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anciens, par le Grand. Par. 1781.


The edition, Par. 1781. 12°. 5 vols. is enlarged with a diss. sur les troubadours, and a table générale. The dissertat. is also printed by itself in 8°. as an appendage to the first edition.-Le Grand d'Aussy edited the work only from the extracts of the marquis de Paulmy and Sainte Palaye, and without having the original before him, and has consequently often fallen into gross mistakes; see Notices et extraits, T. IX. P. II. p. 6. note I. 7255 Erzählungen aus dem 12n bis 13n Jahrh., mit hist. u. krit. Anmerkk. aus dem Franz. (von Sm. Cp. Abr. Lütkemüller). Halle, Ruff, 1795-97. 8°. 4 voll. (3 d. 6 gr.) 7256 fabliaux or tales abridged from French manuscripts by le Grand. Selected and transl. into English verse by Gr. L. Way, with a preface, notes, and appendix by G. Ellis. New Ed. Lond., Shakspeare-press, 1800. 8°. 2 vols. with woodcuts.

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The finest edition, but scarce. Reprinted, Lond. 1815. 8°. 3 vols. with woodcuts (11. IIS. 6d.).

FABLIAUX, see BARBAZAN. 7257 FABRE. Essai sur la manière la plus avantageuse de construire les machines hydrauliques, et en particulier les moulins à blé. Par. 1783. large 4°. with plates (15 fr.). In German by A. F. Lüdicke. Lpz. 1785. large 8°. (2 d.)


7258 - essai sur la théorie des torrens et des rivières, à l'usage des ingénieurs. Par., an 5 (1797). large 4°. with plates (14 fr.).



traité complet sur la théorie et la prâtique du nivellement. Draguignan et Par. 1812. large 4°. with plates. 7260 FABRETTI, Rph. De aquis et aquæductib. veteris Romæ dissertatt. III. Romæ, 1680. 4°. with plates.

Also in Thesaur. ant. Rom. IV. 1677, etc.-Ed. II. notis aucta. Roma, 1788. 4°. (2 scudi.) 7261 de columna Trajani syntagma. Romæ, 1683 or 90. fol.

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7263 FABRI, Dm. (anon.) Lettere familiari d'alcuni Bolognesi del nostro secolo. Bol. 1744. 8°. 2 voll. Also, Ven. 1745. 8°. 2 vols. 7264 FABRI, Girol. Memorie di Ravenna antica. Ven. 1664. 4°. 2 voll. Effemeride di Ravenna antica. Ravenna, 1675. 4°. Ravenna ricercata. Bol. 1678. 8°. 7265 FABRICA, J. de. Tractatus super declaratione indulgentiarum concessar. pro animabus in purgatorio. Without place or date. fol. Gothic letter.

8 leaves with 43 lines, without signatures, catchwords, and pagination. Dibdin in Bibl. Spenc. III. 317, has proved that it is from Fust and Schöffer's, not Mentelin's press.

FABRICA linguæ arab., see GER


7266 FABRICIUS ab Aquapendente, Hi. Opera chirurgica. LB. Opera 1723. fol. with plates. omnia anatomica et physiologica, c. præf. Bn. Siegfr. Albini. LB. 1737. fol. with plates.

7267a FABRICIUS, G. Rerum Germaniæ memorabilium mirabiliumque volumagnæ et Saxoniæ universæ mina duo, studio Jac. Fabricii, acc. rer. Misnicar. libri VII. Lps. 1609. fol.

7267b- originum Saxoniæ libri VII. Jen. 1597 (new title, 1598.). fol. Therein, N. Reusneri icones imperatorum, etc. ib. 1597. El. Reusneri genealogia stemmatis Witilibri VII. ib. 1597. fol. chind. ib. 1597. Fabricii rer. Misn.

Different from the preceding work. 72670- Saxoniæ illustratæ libri IX curav. Jac. Fabricius. Lps. 1606. (new title, 1607). fol.

It is a new title to the Origines, but without the appendages, and on that account enlarged with two books, and continued to

1606. See also POETÆ.

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7268 FABRICIUS, J. Historia bibliothecæ Fabricianæ, qua singuli ejus libri eorumque contenta, variæ editiones etc., auctorum errores et vitæ doctorumque viror. judicia recensentur. Wolfenb. 1718-24. 4°. 6 voll.

