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are and In which Horace is done (for) into English, and adapted to the Taste of the Verans p Present Generation.

rih set. PRELIMINARY LETTER.—Private. DEAR North,

ragged, royal race of Tara,” would I am sorry to learn, by your last, that look forward to seats in the Cabinet. you have had such a severe twitch this Then, indeed, would there be a com- es pour time; keep warm in Welch flannel, plete revolution in Church and State; but a . live soberly, and no more desperate at- churchmen would be cut shorter by vih tempts with the Eau Medicinale d’- the head, the national debt washed as the bir Husson. It will be no farce, I assure out with a dishclout, and taxes aboyou, if the gout fly bolt into your sto- lished; and then, instead of election mach, like a Congreve rocket into the being fettered, and parliaments sepse to a ditto of a whale, and carry you off in tennial, there would be universal sufthe twinkling of a walking-stick. frage, and no parliaments at all. Then Then there would be wiping of eyes would the Saturnian age return to and blowing of noses ; crape, weepers, bless the world; then would Lucifera che and long cravats, throughout the land. hawk about his golden pippins, and 4, 01 Then there would be a breaking up of find abundant sale for them;

then the glorious divan. Wastle would would all property be common, and leave his High Street lodgings, and pickpockets left without a trade

; e in retire to his “ airy citadel;” Morris while no person would have any thing is so would sell his shandrydan, and keep to do—at least, any right to do any in resi house at Aberystwith for life; Kemp- thing, except smoking his pipe, drain will ferhausen would pack up for Alle- ing his mug, and snoring in his hammagne; Eremus would commence mock. grinder to the embryo divines at Aber- My dear North, take care of the deen; The Odontist would forswear damp weather, and I warrant, that poetry, take a large farm, and study for many a long year to come, you Malthus on Population ; Delta would shall keep death and the doctor at take parson's orders ; Paddy from Cork complete defiance-behold the cause would fall into “a green and yellow of true freedom and loyalty prospering melancholy,” toss the remaining cantos around you-and, were it not that of his epic to Beelzebub, and button his you are a bachelor, rejoice in the cacoat behind ; Mullion would sell but- resses of your children's children. ter and eggs at his provision-ware- From you, my revered friend, I house, Grassmarket, and sedulously shall descend to a humbler topic, look forward to the provostship ; while one on which,“ to use the words of poor Odoherty (alas, poor Yorick !) Byron, “all are supposed to be fluent, i would send his luggage to Dunleary and none agreeable-self.” harbour, and away to the fighting trade 1stly, With regard to health, I find in South America. Then would there myself as well as I wish all others to be a trumpeting and tantararaing be. My sprained ancle is now quite among the Whigs,-" Quassha ma convalescent, poor thing; and, by perboo ! our masters are no more!" would severing in rubbing a tea-spoonful of be echoed by every lip among them; opodeldoc upon it every morning, it and then, but not till then, with some will soon be as strong as a bedpost

. I shadow of hope might they look for- occasionally take a Seidlitz powder to ward to their holding the reins of go- keep my stomach in order ; for, de vernment, though, after all, most of pend upon it, the stomach of a literary them, if they did not hold well by the man is almost of as much consequence mane, would fall off the steed's back as his head. Talking of the top-piece

, into the mire, they are such shocking I have an occasional headach ; that is bad riders ; while the Radicals would to say, after being too late out at night

; press forward, and tread on their ribs but which I effectually remove and in turn; Glasgow weavers would spin rectify by a bottle of soda water-our ropes to hang up whoever was obnox- friend Jennings’ if possible ; for it es. ious to them ; Sheffield cutlers would cels all others, as much as his poetry grind razors to cut throats; and the the common run of verses, and stands, Ribbonmen of Erin, and all “ the in relaion to every other compound of

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the kind, in the same degree of excel- shot daily to fill and replenish my lence and superiority, as Day and bag ;-and then, there was sometimes Martin's patent blacking to that made cricket in the morning—and loo in the with soot, saliva, and small beer. afternoon--and blows-out at night,

