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Another Copy. (1718). Folio, BROADSIDE, with rough ENGRAVINGS, SHOP COLOURED, and which are lettered A to K with letterpress explanation below. £1 1s


12578 A Copy of the Last Will and Testament of Thomas Guy, Esq. Printed in the Year 1732. 8vo, old calf.

10s 6d



The first part.
-Carmina non prius

Audita, Musarum sacerdos


Printed by Anne Griffin for William Cooke,
and are to bee sold at his shop neare
Furnivals Inne gate in Holburne.


CASTARA, The Second Part. Ib. 1634. FIRST EDITION. Sm. 4to, old boards, FINE COPY OF THIS RARE BOOK, preserved in cloth £90


AN EXCEEDINGLY SCARCE BOOK, DESCRIBED BY DR. BLISS AS THE RAREST VOLUME OF POEMS of the period, and it is enumerated by John Payne Collier in his "Rarest Books in the English Language.' There was no copy in the Bibliotheca Anglo-Poetica.


On page 52 is found an interesting SHAKESPEARE allusion: "Of this wine should Prynne

Drink but a plenteous glasse he would beginne
A health to Shakespeare's ghost."

H (S.).

12579 Do no Right, Take no Wrong, Keep what you have, Get what you can, OR, THE WAY OF THE WORLD DISPLAYD; IN SEVERAL PROFITABLE ESSAYS, Serious and Comical: Discovering: I. The Treachery of False-Friends. II. The Tricks and Cheats usutlly impos'd on the Unthinking and Ignorant, by the Town-Sharpers. III. THE DECEITS US'D IN PARTICULAR TRADES AND PROFESSIONS. The whole intermixt with pleasant Relations, Comical Descriptions, and Satyrical Characters; being very Delightful and Instructive, for the Diversion of the Wise, and the Information of the Otherwise. By S. H. Misodolus. Robert Gifford, in Old-Bedlam, 1711. Woodcut front. in compartments. 12mo, sprinkled calf, gilt. £8 8s

Preface (7 pp.).

Part III contains: Deceits us'd in particular Trades and Professions. (The Characters of) An Ale Draper, or Victualler; A Scrivener; A Taylor; A Baker; A Bricklayer; A Pawn-broker; A Sergeant or Bailiff; His follower; Of a Prison; An importunate Dun; A Stock-Jobber; A Surgeon; An Attorney, Solicitor, or Pettifogging Lawyer; A Vintner; A TOBACCONIST; A Player; A Courtier; An Upstart Sheriff, or a Country Justice; The Master of a Ship; The Master of an Inn; The Drawer, or Tapster; The Chamberlain; The Hostler.

H. (T.).

12580 An Elegy upon the Death of the late Earl Granville, who died the 2d of Jan., 1763, in the 73d Year of his Age. W. Prat, 1767. FIRST EDITION, folio, 6 pp.,



To the Reader (1 p.).

H. (W.).

12581 Thura Britannica.

A CONGRATULATORY POEM to Her Secred Majesty Queen Anne, and the Whole Realm, for the Late Signal and Happy Success of Her Majesty's Forces both by Sea and Land. By W. H. Benį. Tooke, 1702. Folio, 11 pp., sewn. 10s 6d


12582 Touch and Take: or, The Head-Dressers, and Sempstresses Coat of Arms. REPRESENTING THE GREAT MODESTY AND VIRTUE OF THE AGE. THE WANTON HEAD-DRESSERS COAT OF ARMES. Printed and Sold by J. Morphew, near Stationers-Hall, 1708. Folio, BROADSIDE (13 in. by 83 in.), WITH ENGRAVING (7 in by 7 in.), shaved at top, representing the Hair-Dresser and Sempstress, with scenes from the life of the former (shop coloured), and two columns of letter-press verse beneath. £1 1s

HALL (JOSEPH, Bp. of Exeter).

12583 Christian Moderation. In Two Books. BY JOS. EXON. Miles Flesher, 1640. FIRST EDITION. 8vo, contemporary morocco, gilt paned sides. £5 5s

Dedication To all Christian People, Contents, etc. (9 pp.).


12584 The Chief of St. Athans; AND WORDS TO WELSH MELODIES: with other POEMS. By WILLIAM HALL. W. Simpkin and R. Marshall, 1822. FIRST EDITION. 8vo, half calf.

10s 6d


12585 The Harrowing of Hell, A MIRACLE-PLAY. Written in the Reign of Edward II, Now first published from the original Manuscript in the British Museum, with an Introduction, Translation, and Notes by JAMES ORCHARD HALLIWELL. J. R. Smith, 1840. 8vo, half cloth cover.