This work, an industrious performance, contains rather scientific than bibliographical reviews of 916 books (without reckoning those bound up with them), of which certainly almost the half consists of antiquated theological works. It was formerly transcribed with eagerness, and even now may be profitably used by any one who is not a mere material bibliographer. The arrangement is according to the sizes. Folio commences; Quarto follows, T. III. p. 323; and Octavo, T. VI. p. 144. Two vols. remaining in MS. have not appeared. 7269 FABRICIUS, J. Alb. Bibliotheca græca s. notitia scriptor. vett. græcor., quorumcunque monumenta integra aut fragmenta edita extant. Ed. III. Hmb. 1718-28. 4°. 14 voll.

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A combination of knowledge of things and of literature, which since that time has scarcely appeared again, an immense acquaintance with books, and a multifariousness not satisfied with the mere object which he is discussing, are the character of all the works of this learned man, who was an honour to his country. On account of the mass and fulness of the notices, often given incidentally and not always in correct order, they can be used under continually fresh points of view, and even on account of this inexhaustibleness they are deserving of the most careful study of every one. 7270

Ed. IV. curante Thph. Cp. Harles. Hmb., Bohn, 17901809. large 4°. 12 vols. (68 d. 16 gr., on writing paper 92 d. 16 gr.)

Harles has shewn, in the composition of this edition, which is enlarged to about half, extraordinary industry, yet but little judgment; consult the solid review of the 2nd vol. in the Allg. litt. Anz. 1796, No. 40 -45. It requires to be thoroughly digested, is deficient in arrangement and accuracy, much that is incorrect is copied from the commonest sources, and an unnecessary prolixity prevails throughout. My own experience has taught me, that the bibliographical part especially, as far as it belongs to Harles, is full of mistakes, and is very little to be depended upon. It is not yet finished. The

French are desirous, that those Greek works which were edited for the first time in the earlier edition, and which have not since that time been printed, should again be furnished. (Renouard Catal. IV. 208). 7271 bibliotheca latina. Ed. V. Hmb. 1721–22. 8°. 3 voll.

Containing much that is wanting in the following edition. In addition, Conflantis a Ferris (Bn. H. Reinoldi, according to others... Schmelzeisen) ep. ad Sincerum amicum continens monita quædam ad Fabricii supplementa bibl. lat. libri IV. c. IX. Traj. ad Rhen. 1722. 4°. 7272 bibliotheca latina nunc melius delecta, rectius digesta et aucta diligentia J. A. Ernesti. Lps., Weidmann, 1773-74. large 8°. 3 voll. (3 d. 16 gr., on writing paper 4 d. 16 gr.)

The superintendence of this new edition was at the commencement undertaken by Cp. Saxe, who was hindered in it by his promotion in Holland, and often shews his dissatisfaction with Ernesti's performance in the Onomasticon. Mercier de St. Léger has also written on the title of his copy: Editio castrata, interpolata floccique faccienda; in illa tamen extant additiones alicujus momenti (Millin Magas. encycl. 1815. VI. 276). In fact Ernesti has allowed himself in omissions and contractions, which are not compensated by his additions. The book is also very incorrectly printed, and the indices are wanting. Beck, counsellor and knight, has promised to give a 4th volume. It were desirable that he would be pleased to give instead a new edition of the entire work.

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7274 bibliographia antiquaria. Ed. III. cura et op. P. Schafshausen. Hmb., Bohn, 1760. 4°. (2 d. 14 gr.)

The index of matters might be more complete. A new edition of this book is also of urgent necessity.

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7278 salutaris lux evangelii s. notitia historico-chronologica, literaria et geographica propagatorum per orbem totum Christianor. sacrorum. Hmb. 1731. 4o•

The interest of both these works is not perhaps confined to the theologian. 7279 bibliotheca ecclesiastica, in qua continentur de scriptorib. ecclesiasticis Hieronymus, Gennadius, Isidorus, Ildephonsus, Honorius, Sigebertus Gemblac. etc. Hmb. 1718. fol.

A new collection, and the most complete one of this kind; owing to which, Aub. Mirai bibl. eccl. Antw. 1639-49. fol. 2 vols. may be dispensed with.

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7281 - opusculor. historico-criticoliterarior. sylloge. Hmb. 1738. 4°. 7282 bibliotheca P. I-III. Hmb. 1738-39. 8°. 3 vols. with the por

trait of Fabricius. P. IV. Manuscripta. ib. 1741. 8°.

The 4th vol. is scarce. This fortunate individual had a library of 29,321 printed books, and 440 MSS., which last were purchased for the University library of Copenhagen. The catalogue is well arranged, and is still useful.

7283 FABRICIUS, J. Ch. Entomologia systematica. Havn. 1792-94. 8°. 4 parts in 6 vols. (10 d.) Index alphabet. ib. 1796. 8°. (14 gr.) Supplementum. ib. 1798. 8°. (1 d.

