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too much terrified by the new phenome- high quick-set' fence, on this side of non to lend the adventurous travellers which the carrested in Buckinghamshire, any assistance. From this they skim- while the balloon itself swung the other med a wheat field, in which the car took side of the hedge into Bedfordshire. In the ground, and they rebounded about this situation, assistance was gradually forty feet, and cleared the adjoining procured, the most adventurous and hedge. The voyagers, then threw out bold of the parishioners advancing first; the grapling-iron with which they were and the balloon, car, &c. were properly provided, and after dragging along the secured. The travellers only felt cold field (which was of barley) for some se. once, and their motion was extremely conds, it brought them to anchor in a


INTERESTING INTELLIGENCE FROM THE LONDON GAZETTES. Admiralty-office, June 26. Admiral large dows), and of every species of naSir R. Çurtis has reported, in his letter val stores. The ships arrived off the to Mr. Croker, of the 23d instant, that place in the afternoon of the 11th inst. his Majesty's sloop the Bonne Citoyenne but in consequence of the shallowness captured in the Channel, on the 21st, a of the water were not able to approach French privateer, called Le Maitre de the town within four miles, except the Danse, pierced for 14 guns, only four small cruizers and two of the transmounted, and a complement of 30 men. ports; these anchored from it as near as

two miles. On the same evening the Admiraky-office, July 10. Rear-adm. Minerva, an English ship, prize to the Drury, Commander in Chief of his Ma- pirates, was burnt within twice her jesty's ships in the East Indies, has length of the shore. On the following transmitted to this Office a letter he had day the town was cannonaded for three received from Capt, Hart, comwanding hours by the small cruisers and gunhis Majesty's ship the Fox, giving an boats, with considerable effect; and a account of the boats of that ship having, little before day-break on the 13th inst. on the 73d of March 1809, captured and á feint was inade on the Northern end brought out from under the batteries at of the place, with two gun boats, under Sapara, La Caravanne, mounting eight the command of Lieut. Leslie, of the four pounders, belonging to the Isle of Chiffonne, and a detachment of native France, and bound froni Batavia to troops; and the main attack commenced Sourabaya.

on the Southern, about half an hour af

terwards, consistently with an arrangeAdmiralty-office, July 14. Rear-adm. ment made by the Lieutenant-colonel. Drury to Hon. W. Wellesley Pole, late The troops were soon landed, and galSecretary to the Admiralty.

lantly executing the plan of their com. Russel, in Colombo Roads, Jan. 7. mander, had possession of Ras al Khyma Sir, You will be pleased to lay before by 10 o'clock, driving the enemy to the the Right Honourable the Lords Com- opposite shore; the gun-boats kept up missiouers of the Admiralty the en- a fire of grape shot on the sea side as closed copy of a letter, which I have re- the soldiers advanced. Before 4 o'clock ceived from that most able and judicious all the enemy's vessels were in flames, officer Capt. Wainwright, of his Ma- together with the naval storehouses in jesty's ship Chiffonne, who has for some the town. I received the most effectual time past had the direction of the fri- assistance from Capt. Gordon of the Cagates employed in the Persian Gulf, and ruline, who was with me at the landing, appears to have eftectually destroyed the and froin the officers and men of his nest of pirates which has so long harassed Majesty's ships: also from the respective the trade with impunity.

commanders of the Honourable Com. W. O. B. DRURY. pany's cruisers * attached to the armaLa Chiffonne, off Ras al Khymia, Nov. 14. ment, and their oificers and men. The

Sir, I have the honour to acquaint marines of the Chiffonne and Caroline -your Excelleney, that, by the exertion were disenbarked with the arıy. By of the troops and the squadron under the accompanying return your Excellency the respective command of Lieut.-col. will have pleasure in observing that the Smith and myself, Ras al Khyma, the principal town of the pirates who have * Mornington, Capt. Jeakes; Aurora, so long infested the Persian Gulph, has Lieut. Conyers; Nautilus, Lieut. Walbeen completely destroyed, together with kin; Prince of Wales, Lieut. Allen ; all the vessels in the port, amounting Fury, Lieut. Davidson; Ariel, Lieut. to upwards of 50 (about 30 of them very

Salter. The Vestal joined on the 12th, Gent. Mag. July, 1810.