2dly, With respect to my intellec- and all that. Horresco referens. Í tual pursuits. Pray, what makes you have been shamefully idle; but I am A so earnest to learn what a retired and determined to stick to it like rosin 12: obscure man like me is about, and this winter; and, hang me if I do not

whose poor contributions to literature astonish the natives; I shall make in are but a drop in the bucket, compa- some of them gaze up to the clouds in * I. red with what you every day receive wonder, and others to shake in their as from the bright luminaries of the age? shoes. In the interim, I enclose speL. But I value your partiality as I ought; cimens of a new, free, and easy trans

and, though I am to these as a farthing lation-I should say, imitation, of candle to a six-in-the-pound, you ge- Horace. I have got finished with the nerously dip my wick in your own Odes, and am busy with the Satires, turpentine, to make it blaze brighter. writing at the rate of four hundred

I blush scarlet, (God bless the ar- lines a-day. Let me know, when conme my, and their coats of scarlet !) when venient, what you think of them ;

I confess, on my knees (by the bye, make a church and a mill of them afthere is no need of kneeling, when terwards ;--give my best respects to you cannot see me,) that I have been Mr Blackwood, when you see him ; for some time notoriously idle. Sam and believe me, while I have breath lamanca is such a noble beast, that I in my nostrils, could not resist taking him out to the

Your's devoutly, hounds; (I have won the brush thrice)

MORGAN ODOHERTY. and then, partridges were so plenty, I said it would waste little powder and Dublin, 2d Dec. 1821,


Ad Maecenatem. To Christopher North, Esq.
Maecenas, atavis edite regibus, Hail ! Christopher, my patron, dear,
- Oet praesidium et dulce decus meum! Descended from your grandfather ;

To thee, my bosom friend, I fly,

Brass buckler of Odoherty ! Sunt, quos curriculo pulverem Olym- Some are, who all their hours consume picum

With well-train'd horse, and sweated groom, Collegisse juvat, metaque fervidis "Evitata rotis, palmaque nobilis,

Who, if the Doncaster they gain,
Terrarum dominos, evehit ad deos : Or, coming first, with lighten'd rein,

At the St Leger, bear away
Elate the honors of the day,
Pull up their collars to their ears,
And think themselves amid the spheres.
Such art thou, Lambton, Kelburne, Pierse,

And more than I can name in verse.
Hune, si mobilium turba Quiritium Another tries, with furious speech,
Certat tergeminis tollere honoribus: The bottoms of the mob to reach ;-

Here on the hustings stands Burdett,
With trope and start their zeal to whet;
While jackall Hobhouse, sure to tire on.
Tracking alway the steps of Byron,
Stands at his arm, with words of nectar
Determined to out-hector Hector.
Preston, with rosin on his beard,
Starts up, determined to be heard,
And swears destruction to the bones
Of those who will not hear Gale Jones :
While Leigh Hunt, in the Examiner,
About them tries to make a stir,
And says, (who doubts him ?) men like these

Shame Tully and Demosthenes.
Illum, si proprio condidit horreo A third, like Sir John Sinclair, tries
Quidquid de Libycis verritur areis.
Gaudentem patríos findere sarculo

To hold the harrow to the skies ;
And thinks there is no nobler work,
Than scattering manure with the fork,




Except (as Mr Coke prefers,)

To catch the sheep, and ply the shears: Attalicis conditionibus Although you'd give, in guineas round, Nunquam dimoveas, ut trabe Cypria A plum, (1. e. one hundred thousand pound) Myrtoum pavidus nauta secet mare.

You could not get these men, I know,
Aboard the Northern ships to go,-
Through frozen latitudes to stroll,
And see if ice surrounds the pole ;
They wish success to Captain Parry,

But yet, at home would rather tarry.
Luctantem Icariis fluctibus Africum In slippers red, before the fire,
Mercator metuens, otium et oppidi
Laudat rura sui: mox reficit rates

With negus to his heart's desire,
Quassas, indocilis pauperiem pati.

