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}{Schisms, ( Perjury, }{Seditions, and

12450a The History of the Wicked Plots and Conspiracies of Our Pretended Saints: REPRESENTING THE BEGINNING, CONSTITUTION, AND DESIGNS OF THE JESUITE. With the Conspiracies, Rebellions, Hypocrisie, Sacriledge, Vilefying humour of some Presbyterians. Proved By a series of Authentick Examples, as they have been Acted in Great Britain, From the Beginning of that Faction to this Time. By HENRY FOULIS, Mr. of Arts, and Fellow of Lincoln-Colledge in Oxford. Printed by E. Cotes, for A. Seile, 1662. FIRST EDITION, folio, original calf, VERY FINE COPY. £15 15s


This volume, pablished within a couple of years of the Restoration, was much read by the Royalists, and they thought so highly of its contents that they had it "chained to desks in public places, and in some churches to be read by the vulgar." This popularity, no doubt, caused the volume to become a scarce one, especially so in fine state like the present example.

Foulis gives us considerable information, an illuminates his histories by his familiarity with our poets, etc. Shakespeare, Daniel, Chaucer, Lydgate, Cleveland, Drayton, Tasso, Cervantes, Howell, etc., etc., are all mentioned. See p. 3 for a Shakespeare allusion hitherto, we believe, unrecorded. "No question but that they know themselves by a more natural instinct, then Sir John Falstaff knew the Prince on Gads-hill, in Shakespeer." An important allusion, for it gives the poet's name as the originator of the characters. (See also pages 169 and 243).


12451 Memoires Du Baron De La Motte Fouque, GENERAL D' INFANTERIE PRUSSIENNE, Dans Lesquels On a inféré sa Correspondance intéressante avec Frédéric II, Roi de Prusse. A. Berlin: François de la Garde, 1788. Engraved portrait of Fouqué. 2 vols., 8vo, old calf, arms on side.

£1 1s

[FOX (HENRY, Baron Holland).]

12452 The Fifteenth Ode of the First Book of Horace, Imitated, AND APPLIED TO MR. F- ON HIS BEING APPOINTED S OF S And taking on him the Conduct of the -· [POEM.] London, J. Scott, 1756. FIRST EDI12s ed 3s 6d

TION. Folio, 6 pp., sewn.


Another, The Third Edition. Ib. 1756. Folio, 6 pp., sewn.


12454 Translation; A POEM. BY THOMAS FRANCKLIN, Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. R. Francklin, 1753. FIRST EDITION, 4to, sewn.

£1 1s

For SHAKESPEARE matter see p. 8.

"So when great Shakespear to his Garrick join'd,
With mutual aid conspire to rouze the mind,
'Tis not a scene of idle mimickry,

'Tis Lear's, Hamlet's, Richard's self we see
We feel the actors strength, the Poets fire
With joy we praise, with rapture we admire.”
Etc., Etc.

Telegraphic Address: "LYCIDAS," LONDON.



Another. The Second Edition. R. Franklin, 1754. 4to, sewn.

10s 6d This, like the first edition, described above, has the lines on SHAKESPEARE and GARRICK.


12456 Matilda. A TRAGEDY

FRASER (SIMON, Lord Lovat).

12457 Lord Lovat's Last Legacy TO HIS PARTICULAR FRIEND SECRETARY M-Y. W. Webb, N.D. [POEM]. FIRST EDITION. Folio, sewn, UNCUT.

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at Drury Lane. Dublin, J. Exshaw, 1775.


5 pp.

10s 6d


12458 Elegy. BY THE REV. A. FRESTON, A.M., CURATE OF FARLEY, HANTS. G. and T. Wilkie, 1787. FIRST EDITION. 4to, sewn. 10s 6d


12459 The Fall of Saguntum. A TRAGEDY

Second Edition. W. Feales, 1729. 12mo, sewn.

at Lincoln's-Inn-Fields. The


12460 Verses on Her Majesty's Birthday. By Philip Frowde, Esq. J. Watts, 1728. FIRST EDITION. Sm. folio, 8 pp., 'sewn. £1 1s


12461 Abel Redevivus: or, The dead yet speaking. THE LIVES AND DEATHS OF THE MODERN DIVINES. WRITTEN BY SEVERALL ABLE AND LEARNED MEN (whose names ye shall finde in the Epistle to the Reader). And now digested into one volume, for the benefit and satisfaction of all those that desire to be acquainted with the Paths of Piety and Virtue. Tho. Brudenell for John Stafford, 1651. Fine engraved portrait and frontispiece by R. Vaughan. Numerous engraved portraits throughout text. Small 4to, original calf, FINE COPY. £13 13s

Epistle to the Reader, Table (10 pp.).

