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At Trinidad, aged 26, Mr. Thomas riod of life discovered so strong an inMayor Hall, master of His Majesty's clination after literary pursuits, that, schooner Elizabeth, eldest son of Mr. without the assistance of a teacher, he Joseph H. of Bristol.

made considerable proficiency in the study In Patrick-street, Cork, at an advanced of the Latin language, &c. The discoage, Myles Jackson, of Castie Jackson, very of this invincible propensity to litein that county, esq.

rature, as well as aptness to learn, joined At Cardiff, aged 64, Mrs. Catharine to a religious turn of mind, induced the Bassett, eldest daughter of the late Rev. late celebrated Dr. Witherspoon, when he John B. prebendary of Llandaff.

left Paisley, to take him along with him At Yarmouth, aged 102, Mrs. Eliz. to America ; where, in Princetou-college, Hunter, widow.

New Jersey (over which the learned Doce At Winterton, aged 93, William Feanby. tor presided), devoting his attention to He retained all his facultiros to the last; the study of the learned languages and taught a school; could write the Lord's other branches of science, he became a prayer on a paper the size of a sixpence; Student of Divinity. The unfortunate and wrote a hand that would be taken for revolutionary war, however, soon break-, a boy's of 17. He had engraved his own ing out, his literary progress vas ugaroidgrave-stone, and had his coffin in his own ably interrupted, and his connexion with house. He had no one to live with him, his patron broken off, as their political and refused to live with his son, who had sentiments respecting American independlong wished him to let his wife attend him. ence happened to be extremely opposite. | July 1. At Witney, Oxfordshire, aged Dr. Witherspoon, as it is well known, at 80, Mrs. Gray, relict of James G. esg. an early period of the contest, became a attorney; much regretted by her sur Member of Congress, and,'by his writings, viving friends, to whose esteem she was speeches, and other active exertions, cona entitled by the many worthy qualities tributed in no small degree toward the se. which she possessed. Her numerous cha paration of the colonies from the inother. rities will render her logs severely felt by country; while Mr. Simm, in his humble the poor, to whom she was a liberal be- sphere, became warmly devoted to the nefactress.

Royal cause. Aged 74, Mr. John Batchelor, of Ox Aged 76, Isaac Heaton, esq. of Norford, mason.

folk-street, Strand. 2. Aged 84, at the house of her sister In Stratford-place, the wife of John Mrs. Willyams, at St. Stephen's, near Kingston, esq. M. P. Canterbury, Mrs. Mary Goodere, elder 4. At Chelsea, the widow of the late surviving sister of the late Sir Edward Rev. Mr. Wilson, canon of Windsor, and Goodere and Sir John Dinely, barts. (See rector of Winfield, Berks; and mother of Gent. Mag. vol. LXV. pp. 1055 and 1115, G. W. esq. M. P. for Yarmouth in Nor. and vol. LXXIX. p. 1171.) This excele folk, and of Commissioner W. of the lent woman passed throngh her long life Customs. in the constant practice of every virtue. At Tayside, Perth, Patrick Keir, esq. She was in the strictest sense of the word of Kinmouth. a Christian ; for the made the doctrines At Peterborough, aged 27, Wright Tho.' and example of the most benevolent of mas Squire, esq. beings the unremitted object of her 5. In Chapel-strect, aged 33, the widow thoughts, and of her imitation. Her loss of the late Ignatius Charles Blake, esq. is deeply felt, and sincerely regretted by of Ardfry, and mother of the present his family and friends.

Lord Wallscourt. At Turnham-green, Mr. Ogden, some At Hadspen house, Somersetshire, Miss years ago a resident at Manchester; and Hobhouse, only sister of Henry H. esq. well known on the turf. He is said to Aged 63, Mr. James Moore, jeweller, have died worth 100,000).

of Derby. Aged 52, Mr. James Christopher For 6. At Highgate, Hester, wife of Nasyth, sen. of Russia-row, Milk-street, thaniel Harden, esq. merchant, of London,

Aged 76, James Nicklin, esq. of Aged 58, Mary-Anne, wife of Richard Hackney.

Bridger, esq. of the Bank of England. At Weymouth, William Wolstenholme, At Rushy-green, James Randall, esq. esq. : a fortnight before, his wife.

of Dartford, Kente 3. In Little Lever, Manchester, aged At Ballerton, aged 66, Mr. Henry 63, Rev. Thomas Barnes, LL. D. for up- Hardy, chief constable oft South division wards of 30 years one of the ministers of of the Newark hundred. the Dissenting chapel in Redcross-street, At Hampton, Middlesex, aged 80, Mrs. Manchester.

