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Revisits the Low Countries-robbed by certain French gal-

lants-duel with one of them, whom he wounds-received

with kindness by the Earl of Ployer-takes ship for Italy

is thrown overboard by the Catholics in a storm-saved on

St. Mary's Isle-is taken off by a French vessel, and sails

for Egypt-fight at sea between the French and a Venetian

-Smith travels over Italy-goes to Austria, and joins the

Imperial army.


Smith attracts the notice of the Imperial officers siege of

Olympachấhe devises a scheme for the relief of the place

his telegraphic communication with the besieged by means of

torches mit succeeds—battle with the Turks-relief of Olym-

pach--Smith is rewarded by a command of horse in the

regiment of Meldritch.


Siege of Alba Regalism"Fiery Dragons" of Smith--their

effect-the city taken by storm-Turks approach for relief

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Siege of the Turkish city of Regall--the Christian knights

challenged by Lord Turbishaw-lots cast, and Smith is
chosen to encounter the Turkish champion-kills him in
sight of both armies, and carries off the head of Turbishaw,
with his armor.

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Smith honored with a triumph-ennobled by Sigismund, Prince

of Transylvania-siege of Regall continued-Regall storm-
ed-massacre--the army penetrates Wallachia-battle with
Jeremias-Smith's description of the battle.

War with the Turks continued--Christian army retreats

beleaguered by their enemies-Smith's invention of fire-
works-their success-approach of the Tartar army-battle
in the valley of Veristhorn-defeat of the Christians-Smith
wounded, and left for dead among the slain--a captive, and
sold to the Bashaw Bugall.


Smith sent to Constantinople, a present to a Turkish damsel

wins her affections-sent by her for safety to her brother, 'Ti.
mour Bashaw-is brutally treated by him-beats out the
Bashaw's brains, and escapes to Muscovy.


Smith carried in triumph through the settlements of the se

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