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having secret remedies for the cure of this disease. That you and all those philanthropic noblemen, ladies, and gentlemen, who have so liberally supported our truly Christian charity may long be spared to continue the good work, is the sincere wish of

Your obliged and obedient servant,



The plan of treatment recommended in this volume has been most successful in my own hands, and in those of

other surgeons

who have adopted it. It is not intended to supersede the use of the knife, but to be used for those cases in which that instrument would be useless, or in which a good caustic can do the work better; as such I offer it to the profession at large.

In the first part, I have endeavoured to give a concise but systematic description of every form of Cancer and Tumour assimilating Cancer, in order that practitioners and students, whose opportunities of studying this disease have been limited, may be enabled at once to distinguish each variety by its own peculiarities. I am not aware that this has before been attempted, and must plead it as my excuse for the many shortcomings of the present volume.

It affords me great pleasure to acknowledge the valuable services Mr. Hayward, our excellent house surgeon at the Cancer Hospital, has always rendered me in all my investigations; and to our artist, Mr. C. D’Alton, I feel deeply indebted, for the beautiful and unique collection of drawings from life his pencil has produced.


December, 1868.

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