Frances Ferguson. At Paisley, aged 73, Mr, Hugh Simm. 7. At the Free School, Margate, Jane, He was a native of that town; and, the wife of Mr. Zechariah Cozens, in the though bred a mechanie, at an early pe: 47th year of her age, leaving him and

six children to lament their inexpressible to!ary compositions : whether upon lively loss. She was descended from the Bedo's or serious topics, they were always adapted of Lymue, near Hythe, in Kent, “ John to the occasion, they were always free Bedo, gent. ob. 14th Sept. 1767, ætat. from the slightest taint of affected phrase73,” being her grandfather; and who was osogy and foreign idiom; they were always buried in Lymne church aforesaid. She distinguished by a peculiar felicity and had, through a bappy union of nearly 23 originality of conception and expression; years, evinced herself to be a woman of and the genius displayed in them would equanimity of temper, fortitude of mind, most undoubtedly have placed ihe writer and indefatigable in her arduous sphere in the very highest class of her female of life. To him, who, with a bleeding contemporaries, if she had employed her heart, recalls her virtues to remembrance, pen upon any work with a deliberate view she'was every thing that was desirable in to publication. Her reading in the most a wife, a mother, and a friend. She had approved authors, both French and Engin Christian hope consigned the remains of lish, was diversified and extensive ; her three sons and one daughter to the peace memory was prompt and correct; and her ful grave, with whose dear ashes her judgment, upon all questions of taste and worn-out, tender frame now rests. She literature, morality and religion, evidently had laboured, since the 1st of December marked the powers with which she bad. last, under the fatal effects of the rupture been gifted by nature, and the advanof a blood vessel on the lungs; which, as tages which she had enjoyed for cultiis too frequently the case, generated that vating those powers under the direction of too common ravager of the huinan race her enlightened parents, and in the soa pulmonary consumption; and though ciety of learned and ingenious men, to every means which medical skill could which she had access from her earliest in. devise were resorted to, alas ! all were in fancy. With becoming resignation to the vain. She sustained the long conflict with will of Heaven she endured a long and increased equanimity and fortitude of painful illness, which had been brought mind ; and met the last Enemy with ail upon her by the pressure of doinestic sorthe confidence and comfort, which faith row on a coustitution naturaliy weak. in the merits and intercession of a Re Her virtues as a friend, a child, a wife, deemer can alone inspire.

and a mother, were most exemplary; Aged 64, W. Drage, esq. of Bunting- and her piety, being sincere, rational, ford, Herts.

and habitual, gave additional value to the Aged 55, Joseph Wilkinson, esg. of great faculties of her understanding, and Bramhope, and recently of Hawksworth, the generous feelings of her heart. near Leeds ; a gentleman well known and At Carshalton, Surrey, aged 70, Mr. highly respected in that neighbourhood, W. Bird, of Howard-street, many years as major of the Leeds volunteers, and resident in the Strand, near Temple-bar. subsequently as captain "in the Wharf James Serie, esq. of Bishopstoke, many

years receiver-general of Hampshire, and Anne, daughter of the late Mr. Henry steward to the Bishop of Itinchester.' His Wheelwright, of St. James's palace. death is said to have been occasioned by

Miss Augusta Henrietta Colleton, fourth cutting a corn too close, which produced daughter of Sir James Nassau C. bart. a mortification.

At Asfordby, co. Leic. aged 80, Mrs. Aged 82, Mrs. Jane Paterson, of Hull. Green, relict of Thomas G. esq. formerly 9. Mr. Blair, of Lancaster-court, Strand, a Captain in the Leicestershire militia. attorney. Returning home to dinner from

At Alton, near Wirksworth, Mr. Fran- Westminster-hall, he dropped down dead cis Bruckfield, of Derby, surgeon to the facing Northumberland-house. regiment of Derbyshire Gentlemen and At Edinburgh, James Bruce, of KinYeomanry Cavalry, of which he had been naird, esq. son of the celebrated Travel. a member from its establishment in 1794. ler into Abyssinia.

