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Gap. 7. For the regulation of his Majesty's marine forces While oh (hore.

Cap. 8. To amend two acts> made in the twenty-eighth yeas of the reign of his present Majesty ; the one intituled, An aft for regulating the trade between the fubjefts of his Majesty's colonies and plantations in North America, and in the West India stands, and the countries belonging to the united fiat es of America ; and between bis Majesty's said subjects and the foreign islands in the West Indies; and the other intituled, An aft to allow the importation of rum, or other spiriti, from his Majesty's colonies or plantations in the West Indies, into the province ^Quebec, without payment of duty, under certain conditions and restrictions.

Cap. 9. For defraying the charge of pay and cloathing of the militia, in that part of Great Britain called England, for one year, beginning the twenty-fifth day of March one thousand seven hundred and ninety.

Cap. 10. For the better support of the dignity of the speaker of the house of commons 5 and for disabling the speaker of the house of commons for the time being fron> holding any office or place of profit, during pleasure, under the crown.

Cap. 11. To continue the laws now in force for regulating the trade between the subjects of his Majesty's dominions and the inhabitants of the territories belonging to the united states of America, so far as the fame relate to the trade and commerce carried on between this kingdom and the inhabitants of the countries belonging to the said united states.

Cap. 12. To indemnify such persons as have omitted to qualify themselves for offices and employments 3 and to indemnify justices of the peace, or others, who have omitted to register -or deliver in their qualifications within the time limited by law, and for giving further time for those purposes; and to indemnify members and officers, in cities, corporations, and borough towns, whose admissions have been omitted to be stamped according to law, or, having been stamped, have been lost or mislaid ; and for allowing them time to provide admissions duly stamped \ and to give further time to such persons as have omitted to make and file affidavits of the execution of indentures of clerks to attornies and solicitors; and for indemnifying deputy Jieutenants and officers of the militia, who have neglected to transmit descriptions of their qualifications to the clerks of the peace within the time limited bylaw; and for giving further time for that purpose.

Cap. 13. For appointing commissioners to put in execution an act of this session of parliament, (intituled, An aft for granting an aid to his Majesty by a land tax, to be raised in Great Britain, for the service of the year one thousand seven hundred and ninety), together with those named in two former acts for appointing commissioners of the land tax.

Cap. 14. For continuing the encouragement and reward of persons making certain discoveries for finding the longitude at

sea, sea, or making other useful discoveries and improvements in navigation, and for making experiments relating thereto; and fof adding a commissioner to execute the several acts for the discovery of the longitude at sea.

Cap. 15. For raising a certain sum of money by loans or exchequer bills, for the service of the year one thousand seven hundred and ninety.

Cap. 16. For raising a further sum of money by loans or exchequer bills, for the service of the year one thousand seven hundred and ninety.

Cap. 17. For altering the time appointed for holding the summer session in the court of session in Scotland-, and for altering Whitsuntide and Lammas terms in the court of exchequer in Scotland.

Cap. 18. To continue the several laws therein mentioned, relating to encouraging the manufacture of leather by lowering the duty payable upon the importation of oak bark, when the price of such bark shall exceed a certain rate; to the prohibiting tlie exportation of tools and utensils made use of in the iron and steel manufactures of this kingdom, and to prevent the seducing of artificers and workmen, employed in those manufactures, to go into parts beyond the seas; and to the ascertaining the strength of spirits by Clarke's hydrometer.

Cap/19. For allowing further time for inrolment of deeds and wills made by Papists, and for relief of Protestant purchasers.

Cap. 20. For rebuilding the parish church and tower of Saint Thomas, within the city of Bristol.

Cap. 21. For better supplying the city of Norwich, and the parts adjacent, with water.

Cap. 22. For the better relief and employment of the poor, within the hundreds of Colneis and Carlford, in the county of Suffolk.

Cap. 23. To continue, for a limited time, an act made in the twenty-seventh year of the reign of his present Majesty, intituled, An a5l to enable the lord high treasurer, or commissioners of the treasury for the time being, to let to farm the duties granted by an a£l, made in the twenty-fifth year of his present Majesty s reign, on horses let to hire for travelling post, and by time, to such persons as should be willing to contrast for the same.

