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12. Mr. L. K. Ananthakrishana Iyer, B.A., L.T., Trichur,


13. Babu Thakur Brijnandan, Bankipore.

14. Khan Sahib Abdul Muqtadir, Imperial Library, Cal


15. Rev. O. J. Millman, B.A., B.D., Udayagiri, P. O. Ghumsar, Madras.

3. Resolved that the appointment of a peon be sanctioned for the General Secretary's office on a salary of Rs. 8 a month.

4. Read a letter, dated the 10th November 1915, from the Manager of the Aul Estate, intimating that Babu Braja Sunder Deb, Proprietor of the Aul Estate in the Cuttack District, has been pleased to make a donation of Rs. 100 to the Society for the purchase of books for the library.

Resolved that the Secretary be asked to convey the thanks of the Council to him.

Council of the Bihar and Orissa Research Society held at the Commissioner's House, Bankipore, on the 4th January 1916.


1. The Hon'ble Mr. C. E. A. W. Oldham, I. c. s., VicePresident, in the Chair.

2. V. H. Jackson, Esq., M.A.

3. D. B. Spooner, Esq., B.A., PH.D.
4. Professor Jadunath Sarkar, M.A.

5. Professor J. N. Samaddar, B.A.

1. Read and confirmed the proceedings of the last meeting of the Council held on the 30th November, 1915.

2. Read and passed the proposed list of agenda for the ordinary meeting of the Society to be held on the 24th January 1916. In this connection the Council are of opinion that rules 5, 6 and 7 of the rules of the Society may suitably be amended so as to confer on the Council the power of election of members, in view of the delay involved by the procedure prescribed in the existing rules.

3. Read the annexed list of 7 candidates for membership of the Society. Resolved that the names be approved :—

1. Lady Holmwood.


2. R. D. Banerji, Esq., M.A.

3. T. A. Gopinatha Rao, Esq., M.A.

4. G. E. Fawcus, Esq., M.A.

5. Babu Haranandan Panday, B.A.
6. Babu Krishna Govinda Tewari

7. Babu Bidya Binod Singh.

4. Considered the rough draft of the annual report of the Council for the year 1915 prepared by the General Secretary. After discussion of the draft, it was resolved that it should be passed as amended by the Council.

5. Considered a suggestion that invitations for the annual meeting of the Society should also be issued to selected nonmembers. The Council are of opinion that the General Secretary, when issuing invitation to the members of the Society for the annual meeting to be held on the 24th January 1916, should request each member to state whether he will be able to attend, and also to state whether he would like to bring with him any one or two non-members as visitors, and if so, to give the names and addresses of the latter, so that cards of invitation may issue to them so far as space permits.

6. The Council desire to suggest that that part of Rule 53 which provides that ordinary meetings of the Society shall be held once a quarter might suitably be modified so as to prescribe that at least two ordinary meetings of the Society shall be held each year, one in the beginning, and one towards the end, of the cold season, so that papers passed by the Sub-Committees may be read and discussed. The Council make this suggestion in view of the fact that under present provincial conditions it will probably be found impracticable to hold a meeting of the Society every quarter, and also because they feel that many papers might be offered which would be suitable for reading and discussion, though not ripe for publication in the Journal,

held at Government House, Bankipore, on the 24th January, 1916.


1. The Hon'ble Mr. C. E. A. W. Oldham, 1.c.s., VicePresident, in the Chair.

2. The Hon'ble Mr. E. H. C. Walsh, c.s.I., I.C.S.

3. Mahamahopadhyaya Pandit H. P. Shastri, M.A., C.I.E. 4. S. Sinha, Esq., Bar-at-Law.

5. K. P. Jayaswal, Esq., M.A., Bar.-at-Law.

6. P. Kennedy, Esq., M.A., B.L.

7. Principal V. H. Jackson, Esq., M.A.

8. D. B. Spooner, Esq., B.A., PH.D.

9. Professor Jadu Nath Sarkar, M.A., P.R.S.

10. Babu Sarat Chandra Roy, M.A., B.L.

1. The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed. 2. Pending applications for membership were considered, and 19 ordinary members were duly elected. Their names are noted below:

1. Babu Baidya Binod Singh Deo, Zamindar of Icha,

district Singhbhum.

2. R. D. Banerjee, Esq., M.A., Assistant Superintendent, Archæological Survey of India, Indian Museum,


3. T. A. Gopinath Rao, Esq., M.A., Superintendent of Archæology, Travancore State, Trivandrum (Madras). 4. G. E. Fawcus, Esq., M.A., Inspector of Schools, Chota Nagpur Division, Ranchi.

5. Babu Krishna Gobinda Tewari, Pleader, Khunti, district Ranchi.

6. Lady Holmwood, 17, Harington Mansions, Calcutta. 7. Babu Harnandan Pande, B.A., Excavation Assistant to the Director-General of Archaeology of India, Simla.

8. L. E. B. Cobden-Ramsay, Esq., c.I.E., I.C.S., Political Agent, Sambalpur.

9. The Right Revd. F. Westcott, Bishop of Chota Nagpur, Ranchi.

10. Maulvi S. M. Fazl-i-Haqq, B.A., Deputy Magistrate and Deputy Collector, Chaibassa.

11. Rai Bahadur Janki Prasad Tewari, Retired Superintendent of Police, Ranchi.

12. Babu Jagat Pal Sahay, Pleader, Ranchi.

13. Babu Nirmal Chandra Ghose, M.A., B.L., Pleader,


14. Khan Bahadur Saiyid Sarfaraz Husain Khan, Honorary Magistrate, Patna.

15. Rai Bahadur Lal Rajendra Sing Bariha of Barasambar, district Sambalpur (C. P.)

16. Babu Haran Chandra Chakladar, M.A., Professor, B. N. College, Bankipore.

17. T. S. Macpherson, Esq., M.A., I.C.S., District and Sessions Judge, Arrah.

18. H, N. L. Nandkeolyar, Esq., M.A., Bar.-at-Law, Banki


19. Rev. Angarika H. Dharmapala, 4-A, College Square,


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