8. At Hatton, near Warwick, in the Aged 76, Edward Vincent, esq. of 38th year of her age, Mrs. Sarah-Anne South Mims, Middlesex, many years a Wynne, the only remaining daughter of wholesale stationer in Salisbury-square. the Rev. Dr. Parr. The brilliancy of her In Paradise-row, Chelsea, aged 73, imagery in conversation and writing; the Mrs. Frances Helen Smith. readiness, gaiety, and fertility of her wit; 10. At Snaresbrook, aged 65, Mr. the acuteness of her observations upon Charles Bunyon, of Tower-street, brandymen and things; and the variety of her merchant. knowledge upon the most familiar and Mr. J. Woodward, of Mark.lane, the most profound subjects; were very ex- resident agent of Messrs. Bolton and traordinary. They who lived with her in Watt, at Soho, near Birmingham. Being the closest intimacy were again and again thrown from his horse as he was riding near struck with admiration at the rapidity, town, his foot hung in the stirrup, and he case, vivacity, and elegance of bes episa was dragged a cousiderable distance along

dale corps.


the road before the horse could be stopped, Sarpnel Smith, esq. of Goldsworthy ter. by which he was so much mained and raoe, Rotherhithe, son of the late Capt. bruised as to cause his death.

Archibald s. 11. At Cumner, near Oxford, in a fit 14. In Berkeley-square, aged 80, Mrs. of apoplexy, aged 53, Rev. John Slatter, Egerton, relict of the late Col. Wm. E. vicar of Cumner, Berks, and of Stanton brother of John late Lord Biskop of DurHarcourt, Oxon, and Chaplain of New ham. College and of Merton College, Oxford ; · 15. At Exeter, Adjutant Hamilton, of M. A. 1791 He was justly esteemed by the East Kent militia. all who knew him for the urbanity of his Aged 74, the Rev. James New, M. A. manners and the undeviating rectitude of vicar of St. Philip and Jacob, Bristol, and his conduct. By bis sudden death, the rector of Compton Greenfield, GloucesChurch has been deprived of a zealous tershire, and sincere minister, and society of an

16. AL CI fton, Miss Mary Rice, youngest intelligent, act:ve, and upright member. daughter of the late John of Toot

Aged 86, Mr. John Lindsey, of Stam ing, Surrey. ford,

At Gloucester, Richard Chancellor, esq. In Harcourt-street, Gerald O'Farrell, in Notsingham-place, aged 76, Mrs. esq. barrister-at-law.

Martha Byley. Aged 66, Mrs. Margaret Dixie, relict At Gosport, aged 22, Lieut. Cornelius of the late Rev. Beaumont Disie, of Willis, R. N. This young officer broke a St. Peter's, Derby, and mother of the

blood vessel about two years since, present Sir B. Dixie, Bart. She resigned board the Grasshopper, during a gallant her life calmly to her Maker, in the pre

action with the enemy, which brought on sence of six of her children, who deeply la a decline, and ultimately caused his death. ment the loss of their truly pious and just He was brother to Capt. W. who, as first mother.--On the 18th she was attended to lieutenant of the Spartan, has lately disher grave by two of her sons, four daugh- tinguished himself as a brave and excellent ters, and eight grand-children, who are officer. left ever to lament the departure of their 17. At the Rectory, St. Paul's Cray, ** unequalled, tender, and amiable parent. Kent, aged 18, Mary Arabella, second Her death is deservedly regretted by all daughter of John Pearson, esq. of Goldenwho knew her invaluable qualities.

square, surgeon. 12. The infaat daughter of William Whilst on a 'visit at Mr. Wootten's, Moore, esq. of Doctor's Commons.

mercer, of Oxford, the wife of Mr. Thomas At Muswell-hill, Middlesex, the wife of Collingwood, High-Holborn, London. James Cathrow, esq. of the College of Mr. Daniel Durtnall, of Oxford-street, Arms.

silversmith. Aged 52, Mark Hodgson, esq. of Brom 18. Suddenly, Mr. Bartol, minister of ley, Midlesex.

the Baptist congregation at Spalding, Lieut. W. Nowell, R. N. and comman Ofthe small-pox, aged 24, Mr. Samuel der of Peak-bill Signal-station, Devon.

