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smoking his pipe, which he seldom cares for; and staring about him in company with whom he has had nothing to do, as if he wondered how he came there.

“ That I may state my case to you the more fully, I shall transcribe some short minutes I have taken of him in my almanac since last spring; for you must know there are certain seasons of the year, accord. ing to which, I will not say our friendship, but the enjoyment of it, rises or falls. In March and April he was as various as the weather; in May and part of June, I found him the sprightliest best-humoured fellow in the world; in the dog-days he was much upon the indolent; in September very agreeable, but very busy; and since the glass fell last to changeable, he has made three appointments with me, and broke them every one.

However, I have good hopes of him this winter, especially if you will lend me your assistance to reform him, which will be a great ease and pleasure to,


Your most humble servant.' October 9, 1711.



Plummer & Brewis, Printers, Love-lane, Eastcheap, London.

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