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ELMACINI (Georgii) Historia Saracenica, Arabice et Latine. Opera et

studio Thomæ Erpenii. Accedit Roderici Ximenez, Archiepiscopi Toletani, Historia Arabum. folio, Lug. Bat. 1625. (K. 4. 23.]

Exemplar aliud. folio, Lug. Bat. 1625. [F. 20. 18.] PocockE (Edvardi) Specimen Historiæ Arabum ; sive Gregorii Abul

Farajii de Origine et Moribus Arabum succincta Narratio, Arabice et

Latine. 4to. Oxonii, 1650. [K. 7. 3.] Chronica Turcica. Tribus tomis in 1 vol. folio, Francofurti, 1578.

[Ff. 3. 20.) LEUNCLAVII (Joannis) Annales Sultanorum Othmanidarum. folio, Fran

cofurti, 1596. [D. 10. 20.] Boissardi (Jacobi) Vitæ et Icones Sultanorum Turcicorum ab Osmane

usque ad Mahometem II. 4to. Francofurti, 1696. [H. 7. 9.] OCKLEY (Simon) The Conquest of Syria, Persia, and Egypt, by the Saracens. Svo. London, 1708. [D. 7. 31.]

Another Copy. 8vo. London, 1708. [E. 1. 25.] Ockley (Simon) The History of the Saracens. 2 vols. 8vo. Cambridge,

1757. [D. 25. 15--16.] FULLER (Thomas) Historie of the Holy Warre. folio, London, 1651.

[I. 2. 26.] Another Copy. folio, London, 1651. [D. 9. 20.] *Mills (Charles) The History of Muhammedism. 8vo. London, 1817. * Mills (Charles) The History of the Crusades for the Recovery of the Holy Land.

2 vols. Svo. London, 1820.

2. History of Persia, Tartary, the East Indies, and


The History of the Empires founded by the Turks in Lower Asia, of the

Moguls and Tartars, of Hindustan or the Mogul Empire, and of Per

sia. Mod. Un. Hist. folio, Vols. II. III. [Cc. 1. 21,22.] BIZARARI (Petri) Persicarum Rerum Historia in XII libros descripta.

folio, Antverpiæ, 1583. [D. 1. 5.] Tarich : hoc est Series Regum Persiæ ab Ardschir Babegan usque

Iazdigerdem à Chaliphis expulsum, per annos ferè 400. Edidit Wil

helmus Schikardus. . 4to. Tubingæ, 1628. [K. 9. 23.] Jones (Sir William) Introduction to the History of the Life of Nader

Shah. 4to. Works, Vol. V. [I. 22. 5.] Jones (Sir William) L'Histoire de Nader Chah, connu sous le Nom de Thamas Kuli Khan, Empereur de Perse ; traduit d'un Manuscrit Per

4to. Works, Vol. V. [I. 22. 5.] Fraser (James) The History of Nader Shah, formerly called Thamas Kuli Khan, the present Emperor of Persia. 8vo. London, 1742.

[P. 161. (1.)] *Malcolm (Sir John) The History of Persia, from the most early Period

to the present time. 2 vols. 4to. London, 1815. Bellum Turtaricum ; or, The Conquest of the Great and Renowned Empire of China, by the Invasion of the Tartars. 12mo. London, 1654.

[G. 8. 41.) The History of Tamerlane the Great. 8vo. London, 1750. [R. 13. 68.]


Marfell (Joannis Petri) Historiarum Indicarum Libri XVI. Accessit

Ignatii Loiolæ Vita. folio, Coloniæ Agrippinæ, 1593. [D. 2. 18.] Rennerort (M. de) Histoire des Indes Orientales. 8vo. Leide, 1688.

[P. 6. 44.] The History of the Commerce to, and the Settlements in, the East Indies, by the several European Nations. Mod. Un. Hist. folio, Vol. IV.

[Cc. 1. 23.) Asiatic RESEARCHES ; or Transactions of the Society instituted at Ben

gal for inquiring into the History, Antiquities, the Arts, Sciences, and Literature of Asia. 8vo. Vols. I.-VI. London, 1798-1801.

[L. 22. 18-23.] MAURICE (Thomas) The History of Hindostan, its Arts and Sciences, as

connected with the History of the other great Empires of Asia, during the most ancient Periods of the World. 2 vols. in 3 parts, 4to. Lon

don, 1795-98. [L. 27. 1,2,2*.] The Asiatic ANNUAL REGISTER; or a View of the History of Hindustan,

and of the Politics, Commerce, and Literature of Asia, for the years

1799, 1800. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1800, 1801. (M. 21. 1,2.] CAMBRIDGE (Richard Owen) An Account of the War in India. 4to. Lon

don, 1761. [Q. 1. 29.] *MILL (James) The History of British India. 6 vols. 8vo. London,

1820. *Malcolm (Sir John) The Political History of India. 2 vols. 8vo. Lon.

don, 1826. BUCHANAN (Claudius) Christian Researches in Asia. royal 8vo. Cam

bridge, 1811. [Ff. 6. 11.) Hayi (Joannis) De Rebus Japonicis, Indicis, et Peruanis Epistolæ. 8vo. .

