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Employments which You have pass'd through, would not have been able to have raised You this general approbation, had they not been accompanied with that Moderation in an high Fortune, and that Affability of Manners, which are so conspicuous through all Parts of Your Life. Your Aversion to any Ostentatious Arts

of qf setting tQ Show those great Service? which Yew have done the Pukliek, has not likewise a little contributed to that Universal Acknowledgment which is paid You by Your Country. THE Consideration of this Pare of Your Character, is that which hint** ders me from enlarging on those Extraordinary Talents,

l&mS, Which have givefl S&i fo gteat a Figure ife the Britijh Senate, ay weft as on that Elegance and Politeness which appear in Your more retired Converfation. I should be unpardonable, if, after what I have faid, I fliould longer detain You with an Address of this Nature: I cannot, however, conclude it without owning V those those great Obligations which ; You have laid upon,

''.. T. -'

: SIR,

Tour most Obedient,.

- •;;):; :'• ,*

Humble Servant,

» r

;~V The Spectator. THE



N? 170. Friday, September 14. 1711.

In amore btc cmrim infant vitia: mjuria,
Sufpicients, inimititU, inducU,
Betlum, pax rurjum Ter. Eufl.

PON looking over the Letters of my se-
male Correspondents, I sind several from
Women complaining of jealous Husbands,
and at the fame Time protesting their own
Innocence* and desiring my Advice on
this Occasion. I shall therefore take this
Subject into my Consideration; and the more willingly,
because I sind that the Marquiss of Hallifax, who in his
Advice to a Daughter, has instructed a Wise how to be*
have her self towards a false, an intemperate, a cholerick,
a sullen, a covetous or a silly Husband, has not spoken one
Word of a jealous Husband.

JEALOUST is that Pain which a Man feels from
the sip prehension that he it not equally beloved by the Per-
son whom he entirely loves. Now, because our inward-
Vou III. 6 Passioas

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