The merchant sits ; he winks and snores,
The north wind in the chimney roars ;
Waking, he bawls aloud.“ Od rot 'em,
" I fear my ships are at the bottom !-
66 The crews are trifles to be sure,
“ But then the cargos a'n't secure :
“ 'Change will be changed for me tomorrow,-

66 Alack! for poverty and sorrow !"
Est, qui nec veteris pocula Massici, Men are know them—let that pass,
Nec partem solido demere de die, (Who crack a joke, and love a glass)

Whether, like Falstaff, it be sack,
Champaigne, Old Hock, or Frontiniac,
Or Whisky-punch, which, jovial dog,

Is true heart's-balsam to James Hogg ; nunc viridi membra subarbuto Like Wordsworth, under pleasant trees, Stratus, nunc ad aquae lene caput sa- Some take delight to catch the breeze;

Or lie amid the pastoral mountains,

And listen to the bubbling fountains.
Multos castra juvant, et lituo tubae Many in camps delight to hear
Permixtus sonitus,

The fife and bugle's music clear,
While hautboy sweet, and kettle-drum,

Upon the ear like thunder come.
bellaque, matribus Though youngsters love a battle hot,

Their anxious mothers love it not;
While in the fray a son remains out,

Some erring ball may knock his brains out.
Manet sub Jove frigido

O'er hedge and ditch, through field and thicket,
Venator, tenerae conjugis immemor; With buck-skin breeches, and red jacket,
Seu visa est catulis cerva fidelibus,
Seu rupit teretes Marsus aper plagas. Led by the deep-mouth'd stag-hounds' cries :

On spanking steed the huntsman flies,
Meanwhile his spouse, in lonely bed,
Laments that she was ever wed;
And, toss'd on wedlock's stormy billow,
Like the M'Whirter, clasps her pillow,
And sighs, while fondling it about,

" Thou art my only child, I doubt!” Me doctarum hederae praemia fron. -For me a laurel crown, like that

Used for a band to Southey's hat,
Dis miscent superis;

(Not such as Cockney Will abuses,
And Leigh Hunt for a night-cap uses,)
Would make me, amid wits, appear

A Sampson, and a grenadier ! me gelidum nemus, Then, many a nymph, with sparkling eye, Nympharumque leves cuna Satyris Would crowd around Odoherty; chori

Swift at the tune, which Lady Morgan
Secernunt populo:

Would play upon the barrel organ ;
MacCraws, and all my second cousins,
And light-heeld blue-stockings by dozens,
With nimble toe would touch the ground,

And form a choral ring around.-
si neque tibias

Oh! that James Hogg, my chosen friend,
Euterpe cohibet, nec Polyhymnia
Lesboum refugit tendere barbiton.

His glowing fancy would me lend,
His restless fancy, wandering still
By lonely mount, and fairy rill!
That Dr Scott, with forceps stout,
Would draw my stumps of dulness out ;


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Exalt my heart o'er churlish earth,

And fill me with his fun and mirth; Quod si me Lyricis vatibus inseris,

Then, Anak-like, 'mid men I'd stray,
Sublimi feriam sidera vertice.

Men, that like mice would throng my way,
Rise high o'er all terrestrial jars,
And singe my poll against the stars.


Ad Pyrrham.

Quis multa gracilis te puer in rosa
Perfusus liquidis urguet odoribus

Grato, Pyrrha, sub antro?

Cui flavam religas comam,

To Molly M'Whirter.
What Exquisite, tell me, besprinkled with civet,

With bergamot, and l'huile antique a la rose,
Now presses thee, Molly, (I scarce can believe it,)

To march to the Parson, and finish his woes ?

Simplex munditiis ? heu ! quoties fi- For whom do you comb, brush, and fillet yourtresses; dem

Whoever he be has not sorrows to seek ;
Mutatosque deos flebit, et aspera
Nigris aequora ventis

Thou daily shalt bring him a peck of distresses ;
Emirabitur insolens,

Then kick him, and kiss a new gallant next week.

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Quid sit futurum cras, fuge quaerere, A fig about to-morrow's fare !

et, Quem Fors dierum cumque dabit, lu

A twenty thousand prize, my buck,

(Nay, do not laugh,) may be my share,
Appone; nec dulces amores Wont that be rare good luck ?

