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BOWYER (Wm.) Miscellaneous Tracts. Including Tracts and Letters on

Literary Subjects by several of his learned Friends. 4to, London,

1785. [A. 14. 80.] BROWNE (Sir Thomas) Pseudodoxia Epidemica, or Enquiries into many received Tenets commonly presumed Truths. folio, London, 1659.

[C. 10. 2.] Another Copy. folio, London, 1659. [B. 4. 19.] -- Another Copy. 4to. London, 1669. [R. 8. 19.] Browne (Sir Thomas) Miscellany Tracts. 8vo. London, 1684.

[R. 13. 57.] BULSTRODE (Richard) Miscellaneous Essays. 8vo. London, 1715.

[R. 10. 45.] BURGH (James) Crito; or Essays on various Subjects. 2 vols. in one.

12mo. London, 1766. [A. 19. 15.] BURLESQUE Essays, Divine, Moral, and Political. 8vo. London, 1714.

[P. 237. (1.)] Burton (Robert) Anatomy of Melancholy. folio, Oxford, 1624.

[E. 9. 11.] The Anatomy of Melancholy. 8vo. 2 vols. London, 1806.

[Gg. 6. 37,38.] CLEVELAND (John) Letters, Poems, and Characters. 18mo. London,

1658. [M. 18. 25.] Cooper (Thomas) Tracts, Ethical, Theological, and Political. 8vo.

Warrington, 1788. [Ff. 5. 27.] Essays and Meditations on various subjects. Small 8vo. Edinburgh,

1762. [P. 320. (2.)] Essays on several Subjects in Philosophy and Religion. 4to. London,

1676. [R. 8. 28.] Foster (John) Essays. 2 vols. 12mo. London, 1806. [li. 2. 12,13.] Fugitive Pieces on Various Subjects, by several Authors. 12mo. 2 vols.

London, 1771. [R. 20. 35,36.)
Geddes (Michael) Miscellaneous Tracts. Vols. I. II. 1702–1705.

[D. 7. 36,37.) GLANVIL (Joseph) The Vanity of Dogmatizing or Confidence in Opinions ;

a Discourse on the Shortness and Uncertainty of our Knowledge. 8vo.

London, 1661. [K. 15. 40.] Cato's Letters ; or Essays on Liberty, Civil and Religious, and on other

important Subjects. (By Thomas Gordon and John TRENCHARD.)

8vo. 4 vols. London, 1737. [A. 19. 126-9.] GREVILLE (Mr. and Mrs.) Maxims, Characters, and Reflections, Critical,

Satyrical and Moral. 8vo. London, 1757. [D. 25. 4.] Grove (Henry) Miscellanies in Prose and Verse. 8vo. London, 1739.

[P. 188. (9.)] Halifax (George Saville, Marquis of) Miscellanies. 8vo. London, 1717.

(D. 21. 6.] The HARLEIAN MISCELLANY; or a Collection of Scarce, Curious and

Entertaining Pamphlets and Tracts, as well in Manuscript as in Print, found in the late Earl of Oxford's Library, interspersed with Historical, Political and Critical Notes. 8 vols. 4to. London, 1753.

(E. 21. 16-25.]

Hippisler (John) A Journey to Bristol, or the honest Welchman. 8vo.

London, 17- [P. 100. (14.)] HOWARD (Charles) Thoughts, Essays, and Maxims, chiefly Religious

and Political. Svo. London, 1768. [A. 19. 101.) HUME (David) Essays and Treatises. 4 vols. 12mo. Edinburgh, 1758.

[F. 27. 9-12.] HUME (David) Essays on several Subjects. 8vo. 2 vols. London, 1764.

[Gg. 7. 46,47.] Jones (Mary) Miscellanies in Prose and Verse. 8vo. Oxford, 1750,

[G. 24. 15.] Keitu (Sir Wm.) The Citizen, and other Tracts. 8vo. London, 1740.

(P. 331. (2.)] Letters of the Critical Club, containing Observations on Men, Manners,

and Writings. Vol. I. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1738. [A. 19. 44.] A MISCELLANY on Taste, by Mr. Pope and others. 8vo. London, 1732.

