Gazetteer of the Bombay Presidency ..., Volume 14

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Page 123 - When will the hundred summers die, And thought and time be born again, And newer knowledge, drawing nigh, Bring truth that sways the soul of men ? Here all things in their place remain, As all were ordered, ages since.
Page 163 - Christian worship. It is entered through a fine and lofty portico, having on its front, but a little to the left hand, a high detached octagonal pillar, surmounted by three lions seated back to back. On each side of the portico is a colossal statue of Buddha...
Page 163 - Buddh and his religion. The caves are scattered over two sides of a high rocky hill, at many different elevations, and of various sizes and forms. Most of them appear to have been places of habitation for monks or hermits. One very beautiful apartment of a square form, its walls covered with sculpture, and surrounded internally by a broad stone bench, is called " the durbar," but I should rather guess had been a school.
Page 196 - Sudbahnhof to reach Schloss Belvedere (Belvedere Palace), a Baroque complex often compared to Versailles. It was commissioned by Prince Eugene of Savoy and built by Johann Lukas von Hildebrandt in 1721-22. The palace is made up of two separate buildings, one at the foot and the other at the top of a hill. The lower tract was first built as residential quarters; the upper buildings were reserved for entertaining. The gardens in between are among the best examples of natural Baroque ornamentation found...
Page 169 - After digging to the level of the ground and clearing away the materials, the workmen came to a circular stone, hollow in the centre, and covered at the top by a piece of gypsum. This contained two small copper urns, in one of which were some ashes mixed with a ruby, a pearl, small pieces of gold, and a small gold box containing a piece of cloth ; in the other, a silver box and some ashes were found.
Page 26 - Paulistineg (Paulistas) — whose Visitor was now my patient — who live here very sumptuously, the greatest part of the island being theirs. Our entertainment was truly noble, and becoming the gravity of the Society. After I had done my duty, the Fathers accompanied us to the barge ; afore the College...
Page 163 - I should conceive, fifty feet long by twenty, an oblong square terminated by a semicircle, and surrounded on every side, but that of the entrance, with a colonnade of octagonal pillars. Of these the twelve on each side nearest the entrance are ornamented with carved bases and capitals, in the style usual in Indian temples. The rest are unfinished. In the centre of the semicircle, and with a free walk all round it, is a mass of rock left solid, but carved externally like a dome, and so as to bear...
Page 27 - Present of the best Fruits and Wines, and whatever we wanted. Here, not adjoining to any Town, in a sweet Air, stood a Magnificent Rural Church ; in the way to which, and indeed all up and down this Island, are pleasant Aldeas...
Page 136 - Sanyasis were between two and three hundred in number, and the Jogis, who wear only rags, were over five hundred. When the adversaries stood ready to begin the fray, by the Emperor's order, some soldiers smeared their persons with ashes, and went to support the Sannyasis, who were the weaker party.
Page 163 - The ceiling of this cave is arched semicircularly, and ornamented, in a very singular manner, with slender ribs of teak-wood of the same curve with the roof, and disposed as if they were supporting it, which, however, it does not require, nor are they strong enough to answer the purpose. Their use may have been to hang lamps or flowers from in solemn rejoicings.

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