Antverpiæ, 1605. [F. 18. 6.] KAEMPFER (Engelbertus) The History of Japan. Translated from the High Dutch by J. G. Scheuchzer. 2 vols. folio, London, 1727.

[0. 5. 12,13.] Kircheri (Athanasii) China Illustrata, monumentis sacris profanisque.

folio, Amstelodami, 1667. [D. 4. 23.] Du Halde (J. B.) Description of the Empire of China and Chinese Tartary. Translated from the French. 2 vols. folio, London, 1738-41.

[O. 8. 15,16.) The History of China and Korea. Mod. Un. Hist. folio, Vol. IIT.

[Cc. 1. 22.] Mosheim (John Laurence) Authentic Memoirs of the Christian Church

in China : being a Series of Facts to evidence the Causes of the Declension of Christianity in that Empire : translated from the Latin.

8vo. London, 1750. [P. 190. (5.)] The History of Japan. Mod. Un. Hist. folio, Vol. IV. [Cc. 1. 23.). Staunton (Sir George) An Authentic Account of the Earl of Macart

ney's Embassy from the King of Great Britain to the Emperor of

China. 2 vols. 4to. London, 1798. [L. 26. 1,2.] Plates to Şir George Staunton's Narrative. Atlas folio, London, 1798.

To. 1. 39.] *Ellis (Henry) A Journal of the Proceedings of Lord Amherst's Embassy to China. to, London, 1817.

*CRAWFORD (John) A History of the Indian Archipelago. 3 vols. 8vo.

Edinburgh, 1820. *Raffles (Sir Thomas Stamford) The History of Java. 2 vols. 4to.

London, 1817.

V. History of Africa. History of Egypt, Abyssinia, and Ethiopia. The History of Africa, and of all the principal Nations and States there

in, Egypt and the African Islands, Abyssinia, Quiloa, Monomotapa, the Hottentots, the Gold and Slave Coasts, Piratical States in the North, Morocco, and of the Interior of Africa. Mod. Un. Hist. folio,

Vols. V.-VII. [Cc. 1. 24-26.] Maured Allatafet JEMELLEDDINI, filii Togri Bardii, seu Rerum Ægyptia

carum Annales. Arabice et Latine, cum notis, a J. D. Carlyle. 4to. Cantabrigiæ, 1792. [H. 1. 33.]

Exemplar aliud. 4to. Cantabrigiæ, 1792. [C. 21. 19.] WHITE (Joseph) Ægyptiaca ; or Observations on certain Antiquities of

Egypt. 4to. Oxford, 1801. [I. 22. 18.] BARRETI (J. N.) et OVIEDO (Andrææ) De Abassinorum Rebus, deque

Æthiopiæ Patriarchis, Libri III. 12mo. Lugduni, 1615. [F. 18. 3.] LUDOLPHUS (Job) The History of Ethiopia, translated into English.

folio, London, 1682. [R. 15. 32.] GEDDES (Michael) The Church History of Ethiopia. 8vo. London, 1696.

[D. 7. 34.]

VI. History of America.

1. General History of America. Bibliothecæ Americanæ Primordia. An Attempt towards laying the Foun

dation of an American Library, in several Books, Papers, and Writings, given to the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign

Parts. 4to. London, 1713. [E. 15. 10.] BENZONI (M.) Histoire Nouvelle du Nouveau Monde ; extraite de l'Italien par

Urbain Chavveton. 8vo. 1579. [F. 19. 23.] HORNII (Georgii) De Originibus Americanis. 12mo. Hegæ Comitis,

1652. [F. 17. 33.] DE LAET (Joannis) Notæ ad Dissertationem H. Grotii de Origine Gen

tium Americanarum. 12mo. Amstelodami, 1643. (F. 17. 24.] The History of America. Mod. Un. Hist. folio, Vols. XIV. XV.

[Cc. 1. 33,34.] ROBERTSON (William) The History of America. 2 vols. 4to. London,

1777. [H. 21. 1-2.] *HOLMES (Abiel) American Annals: or a Chronological History of Ame

rica, from its Discovery in 1492 to 1806. 2 vols. Svo. London, 1809. Burke (Edmund) Account of the European Settlements in America.

2 vols. 12mo. London, 1766. [Dd. 4. 95,96.]

2. History of North America.

i. Civil History of North America. THOROWGOOD (Thomas) Digitus Dei. New Discoveries, with sure Argu

ments to prove that the Jews, a People lost in the World for the space of near 200 years, inhabit now in America ; and that the Americans

are of that race. 4to. London, 1652. [E. 19. 28.] The British Empire in America. 8vo. London, 1708. [B. 7. 49.] The State of the British and French Colonies in North America.