[P. 67. (8.)] A New MISCELLANY. 8vo. London, 1730. [P. 67. (9.)] MISCELLANEOUS Thoughts, Moral and Political. 8vo. London, 1752.

[P. 190. (3.)] Miscellanies Historical and Philosophical : being a Collection of Papers

found in the Study of a Nobleman. 8vo. London, 1703. [R. 10. 33.] Norris (John) A Collection of Miscellanies, consisting of Poems, Essays,

Discourses, and Letters. 8vo. London, 1723. [R. 7. 43.] Phenix (The): a Revival of scarce and valuable Pieces from the remotest antiquity to the present times. 8vo. 2 vols. London, 1707-8.

[Gg. 7. 59,60.] PHILOLOGICAL MISCELLANY, consisting of Select Essays from the Memoirs

of the Academy of Belles Lettres at Paris, and other Foreign Acade

mies. Translated into English. 8vo. London, 1761. [D. 25. 5.] POWELL (Thomas) Tom of all Trades: or the Plaine Path-way to Pre

ferment. Being a Discovery of a Passage to Promotion in all Professions, Trades, Arts, and Mysteries. Found out by an old Traveller in the Sea of Experience, amongst the inchanted islands of Ill-Fortune.

4to. London, 1631. [L. 15. 19.] RAY (John) Select Remains, with Life by George Scott. 8vo. London,

1750. [P. 292. (1.)] Robin's Panegyrick, or the Norfolk Miscellany. 8vo. London, 1730.

[P. 67. (5.)] SELDEN (John) Table Talk : or his sense of various matters of weight

and high consequence. 18mo. London, 1716. [G. 27. 8.] SMITH (Adam) Essays on various Subjects. 8vo. Works, Vol. V.

[Gg. 3. 37.] Moralities, Essays, Letters, Fables, and Translations, by Sir Harry Beaumont (the Rev. Joseph SPENCE.] 8vo. London, 1753.

[P. 188. (8.)] SPENCER (John) A Discourse of divers Petitions of high concernment and

great consequence, delivered into the hands of King James I. and King Charles I. With a Treatise of Melancholie. 8vo. London, 1641. [D. 7. 45.] SWIFT (Jonathan) Proposal for preventing Children of poor People

from being a Burthen to their Parents or their Country. 8vo. Dublin and London, 1730. [P. 71. (3.)]

TEMPLE (Lancelot) Sketches or Essays on various Subjects. 8vo. Lon

don, 1758. [P. 221. (5.)] TEMPLE (Sir Wm.) Four Essays, on Ancient and Modern Learning, the Gardens of Epicurus, Heroic Virtue, and Poetry. 8vo. London, 1690.

(B. 6. 8.] Temple (Sir Wm.) Three Essays, on Popular Discontents, Health and

Long Life, a Defence of the Essay on Ancient and Modern Learning.

8vo. London, 1701. [B. 6. 9.] Temple (Sir Wm.) Miscellanea. 8vo. London, 1680. [L. 15. 31.] Temple (Sir Wm.) Miscellanea, Part I. 8vo. London, 1709.

[P. 274. (12.)] THE CHARACTER of a Sneaker. 4to. London, 1705. [Hh. 8. 22.] THE POETICAL ENTERTAINER, or Tales, Satyrs, Dialogues, Intrigues, &c. Serious and Comical, Number 1. 8vo. London, 1712.

[P. 275. (12.)] The Stage Coacu Diversion ; or a Journey to York, containing several

Merry and Facetious Stories. 8vo. London, 1731. [P. 191. (2.)] The Universal ADVERTISER, an Irish Paper. 8vo. Dublin, 1754.