Cole, book-Binder, son of Mr. C. surveyor, Drowned while bathing at Gravesend, of Coningsby. Mr. Gray, anctioneer, in Drury-lauc. 19. Mr. Judd, of Burton Overy, co. Leica

Mr. John Burge, an eminent grazier, one of the high constables of the hundred. in Dorsetshire; aud about two hours be. of Gartre; which office he filled near 52 fore, his daughier, aged 16, of a decline. years. His death was occasioned by a fall from a At Southampton, at an advanced age, one-horse-chaise, on the 5ih inst, on his Mrs. Faulknor, widow of Admiral F. and way to Dorsetshire.

mother of the late Jonathan F. esq. rearSuddenly, the Rev. James Clough, of admiral of the Red. Leicester.

At Toynton St. Peter's, aged 17, Mr. At Balnamoor, Angus-shire, James Car. John Chambers, a respectable grazier. nagie Arbuthnot, esq.

20. Mr. John Bowinan, of Mansell. 13. At Topsham road, Devon, Arthur street, sugar-refiner. Fenn, esq. of Water-iane, Tower-street. At Stanmore, John Torlesse, esq.

Mr. Luke, grocer an! banker of Exeter. Mr. James Marshall, 50 years an inbaOne of the recent failuies in the metropo- bitant of Great Newport-street, and one of lis, by which Mr. L s credit was affected, the burgesses for the city and liberty of preyed upon his mind, and, unhappily, was Westminster. the cause of his cutting his own throat. At Tottenham, Mrs. Mildred, relict of

At Sydenham common, of the scarlet the late Daniel M. esq. bauker in London. fever, Alison, youngest son of Thomas At the Humber-bank, aged 80, Mr. Campbell, esq.

William Briggs, formerly of the Customs Aged 85, Mr. Matthew Ives, of Spalding, at the port of Hull. many years chief constable and treasurer 21. At Greenwich, aged 19, Elizabeth of Holland Elloe, and clerk to the Magis- eldest daughter of Mr. George Paxton, trases for that division,

Austioneer, Hampstead.


At the parsonage-house, at Wilby, aged At Idstone, Berks, J. K. Tarrant, esq. 18, the Rev. George Beevor, fifth son of At Exeter, Capt. L. O. Bland, R. N. Sir Thomas B. bart. He'was rector of At Knaresborough, J. R. Collins, esq. Wilby with Hampton; in Norfolk, and of late major of the 3d West York militia. North Cove with Wellingham St. Mary, Mrs. Ilannah Fawsett, relict of John F. Suffolk.

esq. of Manchester. At Cheltenham, aged nearly 80, Mr. At Kington, co. Hereford, aged 79, RoSeward, sen, who has for many years ex bert Whitcombe, esq. hibited his Fantoccini, and other perform At Hayes, Middlesex, aged 55, James ances, at that place. The night preceding

Collett, esq. his demise, he played Harlequin with his The wife of Henry Sainsbury, esq. of accustomed activity. He has left consi. Newbury, Berks. derable property in houses at Bristol, &c.

Mr. James Merest, only son of the Rev. 22. At Kentish town, aged 30, the wite James M. of Wortham. of Mr. Joshua Jowett, of Holborrı.

At Mile-end, Lieut.-col. John Wilson, John Head, esq. of Union-place, Lam ed royal regiment Tower Hamlets militia. beth.

Martha eldest daughter of Thomas WilAt Chelsea, aged 76, John Wainwright, liams, esq. of Hawke house, Sunbury, sen. a superannuated Captain of the Royal Middlesex. Navy.

Miss Cole, only child of R. C. Cole, esq. In Great Portland-street, aged 69, the of Milborne St. Andrew, Wilts. Hon. and Rev. J. Wm. Neville, rector of Aged 82, T. Taylor, of Lincoln; a very Burghclere, Hants, and of Bishopstone, eccentric character, well known by the Wilts. He was uncle to the Earl of Aber name of Dr. Taylor. gavenny, and nearly related to the Earls

Aged 88, Daniel Hamilton, esq. forof Pembroke and Carnarvon.

merly a major in the army, and lately a 23. In Bucklersbury, Mr. Richard Cur

partner in the Exeter bank. son Berry, solicitor.

Aged 83, Mrs. Martha King, a very re26. In his 620 year, William Parker spectable maiden lady of Ipswich. Terry, esq. of Aiton, Hampshire.

At Holt-house, near Lynn, the wife of At Stratford Green, aged 74, John Joseph Taylor, esq. Hawes, esq.

Mrs. Guppy, widow of Mr. G. of Lately, At Hastings, Miss Emma Stock Sandford Oreas, near Sherborne. well, of Crutched Friars.

