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Hcliness becomes thy House, O Lord,

· for ever.

LONDON, Printed by B. W. for Benj. Alsop, at the Angel and Bible in the Poultry, 1684.

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To the following



Hen I write

of Justification before God from the dreada

ful curse of the Law; then I muft speak of nothing but Grace,Chrift,the Promise and Faith : but when I speak of our Juftification before Men, then I must jaynto these, good Works. For. Grace, Christ, and Faith are things invisible, and so not to be seen by another, otherwise than

A 2 through

through a life that becomes so bles-
sed a Gospel as has declared unto
us the remission of our sins for the
fake of Jefus Christ. He then that
would have Forgiveness of Sins,
and fo be delivered from the Curse
of God, muft believe in the Righ-
teoufrefsand Blood of Christ: but
he that would shew to bis Neigh-
bours that he hath truly received!
shis Mercy of God, must do it by
good Works; for all things else
to them, is but talk: As for ex-
ample; A Tree is known to be
what it is, to wit, whether of this
or that kind, i by it's Fruit. A

Tree it is without Fruit, but so
long as it so abideth, there is mi-
nistred occafion to doubt what main-
ner of Tree it is.

A Professor is a Professor though
Matth. 9. he hath no good Works; but that,
Jam 2.18.

as such, he is truly godly'; he is
foolish that lo concludesh. Not
that Works make a Man good; for
the Fruit maketh not a good Tree,

17, 18.

it is the Principle, to wit, Faith, Matt.7.16that makes a Man good, and his Luk. 6.44 works that lew him to be so.

What then? why, all Professors that have not good Works flowing from their Faith, are naught *Heb. 6.8are Bramble busbes; are nigh unto Curfing, whose end is to be burned. For Professors by their fruitlesnefs declare that they are not of the planting of God; nor the Wheat : but Tares and Matt. 13. Children of the IV icked one. Not that Faith needeth

good works as an help to Juftification before God. For in this matter Faith will be ignorant of all good Works, except those done by the Person of

Christ. Here then the good Man 7 worketh not, but believeth:for he is Rom. 4. 3

not now to carry to God, but to re- 4. So
ceive at his. Hand the matter
his Justification by Faith ; nor is
the matter of his Fustification be-
fore God: ongbt else but the good
deeds of another Man,to wit,Chrift

37, 38.

A 3


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