Cap. 24. For enabling his Majesty to raise the sum os one frsillion, for the uses and purposes therein mentioned.

Cap. 25. For paving and otherwise improving the town of Honiton, in the county of Devon.

Cap. 26. To exempt goods and chattels imported from the settlement of Yucatan in South America, and sold by auction in Great Britain, from the duty imposed on such sales, and for allowing a drawback of the duties on goods exported to Yucatan.

Cap. 27. For encouraging new settlers in his Majesty's colonies and plantations in America.

Cap. 28. For permitting the importation of Cashew gum> from his Majesty's West India islands, upon payment of the like

a a duty duty as is paid upon the importation of gum Arabic, or gurrt Senega.

Cap. 29. For amending an act, passed in the twenty-seventh

year of the reign of his present Majesty, intituled, An aft for allowing the importation and exportation of certain goods, wares, and merchandize, in the ports Kingston, Savannah la Mar, Montego Bay, and Santa Lucea in the island 0/Jamaica, in the port of Saint George in the island of Grenada, /;/ the port of Roseau in the island Dominica, and in the port of Nassau in the island of New Providence, one of the Bahama islands, under certain regulations and reji rift ions; and for regulating the duties on the importation of goods and commodities the growth and production of the countries bordering on the province of Quebec.

Cap. 30. For granting to his Majesty a certain sum of money, to be railed by a lottery.

Cap. 31. To alter so much of an act, made in the twelfth year of the reign of his late majesty King George the Seconds intituled, An ad for the better preventing frauds and abuses in gold and fiver wares; and also so much of another act, made in the twenty-fourth year of the reign of his present Majesty, intituled, An ad for granting to his Majejly certain duties on all gold and silver plate imported, and also certain duties on all gold and silver wrought plate made in Great Britain, as relates to the marking of silver wares.

Cap. 32. For granting to his Majesty a certain sum of money out of the consolidated fund > for applying certain monies therein mentioned, for the service of the year one thousand /even hundred and ninety; and for further appropriating the supplies granted in this session of parliament.

Cap. 33. To amend and continue, for a limited time, several acts of parliament for regulating the skipping and carrying saves in Britilh vessels from the coajl 0/Africa.

Cap. 34. For giving relief to such persons as "have suffered in their rights and properties, during the late unhappy dissensions in America, in consequence of their loyalty to his Majesty, and attachment to the British governments for making compensation to persons who furnished provisions, or other necessary articles, to the army or navy in America during the war, or whose property was used, seized, or destroyed for the carrying on the publick service there; and also for making compensation to such persons as have their properties, in consequence of the cession of the province of East Florida to the king of Spain.

Cap. 35. To explain and amend an act, passed in the twentieth year of the reign of his present Majesty, touching the election for knights of the (hire to serve in parliament for that part or Great Britain called England.

Cap. 36. To alter, explain, and amend an act, made in the twenty-eighth year of the reign of his present Majesty, intituled, An a S't for limiting the number of persons to be carried on the outside of sage coaches, or other carriages, and for regulating the conduct of the drivers and guards thereof.

Cap. 37.

Cap. 37. To continue two acts, made in the twenty-eighth and twenty-ninth years of the reign of his present Majesty,/ir' discontinuing^ for a limited time, the several duties payable in Scotland, upon low wines and spirits, and upon worts, wash, and other liquors there used in the distillation os spirits, and for granting to his Majesty other duties in lieu thereof-, and for better regulating the exportation of British-made spirits from England to Scotland, and from Scotland to England; and to continue, for a limited time* an ad made in the tiueniy sixth year of the reign of his present Majesty, "to discontinue for a limited time, the payment of the duties upon low wines and J pints for home consumption', and for granting and securing the due payment of other duties in lieu thereof; and for the better regulation of the making and vending British spirits \ and for discontinuing, for a limited time, certain imposts and duties upon rum and spirits imported from the West Indies and for amending the laid act, made in the twenty.ninth year of his present Majesty's reign.

