London, 1740. [P. 5. (17.)] MIDDLETON (Conyers) Two Letters to a Member of Parliament concerning the present State of Affairs. 8vo. London, 1740-41.

(P. 108. (7,8.)] The Court Secret; a Melancholy Truth. 8vo. London, 1741.

[Hh. 8. 12.] MISCELLANEOUS Thoughts on our Foreign and Domestic Affairs. 8vo.

London, 1741. [P. 108. (10.)] Morris (Corbin) Letter from a By-stander to a Member of Parliament.

8vo. London, 1741. [P. 108. (9.)] OLDMIXON (John) Memoirs of the Press, Historical and Political, for

thirty years past. 8vo. London, 1712. [P. 132. (2.)] Faction detected by the Evidence of Facts, containing an impartial View of Parties at Home, and Affairs abroad. 8vo. London, 1744.

[P, 108. (11.)] GIBSON (James) A Journal of the Siege and Capture of Cape Breton, &c.

from the French. 8vo. London, 1745. [R. 18. 45.] The IMPORTANCE and Advantage of Cape Breton truly stated, and im

partially considered. 8vo. London, 1746. [R. 18. 45.] The OCCASIONAL WRITER; containing an Answer to the Second Manifesto

of the Pretender's Eldest Son. 8vo. London, 1745. [P. 127.(1.)] The Question, Whether England can be otherwise than miserable under

a Popish King ? considered in a Short Address to the People of

England. 8vo. London, 1745. [P. 127. (9.)] GIBSON (Edmund, Bishop of London) A Pastoral Letter to the People of

his Diocese, occasioned by our present Dangers. With a Postscript, setting forth the Dangers and Mischiefs of Popery. 8vo. London,

1745. [P. 127. (7.)] SQUIRE (Francis) A Pastoral Epistle on the Occasion of the Present Un

natural Rebellion. 8vo. London, 1746. [P. 127. (8.)] Chandler (Samuel) Great Britain's Memorial against the Pretender and Popery. 8vo. London, 1746. [P. 328. (5.)]

Another Copy. 8vo. London, 1746. [P. 338. (14.)] The TRUE SPIRIT of Popery displayed. Svo. Cambridge, 1746.

[P. 127. (10.)] SYKES (A. A.) The Reasonableness of mending and executing the Laws

against Papists. 8vo. London, 1746. [P. 127. (4.)] Sykes (A. A.) An Enquiry how far Papists ought to be treated as good

Subjects, and are chargeable with the Tenets commonly imputed to

them. 8vo. London, 1746. [P. 127. (5.)] Advice to the Roman Catholicks of England. 12mo. London.

[P. 356. —.] Britain's Remembrancer; or, the Danger not Over. 8vo. London,

1746. [P. 127. (2.)] Finch (Richard) A Vindication of Mr. Foster's Account of the Earl of

Kilmarnock. 8vo. London, 1746. [P. 115. (12.)] Finch (Richard) A Defence of his “Vindication of Mr. Forster's Ac

count." Svo. London, 1746. [P. 115. (13.)] A Review of the Two late Rebellions, Historical, Political, and Moral.

8vo. London, 1747. [P. 312. (2.)] A History of the Rebellion in 1745–46. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1748.

[P. 812. (1.)]

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