[P. 380. (3.)] Tracts in Prose and Verse. folio, 1682–1685. [C. 5. 16.] TRENCHARD (John) Essays on Important Subjects. 12mo. London,

1755. [P. -355.] WATTS (Dr. Isaac) Reliquiæ Juveniles : Miscellaneous Thoughts in Prose

and Ņerse. 12mo. London, 1734. [A. 19. 43.] Williams (David) Essays on Public Worship, Patriotism, and Projects

of Reformation. 8vo. London, 1773. [F. 22. 24.]

British Essayists, &c. *The British Essayists; with Prefaces, Historical and Biographical. By Alexander CHALMERS. 45 vols. 12mo. London, 1817. Vols. 1-V. The Tatler. Vols. XXX--XXXII. The Connoisseur, VI—XV. Spectator.

XXXIII. Idler. XVI-XVIII. Guardian. XXXIV-XXXV. Mirror.

XIX-XXII. Rambler. XXXVI-XXXVII. Lounger. XXIII-XXV. Adventurer. XXXVIII-XL. Observer. XXVI-XXIX. World.

XLI-XLIV. Looker-On.

Vol. XLV. Index. The Tatler. 4 vols. 8vo. London, 1733. [R. 7. 64-67.] The Spectator. 7 vols. 8vo. London, 1712. [D. 15. 21-27.] The Spectator. 9 vols. 12mo. [Vol. II. wanting.] London, 1744–26.

[R. 21. 13-21.] The Spectator, Vols. I. to VII. (Eighth wanting.) 12mo. Edinburgh,

1761. [Ee. 4. 103-109.]
The Spectator. 8 vols. 12mo. London, 1765. [Gg. 8. 31-36.]
The Guardian. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1733. [A. 19. 106,107.]
The Englishman, being the Sequel of the Guardian. 8vo. London.

(D. 21. 3.] The Lover and Reader. [By Sir Richard Steele.] · 8vo. London, 1714.

[R. 7. 13.] Town Talk. [By Sir Richard Steele.] 4to. [N. 8. 22.] The Censor. By Lewis Theobald. 3 vols. in 1, 12mo. London,

1717. [G. 21. 17.] The Intelligencer. [By Dean Swift.] 8vo. London, 1737. [A. 19. 139.] The Humourist : a Collection of Essays. 12mo. 2 vols. London,

1741–25. [R. 21. 38,39.] The Free-Thinker, or Essays of Wit and Humour. 12mo. 3 vols. Lon

don, 1742. [R. 21. 22-24.] The Female Spectator. 8vo. London, 1744. [P. 131. (3.)] The Entertainer-Pieces in Prose and Verse, Witty, Humourous, or

Curious. 8vo. London, 1746. [P. 131. (4.)] The Rambler. 3 vols. 8vo. In Dr. S. Johnson's Works, Vols. IV-VI.

[S. 6. 4-6.] The Gray's-Inn Journal. [By Arthur Murphy.) 8vo. London, 1756.

[R. 7. 31.] The Adventurer: By John Hawkesworth.] 4 vols. 8vo. London,

1756. [R. 7. 5–8.] The World. By Adam Fitz-Adam.' '3 vols. 12mo. Edinburgh, 1770.

[R. 20. 27-29.] The Idler. 8vo. In Dr. S. Johnson's Works, Vol. II. (S. 6. 7.]

iii. Foreign Miscellaneous Writers.

(1) In the Latin LANGUAGE, with TRANSLATIONS. ANAGRAMMATA et Chron-Anagrammata Regia. 12mo. Londini, 1613.

[M. 18. 14.] ANDREE (Valerii) Quæstiones Quodlibeticæ tres. 8vo. Coloniæ, 1618.

[M. 16. 16.] AQUINO (Caroli de) Miscellanea Variarum Eruditionum. 8vo. Romæ,

1763. [G. 26. 3.] Baconi (Francisci) Sermones Fideles, Ethici, Politici-(Economici. 18mo.

Amstelodami, 1662. [E. 17. 19.] BACON (Sir Francis) Essays or Counsels, Civil and Moral, with a Table

of the Colours of Good and Evil, whereunto is added the Wisdom of

the Ancients. 12mo. London, 1673. [F. 16. 47.] Bacon (Lord) Essays, translated from the Latin. By William Willymott.