Cap. 38. For repealing the duties upon licences for retailing wine and sweets, and upon licences for retailing distilled spirituous liquors, and for granting other duties in lieu thereof.

Cap. 39. For making allowances to distillers of low wines and spirits from malt, corn, or grain, in Scotland, in respect of the duties imposed by an act made in the twenty-fourth year of the reign of his present Majesty.

Cap. 40. To explain and amend an act, made in the last sessionof parliament, intituled, An acl for repealing the duties on tobacco and smjf, and for granting new duties in lieu thereof

Cap. 41. For laying a duty on the importation from any of the provinces in North America, of rape feed, and all other feeds used for extracting oilT and for allowing the importation from the said provinces of rape cakes, or cakes made of rape feed used for manure, duty-free.

Cap. 42. To continue, for a limited time, certain provisions contained in an act made in this present session of parliament, intituled, An a el for indemnifying oil persons ivho have been concerned in advising or carrying into execution certain orders of council respecting the importation and exportation of com and grain, and also Certain orders issued by the governor general of his Majesty's colonies in America; and for preventing suits in consequence of the same-, and for making further provisions relative thereto, relating to the- importation and exportation of corn and grain; and to authorise his Majesty to permit the exportation of corn, grain, meal, or flour; and to prohibit the importation thereof on the low duties.

Cap. 43. To authorise the commissioners of the customs to {defray charges on seizures, out of his Majesty's mare of seizures in general.

Cap. 44. To enable his Majesty to fettle a certain annuity on the reverend Francis Willis doctor of physick.

Cap. 45. For converting certain annuities, to be attended with the benefit of survivorship in classes, establissied by an act of the last session of parliament, into certain annuities for an absolute

a I term. term of years, and for enabling the commissioners of the treasury to nominate lives for the snares so converted.

Cap. 46. For fettling and securing a certain annuity for the use of the heirs and descendants of William Penn esquire, the original proprietor of the province of Pennsylvania, in consideration os the meritorious services of the said William Penn, and of the losses which his family have sustained in consequence of the unhappy difientions in America.

Cap. 47. For enabling his Majesty to authorise his governor or lieutenant governor of such places beyond the seas, to which felons or other offenders may be transported, to remit the sentences of such offenders.

Cap. 48. For discontinuing the judgement which has been required by law to be given against women convicted of certain crimes, and substituting another judgement in lieu thereof.

Cap. 49. To impower justices, and other persons, to visit parish workhouses or poor houses, and examine and certify the state and condition of the poor therein to the quarter sessions.

Cap. 50. To continue and amend an act, made in the twenty-sixth year of the reign of his present Majesty, intituled, An aft for appointing commissioners to enquire into the slate and condition of the woods, forests, and land revenues belonging to the crown 1 and to fell or alienate fee farm, and other unimprov cable rents.

Cap. 51. For divesting out of the crown the reversion in fee of and in certain hereditaments, heretofore the estate of sir Roger Strickland knight, deceased, in Catterick and Tunstall, in the county of York-, and for vesting the same in the several persons entitled to the said hereditaments; and for extinguishing and destroying a certain term os one hundred years, for which the said hereditaments were limited in trust for his late majesty King George the First, his heirs and successors.

Cap. 52. Tor improving, continuing, and extending the navigation of the river Oufe, from Lewes Bridge, at the town of Lewes, to Hammer Bridge, in the parish of Cuck'field, and to the extent of the said parish of Cuckfield, and also of a branch of the said river to Shortbridge, in the parish of Fletching, in the county of Sussex.

Cap. 53. To alter, explain, amend, and render more effectual, several act made for pavings cleansing, and lighting the squares, streets, lanes, and other places^ within the city and liberty of Westminster, and parts adjacent; and for putting certain, streets therein mentioned, commonly called Optional Streets, under the management of parochial committees, subject to the controul of the commissioners appointed by or in pursuance of the said several acts; and for removing and preventing nuisances, annoyances, obstructions, and incroachments in the said streets, and other places; and for other purposes.

Cap. 54. For vesting the estate and property of the trustees of Westminster sisti market in the marine society, for the purposes therein mentioned; and for discontinuing the powers of the said trustees.

Cap. 55.

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