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About a bonnet, 242.

I. concluded, The Palimpsest, 7394
Aden, town of, 206.

Levana and our Ladies of Sorrow, 743
Advice to an author, on the novel and - The apparition of the Brocken, 747
the drama, 679.

-Finale to Part I., Savannah-la-Mar,
Æsthetics of dress :- A case of hats, 51 750.

No. II. about a bonnet, 242_No. Critics, the British-see British.
III. the cut of a coat and the good Cuba, insurrection in, 605.
of a gown, 608_No. IV. minor mat- Cut of a coat, the, 608.
ters, 731.

Dance of death, from Goethe, 167.
Affliction of childhood, the, by the Eng- Dante, characteristics of, 2, 9.
lish Opium-Eater, 274.

Death trance, from Goethe, 177.
Agriculture, Practical, 298.

Delta, stanzas written after the funeral
Almaden, the quicksilver mines of, 186. of Sir David Milne, by, 766.
Anacreon's grave, from Goethe, 175. Desert, journey across the, 204.
Apparition of the Brocken, the, by the Draining land, on, 299.
English Opium-Eater, 747.

Drama and the novel, the, 679.
Ariosto, remarks on, 404.

Dress, æsthetics of, a case of hats, 51
Arnold's history of Rome, vol. iii., re- No. II. about a bonnet, 242_No. III.
view of, 752.

The cut of a coat and the good of a
Betham's Etruria Celtica, review of, 474.

gown, 608.
Blind girl, to a, 98.

Dryden as a critic, 133, 369, 503—as a
Bonnet, about a, 242.

translator,511-on Chaucer, 617,771.
Book of the Farm, review of, 298. Dumas, M., the three guardsmen by, 59.
Borodino, an ode, 30.

Egypt, sketches of, 286.
Bravo, character of, 601.

Englishwoman in Egypt, the, 286.
Breeze, the, from Goethe, 173.

Etruria Celtica, review of, 474.
British critics, North's specimens of, Etudes des Sciences Sociales, review
No. I. Dryden, 133—No. II. Dryden

of, 529.
and Pope, 369_No. III. Dryden, 503 Evening, from Goethe, 173.

- No. IV. Dryden on Chaucer, 617— Exculpation, from Goethe, 179.
No. V. the same, concluded, 771. Fairest flower, the, from Goethe, 168.
British history during the eighteenth Fasti of Ovid, translation from the, 94.
century, 353.

Forced sale, the, 99—Chap. II., 103
Brothers, the, from Goethe, 176.

Chap. III, 107—Chap. IV., 11l.
Cairo, town of, 210.

France, state of manners, &c., in, before
Calm at sea, the, from Goethe, 173. the Revolution, 705.
Campagna of Rome, the, 546.

George III., review of Walpole's me-
Case of hats, a, 51.

moirs of, 353.
Cattaro, sketches of, 34.


Cavalier's choice, from Goethe, 174. Viceroy and the Aristocracy, or
Cennino Cennini on painting, 717.

Mexico in 1812_Part I., Introduc-
Cervantes, remarks on, 8.

tion, 251-Chap. I., 257_Chap. XI,
Ceylon, sketch of, 204.

262—Part II., 331-Chap. XVIII.,
Chapman's Homer, remarks on, 381. 333—Chap. XIX., 340_Chap. XX.,
Chaucer, Dryden on, 617, 771.

345—Chap., XXIII., 349—Part III.,
Chosen rock, the, from Goethe, 177. 561-Chap. XLI.,572—Chap. XLII.,
Coleridge and opium-eating, 117.

Comfort in tears, from Goethe, 170. Gillman's life of Coleridge, strictures
Confessions of an English Opium-eater,

a sequel to. Introductory notice, 269 Glance at the Peninsula, 595.
--Part I. The affliction of childhood, Goethe-ree Poems.
274.-Part I. continued, 489.--Part Good of a gown, the, 608.


on, 117.

Grant to Maynooth, the, 647.

O'Donnell, governor of Cuba, 605.
Hannibal, 752.

Opium-Eater, a sequel to the confes-
Hats, a case of, 51.

sions of the, introductory notice, 269
History, on translating, 507.

