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Of a very LARGE and CariTAL

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In all LANGUAGES and Sciences,

Many valuable
BOOKS of Prints, DRAWINGS, Mrssals,

With all the most esteemed WRITERS in NATURAL HISTORY

Anely illuminated, collected lately from different Parts of

In this Collection are also included the LIBRARIES of
The Rev. Dr WAL WYN,

Prebendary of CANTERBURY ;

of GREAT BADDOW, Essex ;
The Rev. Mr ARNALD,
Author of the PARAPHRASE on the APOCRYPHA;

And, the elegant Part of the LIBRARY of

all lately deceased."
Together with many other Parcels lately purchased,
The whole forming a Collection of Twenty Thousand

Volumes of the best and scarcest Books in the
Languages, in fine Condition, and a great many upon

Royal Paper, in various elegant Bindings.
Which will begin to be sold very reafonable for ready

Money, the Prices printed in the Catalogue, on this Day,
1772, and continue on Sale till all are sold,
Bookseller to the Princess Dowager of WALES,

in New Bond Street,
Who gives the utmost Value for any Library or Parcel of

Books, Books of Prints, &c. &c.
CATALOGUES to be had, Price Sixpence, of the following

Booksellers : Mr DODSLEY, Pall Mall; Mr BLAMIRE, Corner
of Craven Street, Strand; Mr Owen, Fleet Street; MrCATER,
Holborn ; Melis Dilly's Cheapline; and the Bookfellers at,"
Oxford and Cambridge, and thc great Towns in England,

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THE want of Room rendering

it impoflible to place the Books in proper Order for viewing, it is requested that Gentlemen would mark their Catalogues, or deliver their Orders on separate Pieces of Paper.



CURIOUS and valuable Collection of IMPRESA

SIons in SULPHUR, taken from the most celebrated antique Gems and Stones now in the Cabinets of many Princes in Europe; particularly the King of France, the King of Naples, and the Duke of Tuscany. This Collection, which contains most of the famous Gems, that attracted the Attention of BARON STOCH, in his Researches through the different Cabinets of Europe, and from which he took Drawings, and had engraved at a great Expence, consists of upwards of fixteen hundred Impressions, neatly framed round with Gold Paper, numbered and all properly assorted in twenty Boxes, in the following Order.

1. The Mythology of the Ancients.

II. The Philosophers, Poets, and Orators, of ancient Greece and Rome.

III. The Kings of Macedonia, Syria, and Egypt. IV. Egyptian and Greek History. V. The War of Thebes and Troy. VI. The Roman History. VII. The Kings, Consuls, Senators, and other Illustrious Persons of Rome.

VIII. A compleat Series of the Emperors of Rome, from Julius Cæfar to Conftantine, with their Empresses, Children, and other illustrious Persons of their families.

IX. Their Masques, Fancies, and Vases.

X. A Collection of Animals and Birds, with a few modern Engravings of ancient Persons.

Lastly, A very curious, scarce, and valuable Collestion of Priapi.

A MSS Catalogue will be delivered with the Collection, describing the Stone, the Subject, and Cabinet, each respectively belongs to.

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F O L I Ò.
Aintings in Water Colours, Draivings, Misals, &c.
Natural History in various Languages,
Books of Prints, and Antiquities,

of Maps, Atlases, Archite&ture,

upor Imperial and Royal Paper, Libri Classici, Græci & Latini,

Hiftorici, Antiquit. Numismata, Medici, & Miscellanei,
Tbeologia & Historia Ecclefiaftica
Dictionaries, Lexicons, &c.
History and Antiquities of Great Britain, &c.

of various nations, Voyages, &c.
Miscellanies, Peetry, Sc.
Divinity nd Eçclefiaffical History
Livres Françoises,
Libri Itålici & Hispànici

Elegant Editions of Books in various Languages,
History of various Nations, Voyages, &c.
Miscellanies, Poetry, Mathematicks, &c.
Divinity and Ecclefiaftical History and Physič,
Libri Claffici, Græci & Laiini,

Med. Hist. Nat. Math. & Miscell.

Theologia & Hift. Ecclef.
Livres Francoises
Libri Italiani &. Hispanici
Dictionaries, Lexicons, &c.

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Books upon

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*70 O C T AV O.

Rojat Paper in various Languages,
Eglih Miscellanies, -in alphabetical-order,
Divinity and Ecclefiaftical History
Libri Classici & Authores Antiqui

Historici, Poetici, & Miscel!unei
Tbeologia et Hiforia Eieleias

DU O DECIMO. Libri Claffici, Giæci et Latini

Hiftorici et Mijeellanei, Gr. et Lat.

Livres Hifioriques, Goog. Mem. Voyages, &c
Oeuvres de Miil. Huteurs, Traductions, & c.
Livres Mellées

d'Amu fement, Poesie, Nouvelles, Romances, Biblioth.
Mathematiques, Philof. Nat. Hift. Milit. Agriculto

Tleciogique & Medicine
Libri Italici et Hispanici
Dictionarit!, Grammars, Lexicons,
English Miscellanies, 12180.
Appendix Folio

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Appendix Quarto Appendix Očiavo Appendix Duodecimo

197 196 204

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The following elegant and beautiful Paintings in Water

Colours upon Vellum, of Landskips, Flowers, Insects, &c. bave just been received from a very eminent Artist abroad; the Drawings and Views are all made immediately after Nature, illusninated with the most exquisite Tafte and Judgment, in the finest Preservation.


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A in

A pair ditto, with water, windmill & shipping, 41148 6d 3 A pair ditto, with figures, sheep, romantick views, trees, &c.

51 58 4 A winter scene, with a town on fire at midnight, highly

finished, 5158 5 Two ditto, a sharp froft, and pleasing landskip, 41 148 6d 6 Two pleasing landskips, with bridges, tower, and church, 51 58 9 Two romantick views, with water fall, &c. finc, 61 6s Two beautiful views thro' a ruin, with figures highly finished

61 68 9 Two ditto, a moonlight, and warm landskip, exceedingly beau

tiful, 61 6s

N. B. The above paintings are about 10 inches by 8. 10 A thistle and peach bloffom, with butterflies and other insects,

41 48

41 48

I! A pair of tulips, with butterflies and insects, 41 45 12 A pair of thistles, with caterpillars, beautiful insects, &c. fine, 13 A dandylion, a peach tree in blossom, with insects, 41 48 14 A flower de lys and an auricula, fine, 31 13s 6d 15 A pair of jeisimies, highly finished with insects, 41 148 6d

The above drawings of flowers are about 12 inches by 10. 16 A collection of 105 masterly drawings after nature, being the

studies of Italian, Flemish, and other great masters, 71 78 17 A collection of drawings and etchings after life by various

masters, 61 6s 18 A curious and well preserved collection of drawings, designed

for the Cardinal de Medicis in 1551, by Giorgio, Vafari,


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