12462 Andronicus, or, The Unfortunate Politician Shewing Sin, slowly punished. Right; surely rescued. By THO. BULLER, B.D. W. W. for John Williams, 1646. FIRST EDITION. 8vo, contemporary black "presentation" morocco, gilt paned sides, with centre and corner ornaments, gilt back, A VERY FINE COPY. £10 10s

To the Reader, Index (14 pp.).

GALE (J.).

12463 Gale's Cabinet of Knowledge; or, Miscellaneous Recreations. CONTAINING MORAL AND PHILOSOPHICAL ESSAYS, Propositions, Natural and Metaphysical Maxims, And Observations of Select Subjects of general Utility. With a Series of Easy, Entertaining, and Interesting Mechanical, Magnetical, and Magical Experiments. Including the most celebrated Card Deceptions ever Exhibited. Together with about seven hundred Serious, Comical and Humorous Queries, Paradoxes &c., &c. with Pertinent and Ingenious Answers. (Illustrated with Copper-plate Engravings). To which are added A Great Number of Originals. Likewise, An Appendix, containing various Propositions Tending to prove Light and Heat Two Distinct Beings. With some curious Definitions in Optics. Printed for the Proprietors, 1796. 8vo, old calf, folding plates. 10s 6d


12463a Smith (Gyles) Serious Reflections on the Dangerous Tendency of the Common Practice of Card-playing; ESPECIALLY OF THE GAME OF ALL-FOURS, As it hath been Publickly play'd at Oxford, In a Letter from MR. GYLES SMITH, to his Friend ABRAHAM NIXON, Esq., of the Inner Temple. J. Raymond. (1754). 8vo, 23 pp., £1 1s



12464 Marshall (Charles) A Plain and Easy Introduction to the Knowledge and Practice of Gardening, WITH HINTS ON FISH-PONDS, by CHARLES MARSHALL, Vicar of BRIXWORTH, NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. The Fourth Edition, Considerably Enlarged and Improved. F. C. and J. Rivington, 1805. Svo, old sheep, rebacked. 10s 6d


12465 The Irish Widow.



B. Corcoran, 1773. 12mo, sewn. 12465a Lethe. A DRAMATIC SATIRE. BY DAVID GARRICK, at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane. Dublin, Printed by S. Powell, For G. and A. Ewing. 1749. 8vo,


10s 6d 12466 The Male-Coquette; or, SEVENTEEN HUNDRED FIFTY-SEVEN. In Two Acts. As it is Performed at the Theatre-Royal in Drury Lane. Dublin, G. and A. Ewing, 1758. FIRST DUBLIN EDITION. 8vo, sewn. 10s 6d 12467 Miss in her Teens; or, THE MEDLEY OF LOVERS. A FARCE, at the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden. Dublin, S. Powell for G. and A. Ewing, 1747. 8vo, sewn. 7s 6d

12468 The Poetical Works of David Carrick Esq., NOW FIRST COLLECTED INTO TWO VOLUMES. With Explanatory Notes. George Kearsley, 1785. FIRST COLLECTED EDITION. 2 vols., 8vo, original sheep, rebacked. £2 2s

Dedication to Richard Brinsley Sheridan Esq., Preface, Short Account of the Life and Writings of David Garrick Esq., Verses &c., Contents (62 pp.).


12469 Claremont. ADDRESS'D TO THE RIGHT HONOURABLE THE EARL OF CLARE. J. Tonson, 1715. FIRST EDITION. NARCISSUS LUTTRELL'S copy, who has written os title-page the original cost IS. " and the date 5 May." Folio, 20 pp., sewn. £5 5s Preface (2 pp.).