At Bower Chalk, Wilts, aged 69, Mr. In London, Mr. Wilmot Wells, mana. Tho. Norris. ger and part proprietor of the Margate Miss Letitia Kyffin, sister to the Rev. theatre.

J. K. of Bangor. At Ranelagh, near Dublin, Charles Ro In the West Indies, aged 21, E, H. bert Henry Sheridan, eldest son of the late Lewis, esq. of His Majesty's ship Neptune, Charles Francis S. esq. and nephew to the 4th son of C. Lewis, esq. of St. Pierre, Right hon. R. B. Sheridan.

Moumouthshire. At Newcastle, Mrs. Watkin; who, on At Aislaby,near Pickering, T.Hayes,esq. being informed that her son was fighting At Coffeet, Edmund Lane, esq. eldest in the street, ran thither; and on seeing son of Thos. L. esg. and Captain in the one of the men fall, exclaimed “O iny 1st Devon militia. son !" and immediately expired.

At the Soho, near Birmingham, where At Tweedmouth, aged 49, the Rev. he was employed as a model-engraver, George Burton, carate of that parish. aged 64, Conrad Henry Cuchler, a native

At Paris, the widow of J. Masterman, of Hesse Darmstadt. esq.

In Stanley-place, Chester, Mrs. Glegs, Rev. J. Corbould, rector of Bawdeswell, relict of John G, esq. of Irby, in the same and of Ecclés by the sea, Norfolk.

county. At Formosa place, Berks, aged 78, Ad Suddenly, after taking a hearty breakmiral Sir Geo. Young, knt.

fast, near Goulding, Salop, advanced in At Portsmouth, Major Patten, of the years, Sir John Dutton Colt, bart. late of royal marines.

Leominter, Herefordshire. Ho succeeded At Andover, Mrs. Comming, relict of his great uncle in 1731. the Rev. Dr. C.

At Fulstow, near Louth, aged 80, Mr. Mr. J. Miles, of Out-Marsh farm, near Nathanael Hockney, farmer, late of Co, Semington, Wilts.

venham St. Mary's.
BILL OF MORTALITY, from June 26 to July 24, 1810.

2 and 5 211 | 50 and 60 95 Males Males 644)

5 and 10 55 60 and 70 85 1328

1215 Females - 656 Females 571 10 and 20 46 70 and 80

48 Whereof have died under 2 years old 372 20 and 30 62 i 90 and 90 20 Peck Loaf 58. 8d.

30 and 40 111 90 and 100 1 Salt 11. Os. Od. per bushel; 4d. per pound

40 and 50 109




AVERAGE PRICES of NAVIGABLE CANAL PROPERTY, Dock Stock, FIRÉ-OFFICESHARAS, &c. in July 1810 (to the 25th), at the Oitice of Mr. Scott, 23, New Bridge-street, London :- The Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canai, Dividing 401. per Share clear per Annum. 7501. to 7601.-Grand Junction, 3001. to 2806 Stourbridge, 2501. with Halfyearly Dividend of 61. 10s.--Leeds and Liverpool, 1861. 10s. ex Dividend.--Kennett and Avon, 451. 461, 431. 10s.---Wilts and Berks, 587. to 601.--Huddersfield, 401. 10s.--Rochdale, 521. 10s.-Union, 1201.Grand Union, 51.-Ellesmere, 761.-Wisbech, 651,

-Lancaster, 281. 10s.--Dudley, 521. 10s.--Basingstoke, 421.--Croydon, 441.-Worcester and Birmingham Old Shares, 43.--New Ditto, 61. to 'll. 7s. Premium.-West India, 1701. per Cent. ex Dividend.-London Dock, 1301. ex Dividend, Scrip reserved.--Thames and Medway, 531. Premium.


AVERAGE PRICES of CORN, from the Returns ending July 21, 1810.

Wheat, Rye Barly, Oats , Beans

Wheaty Rye, Barly, Oats Beans
S. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d.

s. d. s. d. s. ds. ds. d. Middlesex 114 11.3 043 3136 055 3 | Essex


0 45 0 18 6134 651 3 Surrey 120 4156 ( 16 0139 4162 o Kent 108 9158 c13 632 148 0 Hertford 106 058 6/42 3132 052 6 Sussex


8100 000 0132 (00 Bedford 105 1064 0 45 0 30 C153 4 uffolk 115 3100 018 6/29 1/19 10 Huntingd. 113 1000 012 8/29

