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Tracts relative to the Secession from the Kirk of Scotland.
GIB (Adam) The Present Truth: a Display of the Secession Testimony

in three Periods, of the Rise, State, and Maintenance of that Testi

mony. 2 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1774. [Hh. 9. 64,65.] Indictment, Trial and Sentence of Messrs. T


A B-n, and R- - M-n, before the Associate Synod, at the instance of the Rev. Mr. Adam Gib. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1768.

[Ff. 7. 30.] A Plea for Persecution : Ay, (do not stare) Downright Genuine Perse

cution. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1774. [Ff. 7. 30.] A Review of the Conduct and Principles of the Seceders. By Alexander

Pirie. Svo. Edinburgh, 1769. [Ff. 7. 30.]


(2) History of the Episcopal Church of Scotland. SKINNER (John) An Ecclesiastical History of Scotland, from the first Ap

pearance of Christianity in that Kingdom to the Present Time. 2 vols,

8vo. London, 1788. Cc. 3. 33,34.] *Skinner (John) Annals of Scottish Episcopacy, from 1788 to 1816, in

clusive. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1818. * An Historical Catalogue of the Scottish Bishops, down to the year 1688.

By the Right Rev. Robert Keity. Also an Account of all the Religious Houses that were in Scotland at the time of the Reformation, by John Spottiswoode. A new edition, corrected and continued to the

present time, by the Rev. M. Russell, LL.D. 8vo. London, 1824. A True State of the Case of the Rev. Mr. GREENSHIELDS' prison in

Edinburgh, for reading the Common Prayer in an Episcopal Congre

gation. 8vo. London, 1710. [P. 106. (16.)] Remarks on

Pamphlet entitled a ' True State of the Case of the Rev. Mr. Greenshields ;' and the Proceedings against him in Scotland rindicated; with the Answers of the Magistrates of Edinburgh to his Bill of

Suspension, 8c. 4to. London, 1710. [M. 14. 8.]
The Famous Tryal of Mr. James Grame, Episcopal Minister of Dum-

fermline, before the several Courts of Judicature in Scotland, concern-
ing, 1. Christ's dying for all that profess the Gospel ; 2. His purchas-
ing pardon and salvation, on condition of Faith and Repentance. With
his Defences at large. The whole wrote by the Defendant after he

was deposed. London, 1719. [P. 157. (2.)] The Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments and

other parts of Divine Service, for the Use of the Church of Scotland.

folio, Edinburgh, 1737. [Gg. 2. 40.] The Office for the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper according to the Use

of the Episcopal Church in Scotland. [Edited by the Rev. John SKINNER.) 8vo. Aberdeen, 1807. [Ff. 4. 38.]

3. History of Wales.

i. Topography and Antiquities of Wales. *Account of North and South Wales. 8vo. Beaut. Engl. and Wales,

Vols. XVII.and XVIII. RowLANDS (Henry) Mona Antiqua Restaurata: An Archæological Dis

course on the Antiquities, Natural and Historical, of the Isle of Anglesey, the antient seat of the British Druids. 4to. Dublin, 1723.

[K. 6. 24.] A History of the Island of Anglesey, from its first Invasion by the Ro

mans until finally acceded to the Crown of England. 4to. London,

1775. [R. 17. 23.] A COLLECTION of Welch Travels, and Memoirs of Wales. 8vo.

[Hh. 8. 12.] A Trip to North Wales, being a Description of that Country and People.

8vo. London, 1792. [Hh. 8. 12.] WALLER (William) The Present State of the Mines in Cardiganshire.

8vo. (M. 19. 26.] SHIERS (William) A Familiar Discourse concerning the Mine Adventure.

8vo, London, 1705. [L. 15. 25.) A Vindication of the Proceedings of the Governour and Company of the

Mine Adventurers of England. 8vo. London, 1709. [M. 19. 43.] POWELL (Rev. Mr.) Proposals for enriching the Principality of Wales.

8vo. London, 1755. (P. 219. (5.)]

ii. Civil History of Wales. The History of Wales, comprehending the Lives and Succession of the

Princes of Wales, from Cadwallader, the last King, to Lhewelyn, the
last Prince of British blood. With some account of the affairs of
Wales under the Kings of England. Written originally in British by
Caradoc of Lhancarvan. Translated and edited by W. WYNNE. 8vo.

London, 1702. [G. 22. 12.]
WARRINGTON (William) The History of Wales. 4to. London, 1786.

[A. 14. 94.] Welsh Piety, or the Needful Charity of promoting the Salvation of the

Poor ; being an Account of the Rise and Progress of the Circulating

Welsh Charity Schools. 8vo. 1740. [P. 131. (12.)] A Further Account of the Progress of the Welsh Charity Schools. By the Rev. Mr. Jones, in a Letter to a friend. 8vo. London, 1740.