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1720. [D. 27. 28.29.] BODECHERI (Jani) Satyricon. Accedunt Oratio Inauguralis et Sermones

tres. 18mo. Lug. Bat. 1631. [R. 11. 85.] GEBAUVERI (Geo. Christiani) Anthologicarum Dissertationum Liber.

8vo. Lipsiæ, 1733. [R. 20. 16.] Syntagma Variarum Dissertationum Rariorum, quas Viri doctissimi superiore seculo elucubrarunt, ex Musaeo J. G. Grævii. 4to. Ultrajecti, 1701. [P. 3. 26.]

Exemplar aliud. 4to. Ultrajecti, 1701. [E. 7. 26.]

Haukini (Gulielmi) Eclogæ tres Virgilianæ, inversa. 4to. Londini,

1631. [L. 15. 21.] Hawkins (Gul.) En Priscianus verberans et vapulans. 4to. Londini,

1632. [L. 15. 21.] Ittigii (Thomæ) Opuscula Varia ; cum Catalogo Irtigianorum Manu

scriptorum Latinorum. 8vo. Lipsiæ, 1714. (A. 19. 25.] Pointer (Joannis) Miscellanea in usum Juventutis Academicæ. 8vo.

Oxford, 1718. [G. 26. 32.] PONTANI (Jacobi) Attica Bellaria, seu Literatorum Secunde Mensæ, ad animos relaxandos. 3 vols. 8vo. Aug. Vindel. 1517.

[F. 19. 36-38.] Postelli (Gulielmi) De Orbis Terræ Concordia Libri quatuor. folio,

Moguntiæ, 1539. [L. 10. 23.) ROBINSONI (Johannis) Eudoxa, seu Quæstionum quarundam miscellane

arum Examen probabile. 12mo. Londini, 1656. [E. 8. 42.] Steuchil (Augustini, Eugubini Episcopi) De Perenni Philosophia libri

decem-De Mundi exitio–De Eugubii Urbis suæ nomine tractatus.

folio, Parisiis, 1588. [G. 4. 23.) STRADE (Famiani) Prolusiones Academicæ. 12mo. Oxonii, 1631.

[F. 16. 20.) Exemplar aliud. 12mo. Oxonii, 1631. [A. 7. 5.] Exemplar aliud. 12mo. Oxonii, 1745.

12mo. Oxonii, 1745. [A. 19. 28.] TextORIS (Joanvis Ravisii) Officina; sive Theatrum Historicum et

Poeticum. 8vo. Basileæ, 1626. [E. 16. 4.] Vivis (Johannis) De Concordia et Discordia in Humano Genere Liber;

item, de Paciticatione Liber unus ; et quam misera esset vita Christianorum sub T'urcâ liber unus. 12mo. Antverpiæ, 1529.

[F. 16. 11.) VOLATERRANI (Raphaelis) Commentariorum Urbanorum Libri Triginta

Octo. folio, Hanoviæ, 1603. [F. 3. 15.]

(2) IN THE FRENCH AND SPanish LANGUAGES, with TRANSLATIONS. ABAUZIT (Firmin) Miscellanies on Historical, Theological, and Critical

Subjects. Translated from the French by E. Harwood. 8vo. Lon

don, 1784. [G. 25. 10.] MELANGES de Littérature, d'Histoire, et de Philosophie. 5 tomes 8vo.

Amsterdam, 1773. [A. 16. 56-60.] Montaigne (Michael de) The Essayes of, translated by John Florio.

folio, London, 1603. [B. 4. 31.] Montaigne (Michael de) Essays, translated by C. Cotton. 3 vols. 8vo.

London, 1738. [F. 22. 8–10.] Huarte (John) Examen de Ingenios. The Examination of Men's Wits ;

translated out of the Spanish, by M. Camillo Camilli. 4to. London,

1604. [E. 19. 23.] QUEVEDO-VILLEGAS (Francisco de) Visions, made English by Sir R. L'Estrange. 8vo. London, 1706. [F. 21. 22.]

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