8vo. London, 1755. [P. 233. (1.)] Coloniæ Anglicance Ilustratæ ; or, the Acquest of Dominion and the Plan

tation of Colonies made by the English in America. 4to. London,

1762. [A. 13. 37.] The Present State of His Majesties Isles and Territories in America.

8vo. London, 1687. [C, 15. 40.] An Account of Monsieur de la Salle's last Expedition and Discoveries in

North America. Svo. London, 1698. (M. 19. 47.] Adair (James) The History of the American Indians. 4to. London,

1775. [Q. 1. 26.] COLDEN (Cadwallader) The History of the Five Indian Nations of Ca

nada. 8vo. London, 1747. [D. 27. 23.] The Canadian Freeholder : a Dialogue, shewing the Sentiments of the

Bulk of the Freeholders of Canada concerning the Quebeck-Act, with some Remarks on the Boston Charter Act, &c. [By Francis MA

SERES.] 3 vols. 8vo. London, 1776. [1. 21. 21-24.] *STRACHAN (James) A Visit to the Province of Upper Canada. 8vo.

Aberdeen, 1820. STEWART (Charles) A Short View of the Present State of the Eastern

Townships in the Province of Lower Canada, with Hints for their Im

provements. 8vo. London, 1815. (Hh. 2. 44.] Neal (Daniel) The History of New England, containing an Impartial

Account of the Civil and Ecclesiastical Affairs of the Country to the year 1700. To which is added, the present State of New England.

8vo. London, 1747. [R. 19. 14,15.] Mather (Increase) A Brief History of the War with the Indians in New

England, from June 24, 1675, to August 12, 1676. 4to. London,

1676. [M. 20. 36.] CONSIDERATIONS proposed to Mr. William Pen, concerning the Validity

of his New Magna Carta for Liberty of Conscience. 4to. (M. 15. 33.] CHANDLER (Thomas) An Appeal to the Public, in Behalf of the

Church of England in America. 8vo. London, 1769. [D. 26. 7.] *WARDEN (D. B.) A Statistical and Historical Account of the United

States of Amenca. 3 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1808. RAYNAL (Abbé) On the Revolution of America. Translated from the

French. 8vo. London, 1781. [Q. 4. 41.] MARSHALL (John) The Life of General Washington. With a Compen

dious View of the Colonies planted by England on the Continent of North America. 5 vols. 8vo. London, 1804-7.

*BOTTA (Charles) Histoire de la Guerre d'Independence, traduit de l'Ita-

L. de Sevelinges. 4 tomes 8vo. Paris, 1812.
FRANKLIN (Benjamin) Papers, &c. on American Politics. 8vo. Works,
Vol. I. [Ee. 2. 67.]

Another Copy. 4to. Posthumous Works. [Gg. 1. 10.)

Another Copy. 8vo. Posthumous Works. [Ee. 2. 74.]
Paine (Thomas) Common Sense; addressed to the Inhabitants of Ame-.

rica. 8vo. London, 1792. [Hh. 2. 35.]
AdAss (John) A Defence of the Constitution and Government of the

United States of America. 8vo. London, 1777. [Q. 5. 9.] Observations on the Debates of the American Congress on the Ad

dresses presented to General Washington on his Resignation. By Peter Porcupine (William COBBETT.] 8vo. Philadelphia, 1797.

[Hh. 3. 46.] Letter to the infamous Tom Paine in Answer to his Letter to General

Washington. By Peter Porcupine (William Cobbett.] 8vo. Phila

delphia, 1797. (Hb. 3. 46.] The Republican Judge: or, the American Liberty of the Press. By

Peter Porcupine [William Cobbett.] 8vo. London, 1798. [Hh. 3. 46.] A Detection of the Conspiracy formed by the United Irishmen, with the

Intention of aiding the Tyrants of France in subverting the Govern-
ment of the United States of America. By Peter Porcupine (William

Cobbett.] 8vo. London, 1799. [Hh. 3. 46.]
SOLIS (Antonio de) The History of the Conquest of Mexico by the Spa-

niards. Translated from the Spanish by Thomas Townsend. 2 vols.

8vo. London, 1738. [G. 22. 5,6.] *HUMBOLDT (Alexander) A Political Essay on the Kingdom of New Spain.

Translated from the French. 4 vols. 8vo. With Atlas. London, 1811-12.

ii. Ecclesiastical History of North America. *White (Right Rev. William) Memoirs of the Protestant Episcopal

Church in the United States of America. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1820. *Journals of the General Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church

in the United States of America. 2 vols. 8vo. Philadelphia and New

York, 1817-26.
EDWARDS (Jonathan) A Faithful Narrative of the Surprising Work of God

at Northampton.' 12mo. London, 1738. [Ff. 8. 124.]
Edwards (Jonathan) Narrative of the late Work of God, at and near North-
ampton, abridged by John Wesley, M. A. 12mo. London, 1755.

[E. 27. 5.] Edwards (Jonathan) Thoughts concerning the Revival of Religion in New England, abridged by John Wesley, M. A. 12mo. London, 1745.

(E. 27. 5.)

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