loss of men on our side is trifling; that Mooln Hussum, the 'Ternate, Nautilus, of the enemy has been very severe. I and Pury were anchored off tbe town, have the satisfaction to say, that the and the troops, preceded by the gun most perfect cordiality subsists between boats, approached to the attack, which the Army and Navy, such as promises commenced at 2 o'clock in the afternoon to insure complete success in all the of the 27th ult. The enemy made no súbsequent operations. The troops be- resistance until the troops came close to gan to embark at day-light this morning, the very strong fort, and attempted to and, notwithstanding the great want of force the gate; he then commenced a boats, were all on board the transports fire, I am sorry to say, most destructive, at noon.

J. WAINWRIGHT. as your Excellency will see by the acKilled and wounded. Total, 2 killed, companying return, added to that of ļ mortally wounded, 5 severely ditto, 4 Lieut.-col. Smith, to the government. slightly ditto,

The piratical vessels, 11 in number, 3 La Chiffonne, Burka Road, Dec, 7. of them very large dows, were in the Sir, My letter of the 14th of November mean time burnt by the seamen; and will have given yourExcellency an account the gun-boats and the cruizer Fury, of the proceedings of the ships and vessels which, being of light draught of water, under my orders up to that date. On had been towed within musket shot of the 17th the vessels in the piratical port the fort, kept up a ruinous fire, which of Linga, amounting to 20, nine of them very much shattered it by sun-set; the large dows, were burnt without any loss Sheik then consented to yield up the on our side, the inhabitants having place on the following day to the English, abandoned the town on the approach of on the part of the Imaum of Muscat, tothe ships. The contemptible bolds of gether with all the property in it bethe Jowasmees, called Congo, Bunder, longing to his Highness's subjects; this Mallum, and Hemeram, were next re- was accordingly carried into effect, the connoitred, but no vessels were there. Sheik departing after Lieut.-col. Smith I then dispatched the cruizers Ternate and myself had guaranteed his personal and Nautilus to the Eastward of Kishma, safety. The fort having been delivered to prevent the escape of the Luft pirates, in trust for the Imaum to Sheik Dewish, while I entered the channel between that the head of the Benismain, a tribe of island and the Main, at the Western Arabs who have always been firmly at. end; but having got the ship I command tached to his Highness, I sailed next aground in endeavouring to work through morning in La Chiffonne, leaving the it, as I had no pilot acquainted with the Mornington to bring on the cruisers and navigation, and as I found the channel the transport to Burka, off which place was too intricate to pass without buoying l anchored this day. The several officers the shoals, which would have taken up and men employed with me behaved so too much time, I determined to proceed as to merit my warmest approbation to Luft by the Eastern Channel, leaving The marines, under Lieut. Drury, were the cruizer Vestal to guard the Western landed with the troops; and Lieut. end of Kishma. His Majesty's ship the Chichton, of the Chiffonne, assisted with Caroline had been previously detached a party of seamen in dragging the howitto Burka Road with the heavy trans- zer close to the fort. The loss of the ports. On the 24th ult. the Ternate and enemy has been very great ; he acknowThe Nautilus joined; and having pro- Jedged to upwards of 50, independent of cured pilots at Kishern, I proceeded up those who were killed in the towers adthe Channel in his Majesty's ship under jacent to the fort, and driven over premy command, with the ships and vessels cipices to the Eastward thereof. named in the margin *, and arrived off I have, &c. J. WAINWRIGHT. the town of Luft on the 26th at noon. Killed and woundei.- 2 killed, 7 dan. Twenty-four hours having been expended gerously wounded, 3 severely ditio, 15 in fruitless negotiation with the Chief slightly ditto.