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7286 FABRICIUS, O. Fauna Grönlandica. Havn. 1780. 8°. with plates (1 d. 6 gr.). 7287 FÀBRICY, Gu. Des titres primitifs de la révélation ou considérations crit. sur la pureté et l'intégrité du texte original de l'anc. testament. Rome, 1772. 8°. 2 voll. 7288 de literaturæ Phoenicia fontibus. Romæ, 1803. large 8°. 2 vols. FABRITII, see CYNTHIO. 7289 FABRONI, Ang. Vitæ Italor. doctrina excellentium, qui seculis XVII. et XVIII. floruerunt. Pisis et Lucæ, 1778-1805. 8°. 20 voll. (120 paoli).

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Pisis, 1788-89. large 4°. 2 voll. vita magni Cosmi Medicei. (10 paolí).

7293 vita Leonis X. Pont. Max.

Pisis, 1797. 4°. (Ic paoli).


de vita et reb. gestis Clementis XII. Romæ, 1760. 4°. FABULÆ, see ÆSOPUS, No. 220. and HILDEBERTUS Turon.-incerti auctoris, see HOMERUS. FABULIST, the oriental, see GILCHRIST, No. 8508.

7295 FABYAN, Rb. The new chronicles of England and France. Lond., Rch. Pynson, 1516. fol. Gothic letter.

A copy of this edition in a good state of


preservation is one of the rarest of English books. Also, Lond. 1553, or 42, or 59. fol. 7296 reprinted from Pynson's edition of 1516; the first part collated with the edit. of 1533 and 1559, and the second with the MS. of the author's own time, with a biographical and literary preface by H. Ellis. Lond. 1811. 4°. (3l. 38.) 7297 FACCIOLATI, Jac. Oratt. X de optimis studiis. Patav. 1723. 8°. Oratt. XX et alia ad dicendi artem pertinentia. ib. 1752. 8°. Oratt. XXVIII. ib. 1767. 8°. Epistolæ. ib. 1765. 8°. Ortografia moderna italiana. Padova, 1727. 8°.

See also CALEPINUS, DANET, and FOR- 7303


7298 FACETIÆ facetiarum h. e. jocoserior. fasciculus. Ff. 1615. 12°.

Also, Pathopoli, 1645 or 47. 12°. With the title: Fasciculus novus. without place, 1657. 12°. FACEZIE, see ARLOTTO and DoMENICHI.

7299 FACETUS. Incipit liber Faceti de moribus juvenum docens, qui a Catone erant omissi, Sb. per Brant in vulgare noviter translatus (Latin and German). Ulmæ, J. Schäffler, 1497. 4°. 14 leaves.(Bas., Bergman de Olpe), 1499. 4°. 16 leaves.-Augustæ, Froschauer, 1501. 4°.-Nrb., Höltzel, 1503 also 1507. 4°. 12 leaves. Mogunt., Hewman, 1509. 4°. 10 leaves.Lps., Wfg. Monacens., 1513. 4°. 12 leaves. All in Gothic letter.

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Consult also Panzer's Latin Annals under Brant. An older German translation in verse of the year 1457 is in the Deutsch. Museum, 1788. p. 437 etc. The original see above under AUCTORES, No. 1348.

nem redacta. Lps., Weidmann,
1813. 8°. (2 d., on writing paper
2 d. 12 gr.)

7302 FAERNUS, Gbr. Fabulæ
centum ex antiquis auctoribus de-
lectæ et a Gbr. Faerno carminibus
explicata (a Sylvio Antoniano edi-
tæ). Romæ, Luchinus, 1564. 4°.
with plates.
The first edition and scarce.
The plates
are well designed (probably by Titian), but
badly engraved (probably on tin). Hi.
Largomarsini defends Faernus from the re-
proach of having borrowed his fables from
an old MS., see Parthenii comm. de vita
Lagomarsini. Ven. 1801. 8°. p. 69 and


7300 FACULTATES assistentium S. D. N. Julii III. Pont. Max. Romæ, 1551. 4°. 8 leaves.

Molini at Florence offered a copy on vellum for sale for 16 paoli.

7301 FÄHSE, Gf. Sylloge lectionum græcar., glossar., scholior. in tragicos græcos atque platonem ex codd. MSS. in biblioth. Paris. in ordi


Ant., Plant., 1567, or

73, or 85, or 1600. 12°. with wood


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large 4°.

Enlarged with the rest of the writings of Faernus, prized and only 300 copies struck off. With new additions, ib., id., 1730. 4°. 7305 fabulæ centum et ejusd. carmina varia (cura Ant. Agst. Renouard). Parmæ, Bodoni, 1793. 4°.

