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vinces, particularly in Bundilcund, the husbandmen carry a spear into the field they are cultivating. This difference of disposition has produced opposite manners in the same tribes of people, as well as opposite customs, which, if not attentively investigated, would afford a specious belief, that the inhabitants of the North and South of India were not connected by any national relation.

I have to express with pleasure, great obligations to Colonel Polier, of the Honourable Company's service, for having furnished me with large historical tracts of the Sicques, and of the life of Shujah-ud-Dowlah. On every application to that gentleman for other information of Indian history, bis papers and opinions have been liberally supplied. I am also much indebted to Mr. Bristow, of Bengal, for a valuable manuscript memoir of Shujah-ud-Dowlah, from which I have extracted curious and useful matter. The prefixed chart of the road, calculated according to the reckoning of my journal, was constructed by Mr. Wilford, of the Bengal corps of engineers, a gentleman of extensive geographical knowledge.

SCIENCE can receive but a slender aid from the materials of the following work. The manner in which I travelled, precluded the use of any instrument to ascertain the distance and bearings. The one I noted from observing the course of the sun; the other is

agreeable to the common computation of the country, which is not often found widely erroneous. My limited knowledge of botany prevents, also, any accurate description of various classes of trees and plants, which I saw in Kashmire and Persia. But the natural productions of those countries have been so scientifically treated by Chardin, Le Bruyn, and Bernier, that my inability will be the less sensibly felt.

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