_Part I. The affliction of childhood,
Holy family, the, from Goethe, 178. 274_Part I. continued, 489-con-
Homer, on the translation of, 507. cluded; the Palimpsest, 739—Levana
Homer, Dante, and Michael Angelo, 1. and our Ladies of Sorrow, 743—the
Homeward bound, 18.

apparition of the Brocken,747—Finale
Hood, Thomas, stanzas to the memory to Part I., Savannah-la-Mar, 750.
of, by B. Simmons, 768.

Overland passage, the, 204.
Husbandman, the, from Goethe, 175. Ovid's Fasti, translation from, 94.
Isabel, Queen of Spain, character of Painting, Cennino Cennini on, 717.

Park, the, from Goethe, 178.
Janus, from the Fasti of Ovid, 94. Parting precepts, by B. Simmons, 114.
J. D. To a Blind Girl, by, 98-Stan- Pauperism, increase of, 531.
zas by, 314.

Peel, E. Borodino, an ode by, 30.
Juvenal, remarks on, 516.

Peninsula, a glance at the, 595.
King in Thule, the, from Goethe, 166. Perfect bliss, from Goethe, 176.
Lebrun's Lawsuit, 705.

Philomela, from Goethe, 177.
Leon, General, 606.

Phæbus and Hermes, from Goethe, 179.
Letters of the Dead, by B. Simmons, Ping-Kee's view of the stage, 415.

Poems and ballads of Goethe, No. III.
Levana and our Ladies of Sorrow, by the The waterman, 165 — the king in
English Opium-Eater, 743.

Thule, 166—the dance of death, 167
Lopez, character of, 601.

- the fairest flower, 168—-sorrow
Love's Hour-Glass, from Goethe, 176. without consolation, 170—-comfort in
Lucretius, remarks on, 517.

tears, ib.—to a golden heart, 171–
Malmesbury's Diary and Correspon- welcome and departure, 172—even-
dence, review of, 315.

ing, 173—a calm at sea, ib.—the
Nalta, 215.

breeze, ib.- the cavalier's choice,
Marriage unequal, from Goethe, 178. 174—retribution, 175-poems after
Marston; or, Memoirs of a Statesman the manner of the antique; the bus-

- Part XV., 75— Part XVI., 461- bandman, ib.—Anacreon's grave, ib.
Part XVII., 679.

—the brothers, 176—Love's hour-
Matanzas, insurrection at, 605.

glass, ib.—warning, ib.-solitude, ib.
Maynooth, 647.

- perfect bliss, ib.—the chosen rock,
Merrifield, Mrs, translation of Cennino 177— the death - trance, ib.— Philo-
Cennini on Painting, by, 717.

mela, ib.—-sacred ground, ib.the
Mesmerism, 219.

park, 178—the teachers, ib.-mar-
Mexico in 1812-Part I., 251-Part riage unequal, ib.- holy family, ib.-
II., 331_Part III., 561.

exculpation, 179—the muses' mirror,
Michael Angelo, 1, 15.

ib.—Phæbus and Hermes, ib.--a new
Jidnight Watch, the-Chap. I., 424— love, ib.--the wreaths, 180— the Swiss

Chap. II., 431–Chap. III., 439– Alp, ib.
Chap. IV., 444.

Poetry :-Borodino, an ode, by E. Peel,
Niine, Sir David, stanzas written after 30-Janus, from the Fasti of Ovid,
the funeral of, by Delta, 766.

94—to a blind girl, 98—Vanities in
Milton, critiques on, 5, 503.

verse, by B. Simmons, 114_the
Modern Political Economy, remarks on, tower of London, by Thomas Ros-

coe, 158—the poems and ballads of
Mohammed Ali, 215.

Goethe, No. Ill. 165– stanzas by
Montenegro, a ramble in, 33.

J. D., 314- stanzas written after the
Muse's mirror, from Goethe, 179.

fnneral of Sir David Milne, by Delta,
Jly first spec in the Biggleswades, 549. 766-stanzas to the memory of Tho-
Narvaez, character of, 599.

mas Hood, by B. Simmons, 768.
New love, from Goethe, 179.

Poetry, on the translation of, 507.
North's Specimens of the British Critics, Political economy, remarks on modern,

No. I., Dryden, 133—No. II., Dryden 529.
and Pope, 369_No. III., Dryden, Pompeii, 218.
503— No. IV, Dryden on Chaucer, Poole’s Englishwoman in Egypt, review
617—the same, concluded, 771.

of, 286.
Novel and the Drama, the, 679.

Pope, critique on, 369.

on, 411.

Practical agriculture, 298.