P. 131. (13.)] An ADDRESS to the Charitable and Well-disposed, in behalf of the Poor

in the Principality of Wales. 8vo. London, 1741. [P. 131. (14.)]

4. History of Ireland. i. Topography and Antiquities of Ireland. ECHARD (Laurence) An Exact Description of Ireland, chorographically surveying all its Provinces and Counties. 18mo. London, 1691.

K. 8. 45.] *Carlisle (Nicholas) A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland. 4to.

London, 1810. A Natural History of Ireland. 4to. Dublin, 1726. [R. 16. 33.] Hibernia Curiosa. 8vo. London, 17—. [P. 307. (3.)] Young (Arthur) A Tour in Ireland, with General Observations on the

State of that Kingdom, made in the years 1776-1779. 2 vols. 8vo.

Dublin, 1780. [L. 22. 8,9.] *WAKEFIELD (Edward) An Account of Ireland, statistical and political.

2 vols. 4to. London, 1812. *Ledwich (Edward) The Antiquities of Ireland. 4to. Dublin, 1803. *ROBERTSON (Joseph) The Traveller's Guide through Ireland : or a To

pographical Description of that Kingdom. 12mo. Edinburgh, 1806. Down.—The Ancient and Present State of the County of Down. ' 8vo.

Dublin, 1757. [F. 25. 12.] DUBLIN.—An Enquiry, how far the Provost of Trinity College, Dublin,

is invested with a Negative on the Proceedings of the Senior Fellows, by the Charter and Statutes of that College. 8vo. Dublin, 1790.

[li. 1. 13.] An Account of the Innovations made by the Archbishop of Dublin : both

in respect of his Entrance on the Archbishoprick, and in regard of the

Dean and Chapter of Christ Church. 4to. London, 1704. (M. 14. 9.] SMITH (Charles) Antient and Present State of the County and City of

Waterford. 8vo. Dublin, 1746. [G. 22. 9.]

ii. Civil History of Ireland. The History of Ireland. Mod. Un. Hist. folio, Vol. XVI. [Cc. 1. 35.] The History and Antiquities of Ireland. Written in Latin by Sir James Ware, and translated by Walter Harris. folio, Dublin, 1764.

[D. 3. 25.] LELAND (Thomas) History of Ireland. 3 vols. 4to. London, 1773.

[Q. 2. 8-10.) TEMPLE (Sir John) The Irish Rebellion, or an History of the Beginnings

and first Progress of the General Rebellion raised Oct. 23, 1641.

12mo. 1679. [E. 27. 13.] STORY (George) An Impartial History of the Wars of Ireland during the

Two last Years. 4to. London, 1693. [E. 1. 15.] Hibernica, or some Ancient Pieces relating to Ireland. [By Walter

Harris.] 8vo. Dublin, 1770. [Q. 5. 11.] CAPEL (Arthur, Earl of Essex and Lord Lieutenant of Ireland) Letters.

4to. London, 1770. [Q. 2. 12.]

Articles of Religion in the Irish Convocation, 1615. 4to. London,

1628. [N. 8. 16.] MOUNTMORRES (Lord) The History of the Principal Transactions of the

Irish Parliament, from the year 1634 to 1666. To which is prefixed a Preliminary Discourse on the Ancient Parliaments of that King

dom. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1791. [L. 22. 6,7.] AN INQUIRY into the Share which King Charles I. had in the Transac

tions of the Earl of Glamorgan, for bringing over a Body of Irish Rebels to assist that King, in the years 1645 and 1646. 8vo. London,

1747. [0.7. 3.] A Declaration of the Irish Army in Ulster, sent to the Parliament, with

Remarks thereon. 4to. London, 1650. [L. 15. 37.] THE PRESENT STATE of Ireland. 12mo. London, 1673. [F. 16. 7.] An Account of the Public Affairs in Ireland since the Discovery of the

late Plot. 4to. London, 1679. (M. 14. 13.] ] WALSH (Peter) The History and Vindication of the Loyal Formulary or

Irish Remonstrance, so graciously received by his Majesty Anno 1661, against all Calumnies and Censures, in several Treatises. folio, Lon

don, 1684. [1. 1. 14.] AN APOLOGY in Behalf of the Papists : supposed to be writ by Roger

Palmer, Earl of Castlemain. Reprinted and answered by William

Lloyd, Bishop of St. Asaph. 8vo. London, 1746. [P. 312. (4.)] The State of Ireland ; with a Vindication of the Act of Settlement and

Commissioners' Proceedings, &c. 4to. London, 1688. [M. 14. 7.] A Short View of the Methods made use of in Ireland for the Subver

sion and Destruction of the Protestant Religion and Interest in that Kingdom, from the beginning of the Reign of the late King James to this time : and of the Suffering of the Protestants all along. 4to.