12586 David Rizzio. A SERIOUS OPERA in Three Acts, founded upon Scottish History. By Col. RALPH HAMILTON, of Olivestob, North Britain. As performed at The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. J. Lowndes, 1820. FIRST EDITION, 8vo,



Dedication, Preface, Dramatis Personæ (5 pp.). Scene, Edinburgh.


12586a Poems on Several Occasions. Glasgow: Robert & Andrew Foulis, 1748. FIRST EDITION. 12mo, original calf. £8 8s EXCESSIVELY RARE EDITION, SURREPTITIOUSLY PRINTED, AND ANTE DATING THE ONE HITHERTO RECORDED AS THE EARLIEST FORM OF THE COLLECTED POEMS. Hamilton's reputation was enhanced by the value which both Sir Walter Scott and Wordsworth gave to some of his poems and ballads, and all the early editions are very scarce.

For SHAKESPEARE matter see pp. 110-111, A Soliloquy in imitation of Hamlet.


12587 Love Elegies. WRITTEN IN THE YEAR 1732. Virginibus Puerisque, Canto. The Fourth Edition. G. Hawkins, 1757. 4to, sewn.



the present age.

12588 The Life, Adventures, and Opinions of Col. George Hanger. WRITTEN BY HIMSELF. To which is added, Advise to the Prelates and Legislators, how to correct the immorality and Jacobinism of Advise to the Lovely Cyprians and to the Fair Sex in general. Of Matrimony Compulsive Wedlock, and on Polygamy. On the Misery of Female Prostitution. The History of the Lovely Ægyptia, . . . The Author's Marriage with her, and her Cruel Infidelity and Elopement with a Travelling Tinker: And a History of the King's Bench Prison. J. Debrett, 1801. FIRST EDITION. 2 vols., 8vo, original boards, UNCUT. A BEAUTIFUL COPY. £5 5s

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HARE (FRANCIS, Bp. of Chichester,) &c., &c.

12589 The Management of the War. IN A LETTER TO A TORYMEMBER. A. Baldwin, 1711.-Do. . . IN A SECOND LETTER. Ib.. 1711.-THIRD AND FOURTH LETTERS, ENTITLED: THE NEGOTIATIONS FOR A TREATY OF PEACE. Ib., 1711.-FAULTS ON BOTH SIDES: or, An Essay upon The Original Cause, Progress, & Mischievous Consequences of the Factions in this Nation. By way of Answer to the THOUGHTS OF AN HONEST TORY. The Second Edition. Printed and sold by the Booksellers, 1710. THE THIRTEENTH CHAPTER TO THE ROMANS, Vindicated from the Abusive Senses put upon it. Written BY A CURATE OF SALOP; And directed to the Clergy of that County, and the Neighbouring Ones of NORTH-WALES; To whom the Author wisheth Patience, Moderation, and a Good Understanding, for Half an Hour. A. Baldwin, 1710.— THE THOUGHTS OF AN HONEST TORY, upon the Present Proceedings of that Party. In a Letter to a Friend in Town. Ib., 1710. In 1 vol., Svo, contemporary panelled calf. £1 10s


12589a A Dramatick Entertainment call'd Harlequin Merlin: OR THE BRITISH ENCHANTER. . . . at the Theatre in Dublin. The Vocal Musick Compos'd by DOCTOR HEIGHINGTON. To which is prefixed A BRIEF DISCOURSE ON PANTO-MIMICKS IN GENERAL. Dublin, Printed and Sold by Pressick Rider. (Price a British Six-Pence.) (c. 1730). FIRST EDITION. 8vo, sewn, VERY RARE. £2 2s Unknown to Biographers.

HARLEY (ROBERT, First Earl of Oxford).

12591 A Description of that Barbarous Action of Monsieur Guiscard in the Stabing of Mr. Harley at the Council Chamber, March ye 8, 1711. BROADSIDE ENGRAVING (12 in. by 71⁄2 in.), representing the above incident, with engraved verse beneath.-The French Assassin

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HARLEY (ROBERT, First Earl of Oxford).

