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* the traditional Cries of their Forefathers, have invented 'particular Songs and Tunes of their own: Such as was 'not many Years since, the Pastry-man, commonly known

* by the Name of the Colly-Molly-Puff; andlurh as is at

* this Day the Vender of Powder and Wash-balls, who, if I

* am rightly informed, goes under the Name of Powderi Wm.

'I -must not here omit one particular Absurdity which

■ runs through this whole vociserous Generation, and which 'renders their Cries very often not only incommodious, 'but altogether useless to the Publick; I mean, that idle

* Accomplishment which they all of them aim at, of cry

■ ing so as not to be understood. Whetherorno they have

* learned this from several of our affected Singers, I will .* not take upon me to fay; but most certain it is, that

People know the Wares they deal in rather by their .* Tunes frhan;jjy their Words ; insomuch that I havesome'times seen aT)ountry Boy run out to buy Apples of a f Bellows-mender, and Ginger-bread from a Grinder of

* Knives and Sci stars. Nay, so strangely infatuated are some ? very eminent Artists of this particular Grace in a Cry, that ! nore but their Acquaintance are able to guess at their j' Prosession ; for who else can know, that W»rkif' I bad I it, should be the Signisication of a Corn-Cutter?

•FORASMUCH therefore as Persons of this Rank , are seldom Mrn of Genius or Capacity, I think it would , be very proper, that some Men of good Senscand sound , Judgment should preside over these publick Cries, who , should permit none to lift up their Voices in our Streets, , that have not tuneable Throats, and are not only able to overcome the Noise of the Croud, and the Rattling of , Coaches, but also to vend their respective Merchandizes , in apt Phrases, and in the most distinct and agreeable , Sounds. I do therefore humbly recommend my self as , a Person rightly qualisied for this Post; and if I meet , with sitting Encouragement, shall communicate some , other Projects which I have by me, that may no less , conduce to the Emolument of the Publick.

ii Jam, SI R, &c, :.

C Ralph Crotchet.'


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