* Mornington, Ternate, Nautilus, Fury; Transport, Mary.


health.-Hollanders! being convinced ABDICATION OF LOUIS BUONAPARTE, that nothing more for your interest or

Amsterdam, July 3. "Louis Napoleon, your welfare can be effected by me; but, by the grace of God and the Constitution on the contrary, considering myself as of the Kingdom, King of Holland, Con- an obstacle which may prevent the good stable of France. To all those who will and intentions of my brother tomay see, or hear, or read these presents, wards this country; I have resigned my


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rank and royal dignity in favour of my eld- well as the Civil and Military Officers of est son, Napoleon Louis, and of his bro- our Household, shall continue to render ther, Prince Charles Louis Napoleon. Her their customary services to the same high Majesty the Queen, being of right and personage. The present act; done and according to the Constitution Regent of concluded, and signed by our hand, shall the Kingdom, the Regency shall, till be transmitted to the Legislative Body, her arrival, be vested in the Council of and then deposited copies shall be taken, Ministers.-Hollanders! never shall I and these letters be published in a legal forget so good and virtuous a people as manner, and in the customary form. you are. My last thought, as well as

“ LOUIS, NAPOLEON, my last sigh, shall be for your happiness. Haarlem, July 1, 1810." : On leaving you, I cannot sufficiently re- “ In the name of his Majesty, Napoleon

con mend you to receive well the mili- Louis, by the grace of God and the tary and civil officers of France. This Constitution of the Kingdom, King of is the only means to gratify his Majesty Holland, the Provisional Council of the Ewperor, on whom your fate, that Regacy of the Kingdom of Hoiland, of your children, and that of your whole to all those who may see, hear, or country, depends. And now, as ill-will read these presents, makes known, and calumny can no longer reach me, “ That, in consequence of the resignaat least so far as relates to you, I have tion of the royal dignity and authority a well-founded , hope, that you will at made by his Majesty, Louis Napoleon, length find the reward for all your sacri- in favour of the Crown Prince, his Mafices, and for all your maguanimous jesty's eldest son, Napoleon Louis, and firmness.-Done , at Haarlem, July 1, of his brother, Prince Charles Louis 1810.

Louis NAPOLEON.” Napoleon, and by virtue of his Majesty's “ Louis. Napoleon, by the grace of authority contained in the open and God, the Constitution of the Kingdom, sealed letters published by him on the King of Holland, Constable of France. 1st of July, 1810, the Provisional ReConsidering that the unfortunate state gency has this day constituted itself, in which this country now is,, arises 'under the presidency of the Minister from the displeasure which the Emperor Van Der lleim, waiting the arrival of any brother hąs conceived against me.- her Majesty the Queen, as Constitutional Considering that all endeavours and sa- Regent of the Kingdom, and Guardian crifices on my part to support this state of the minor King, and in expectation of things have been frụitless; considering of the measures which ber Majesty, shall lastly, that it cannot be doubted that be pleased to adopt relative to public the course of the present state of things affairs.

VAN DER HEIM." is to be attributed to my having been “ Amsterdam, July 3, 1810. unfortunate enough to displease my bro- « By order of the Provisional Counther, and to have lost his friendship,

cil of Regency, and that I therefore am the only obsta

“ A. J. J. H. Verheijen. cle to the termination of these incessant

“ First Secretary of the Cabinet differences and misunderstandings-We

of the King." have resolved, as we by these Letters (A Proclamation by the Dutch Compublished by our own free will do re- mander in Chiet follows, impressing upon solve, to resign, as we do from this mo-. 'the inhabitants the necessity of receiving mènt resign, the royal dignity of this the French troops as friends and allies, Kingdom of Holland, in favour of our and affording them every accommodawell-beloved son, Napoleon Louis; and tỉon, lest they should incur the displeain failure of him, in favour of his bro- sure of the Emperor Napoleon.] ther, Charles Louis Napoleon.-We fur- A corps of 5000 Dutch troops, raised ther desire, that, according to the Con- upon the conclusion of the late treaty stitution, under the guarantee of his Ma- between Napoleon and his brother Louis, jesty the Emperor, our brother, the, has been ordered by the Duke of PlaRegency shall remain with her Majestycentia to hold themselves in readiness to the Queen, assisted by a Council of Re- march for Spain. gency, which shall provisionally consist

FRANCE. of our Ministers, to whom we commit The Republican inscription on the front the custody of our minor King, till the of the City of Paris Hotel at Paris was, arrival of her Majesty the Queen..We on the 10th of last month, effaced by further order, that the different corps of order of M, Savary, Chief of Police. our guard, under the command of Lieut. The cap of Liberty in front of the edifice gen. Bruno and Gen. Bruno second in. was taken down the same time. command, shall render their service to The Moniteur of the 3d inst. contains the minor King of this Kingdom; and a long account of a fete given by the that the Great Officers of the Crown, as Prince of Schwarzenburgh on the 1st


