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1749. 8°.

7241 FABBRONI, Gi. Antichità, FABER, J., see URSINUS. vantaggi e metodo della pittura en- 7248 FABER, Pt. Agonisticon s. causta. Ven. 1800. 8o.

de re athletica ludisque veterum FABELBUCH, see BONER. gymnicis, musicis atque Circensibus 7242 FABER, Ant. Jurispr. Papi- spicilegior. tractatus, tribus libris nianæ scientia. Lugd. 1658. fol. comprehensi. Lugd. 1592 or 95. 4°. De errorib. pragmaticor. et inter- Enlarged in Gronovii Thes, ant. gr. VIII.

1758, etc. pretum juris. ib. 1658. fol. 2 voll. Comm. in Pandectas. ib. 1659–63. 7249 semestrium in jus civ. liber fol. 6 parts in 3 vols. Codex Fa- 1. Par. 1570. Liber II. ib. 1575. brianus. ib. 1661. fol. Conjecturæ Liber III. Lugd. 1595. 4°. juris civ. ib. 1661. fol. Hi. Bor- 7250 FABER, Tanaquil. Epistolæ. GIÆ investigatt. juris civ., in con

T. I. Ed. II. auct. Salmurii, 1674. jecturas Ant. Fabri. Neap. 1678. T. II. ib. 1665. 4°. 2 voll. fol. 2 voll.

Interesting in a philological point of view.

Vol. I. at first, 1659. 7243 FABER, Bas. Thesaurus eruditionis scholasticæ, post Buchneri, 7251 FABIUS Pictor. Some acCellarii et Gesneri curas iterum re- count of the Roman history of Facensitus, emendatus, locupletatus (a bius Pictor, from a MS. lately disJ. H. Leichio). Lps. 1749. fol. 2 covered in Herculaneum. Lond. voll. (8 d.) The best edition, which contains much

An idle fabrication. that is wanting even in Gesner's Thesaul- 7252 FABLE, the, of the bees, or rus.-F. 0. Menckenii obss. lat. linguæ liber ad augend. inprimis et emendand. private vices made public benefits; Fabri Thesaurum. Lps. 1745. 8°. (1 d. with an essay on charity and cha8 gr.). J. Gf. Hauptmanni obss. in Fabri rity-schools, and a search into the thes. in Acta soc. lat. Jen. I. 29, etc.

nature of society (by Bern. de Man7244 FABER, G. Stanley. The deville). Lond. 1725-29. 8o. 2 vols. origin of pagan idolatry, ascertained

Ed. VI. with a vindication of the from historical testimony and cir- book. Lond. 1732–33. 8o. 2 vols. cumstantial evidence. Lond. 1816.

Irreligious and immoral. In French, 4o. 3 vols., with 3 plates and i map Lond. (Amst.) 1740. small 8o. (also on (61. 155.).

large paper), which edition is better than

that of 1750. 7245 FABER Stapulensis, Jac. (anon.) Agones martyrum mensis Januarii, 7253 FABLES et contes en libro primo contenti. Without (par Mérard de Saint-Just). Withplace or date. fol.

out place (1791). 12°. 2 parts in i A copy on vellum 80 fr. Gaignat, 84 fr. vol. Vallière, 100 fr. M'Carthy.

Only 25 copies are said to have been 7246 Musica libris IV demon- printed, and 3 on vellum.

These last, strata. Par. 1551 or 52. 4°.

100 fr. (1798) 48 fr. (1799), and 81 fr.

M‘Carthy. 7247 FABER, J. Sermones consolatorii super Turcor. Tyranni altera 7254 FABLIAUX ou contes des 1 2e imminenti obsidione urbis Viennen

et 13e siècles, trad. ou extraits sis. Viennæ, J. Singrenius, 1532.4o. (par Pt. J. Bt. le Grand d’Aussy).

Count Melzi of Milan has a copy on vel. Par., Onfroy, 1779. 8°. lum.

Contes dévots, fables et VOL. II.

O o


Vellum paper.

3 voll.


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