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(Lines 1-9.)

Om Svasti. From the family residence Mandakini, the prosperous Jayasimha Deva, in health, master of the five great sounds and the lord of all the Gonds, honour, and pays his respects to, Rajaputras, Antarangas, present and future lawofficers, scribes and others, living on the bounty of the Rājā, the Chātās, Bhatas and Vallabhas.

Be it known to you that the village, Kāryāti, connected with this district, with its four boundaries, is given by me to Mahendri Svāmi and Skanda Svami, scions of Autathya Gotra and students of the Rigveda, with a view to the increase of the merits of mother, father and self, by means of a copperplate, to last as long as the sun and the moon. Nobody should be inimical to those enjoying this land

(Lines 10-17 are taken up with imprecatory verses.)

(Lines 17-19).-This is written by Mahattabhogi (enjoyer of service land) Tara Datta and incised by coppersmith [the name is lost]. Samvat 99 Jyestha, Sudi.

G.-Grant of Tribhuna Mahadevi.

This inscription is given on a single copperplate measuring 15.2" by 117". There is a seal to the left of the inscription in the form of a lotus with two sets of petals, one set spreading out and the other rather contracted. Within the contracted set of petals there is a rim all round; in the middle is the name of Srimat Tribhuana Mahadevi supported below by two lines extending right to the top of the right side. Above this writing there is the form of a bull couchant; above the bull there is a wreath of flowers and below the lines there are leaves. The letters are uniform and measure ⚫3′′. There gether forty-two lines of writing, twenty six on and sixteen on the other. The writer is Bhogi Nāgadeva and the Dutaka is Nakulbhadra. The former is a revenue

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