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worthy friend, Dr. Bannerman tells me from America,

Nor only do your lays o'er Britain flow.
Round all the globe your happy sonnets go ;
Here thy soft verse, made to a Scottish air,
Are often sung by our Virginian fair.
Camilla's warbling notes are heard no more,
But yield to Last time I came o'er the moor ;

By dafles and Rinaldo both give way
To Mary Scot, Tweed-fide, and Mary Gray.


FROM this and the following volume, Mr. Thomson (who is allowed by all, to be a good teacher and finger of Scots Songs), cullid bis Orpheus Caledonius, the mufick for both the voice and flute, and the words of the songs finely engraven in a folio book, for the use of perfons of the bigbest quality in Britain, and dedicated to the late Queen. This, by the by, I thought proper to intimale, and do my self that justice which the publisher neglected; since be ought to bavi acquainted bis illustrious list of subscribers, that the most of the fongs were mine, the musick abstracted.

'IN my compositions and colleations, I have kept out all smut and ribaldry, that the modeff voice and ear of the-fair-finger might meet will no affront; the chief bent of all my stue dies being, to gain their good graces : and it

ball always be, to ward off these frowns that would prove mortal to my muje.

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The Songs mark'd C, D, H, L, M, 0, &*c. are new

Words by different Hands; X, the Authors unknown ; 2, old Songs ; Q, old Songs with Additions.


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Page H, Chloe, thou treasure, thou joy, &c. 34

A lovely lass to a friar came

Ah, Cloris, cou'd I now but fit
As from a rock paft all relief
Auld Rob Morris that wins in yon glen
As Sylvia in a forest lay

And I'll o'er the moor to Maggy
At Polwart on the green
As walking forth to view the plain

00 Ah! why those tears in Nelly's eyes

83 Ah! the shepherd's mournful fate

89 As I went forth to view the spring Adieu for a while my native green plains An I'll away to bonny Tweed lide

136 As early I walk'd on the first of sweet May 164. Altho' 'I be but a country lass

169 As I sat at my spinning wheel

171 Adieu the pleasant sports and plays

175 A-6

A south


A southland Jenny that was right bonny
As I came in by Tiviot fide
A cock laird fu cadgie
At setting day and rising morn
A nymph of the plain
All in the Downs the feet was moor’d.
Ah! bright Belinda, hither fly
Alexis Thunn'd his fellow fwains
A quire of bright beauties
As charming Clara walk'd alone
Amongst the willows on the grafs
A trifling Song ye shall hear
As the snow in valleys lying
Awake, thou fairelt thing in nature
Away you rover
A four reformation
As musing I rang'd in a meadow alone
All you that wou'd refine your blood ·
As down in the meadows [ chanced to pass
A cobler there was, and he liv'd in a fall
As I am a friend
Ah! woes me, poor Willy cry'd
As tippling John was jogging on
As after noon, on fummer's day
Alexis, how artless a lover
A maid is like the golden oar
A fox may feal your hens, fir
As Dolly was milking of the cows
A woman's ware like china
Alift your vot’ry, friendly nine

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By a murmuring stream a fair shepherdefs lay
Blate Jonny faintly teld fair Jean his mind
Bright Cynthia's power divinely great
By smooth winding Tay a fwain was reclining
Beneath a beech's grateful fhade
By the delicious warmness of thy mouth
Beneath a green Lhade I fand'a fair maid

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76 Beli

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Befly's beauties thine fae bright?

97 Bleft as the immortal gods is he

104 Beauty from fancy takes its arms

112 Balow, my boy, ly fill and sleep

I 20 Bask ye, busk ye, my bonny bride

133 Blyth focky young and gay

151. Busk ye, busk ye, my bonny bonny bride 221 Be wary, my Celia, when Celadon fues

235 Bleft as th' immortal gods is he

287 Bacchus is a power divine

294 Belinda with affected mein

By the side of a great kitchen fire
Baccbus mof now his power resign
Blyth, blyth, blyth was the
By mason's art the aspiring dome
Believe my fighs, my tears, my dear

Come let's ha'e mair wine in

25 Celestial muses, tune your lyres

29 Come fill me a bumper, my jolly brave boys 48 Confess thy love, fair blushing maid

118 Come Florinda, lovely charmer

Come here's to the nymph that I love
Cauld be the rebels cast
Celia, let not pride undo you

294 Cupid, god of pleasing anguish

271 Celia, coo late you wou'd repent

303 Cupid, ease a love-fick maid

Come, neighbours, now we've made our hay 332
Come, carles a' of fumblers ha'
Come let us prepare
Caftom prevailing so long 'mongst the great 387
Cynthia frowns whene'er I woo her

394 Come, love, let's walk by yonder spring

Care away, gae thou frae me
Come, lads, ne'er plague your heads
Can love be contrould by advice
Celia now my heart hath broke



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