Fine and correct. According to the contract 100 copies were to have been struck off for Renouard and 10 for Bodoni, but Bodoni struck off so many for himself, that there are probably from 300 to 400 copies. There is one copy on vellum,

7306 fabulæ centum (lat.) cum gallica versione C. Perrault. Lond. 1743. 4°. with plates. Also on large paper.

Fine but incorrect. Another French translation, Par. 1805. 4°. with plates. Latin and Italian by Gi. Crisost. Trombelli, Ven. 1736. 8°. In English and French, Lond. 1741. 8°. 2 vols. 7307 FAGE, Raymond de la. Recueil de 123 pièces d'après ses dessins, grav. par Audrau, Simoneau etc. Par. 1689. large fol. 7308 FAGIUOLI, Gi. Bt. Rime piacevoli. Fir., 1729-34. 4°. 6 voll.

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At the end of the 6th vol. there ought to be Chiave e note di Ant. Mar. Bi

scioni of 60 pages. To which may also be joined, Rime piacevoli. Parte VII. postuma. Lucca, 1743. 4°. Lucca, 1733-34. 8°. 6 vols. is a reprint. 7309 commedie. Fir. 1736. 12°. 7 voll. or Ven. 1753. 12°. 7 voll. prose. Fir. 1737. 12°. or Roveredo, 1754. 12°. 7311 FAGIUS, P. Sententiæ veterum sapientum Hebræor., quas capitula aut apophthegmata patrum nominant, in lat. versæ notisque illustratæ. Isnæ, 1541. 4°.


Also in Surenhusii Mischna. T. IV, p. 407 etc.

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7314 FAJUZAT Meknatissia (i. e. de virtute et utilitate magnetis, turcice). Constantinop. 1144 (1731). small 4°.

7315 FALCO, Bd. de. De origine hebraicar., græcar. ac latinar. literarum, deque numeris omnibus. Neap. 1541. 4°.

7316 FALCONER, W. The shipwreck, a poem, with a life of the author by Jam. Stanier Clarke. Lond., Miller, 1804. 8°. with plates. Also on very large paper.

A fine edition, and scarce already. The

plates are finer than those in the edition, Lond. 1811. 8°. (128., on large paper l. 4s.) although those are very neat.-At first, Lond. 1762. 4°. Also, Lond. 1808. 8°. with woodcuts (8s., on large paper 16s.).

7317 poetical works with the life of the author. Lond., Cooke, without date. 12°. with 2 plates. 7322 FALCONER. Universal dic

tionary of the marine. Lond. 1780. 4°. with plates.

7318 FALCONET, Et. Œuvres contenant plusieurs écrits relatifs aux beaux arts. Lausanne, 1781. 8°. 6 voll.-Euvres diverses concernant les arts. Par. 1787. 8°.

3 voll. 7319 FALCONIA, Proba. Cento Virgilianus. Without place or date (Bas., Wensler and Biel, about 1475). fol. Gothic letter, 12 leaves with 30 lines, without signatures, catchwords, and pagination.

Also, Antw., Leeu, 1489. 4°. Gothic letter. Brixiæ, Misinta, 1496. 4°. (Par.), Alyate, 1499. 4°. Gothic letter. Lugd., St. de Basignana, 1516. 8°. At first in the Ausonius, Ven. 1472. fol.

7320 centones de fidei nostræ mysteriis e Maronis carminibus excerptum opusculum. Par., Calvarinus, 1550. 4.-Col. 1592. 8°. 7321 cento Virgilianus historiam V. et N. T. complexus, ed. J. H. Kromayer. Halæ, 1719. 8°. 7323 FALDA, Gi. Bt. Li giardini di Roma, disegnati ed intagliati da Falda. Roma, 1683. oblong fol. I title and 20 plates.

7324 le fontane di Roma. Roma, without date. oblong fol. 4 parts in 1 vol. 107 plates.


il nuovo teatro delle fabRoma, 1665. oblong fol. 4 parts in briche ed edifizj di Roma moderna. I vol. 142 plates.

7326 FALETUS, Hi. De bello Sicambrico libri IV et ejusd. alia poemata libri VIII. Ven., Aldus, 1557.4°-Oratt. XII. Ven., Aldus, FALISCUS, see GRatius. 1558. fol.

7327 FALLOPIUS, Gbr. Opera genuina omnia tam practica quam theoretica. Ven., Franciscis, 1606. fol. 3 voll.


The best edition. The edition, Ff. 1600. fol. 2 voll. is extremely faulty, and entirely disfigured by arbitrary alterations (particularly in the treatise De externis morbis). FALLOURS, see RENARD. 7328 FALUGI, Dm. Triompho magno, nel qual si contiene le fa

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