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C. Reverse.

arms crushed the heads of elephants, belonging to his invincible enemies.

From Kodaloka he, Sri Mahārājādhirāja Jayastambha Deva, a devoted worshipper of Maheśvara, master of the five great sounds, the lord of all the Gonds, in health, duly honours, intimates and orders all future Rājānakas, Rajaputtras, great feudatories, Antarangas, King's favourites and others, such as lords of districts, holders of jurisdiction with officers, holders of badges, feudatories at the head of country folks :

Be it known to you, that, the village named Candrapura in the division of Konkula, connected with the district of Goilla in this mandala, the four boundaries of which have been fixed before, is given away, with all the boundaries, with all rights, with weavers, cowherds, fishermen and other tenants, along with fishery rights, hunting rights, rights of collecting tolls and ferry rights, free from all imposts-by committing the gift in writing on a copper-plate-as long as the sun and the moon abide-to Vávana, the son of Khambho, the son of Bhataputtr Nirvana, well versed in the threefold knowledge, a student of the Kauthumasakha of the Samaveda, a scion of the Śāṇḍilya Gotra, with Asita and Devala for his pravaras, who has migrated from Kolāñcawith a view to the increase You should maintain

of the merits of father, mother and self. this gift of mine.

(The lines 17-21 are taken up with imprecatory verses.) Line 21. Incised by merchant Isvara. If letters have been dropped or over inserted, they will bear authority.

D.-The Grant of Jayastambha.

This inscription is incised on a very small plate of copper measuring 5.5′′ by 3.8". A seal was attached to the upper portion of this record but at present it is in a damaged state : it measures 1" by 1.5". The upper and lower right corners of the plate have been damaged, probably by fire. There are thirty-two lines of writing on this plate, of which nineteen are on the obverse and thirteen on the reverse. The letters vary from 2" to 3" in

length. The characters have been clumsily incised and seem later than those of C plate. The grant was issued from Kodālapāṭaka which seems to be the same place as Kodaloka of other Sulki grants. The donor was Jayastambha Deva, with his son Nidayastambha.* No other genealogical detail is given. The inscription records the grant of a piece of land in the village of Llolapura in the Kodala mandala to Rishivaka son of Bhattaputra Candavochha, who had migrated from Mutavasu on the occasion of a solar eclipse. The donee belonged to the Kasyapa gotra and his pravara was Naidhruva. The grant is not dated.

I edit the record from the original plate.

1 स्वस्ति कोदालापाटकात् परममाहे [ पूव ]

2 र

प्याविदितभुजबलपराक्रम : प्रयोपात [ सं ] 8 इत: सकलदिग्मंडल : प्रणिपतिता ( ता : ) [घ] 4 सामन्त : राजावली सकलजगत्प्रकटि5 तजसस मद्दाराजश्री जयस्तम्भदेव : श्रौ 6 निदयस्तम्भदेव : सुत: कुशली कोदा 7 लामंडले भविष्यवर्त्त मानरायकद डक8 पाशिकसामन्तसामवा नीभोगीपुस्तपा 9 जकादिखकर यमंडलनिवासिजनप 10 दो यथाई मानयति बोधयति समादि 11 प्रति वक्ति चान्यत् विदितमस्तु भवत 12 एतन्मंडलसमन्व : झोलपुरग्रामे चा 18 तु : सिमापर्यन्तेन मातापित्रोरात्मनप्रच 14 पुण्याभिवृद्धनः भटपुत्रचान्दबद्दसु15 त : रिषिवकम तात्रषु विनिर्गत: काम्ब

So that the genealogical tree will stand thus :






16 [प] गोत्राय नै वप्रवर : भामृग्रहेण (१)

17 [ ] स्तोदकदतं सकलसम दायेन

18 प्रतिपादितो स्माभि: राजा ताम्रशा

19 [ स ] नं [ । ]

20 रादिभि : । ]

बहुभिर्वसुधा दता राजभि: [ लग ]


[ यस्य यस्य ] यदा भुमिस्तस्य तस्य तदा फल [ ॥ ]

21 स्वदतां परदताम्वा यो : हरति वसुन्धरां [[]

22 स्वविष्ठायां मिर्भुत्वा पितृभि: सह प

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