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Cambridge: PRINTED BY C. J. CLAY, M.A. & SON,



This second volume contains the Reprint of my papers on Mathematical and Physical subjects, including the titles of all published from April 1853 to February 1856, and the text of all of them, except those which are to be found in my volume of collected papers on Electrostatics and Magnetism.

I have thought it advisable to bring into one series, in Articles LxxII. to Lxxxv., nearly all that I had written on the subject of Electric Telegraphs during the period, May 1855 till December 1865: a period of the greatest importance in the history and development of Submarine Telegraphy; as including within it the earliest, and the finally successful, efforts to establish telegraphic communication between Europe and America. The series concludes with a short paper of date March 1873, describing the siphon recorder, which is the instrument at present chiefly used in doing the work of the great submarine cables.

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With respect to the long series of investigations in Electrodynamic Qualities of Metals extending over twentytwo years, from May 1856 till February 1878, the various papers describing them and the results to which they led, will be found collected under Article xci., the concluding Article of the volume.

The present volume will be followed as speedily as possible by others completing the series to the present




Nov. 6, 1884.

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