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instant, at which Napoleon and his new ever rank, shall be confirmed in their bride were present; but which is worthy employments. Commissions shall be of attention only from the melancholy delivered to them, signed with our hand, accidents which took place on the occa- The Royal Guard shall be united to our sion. The room in which the ball was Imperial Guard. given was, after the Parisian fashion, or Title II._Of the Administration for namented with pictures of gauze, mus 1810,-5. The Duke of Placentia, Arch lin, and other light stuffs. In an early 'Treasurer of the Empire, shall repair lo part of the erening, the drapery of a win- Amsterdam in the capacity of our Lieutedow curtain caught fire; the flame ex nant-general. He shall preside in the tended itself with the rapidity of light. Council of Ministers, and attend to the ning, and all in an instant became most dispatch of business. His functions dreadful confusion. Napoleon and his shall cease the 1st of January 1811, the Empress, who were in different parts of period when the French administration the rooin, precipitately fled; the Queen shall commence.--6. All the Public of Naples, who followed in their suite, Functionaries, of whatever rank, 'are narrowly escaped the fury of the flames. confirmed in their einployments. Many ladies, and some gentlemen Title III.-Of the Finances.-7. The (aniong whom was Prince Kurakin, the present contributions shall continue to Russian Ambassador), were in the gene be levied until the 1st of January 1811, ral consternation and confusion severely at which period the country shall be wounded; and, lamentable to state, the eased of that burden, and the imposts Princess Pauline Schwarzenberg, who put on the same footing as for the rest remained to the last, in order to save of the Empire.-8. The budget of reher children (one of whom perislied), ceipts and disbursements shall be suhfell a prey to the pitiless fury of the mitted to our approbation before the lst flames. She was the mother of eight of August next. Only one-third of the hildren, and was four months advanced present amount of interest upon the in pregnancy, She is adınitted to bave public debt shall be carried to the acpossessed all the excellent qualities of count of expenditure for 1810. The inhuman nature; and it is justly observed, terest of the debt for 1'808 and 1809, that the affectionate act which deprived not yet paid, shall be reduced to onesociety of such an ornament, proves how third, and charged on the budget of much she is entitled to the deep regret so 1810.-9. The Custom-houses on the universally expressed for her loss. The frontier, other than those of France, Princess de la Layen and the Baroness shall be organized under the superinTousard were supposed to bave also pe tendance of our Director-general of the rished the former is since actually Custom-houses. The Duteb custom'dead), and many others are not expected houses shall be incorporated therewith. to recover, as only 15 or 16 of the The line of custom-houses now on the wounded persons are considered to be French frontier shall be kept up until out of danger. The gardens, extensive the 1st of January 1811, wben it shall and well lighted, presented for a consi be removed, and the communication of derable time the distressing spectacle of Holland with the Empire becoine free.“ husbands calling for their wives, of wives 10. The colonial produce, actually in calling upon their husbands and chil- Holland, shall remain in the hands of dren, and who, the moment they found the owners, upon paying a duty of 50 each other, embraced with transport, ils per cent. ad valorem. A declaration of if a long absence had separated them." the amount shall be made before the Ist HOLLAND ANNEXED TO FRANCE.

of September, at fartbest. The said Extract from the Registers of the Office merchandize, upon payment of the duof the Secretary of State.

ties, may be imported into France, and Palace of Rambouillet, July 9. 1810. circulated through the whole extent of We, Napoleon, Emperor of the French, the Empire. King of Italy, Protector of the Confede Title IV.-11. There shall be 'at Am. ration of the Rhine, Mediator of the sterdam a Special Administration, preSwiss Confederation, &c. have decreed, sided over by one of our Counsellors of and hereby decree, as follows.

