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Of all the girls in our town

Our Polly is a sad slut! nor heeds what we taught her 418
Our selves, like the great, to secure a retreat
Old Chiron thus preach'd to his pupil Achilles
On Wbitsunday morning

429 Of all the trades from east to west




Pain'd with her flighting Jamie's love
Peggy, now the king's come
Pious Selind, goes to prayers
Pray now, John, let Jug prevail
Preity parrot say, when I was away
Phillis che faireit of love's foes
Prithee, Sufunt, what doft muse on
Prichee, Billy, be'ne so filly
Prould woman, I fcorn you
Poillis despise not your faithful lover
Pure as the new-fallen snow appears

Return hameward, my heart again
Rob's Jock came to wao our Jenny
Remember, Damon, you did tell

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Subjected to the power of love
Should auld acquaintance be forgot
Sweet fir, for your courtesie
Swift, Sandy, Young, and Gay
Since all thy vows, false maid
Sandy in Edinburgh was born

ye Jenny Nettles
Sound, found the musick, found it

-"speak thus, and still my grief
Stately itept he east the wa'
Send home my long stray'd eyes to me
Sweet are the charms of her I love

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Speak on,

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231 Stella 137 The


Stella and Flavia


235 See, see, she wakes, Sabina wakes

257 See, see, my Seraphina comes

259 Since times are so bad, I must tell thee, sweet-heart 261 See, firs, see here I a doctor rare

269 Selinda fure's the brightest thing Some fay women are like the sea

285 Since we die by the help of good wine

293 Shall I, wafting in despair

304 So much I love thee, O my treasure !

323 Singing charms the blest above

323 Saw ye the nymph whom I adore

343 Since drinking has power to bring us relief 345 Sweet Nelly, my heart's delight Since laws were made for ev'ry degree

423 Sum up all the delights


T. Tho' beauty like the role

3 Teach me, Chloe, how to prove

16 "Tis I have seven braw new gowns

21 The meal was dear Ahort fyne

26 Tell me, Hamilla, tell me why

30 Tell me, tell me, charming creature 'Twas summer, and the day was fair The lalt time I came o'er the moor The lass of Peaty's mill Tho' for seven years and mait honour; &c. Tibby has a store of charms The pawky auld carle came o'er the lee The lawland lads think they are fine

85 The collier has a daughter

87 This is not mine ain house

92 The malıman comes on Munday

97 There was a wife won'd in a glen

100 The thepherd Adonis

114 The carle he came a'er the croft The night her filent fable wore

123 'Twas at the fearful midnight hour

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The sun was funk beneath the hill

139 The morn was fair, faft was the air

142 The widow can bake, and the widow can brew 149 The lawland maids gang trig and fine

150 'Tis not your beauty, nor your wit

155 The yellow hair'd laddie sat down on yon brae i 183 Thus let us ftady night and day

184 The dorty will repent

200 The laird who in riches and honour

202 The bonny grey eyed morning begins to peep 208 Ten years, like Troy, my tabborn heart 'Twas when the seas were roaring

244 The ordinance a-board

25.1 Tho'cruel you seem to my pain

255 Transported with pleasure

273 The fages of old

The smiling morn, the breathing spring
There came a ghost to Marg'ret's door 324
'Twas at the shining mid-day hour

There was anes a May, and The loo'd na men
The graces and the wandring loves
Tarry woo, tarry woo
The terrible law, when it faftens its paw
The play of love is now begun

To Fanny fair could I impart
The nymph that undoes me is fair and unkind
The tweet rosy morn peeps over the hills 393
The sun was funk beneath the hill

395 a young and am'rous swain

399. There gowans are gay, my joy.

434 Thro' all the employments of life

476 "Tis woman that reduces all mankind

407 The miser thus a shilling fees

The gamefters and lawyers are jugglers alike 420
The firft time at the looking-glass
Thus gamesters united in friendship are found

The modes of the court so common are growi: 422
The gypsies came to our good lord's gate 427
The world is always jarring

434 Tis

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'Tis wine that clears the understanding
There were three lads in our town
The manners of the great affect

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Upon a fair morning for soft recreation
Upbraid me not, capricious fair

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What beauties does Flora disclose

4 When we meet again, Phely

9 When flowry meadows deck the year Why hangs that cloud upon thy brow While fops in saft Italian verse When we came to London town

31 When innocent pastime our pleasure did crown 32 While some for pleasure pawn their health 43 When trees did bud, and fields were green 45 What means this nicevess now of late

57 With broken words, and down-caft eyes

77 Where wad bonny Anne ly

80 Will ye go to the ew. v.bughts, Marion

81 What numbers shall the muse repeat

86 When I think on my lad

93 When abfent from the nymph I love

116 With tuneful pipe and hearty glee

141 When summer comes the swains on Tweed

144 Willy, ne'er enquire what end

148 When I've a faxpence under


154 When beauty blazes heavenly bright

160. While our flocks are a feeding

161 When Phæbus bright the azure skies

179 Willy was a wanton wag

188 When first


dear laddie gade to the green hill 202 Were I assur'd you'll constant prove

204 Well I agree, you're sure of me

205 When hope was quite funk in despair

207 Whilft I fondly view the charmer Whilft I gaze on Chloe trembling 3





Would you have a young virgin of fifteen years 237 Why. fo pale and wan, fond lover

248 We'll drink, and we'll never have done, boys 253 While the lover is thinking Where oxen do low

263 When Chloe we ply

278 Wou'd

chuse a wife

286 Why shou'd a foolish marriage vow

295 When lovely Phillis thou art kind

298 Why we love, and why we hate

303 When bright Aurelia tript the plain

308 While silently I lov'd, nor dard

212 We all to conquering beauty bow

314 Willy's rare, and Willy's fair

321 When betimes on the morn to the fields we repair 330 When the bright God of day

335 Whilft I alone your soul poffest When I was a young lad

357 When my locks are grown hoary

360 When thy beauty appears

370 Would fate to me Belinda give When Delia on the plain appears What tho they call me country lass

402 Whoe'er beholds my Helen's face

403 Why will Florella, when I gaze

41. Were I laid on Greenland's coast

419 When


censure the age What gudgeons are we men

422 What woman cou'd do, I have try'd to be free : 432 When gay Philander fell a prize With ev'ry grace young Strephan chose 439 We have no idle pratting





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Virgins are like the fair flower in its luftre
Virgins, if e'er at last it prove




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