Sperne puer, neque tu choreas,
Donec virenti canities abest Doctor, I'm sure you'll toast the fair ;


Nunc et campus, et areae, Shame to the tongue would say me nay ;
Lenesque sub noctem susurri
Composita repetantur hora :

You'll toast them, till the very hair

Of your peruke turn grey.

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St Giles's spire with snow is white,

And every roof seems overgrown;
Sharp winds that come, at fall of night,

Down High Street closes moan ;

Nune et latentis proditor intimo
Gratus puellae risus ab angulo,

Pignusque dereptum lacertis,

Xut digito male pertinaci.

There, battering police officers,

Hark! how the mad jades curse and ban
While Polly cuffs some spoonie's ears,

And cries, “ Sir, I'm your man !”



No. IV. In tracing the consequences of that except a few lessons in navigation given current of improvement which we no- the young midshipmen, by a schoolticed in our last Number, ás at present master who messed with them, and fast setting the Navy to windward of whose appointments were so small, the its old habits and maxims, it is proper place was scarcely ever filled by a man to observe, that most of them are al- of real talent or education, or even ready in progress, got under way, as by one whose habits were respectable by common signal, by the spirit of the when off duty. Sunday was either fatimes. We shall notice, therefore, un- miliarly said to keep the excise limits, der each head, both what is already and never come over five fathoms wadone, and what we think likely to be ter,'-—or if noticed at all, was honoured yet achieved, by the springs actually by being exclusively devoted,-in the now at work; but as, in arranging the morning to a muster of the men in subject, there is, properly speaking, no clean clothes, and reading the Articles first or last point, we shall be guided of War,-in the afternoon to idleness, in the classification chiefly by the re- and, in some sort, dissipation. What lative importance of the parts, and becaine of the Bible Society's Bibles at their dependence on each other. this time, we do not profess to know;

Thus determined, the first place is but even down to a very much later peunquestionably due to the improved riod, we never saw them in circulation. moral and religious education now in The scene is now different in a great course of dissemination among all ranks many particulars,—not very much, in the navy, officers as well as men; it is true, as yet in morals, which aland the progress of which is exempli- ways mend more slowly than opinions, fied in a great many ways.

In the but in those things which will improve years 1802-3, some little improvement them also, in their turn. Even duin morals, or rather, perhaps, in man- ring the war, almostevery line-of-battle ners, had already commenced; but as ship was supplied with a chaplain, yet religion was unthought of, only a and now even some frigates have them; few line-of-battle ships being supplied they have been encouraged, besides, to with chaplains, such chiefly as had qualify themselves to do the duty also admirals' flags on board, or were com- of schoolmasters, by which means the manded by pacing old captains, who young midshipmen have come to be loved the parade of a Sunday sermon. considered, as in some degree under Their duty, when they were on board, their care in every thing, and their was exclusively this sermon,* with sphere of general duty has been equalperhaps an occasional visit to a sick or ly extended. The ship’s boys are in dying man in his birth; and any in- almost all cases formally instructed by terference on their part beyond this, them; their presence is beginning to would have been taken very ill, if at- be felt as a restraint on swearing, and tempted. Nothing like schooling at other immoralities of a grosser and the same time went on in the navy, more seducing kind, which it was once

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* The ringing-in bell to this was also a picture worth preserving.-" Aft to church there, away aît to church,” shouted out a boatswain's mate, “d'ye hear there, on both sides the deck, away aft to church. I'm sure you have all special need to say your prayers, you need not be so slow about it.” " And if they want it so much,” might perhaps insinuate a privileged quarter-master, favourite messmate, or the poor fellow's own thoughts, “ how do you stand yourself, Jack?”-“ Me! God help me, I'm bad enough, that's certain ; but it's my business to swear at these fellows, and they're enough sometimes to make me forswear father and mother, and turn Turk at once, &c. This last is a common phrase among seamen; and although we willingly spare our readers the expletives with which, on these and other similar occasions, whether as dialogue or soliloquy, it was doubtless garnished, we could not spare them the distinct perception of the objects contemplated in Divine service, and the vein of reverence for religion, and specially for Christianity, which a minute and indulgent, not precise, observer could always detect, at their worst, in sailors' conversation, and even jests.

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