State, which shall have the superintendTitle I. Art. 1. Holland is united to

ance of, and the necessary fonds to pro. France.--2. The City of Amsterdamu shall vide for, the repairs of the 'dikes, polbe the third City of the Empire.--3. ders, and other public works. lfolland shall have six Senators, six De Title V.-12. In the course of the preputies to the Council of State, 25 Depu gent month there shall be noininated by ties to the Legislative Body, and two the Legislative Body of Holland a ComJudges in the Court of Cassation.---4. mission of 15 Members, to proceed to The officers by sca and land, of what- Paris, in opder to constitute à Councily


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whose business shall be to regulate de

GERMANY finitively all that relates to the public An article from Vienna "states, that a and local debts, and to conciliate the treaty of defensive alliance bas been conprinciples of the union with the locali- cluded between France and Austria; by ties and interests of the country.-13. which the latter binds herself, 'untler Our Ministers are charged with the exe- certain conditions, to assist France with sution of the present Decree. (Signed) an army of 150,000 men. The nature of

By the Emperor, NAPOLEON. the conditions is not mentioned; but it (Signed) The Minister Secretary of State, is highly probable, that the partition of

H. B. Duke of BASSANO. Turkey is the chief object of the treaty,

understood, if not expressed.
A letter from Corunna of the 5th inst. The comparative state of poverty 'to
mentions, that on the festival of St. which the once-opulent inhabitants of
Joseph a ball was given in honour of Hamburgh are reduced, may be inferreri
the Usurper by the French officers in from the following circunstance: --Mol-
Santander; and to this ceremony were litor, the French Commander, had itirea
invited all the young ladies of the neigb- cently in contemplation to march she
bourhood. Some of them, it seems, did division under his comanand, anounting
not think fit to appear, and among these to 18,000 men, to the frontiers of Hol
were three English woman. All the ab- land, with the view of encamping there
sentees were fined in the sum of 4,800 rs. for a limited time. He applied to the
cor about 48% sterling.

Senate to furnish the necessary supplies; The inhabitants of the Caraccas on but they, in reply, declared their finarices the Spanish Main have proclaimed them- to be so low, as to be unable to puréhase. selves independent, in consequence of even the wood for building huts and bearing from Old Spain of the departure temporary erections for the officers. of the Junta, and of the approach of the Mollitor remonstrated, and threatened; French to Sevilke. In their proclattia- but the Senate persisted in their deelation, they express their determined hac ration; and in consequence, the French tred to the French, their attachment to General was obliged to relinquish bis Great Britain, and their willingness to design. sre-unite with the Mother Country should

SWEDEN. she regain hier independence.

The following article details the partiITALY.

- culars of a disturbance' which took place The tyranny and extortion of the at Stockholm on the burial of the late French excite continual insurrections Crown Prince, and in which Count Ferthroughout the Papal States. During sen lost his life. The Stockholm Gazette the month of May, there were many alludes to this tumult; and a reward is executions from twenty to thirty were offered for the apprehension of those sometimes shot in a morning; but concerned, without affording any clue as

the resentment of the people continued to the cause. The private letters represtronger than their fears, and these exe- sent it to have arisen from the suspicions

cutions only rendered them more vindic- entertained that the Crown Prince kad tive and enterprising. Vast numbers of met with an untimely death. The Court, Frenchmen had fallen ; and, in fact, they' to purge itself, and to quiet the public could only appear, in the country more mind, has offered a reward of 20,000 especially, in strong parties.

rix-dollars to any person who shall bring The strong symptoms of dissatisfac- forward any evidence in proof that his tion which have been manifested through- Highness's death was occasioned by criout the Papal States, and which the dig- minal means. nified Clergy are suspected of promoting, A private letter from Stockholm, dated have rendered it necessary for the Gover- the 22d ult. gives the following particunor to collect in the vicinity of Rome an lars:-" The funeral proeession of the armed force of 26,000 men. Many of Crown Prince arrived here yesterday, the French troops were, until lately, It was led by Count Axell Fersen, in quartered upon the inhabitants; but, in carriage drawn by six horses. An in consequence of the numerous assassina- nense assemblage of people had collecttions which this dispersion occasioned, ed. No symptoms of riot or outrage it was abandoned, and the cathedrals were observable until the corpse had and other public buildings have been reached New-street (Nygatan); when fonverted into barracks for their use. the populace began to hiss and shout-at

Salcetti, the relative of Buonaparte, the Count, who did not seem to suppose and his unprincipled agent at Naples, that the indignity was directed to him, &c. some time since died suddenly at but, on a stone being thrown into the Rome,'as is supposed; froin poisoni. carriage, the Count pút his head out of


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