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Nor let our souls in error stray.
From sin and ill (forever join'd)
Deliver us, and all mankind.
For thine's the kingdom, glory, pow'r,
From age to age, forevermore.

THE GREAT JUBILEE, Of which the Jubilee under the Law was a Figure. JAIL, glorious DAY ! from ancient times foretold ! IT Proclim'd by types and prophecies of old ! Tri gay of Heav'n's eternal Jubilee, Ordain d of God to set poor capives free! Great day, for which all other days were made! Whici. God weil pleas'ni foresaw, when he survey'd Mari b; rebellion, rund, lost, undune, Redeeii'a, rest r'd by Jesus Chirst, his Son.' Thudiy s Goa, piefigur'd by the law, And which the phers at a distance saw: The grandiui ofiny sceres I would proclaim, If Govetluch my lips with heav'niy fame: To me, C Gin, the learned's tongue impart ; Direct my fiuicy, and inspire my heart. Fix'd by ihe Great Eternal's firm decree, . Tliy dare is wrapt in awful mystery : So far remote that day, conceal'd from view Its hidden periods, ard its won'lers too, That men iimpiously traduce, blasphenie, And count thi Important Bay a tictious dranı: Assist me, Faiti, Hope, Chvrity, divine, I prize your aid, let all your virtue shine, Teach nie that hidden period te explore; When sin, and pain, and death shall be no more. When Christ shall over all his foes prevail, And spoil the powers of darkness, death and hell. Then shali Creation own nis sovereign sway, And ev'ry creature willingly obey. Each knee shall bow, and ev'ry tongue shall swear, While heav'n and earth bis right to reign declare. To all mankind it shall be testified, In that due time the Saviour for them died, All things in him shall then reheaded be, All own him Lord, and now the suppliant knee, All reconcil'd to God, his love shail know, Whether in heav'n above, or earth below. The YEAR OF JUBILEE shall then become, And all the Saviour purchas'd shall come home,


The Mediator shall no more complain,
That he hath labor'd, spoke, or died in vain; . .
The travail of his soul with joy shall see, .
And satisfied eternally shall be,
The TRUMPET of the JUBILEE shall sound
Jesus shall be with endless glory crown'd; ...,
And through the great JehoSAH's wide domain,
Not one shall rise against his glorious reign ;
But all from sin and death, and bondage free,..
Shall praise his name to all eternity.
When all are thus obedient to his call,' ; ;
Christ will resign, and God be ALL IN ALL . .
Here stop my soul : no further seek to go ;
What God reveals is quite enough to know.' E. W.

The Triumphs of Hell shall make way, and be. come the foundation for the Triumphs of Grace.

: Dr. Hunter . And there shall be no more curse.

ND is the happy era near,
A No evil shall remain ?
Delightful news!--My King appear;

To day begin thy reign.
Here is my band my heartmy all-

Enlist me, now inclin'd;
Receive me, if for me that call

Eternal Love design'd.
Stain'd as I am by sin unclean,

Heal, heal me thus defil'da
Ah! will not Grace the more be seen !

LORD! am I not thy child ?
Let there be no more curse in me,

Begin my heaven below; ,
Eternal Love I long to see

Nearnearer--even now.
O'tis too much for flesh and blood !

Moses-thy type--declar'd :
O'tis enough that thou art good;
- Return till I'ın prepar'd.
Events are in thy hands alone ;

Content-I'll wait resign'd.
Unbounded goodness fills thy throne

Refleot it through my mind!

So, as a river many a shore,

Enriches in its course ;
And runs into the sea' to pour

New tribute to its source.
Honor-if honor thou'lt bestow, .

I'll render back as thine-
Should Troubles fill my cup with woe,

Still Hope should not repine. :
Each time thy servants to thine house

Repair, with them I'd meet :
Venture with them to pay my vows,

And share their heav'nly treat.
Nor would I feed on bread alone,

Though hallow'd bread I prizes
Symbols most sacred can't atone,

Sublimer sense must rise,
Him must I see, and hear and taste,

And handle, and admire ;
Love and enjoy--who, when embracid,
"Leaves more and more desire.

Soul of my soul !-Bone as my bone,

Endure me thus to call ;
Rise thou and shine!-- shine on thy throne,

Victorious over all,
Earth! hear your Sov'reign's gracious voice :

Hear, heaven! --Proclaim your King;
IMMANUEL reigns !--And thus, my choice!

MESSIAH! -Thee I sing.

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E RR A T A. Page 36, line 29, for de, read he.- p. 43, 1. 17, f. made believe, r. made to believe.-p. 117, l. 31, f. where unable to say were, r. were unable to say where. p. 139, 1. 1, f. Yet, r. Ye.-P. 161, 1. 30, f. whiles, r. while.- p. 185, 1. 12. f. no, r. not-Do 280, 1. 14, f. reasons some, r. reasons why 297, 1. 19, f. he enlightens, r, he that enlightens.--. $15, 1. 10, f. triumph, r. like. ness.---p. 324, I. 18, f. according their, r. according to their --D. 330, 1. 31, f. lies, r. lie.---p. 353, 1. 30, f. call, r. called.-p, 360, 1. 27, f. cloth, r. clothe.

WHO ever purchases this Book, will do at the same time, two laudable deeds : He will not only furnish hiniself and family (if he has one) with a useful store of Divine Knowledge, and Moral Instruction ; but he will also cast in his mite, to assist the EDITOR, who hath brought himself and family into disagreeable circunstances, by striving to be beneficial to mankind,


A Serious Address to the Youth in Phil.

adelphia, upon the Worth of the Soul.
The Evidences of Christianity, consider-

ed : Or, A short and easy Method
with the Deists.

The Designs and Extent of the Death of

; E. W.
An Interesting Fact, interwoven with

useful historical information. - -
An Address from a Friend to Christiani.
ty, to his Brethren. . . -

Chap. I. The Benevolence of God. ..

- II. An Address to God, as our.

Father, Friend, Creator and Re-

deemer. . o

III. Shewing that Christ died for

sinners, for us who believe in

him, for his sheer, &c.

IV. The Universality of the Death

of Christ . .. .

V. Equally plain it is, that he

will bring all into a state of will-

ing subjection to God, as that

he hath brought some already.

VI. Christ will not lose his labor,

nor shed his blood in vain ;

for he will actually, in his own

time, save or restore all men.

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