0848. S || Cambridg.112 500 0:2 024 1 +9 8 Nortbam. 109 400 044 10/26 256 6 | Norfolk 110 454 019 6 32 017 7 Rutland 108

368 0147 3127 048 0 Lincoln 107 062 613 324 1150 5 Leicester 103 8162 114 1126 1017 1|York 101 261 09 0127 10 55 Nottingham111 462 043 629 8 59 0 Durham 103 5100

U38 gluo Derby

98 400 0144 6133 4 56 10 Northum. 95 964 644 2/35 350 Stafford 109 6100 0149 1034 957 2 || Cumberl. 95 10162 052 11 34 11100 Salop 121 11 90 1060 636 8100

0 | (Vestinor. 107 164 001 233 '10100 Hereford 126 10164 0|55 11 36 457 4 | Lancaster 112 000


8130 5174 Worcester 121

2160 550 36 657 5 |Chester 104 100 0.0 032 1000 Warwick 122 000 0 13 737 3166 4Flint 128 0100

2100 0100 Wilts 113 400 0 15 283 6165 4 Denbigh 117 6100 0164 030 1000 0 Berks 119 800 C13 10 33 6/58 6 ||Anglesea 000 000 0 40 0124 600 @ Oxford 117 200 0*2 531 1156 Il Carnarv. 101 Oloo 019 4124 800 0 Bucks 114 0100 C+3 4134 0 58 2 Merionet. 101 400 0/55 050, 6000 Brecon 132 $196 062 4132 0000||Cardigan 107 6100 0100 026 000 0 Montgom. 109 70 000 C|28 900 0 || Pembroke 97 8100003 6.24 000 0 Radnor 1396b0 153 1135 300 0|Carmarth. 110 200 0 68


0100 Average of England and Wales, per quarter. ||Glamorg. 128 800 052 032 0.000

114 01635149 4131 1156 6 Gloucest.123 050 732 1000 () Average of Scotland, per quarter: Somerset 155 2100 0116 822 064 0 86 4141 9141 9130 3250 10 | Monmo. 134 6100 000 000 000 0

Devon 123. 500 052 530 SOO ( Aggregate Average Prices of the Twelve Ma- Cornwall 119 7100 064 1029 81000 ritime. Districts of England and Wales, by Dorset


700 056 i34 000 0 *which Exportation and Bounty are to bellitants


Do 0117 0133 960 6 regulated in Great Britain.....

112 8161 4119 3130 -4157 1
Fine 95s. to 100%.. Seconds 90s. to 95s.-Bran 12s. to 14 s. 61.- Pollard 22s. to 25s.

RETURN of WHEAT, in Mark-Lane, including only from July 9 to July 14:
Total 20,290 Quarters. Average 1035. 9.d.--0s. 1d.higher than last Return.

OATMEAL, per Boll of 1401hs. Avoirdnpois, July 21, 51s. 9d.
AVERAGE PRICE of SUGAR, July 15, 475. 10 d. per Cwt.

Kent Bags...... 41. 43. to 67. Os Kent Pockets... .11. 10s. to 61. 10s.
Sussex Ditto..

..31. 18s, to 51. Os. Sussex Ditio...... .41. 4s. to 51. 10s. Essex Ditto...

.41, Os. to 51. 10s. Farnham Ditto... ...71. Ts. to 81. 8s.

AVERAGE PRICE OF HAY AND STRAW, July 26 : St. James's, Hay71. 26. 6d. Straw31.3s.Od.- Whitechapel, Hay 71.4s. Clover 81.155.0d. Straw

31. 1s.---Smithfield, Clover 71. 15s. Od. Hay il. 14s. Straw 21. 19s. Od.

SMITHFIELD, July 23. To sink the Offal-per Stone of 8lbs, Beef.................. .4s. 8d. to 6s. Ou. Lamb......

..58. 4d. to 6s. 81/. Mutton....

.58. Od. to 6s. Od. Head of Cattle at Market this Day: Veal......

5s. Od. to 6s. 6d. Beasts about 1467. Calves 180.

5s. 8d. to 6s. 80. Sheep and Lambs 17,780. Pigs 220.

COALS, July 23 : Newcastle 42s. 6d. to 59s. 6d. SOAP, Yesow 90s. Mottled 100s. Curd 104s, CANDLES, 12s. 6d. perDoz. Moulds 13s. 6cha TALLOW, per Stone, Bibe Str James's 4s.2d. Clare Market 4s. 3d. Whitechapel 4s, d.


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