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A twofold

But is there therefore no need at all of good Works, because a Man is justified before God without

them? or can that be called a juJob 22. as stifying Faith that has not for its Jam.2. 20, Fruit, good Works? Verily good

works are necessary, though God need them not, nor is that Faith, is to Juftification with God, worth Arub, that abideth alone, or with out them.

There is therefore a twofold Faith of Christ in the World, and as to the notion of Justifying Righteousness, they both concur

but as to the manner of application there they vastly differ.

Theone, tomit, the non-faving faith,ftandeth inspeculation and na

ked knowledg of Christ, and so abiJoh.1. 12. deth idle: but the other truly feeeth,

and receives him, and so becometh Rom. 10. Fruitful. And herece the true ju

ftifying Faith, is said to receive, to imbrace, to obey the Son of God as tendred in the Gospel : by

and agree,

Heb. II. 13.


which.expressions is Jewed both the
nature of Justifying Faith, in its
point of Justification,

and also the cause of its being full of good Works in the World. A gift is not made mine by my seeing of it, or because I know the nature of the thing fogiven : but then it is mine if I receive and imbrace it, yea, and as to the point in hand, if I yield my self up to stand and fall by it. Now he that fall, not only fee, but receive, not only know, but imbrace the Son of God ; to be juftified by him, cannot but bring forth good works, because Christ who is now received and imbraced by Faith, leavens and feafons the Ch. 26.18, Spirit of this Sinner (through his 19.

Heb.11.11 Faith) to the making of him ca pable jo to be. Faith made Sarah. receive Strength to conceive Seed, and we are Sanctified through Faith, which is in Chrift.

For Faith hath joyned Christ, and the Soul together, and being so joyned, the


Ads 15.9.

A 4

Soul is one Spirit with him : not essentially but in agreement, and oneness of design. Besides, when Christ is truly received and inbraced to the

justifying of the finner, in that Mans Heart he dwels by his Word and Spirit through the same Faith also. Now Christ by his Spirit and word must needs seafor the Soul thus dwells in: fo then the Soulbeing seasoned, it seasoneththe Body, and Body and Soul, the Life and Conversation.

We kno:v it is not the Seeing, but taking of a potion that maketh it work as it should, nor is the Blood of Christ a Purge to this or that Conscience , except received by Faith.

Shall that then be counted right believing in Christ unto justification, that amounts to no more than to an idle speculation, or naked knowledg of him? Jhall that knowledg of him I say be counted fuch, as only causes the Soul to be


Heb. 9414

For the 18.

hold but moveth it noč to. good Cor. 30 Works ? No verily. true beholding of Jesus to justification and Life, changes from glory to glory..

Nor can that Man that hath fo: believed, as that by his Faith he hath received, and imbraced Christ for Life before God, be.destitute of good works : for, as I said, the Word and Spirit comes al. for by this Faith, and dwels in the Heart and Conscience: now, Malla Soul where the Word and Spirit of Christ dwels, be a Soul without goodWorks? Tea, fball a Soul that. has received the Love, the Mercy, the Kindness, Grace and Salvatis on of God through the Sorrows, Tears, Groans, Crofs and. Cruel, Death of Christ, be yet a Fruitlefs Tree! God forbid. This faith is as the Salt which the Prophet cast into the Spring of bitter Was 2 King 2. ter, it makes the Soul good and 19,20,2 fęrviceable for ever.



and to

If the receiving of a temporal
Gift, naturally tends to the ma-
king of us to move our Cap and
Knee: and binds us to be the Ser-
vant of the Giver : Mall we think
that Faith will leave him who by, it
has received Chrift, to be as uncon-
cerned as a Stock or Stone; or that
it's utmost excellency is to provoke
the Soul to a lip-labour, and to
give Christ a few fair Words for
his Pains and Grace :
wrap up the business? No, no :
the Love of Christ constraineth us

thus to judge that it is but reasonCor.s. able, since he gave his all for us,

that we fould give our some for

Let no Man then deceive him.
Jelf (as he may and will if he takes
not heed, with true Notions) but
examine himself concerning his
Faith, to wit; Whether he bath
any, and if some, Whether of
that kind that will turn to account
in the day when Godsball judge the ;

I told

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