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246, STRAND.





A Day and Night on the Rail : By A. E. M.: 208 Mantis Spectre-Walking-sticks and Leaves : 67

A Dry Dissertation on a Wet Day: By Lady Em- Morality of Heraldry : By Mrs. White: 78

meline Stuart Wortley : 94

Mrs. West's Experience : By Alice B. Neal : 139

A Lesson from the Golden Rule : By Alice B. Neal: MUSIC:

A Lay of Venice: 163

American Female Authorship: By Alice B. Neal:

“ Echo, where dwellest thou ?" 219


“ Good night, good night, beloved :" 163

Amusements of the Month : 50, 105, 164, 219, 275,

The Look of Love : 106

My Memoir : or, the llistory of a Neglected Child:
An Incident of the Carnival: By Miss Hibburd :

My poor dear Aunt's Adventure : By Elizabeth

Answers to Correspondents : 56, 112, 168, 224,

O'Hara : 193

280, 336

Aspects of the Northern Year: By Henry P.

Haynes : 199

On the Poetry of Petrarch : By Mrs. A. Crawford :

Australia a Land of Contraries : 212


A Winter and its Spring : By Silverpen : 188, 230, OUR LIBRARY TABLE:-
A Word for the Royal Free Hospital : By the

Autobiography of an Actress: By Anna Cora

Editor : 265

Mowatt: 270

Beauty and the Beast : By Miss Corner and A.
Bertrand Woodhall : By Amelia B. Edwards : 239 Crowquill : 30
Burnt-Wood-Weal: By Mrs. White: 20

Cyrus; a Tale from Ancient History: 103

Fern Leaves froin Fanny's Portfolio : 48

Crickets, Grasshoppers, Locusts : By Mrs. Lee: 156 Memorable Women : By Mrs. Newton Cros.

land : 102

Days of Chivalry; or, the Elm Tree of Vaurus : By Modern Housewife's Receipt Book: By Mrs.

Miss Jewsbury : 28

Pullan : 275

Orations: By J. B. Gough: 104

Essays on the Drama : By Mrs. Wilson : No. VI.: Pbrenology, Psychology, and Pnenmatology,



The Broken Sword : By Adelaide O'Keefe: 161

Fireside Gossip: By the Editor : 107, 167, 223

The Brother and Sister : By the Author of

Grace Dermott”: 48

GARDENING :-January, 51; February, 110 ; The Dusseldorf Artist's Album : Translated by

March, 168 ; April, 224; May, 280; June, 336

Mary Howitt: 218

Glance at the Exhibitions: By a Dilettante : 328 The early Education of Children: By Mrs.

Glance at the Life and Times of Gabrielle Emilie,

Hutchinson : 163

Marchioness du Châtelet : By the late Countess The Great Highway : By S. W. Fullom : 327

of Blessington : 7, 63, 119, 175, 225, 299

The History of Louis XVII.: Translated by

Gossip from Paris: By our own Correspondent: 44, W. Hazlitt, Esq.: 216

100, 157, 213, 267, 323

The Invalid's Offering : 163

Gossip on Art and Sciences: By a Dilettante : 253 The Keepsake: Edited by Miss Power: 47

The Life of Mrs. Sherwood : Edited by her

Honeycomb : 52, 108, 166, 221, 279, 335

Daughter : 325

How Neal M‘Gowk told the Age of a Lobster :

The Prince and the People: By Mrs. Y,

By Sylvanus Urban the Younger: 254

Smythies : 275

The Sweet South : 275

Kew Gardens : 289

Trees, Plants, and Flowers : By Mrs. R. Lee :



Eudora ; or, the Haunted House : By Albert

Passing Events Re-edited : 277

Taylor : 260
Little Con: By Albert Taylor : 31

Race for Gold: By Miss Pardoe: 1, 57, 113, 169,
Nature and Art: By A. L.: 145

248, 281

The Skating Match : 313

The Pink Satin Dress : By Hannah Clay: 203 Servia : By Mrs. White : 123, 184

The Spider : 91

Sketch of the Life of Mrs. Siddons : By Mi

The Story of a Clock: By A. B. Edwards : 88 Clementina Grant: 134

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The Bargain : By Ada Trevanion : 130
The Dangerous Visit: By Frances Brown : 80
The Garde du Lazaret : By Walter Weldon : 318
The last Tribute of Châteauroux : By Isabella

Munro: 177
The late Wife's Sister: By Mrs. Abdy: 68
The Physician's Secret : By Mrs. Merrifield : 12
The Signatures of Spring upon the City Pavements :

By Mrs. White: 236
The Son of Monsieur Poquelin : By Maria Norris :

84, 127
The Termites are coming, oh ho! By Mrs. Lee: 229
Time's Changes : By M. E. H.: 95
THE TOILETTE:--Costume for January, 51 ; Feb-

ruary, 100; March, 105 ; April, 221 ; May, 278 ;

June, 334

Border of Quilt, with Corner : 40
Bridle Work-Basket : 37
Child's Mitten in Knitted Embroidery : 150)

WORK TABLE (continued) :-

Cigar Case: 152
Corners for Border of Quilt: 151
Cover for a Sachet : 207
Curtain, or Antimacassar : 260
Darned Netted D'Oyleys, No. VI.: 259
Drawing-room Whatnot: 92
Embroidered Chalice Cloth: 259
Embrodered Handkerchief-box; 317
Embroidery in Point d'Echelle : 205
Escutcheon Slippers : 258,
Point Lace Chemisette: 93
Point Lace Lappet : 317
Reticule in Crochet : 38
Toilet Sachet : 315
To Make Moss : 92
Turkish Smoking Cap, 316
Venetian Guipure Embroidery : 151
Watch Pocket in Embroidered Netting : 98
What-not, in Berlin Work: 206
Wire-work Card-Basket: 208