12470 The Dispensary: A POEM IN SIX CANTOS. tion, corrected by the Author. John Nutt, 1699. 8vo, original sheep.

The Second EdiEngraved front. £1 10s

12471 A Poem upon His Majesties Accession.


GRACE JOHN DUKE OF MARLBOROUGH. By the Author of the Verses upon His Grace's Retiring into Germany. Printed for J. Roberts in Warwick-Lane, 1714. FIRST EDITION. Sm. folio, SIX LL. POEM, sewn, UNCUT, EXTREMELY RARE. £6 16s 6d


12472 An Epistle to Sir Samuel Garth. Occasion'd by the Landing of the Pretender, AND THE REPORT OF HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS THE PRINCE OF WALES'S GOING TO SCOTLAND. Bernard Lintott, 1716. FIRST EDITION. From the collection of NARCISSUS LUTTRELL, who has written on the title-page the original cost "5d." and the date "2 Febr., '5." Folio, 11 pp., POEM, sewn, VERY RARE.

£3 3s

Dedication to Sir Samuel Garth (2 pp.).

GAY (J.).

12473 Acis and Galatea. A MASK, As it was Originally Compos'd with the Overture, Recitativo's, Songs, Duets & Choruses, for Voices and Instruments. SET TO MUSICK BY MR. HANDEL. W. Randall (c. 1740). Engraved music and words. Folio, law calf. £1 1s

12474 The Beggar's Opera, as it is ACTED AT THE THEATRE-ROYAL IN LINCOLNS-INN-FIELDS. Written by Mr. GAY. To which is Added, the MUSICK Engrav'd on COPPER-PLATES. London, John Watts, 1728. FIRST EDITION. 8vo, contemporary calf, neatly rebacked, VERY FINE COPY. £52 10s

Actors to "Beggar's Opera "-Hippesley, Hall, Walker, Clark, H. Bullock, Houghton, Smith, Lacy, Pit, Eaton, Spiller, Morgan, Chapman Milward, Mrs. Martin, Miss Fenton, Mrs. Egleton, Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Holiday, Mrs. Lacy, Mrs. Rice, Mrs. Rogers, Mrs. Clarke, Mrs. Morgan, Mrs. Palin, Mrs. Sallee.

The First Edition of this renowned play is exceedingly rare.



The first idea of the famous Beggar's Opera was Swift's, and connects itself with the old warfare against Ambrose Phillips. I believe," says Swift, in a letter to Pope of August 30, 1716, " that the pastoral ridicule is not exhausted, and that a porter, footman, or chairman's pastoral might do well. Or what think you of a Newgate pastoral ?" Gay has essayed, upon another hint in this letter; a Quaker eclogue, which is to be found in vol. ii. of the "Poems" of 1720: but for the Newgate pastoral he had substituted a lyrical drama, which was now completed. Spence ("Anecdotes," ed. Singer, p. 120) says that Swift did not like the variation, and neither he nor Pope thought it would succeed, while Congreve and the Duke of Queensbury seem to have agreed in predicting that it would be either a great success or a great failure (Pope, "Corr.," ii., 111). It was produced on January 29, 1728, at Lincoln's Inn Fields, and made its author's name a household word. In a note to the "Dunciad," Pope (or Pope's annotator) summarizes its subsequent history: "It was acted in London sixty three days (Genest say sixty-two days) and renew'd the next season with equal applauses. It spread into all the great towns of England, was play'd in many places to the thirtieth and fortieth time, at Bath and Bristol fifty, etc. It made its progress into Wales, Ireland, and Scotland, where it was performed twenty-four days together. It was lastly acted in Minorca. The fame of it was not confin'd to the author only; the Ladies carry'd about with 'em the favourite Songs of it in Fans; and houses were furnish'd with it in Screens. The person who acted Polly, till then obscure, became all at once the favourite of the town; her Pictures were engraved and sold in great numbers; her Life written; books of Letters and Verses to her publish'd; and pamphlets made even of her Sayings and Jests" (Pope, Works, 1735, vol. ii., pp. 161-162).



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Another. The Eleventh Edition. Printed and sold by the Booksellers in Town and Country. N.D. c. 1750. 12mo, corner of title page defective, sewn.

10s 6d

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