Guiscard, with the Emblems of Popery and Faction. (Two parts). No name or place. (1711.) TWO BROADSIDE ENGRAVINGS (12 in. by 8 in.), containing figures of Robert Harley, at each side Popery, and the Dissembler and Murderer, with different engraved poem beneath each part. THREE BROADSIDES, together, sewn. £2 10s

12592 The Poet Horace turn'd Prophet; OR, THE APPLICATION OF SEVERAL WONDERFUL AND STRANGE VERSES OF THAT INCOMPARABLE POET, containing a Description of the horrid Designs of Guiscard against Britain, with many Surprising Particulars, &c. To which is added, A SHORT ACCOUNT OF THE ANCIENT NOBILITY AND GREAT ELEVATION OF THE FAMILY OF THE HARLEYS IN FRANCE, who came originally out of England, and are Descended from a Younger Brother of the Ancestors of the ENGLISH HARLEYS. J. Morphew (1711), 3 pp., BROADSHEET. £1 1s


12593 The Art of Law-Giving. In III. Books. THE FIRST, Shewing the Foundations and Superstructures of all the kinds of Government. The SECOND, Shewing the Frames of the Commonwealths of Israel and of the Jewes. The THIRD, SHEWING A MODEL FITTED UNTO THE PRESENT STATE, OR BALANCE OF THIS NATION. To which is added an Appendix CONCERNING AN HOUSE OF PEERS. By J. Harrington. J. C. for Henry Fletcher, 1659. FIRST EDITION. 12mo, old half calf. £3 13s 6d 12594 The Censure of the Rota upon Mr. Milton's Book, ENTITULED, THE READY AND EASIE WAY TO ESTABLISH A FREE COMMON-WEALTH. Paul Giddy, Printer to the Rota, 1660. FIRST EDITION. Small 4to, sewn, UNCUT, last blank margin mended, RARE. £6 6s 12594a The Commonwealth of Oceana. London: Printed for J. Streater, and are to be sold at his shop at the Crown in Pope's-Head Ally, 1656. FIRST EDITION. Sm. folio, old calf, rebacked. £8 8s

The First Edition of (according to Hume) "the only valuable model of a Common_ wealth that has yet been offered to the public."



The Oceana was long famous, Its main principle is that power depends upon the balance of property, and normally of landed property. His scheme is expounded in an imaginary history of Oceana (England), in which Olphaus Megaletor (Oliver Cromwell) founds a new constitution. An "agrarian" limits landed estates to a value of £3,000 a year. The senate proposes laws, which are voted upon by the people, and the magistracy execute them. Elaborate systems of rotation and balloting are worked out in detail, and the permanence of the system is secured by the equilibrium of all interests. His republic is a moderate aristocracy. Machiavelli is his great authority, and Venice (as with many of his contemporaries) his great model.

Toland gives us the story that the manuscript of "Oceana was seized by Cromwell, and restored only through the intercession of Mrs. Claypole, whom Harrington had playfully threatened with stealing her child unless her father would restore it.

A smart controversy followed the publication, and led to the issue of several tracts by Harrington.

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12595 An Essay Upon two of Virgil's Eclogues, AND TWO BOOKS OF HIS ÆNEIS. (If this be not enough) Towards the Translation of the whole. By JAMES HARRINGTON. Printed by T.C. for Thomas Brewster, 1658. FIRST EDITION. 8vo, brown calf by Riviere and Son, £12 12s


Epistle to the Reader, Poems (4 pp.).




Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth.
Translated by



Printed by J. Cottrel, for Henry Fletcher, at the three
Gilt Cups in Paul's Church-yard. 1659.
FIRST EDITION. 8vo, original calf, RARE.
To the Reader, The Translator to the Author (4 pp.).


12596 The Rota, or, A Model of a Free-State, OR EQUALL COMMONWEALTH. Once proposed and debated in brief, and to be again more at large proposed to, and debated by a free and open Society of ingenious Gentlemen. John Starkey, 1660. FIRST ÉDITION. Small 4to, sewn. £8 8s


12596b Deaths Advantage Little Regarded, AND THE SOULES SOLACE AGAINST SORROW. Preached in two funerall Sermons at CHILDWAL IN LANCASHIRE, at the buriall of MISTRIS KATHERIN BRETTERCH, the third of June, 1601. The one by WILLIAM HARRISON, one of the Preachers appointed by her Majestie for the COUNTY PALATINE OF LANCASTER, the other by WILLIAM LEYGH, Bachelor of Divinity, and PASTOR OF STANDISH. Whereunto is annexed, THE CHRISTIAN LIFE AND GODLY DEATH OF THE SAID GENTLEWOMAN. The Second Edition, corrected and amended. Felix Kyngston, 1612. FIRST EDITION.The Drumme of Devotion, STRIKING OUT AN ALARM TO TO PRAYER, by signes in Heaven, and Prodigies on Earth. Together with the Perfume of Prayer. In Two Sermons, Preached by WILLIAM LEIGH, Bachelor in Divinitie, and Pastor of Standish in Lancashire. Tho. Creede for Arthur Johnson, 1613. FIRST EDITION. Together in one vol., 8vo, one page defective, contemporary morocco, paned sides. £3 13s 6d

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