A Dream, not all a Dream : By Y. S. N.: 153
A New Year's Welcome : By Charles Hitchings : 6 Song of the Fairy Queen : By Mary Frances T.: 126

Silver and Gold : By E. C. W.: 61
Angels: By Charles H. Hitchings : 66

Song of the Mermaid : By Mary Frances T. : 83
A Quatrain of Sonnets: By Maria Norris : 312

Songs: By Anne A. Fremont: 159— Ada Trevanion,
A Remonstrance : By Anne A. Fremont: 303

A Roundel for May: By Calder Campbell: 228
A Sigh for the Departed : By T. Brown : 192

Sonnet-Wealth : By Anne A. Fremont: 198
A Tale that is not new : By Y. S. N.: 174

Stanzas : By Anne A. Fremont: 62

Stanzas for the last Night of the Year: By Y. S. N.:6
A Valentine to Mr. Charles Kemble : By Mrs.
Valentine Bartholomew : 153

Thanks be to God, who brought us here : By Mary
Charade: By E. T. C.: 150

Frances T.: 235
Child's Play: By Y. S. N.: 62

Thankfulness (A New Year's Reflection): By T.
Daybreak (Jeu d'esprit): 303

Brown : 159

The Creator and the Created : By A. Baskerville :
Earth's Angels : 36

Experiences and their Teachings: By Calder Camp- The Early Hone: By Ada 'Trevanion: 6
bell : 30

The Huguenot Lover: By M. S. R. : 298

The immortal Origin of Wishes and Aspirations: By
I canna be fashed: By Francis Bennoch : 235

A. D. G.: 174
Jeu d'Esprit : By E. C. W.: 174

The Lily that died for the Love of the Rose: By
Letters from Home : By Frederick Enoch : 303

Charles H. Hitchings : 288
Lines : By W. C. Bennett : 192

The Primrose in Australia : By Mrs. Abdy: 288
Love Makes the Home: By Calder Campbell : 129 The Siege : By M. I. T.: 187

The Temperance Choir : By T. Brown: 312
May Song : By A. Baskerville: 238

The Vision of Beauty : By Mrs. Valentine Bartholo-
Monody: By Miss Clementina Grant : 287

mew: 202
Morning Music : By W. C. Bennett : 247

The Wanderer's Return: By Mrs. Abdy: 238
My Fathers: By Maria Norris: 192

The War-cloud : By Mrs. Abdy: 173
My Boyhood's Dreams: By Mrs. Valentine Bar- The Wood-Witch : By Mrs. Abdy: 122
tholomew: 252

To a Lady weeping : By Ada Trevanion : 62
Not for Looks alone : Ry Frederick Enoch : 238

To the Portrait of H. R. H. Prince Edward : By

Mrs. Newton Crosland: 20
On the Portrait of Eugenie, Empress of the French: To, on his Birthday: By E. C. W.: 11
By C. A. W.: 215

Why drink? By W. C. Bennett : 129

Within the Veil: By Maria Norris : 19
Remembrance: By Ada Trevanion : 183

Work is Worship: By Y. S. N.: 303

Princed by Reverson do t'uaford, 146, Strnad, bendras


With the opening of a new year, and a new volume, an address on the part of an Editor is perhaps a necessary preliminary. Ours shall be as brief as possible, and as earnest in purpose as is our interest in these pages.

To keep time with the growing iutelligence of the age, and to blend the highest moral influence with amusement, has ever been the object of this Magazine : how desirous we are to maintain its literary character in healthfulness and vigour may be best proved by reference to the list of contributors to the present volume. The names of Miss PARDOE, SILVERPEN, Mrs. Abdy, Mrs. LEE (the Naturalist), Miss NORRIS, FRANCES Brown, and others well-known in the literary annals of the day, exhibit a phalanx of feminine talent unsurpassed by any of our cotemporaries ; and our strength will be farther increased in the ensuing year by the contributions of Mrs. Cowden CLARKE and Miss Jewsbury.

In our Reviews of New Books, we shall exert a careful watch over our judgment; and, believing criticism only valuable as it is impartial, conscientiously direct our readers to such works as are really worth their attention, and enable them to avoid the perusal of those which would only entail a loss of time.

Nor sball we forget the Drama and the Exhibitions ; or leave, in their season, the Galleries of Art unvisited ; while, as usual, our Fashion Article (on all matters connected with which our correspondent may be regarded as a first-rate authority), will come direct from Paris.

As hitherto, “ Aiguillette" (Mrs. PULLAN) will continue to furnish our pages with original designs in those light and graceful work-table occupations, which, while they wile away many an otherwise tedious hour, furnish forth so many elegancies, and contribute not a little to stimulate that industrial virtue so becoming even in those of our sex whose lot is happily fixed above the common exigencies of life.

Assisted by a staff of acknowledged talent, and supported by a highly intelligent and increasing circle of readers, we shall persevere in the path of social and intellectual progress; and, as all excellence is but comparative, endeavour to render this publication more and more deserving of the high place it has so far maintained as an exponent of the feminine refinement and talent of our day. If we sometimes aim at higher purposes than the mere amusement of our readers, and write them pretty homilies in prose or verse, they will forgive us for the sake of the intention, Wit shall never be turned aside, nor harmless whimsics banished; while the graceful poetry of Charles IIITCHINGS, CALDER CAMPBELL, GOLDING PENROSE, and others, shall crown our intellectual feast as with a garland, and throw an odour of Hippocrene over all.

C. A. W.

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