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Plates II, 2nd side, III, inner side, III, outer side,

(to face page 431). --Rānaka Satrubhanja Deva

Charter. Plates I obverse, II reverse, (to face page 439).

Oriya Copper-plate inscription. Plate to face page 445.-Copper-plate grant of King

Girindra Chandra Deva. Plate I (to face page 462).-A Birhöş twisting rope. Plate II (to face page 463).-A group of Birhoss. Plate III (to face page 461). - Birhörs going out to

hunt. Plate to face page 485.—Bronze Articles.

M.A. ...

Leading Articles.

PAGE 1. annual Presidential Address, by His Honour Sir Edward Gait, K.C.S.I., C.I.E., I.C.S.

1-13 2. Baud Charter of Kanaba Bhañja Deva, by B. C. Mazumlar, B.A., M.R.A.S.

356 -- 374 3. Bhumij of Choʻā Nāgpur, by Hari Nath Ghosh, B.L. 265-282 4. Copper-plate Records of Land-grants from Dhenkanal

by Mahamahopadhyāya Hara Prasad Shastri,
M.A., C.I.E.

395-427 5. Death and Cremation ceremonies among the Santāls,

by the Hon'ble and Reverend A. Campbell D. D. 419-456 6. Divine Myths of the Mundās, by Sarat Chandru Roy,

201-214 7. Empire of Bindu ara, by K. P. Jayasu 1, M A.

79-83 8. General Account of the Birhörs, by Surat Chandra koy, M.A.

457-467 9. History of Orissă in the Seventeenth Century, hy Jadu Nath Sarkar, M.A. ...

153--165, 338-3.19 10. Ho Fulk-lore, by Sukumar Haldar, B.A.

283-303 11. Ho Riddles, by Girindra Nath Sarkar, B.A.

351-355 12. Kalidāsı- His A e, by Mahimahopadhyāya Hara Prasad Shastri, 4.A., C.IE.

31-14 13. Kālicāsa,- Chrinology of the wo: ks of, ly Mahamahorādhyāya Hara Prusad Shastri, M.A., C.I. E

179-189 14. Kumrukela Charter of Ranaka Satru Bhañja Dera, by B. C. Mazumdur, B.L., M.R.A.S. ..

429-435 15. Lepeha Funeral, by Sarat Chandra Roy, M.A.

475–450 16. Maner Copper-plate of King Govinda Chandra Deva, by Ramuoatar Sarma, M.A.

411—147 17. Naranja-Mura Charter of Mahā Siva Gepta, by B.C. Mazumdar, B.L., M.R.A.S.

45-59 18. North Indian (harms for the cure of Ailments, by Sarat Chandra Mitra, M.A., B L.

215-229 19. Note on some Prehistoric Stone Implements, by Surat Chandra Roy, M.A.



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20. Oriya Copper-plate Inscription of Ramchandra Deva,

by Rai Bahadur Manmohan Chakravarti, M.A.,

B.L.... 21. Persian Poet of the Shāhābād District, by Saiyid

Wasi Ahmad Belgrami, B.A. 22. Position of Women among the Santāls, by Rev. P. O.

Bodding 23. Santāl Marriage Customs, by the Hon'ble and IRev.

A. Campbell, D.D. 24. Temple Types in Tirhut, by D. B. Spooner, B.A.,







Miscellaneous Contributions.





1. Bodh Gaya Plaque, Note on, by Vincent A. Smith, 2.A., I.C.S. (retired)

376-378 2. Bodh Gaya Plaque, Note on, Reply to, by D. B. Spooner, B.A., Ph. D.

378-383 3. Conversion of Santāls to Hinduism, by Satindra Narayan Roy, M.A., B.L ...

87-88 4. Copier celts in Manbhum, by the Hon'ble and Rev. A. Camplell, D.D.

85-86 6. Date of Kálidāsa, by B.C. Mazumdar, B.L., M.R.A.S. 388-390 6. Date of Kalidāsa - Reply to B.C. Mazumdar's Note

on, by Mahamahopadhyāya Hara Prasad Shastri,
M. A., C.1.E. ...

391 7. Evolution of a New Hindu God, by Satindra Narayan Roy, M.A., B.L.

89-93 8. Find of Ancient Bronze Articles in the Rānchi Disa trict, by Sarat Chandra Roy, M.A,

485-487 9. Vāgadhapura of the Mahābhārata, by Sir Gecrge A.

Grierson, K.C.I.E., Ph.D., D.Li't., I. C. S.

95–96 10. New explanation of the Couvade, by the Hon'ble Mr. C. H. Bompas, B.A., I.C.S.

384-385 11. Relics of the Copper Age

386-357, 481-484

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1. Belgrami, Sayid Wasi Ahmad, B.A.-

Persian Poet of the Sbāhābād District ...
2. Bodding, Rev. P.0.-

Position of Women among the Santāls...
3. Bompas, C. H., Hon'ble, B.A., I.C.S,

New Explanation of the Couvade
4. Campbell, Hon'ble and Rov. A,-D.D.-

I. lieath and Cremation ceremonies among the Santāls
II. Santāl Marriage Customs...
III. Copper celts in Mānbhum ..
5. Chakravarti, Manmohan, Rai Bahadur, M.A., B.L.-
Oriya Copper-plate Inscription of kām Chandra

6. Gait, His Honour Sir Edward, K.C.S.I., C.I.E., 1.C.S.-

Annual Presidential Address
7. Ghosh, Hari Nath, B.L.-

Bhumij of Chota Nagpur ...
8. Grierson, Sir George A.-

Māgadhapura of the Mahābhārata
9. Haldar, Sukumar, B.A.-

Ho Folk-lore
10. Jayaswal, K.P., M A., (Oxon.),

Empire of Bindusāra
11. Mazumdar, B. C. -

I. Baad Charter of Kanaka Bhanja Deva
II. Kumurukela Charter of Ranaka Satru Bhañja

III. Marañja Mura Charter of Mabā Sivă Gupta

IV. Date of Kālidāsa
12. Mitra, Sarat Chandra, M.A., B.L.-

North Indian Charms for the cure of Ailments
13. Roy, Sarat Chandra, M.A.-

1. The Divine Myths of the Mundās
II, General Accounts of the Birhörs
III. A Lepchā Funeral
IV. Note on some Prehistoric Stone Implements
V. Find of Ancient Bronze Articles in the Ranchi




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