Sorrow without consolation, frea
Pushkin, the Russian poet, No. I., by Goethe, 170.
Thomas B. Shaw, 657.

Spain as it is, 181–present condition of,
Race, the, a Red River recollection, 21. 595.
Ragusa, sketch of, 41.

Stage, Ping-Kee's view of the, 415.
Ramble in Montenegro, a, 33.

Stag-hunt, the, a Red-River recollection,
Raphael, characteristics of, 17-critique 21.

Stanzas to the memory of Sir Darid
Rector's daughter, the, Chap. I., 580— Milne, by Delta, 766—of Thomas

Chap. II., 582_Chap. ill., 585- Hood, by B. Simmons, 768.
Chap. IV., 588—Chap. V., 590— Stephens' book of the farm, reries of,

Chap. VI., 592—Chap. VII., 593. 298.
Red River recollections, Chap. I., home- Superfluities of life, the, a tale from

ward bound, 18—Chap. II., the race, Tieck, Chap. I., 194–Chap. II., 195.

21-Chap. III., the stag-hunt, 26. Suspiria de profundis ; being a sequel
Red Sea, navigation of the, 208.

to the confessions of an English
Retribution, from Goethe, 175.

Opium-Eater. Introductory notice,
Revelations of Spain, by an English re- 269_Part I., the affliction of child.
sident, review of, 595.

hood, 274—Part I. continued, 189-
Reviews :-Gillman's life of Coleridge, Part I. concluded, the Palimpsest,

117--Widdrington's Spain and the 739—Levana and our Ladies of Sor-
Spaniards, 181 – Griffith's journey row, 743—the apparition of the
across the desert, 204— Townsend's Brocken, 747-Finale to Part I., Sa.
facts in mesmerism, 219~Mrs Poole's vannah-la-Mar, 750.
Englishwoman in Egypt, 286-Ste- Swiss Alp, the, from Goethe, 180.
phens' book of the farm, 298–Lord Tasso, critique on, 405.
Malmesbury's diaries and correspon- Teachers, the, from Goethe, 178.
dence, 315_Walpole's memoirs of Three guardsmen, the, 59.
the reign of George III., 353—Ves- Tieck, the superfluities of life by, Chap.
tiges of the natural history of crea- I., 194–Chap. II., 198.
tion, 448—Betham's Etruria Celtica, To a blind girl, 98.
474- Sismondi's études des sciences To a golden heart, from Goethe, 170.
sociales, 529—Revelations of Spain, To Livia, by B. Simmons, 114.
by an English resident, 595–Cen- Tower of London, the, by Thomas
nino Cennini on painting, 717-Ar. Roscoe, Part I., 158– Part II., 161.

nold's history of Rome, vol. iii., 752. Townsend's facts in mesmerism, review
Revolution, effects of the, 355.

of, 219.
Reynolds, Sir Joshua, 16.

Translation, remarks on, 507.
Rome, causes of the decline of, 546. Vanities in verse, by B. Simmons-Let.
Roscoe, Thomas, the tower of London, ters of the dead, 114—parting pre-

by, Part I., 158_Part II., 161.
Sacred ground, from Goethe, 177. Vestiges of the natural history of crea-
Savannah-la-Mar, by the English

tion, review of, 448.
Opium-Eater, 750.

Viceroy and the aristocracy, or Mexico
Scott, Sir Walter, critique on, 8.

in 1812-Part I., 251– Part II., 331
Settled at last, or Red River recollec- - Part III., 561.

tions; Chap. I., homeward bound, 18 Virgil, remarks on Dryden's transla-
-Chap. II., the race, 21-Chap. III., tion of, 520.
the stag-hunt, 26.

Virgil, Tasso, and Raphael, 401.
Shaw, Thomas B., sketch of the life of Walpole's memoirs of the reign of
Pushkin, by, 657.

George III., review of, 353.
Simmons, B., vanities in verse by-let- Warning, the, from Goethe, 176.

ters of the dead, 114—parting pre- Waterman, the, from Goethe, 165.
cepts, 115--stanzas to the memory of Welcome and departure, from Goethe,
Thomas Hood, by, 768.

Sismondi, 529.

Widdrington's Spain and the Spaniards,
Slavery in the Spanish colonies, 605. review of, 181.
Solitude, from Goethe, 176.

Wreaths, the, from Goethe, 180.

cepts, 115.

Edinburgh : Printed by Ballantyne and Hughes, Paul's Work.

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