London, 1689. [M. 14. 13.] A True Account of the Siege of London-Derry. By the Rev. Mr. George

Walker, late Governor of Derry. 4to. London, 1689. [M. 14. 7.] A Vindication of the True Account of the Siege of Derry. By Mr.

George Walker. 4to. London, 1689. [M. 14. 13.] An Apology for the Failures charg'd on the Rev. Mr. George Walker's

printed Account of the late Siege of Derry. 4to. 1689. [M. 20. 36.] Reflections on a Paper pretending to be an Apology for the Failures charged on Mr. Walker's Account of the Siege of London-Derry.


[M. 14. 7. HAMILTON (William) A True Relation of the Actions of the Inniskilling

Men, from their first taking up of Arms in December 1688, for the Defence of the Protestant Religion, and their Lives and Liberties. 4to.

London, 1690. [M. 14. 13.] A Journal of the Three Months' Royal Campaign of his Majesty in Ire

land. Together with a perfect Diary of the Siege of Lymerick, by

Samuel MULLENAUX, M. D. 4to. London, 1690. [M. 14. 7.] A Faithful History of the Northern Affairs of Ireland, from the late

King James's Accession to the Crown, to the Siege of Londonderry. 4to. London, 1690. [M. 14. 13.]

An Exact JOURNAL of the victorious Progress of their Majesty's Forces,

under the command of General Ginckle in this summer (1691) in Ire

land. 4to. London, 1691. [M. 14. 13.) A Diary of the Siege and Surrender of Lymerick; with the Articles at

large, both Civil and Military. 4to. London, 1692. [M. 14. 7.] KING (William, Archbishop of Dublin) The State of the Protestants of Ireland under King James's Government. 4to. London, 1691.

[R. 8. 18.] Another Copy. 4to. London, 1692. [D. 7. 7.] TAAFE (Nicholas, Viscount) Observations on Affairs in Ireland, from 1691

to the present time. 8vo. London, 1766. [P. 312. (3.)] An Account of the Sessions of Parliament, in Ireland, 1692. 4to. Lon

don, 1693. (M. 20. 13.] Molyneux (William) The Case of Ireland's being bound by Acts of Par

liament in England, stated. 8vo. London, 1698. [M. 19. 47.] THE TRIBUNE, a Periodical Paper printed at Dublin. 8vo. London (re

printed), 1729. [P. 191. (6.)] A List of the Absentees of Ireland, and the yearly Value of their Estates

and Incomes spent abroad. 8vo. Dublin, 1730. [P. 71. (1.)] The State of Ireland considered. 8vo. Dublin, 1730. [P. 71. (2.)] PROCEEDINGS of the Society for promoting Protestant Schools in Ireland.

4to. London, 1737. [P. 22. (2.)] A PROPOSAL for incorporating a Society to promote Christian Know

ledge among the Irish. 4to. Dublin, 1740. [P. 20. (6.)] Petition for a Charter to erect Protestant Schools in Ireland. 4to. Dub

lin, 1740. [P. 20. (7.)] A REPORT made by his Grace the Lord Primate from the Lords Com

mittees appointed to enquire into the present State of Popery in Ireland.

8vo. 1747. [P. 127. (6.)] BROOKE (Henry) The Farmer's Six Letters to the Protestants of Ireland.

8vo. Dublin, 1746. [P. 127. (3.)] The True Life of Betty Ireland, with an Account of her eldest Sister

Blanch of Britain. 8vo. London, 1753. [P. 180. (12.] O'LEARY (Arthur) Miscellaneous Tracts. 8vo. Dublin, 1781.

[Ff. 7. 143.] A Concise Account of the Material Events and Atrocities which occurred

in the late Rebellion. 8vo. Dublin, 1799. (Hb. 3. 46.] MUSGRAVE (Sir Wm.) Memoirs of the different Rebellions in Ireland,

from the Arrival of the English ; also a particular Detail of that which

broke out în 1798. 2 vols. 8vo. Dublin, 1802. [Gg. 5. 54,55.] A NARRATIVE of the Sufferings and Escape of Charles Jackson, late resi

dent at Wexford, in Ireland. 8vo. Oxford, 1802. (Hh. 3. 33.] MOYLAN (F., Roman Catholic Archbishop of Cork) Pastoral Letter to

the People of his Diocese. 8vo. Cork, 1813. (Gg. 6. 20.]

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