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almost self-taught) had long previouly His state of health declining for some raised the school to much celebrity, while years, he had an opportunity of contemhis liberality had materially increased its plating, at bis leisure, the end of his laendowment; and the successor also (his bours. It may not be altogether either former pupil) happily gave full proof, in uninteresting or unedifying to know how the sequel, of his possessing those various such a man met the apparently approachqualifications which the peculiar exigen- ing dissolution of his earthly tabernacle. cies of the appointment called for.

In the course of the year 1815, in a letIn a province not abounding in wealth, ter to his brother, he writes thus:-"My and situated at a distance from the two constitution is now become so nice, that Universities, it has been found expedient the least trifle deranges it, and throws it to admit Candidates for Holy Orders, with- off its balance. I am somewhat doubtful out invariably insisting on the previous about the issue; it may deliver me up to regular, but expensive graduation at either a gradual decay, or it may be the means of the Universities. In this state of things, of renewing me for some time longer the qualifications of the Master of this God's will be done! I hope and trust School, as a place of preparatory study, that I may say without presumption (I became an object of no small conse- know it to be the result of much thought) quence; and, in this instance, the Master that I am, in some degree, in utrumque proved himself to be particularly and re- paratus -- for life or death. I shall, at all spectably prepared: not only by his clas. events, endeavour to join you. Perhaps sical attainments, but also, by an exten- it may be the last time when the three sive knowledge in scriptural and ecclesi. Brothers may have an opportunity of astical learning. Even in early life, he meeting.”-His words proved propheticwas well versed in the antient Fathers, one of the party, after that meeting, saw and thoroughly conversant in the writings him no more. At parting, the convales. of the principal Luminaries of the English cent invalid repeated, with more calmness Church (among whom, the judicious and cheerfulness than the other could Hooker, and the able and well-discrimi. meet his address, “ Farewell, my Brother. nating Bishop Bull, were his favourites): Of our meeting again have somehow and in his own religious principles, well a strong persuasion ; but I do not ex. matured by study and reflection, he was, pect it in this world.” in no common degree, qualified to super

About this time a number of his forintend and direct the studies of young mer pupils, consulting together, unanimen preparing for the Church. To pro- mously determined on presenting him mote this end, there is attached to the with some testimony of their gratitude School, for the use of the Students, a tole- and respect; and soon after sent him a rably well-furnished Library.

handsome silver cup, or vase, with a In the general result, for the last five suitable inscription : the circumstances and thirty years, the several Bishops, in are recorded in the 3d vol. of the Cam. succession, who have presided over the brian Register. Not long after, the same diocese of St. David, particularly Dr. grateful respect pressed on him the united Warren and Dr. Horsley, have repeatedly request of numbers, that he would submit spoken handsomely, in general, of the to sit for his Portrait, to be placed in the qualifications, both in Classic Literature, Library at Ystradmeyric; and with that and in Theology, of the Candidates that view, he was much solicited to pay a visit came before them from this quarter; and, to London. Though to visit a Brother at a more recent period, Dr. Cleaver, in residing in Town (a respectable Bookthe adjoining diocese, was decided and seller in the Strand) would have given open in similar commendations.

him much pleasure ; yet so averse were Long flattered, however, as the Master his sentiments from making the sitting was, by the respect and civil expressions for his Portrait the inducement of such a of several Bishops in succession, he still journey, that he begged to decline it. remained without any substantial proof An artist from town attended him in the of their favourable sentiments, till the country, and, it is said, succeeded in a arrival of Dr. Horsley ; whose discern- tolerable likeness. ment soon marked bim with particular But while his young friends were innotice and distinction ; who, on his pre- tent on this mark of respect for his persenting him to a small benefice, kindly as- son, his thoughts were moving to another sured him, that it was by no means what direction.-" This bustle about this porhe wished and intended for him. But trait of mine,” says he, in a letter to his being soon after translated from the Dio- Brother at Aberystwith, “only the more cese, he had no opportunity of further strongly impresses upon my mind the far realizing his declarations. The present greater importance and necessity of anopious and learned Prelate, however, kiodly ther kind of portrait, so often rècomtook an early opportunity of making some •mended to us in the Epistles of St. Paulimprovement in his Church appointments. the portrait, at present in contemplation,


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is a picture of what will soon be reduced July 7. Aged 57, W. Simpson, esq. of to dust-but there is an image to be drawn Bellecouche, East Indies. on the Soul the Image of God! not by July 10. At Banchor, Java, Capt. Chas. the lines and pencils of a mortal artist ; Feon. but by the finger of the Holy Spirit on July 16. David Charles Ramsay, esq. the interior man, in knowledge, righteous- the East India Company's resident at ness, and true holiness. This Portrait Mocha, and of their civil service on the consists, first, in a thorough repentance Bombay establishment, of whatever is amiss; which is, as it were, Aug. ... la the Isle of France, Lieut. the clearing and preparation of the can- John Willows, of the Madras establishvas; when faith and evangelical know- ment. ledge must be deeply engraved on the Sept. 3. In the camp at Dermeer, Lieut. very substance of the Soul; manifesting Alexander Gleig, in the service of the their lines in love to God, and love to man. East India Company, eldest son of Right

- In other words, the constituent parts of Rev. Bishop Gleig, Stirling. the picture are-Faith in Christ, resting Sept. 15. As Coolbarreah, East Indies, on the Cross ; Hope, with her anchor James Robertson, esq. superintending fixed beyond the veil of present things, on surgeon of the Danapore district. the eternal rock of ages ; and Charity,rising Sept. 19. At Bombay, W. Kennedy, from this faith and hope, in strength in- esq. registrar and prothonotary, and late vincible, active, zealous, and persever- master in equity of the Recorder's Court ing.-May God grant that this image, of that place. After a course of great rethis qualification and only passport to a gularity and industry in his professioni, happy eternity, may be stamped effectu. which was crowned with ample success, ally on my mind, on your mind, on the in the meridian of life, and in the full souls of all our friends—then shall we be enjoyment of a sound and a vigorous consure to meet again, never more to part.” stitution, Mr. Kennedy was seized with a

A few months before his death he writes slow fever, which baffled all the efforts of thus-“ Under frequent ailings and grow

his medical friends, and put a period to ing infirmities, I thank God, I generally his existeuce apparently without either feel a delightful serenity of mind; arising pain or struggle. He was even unconfrom the firm belief of the great truths of scious of the imminence of the danger our Religion, and an earnest endeavour to until within a few hours of his death. make its laws the rule of my practice ; still When it was announced to him, with the with so much weakness and imperfection, most perfect composure and resolution he tbat, at times, I am greatly humbled; made a few private arrangements, and rethough my depressions never sink to the signed himself to the dispensations of Profailure of hope-my hopes ever rest on vidence with the fortitude of a Christian. the mercies of the Gospel.”

Sept 24. At Cambay, Rev. John Raw. The frequent recurrence of palpita- lins, son of John Rawlins, esq. and a tions of the heart, with other unknown chaplain of the Bombay establishment. causes, brought on a low, nervous fever,

Sept. . At Calcutta, Sir John Royds. which confined him several weeks, and Oct. 9. In camp at Darwar, Captain induced a general debility; terminating, Woodhouse, 7th Madras light cavalry. at the last, in an apoplectic seizure, with Oct. 10. At Cuddapan, F. Hervey paralysis. Though, on the proper appli. Bruce, esq. of the Madras civil service. cations, his recollections were recovered, Oct. 12. At Sadras, John Obdam, esq. the vital powers were exhausted. In the deputy-secretary, and secretary to governmost exemplary spirit of resignation, he ment, in the late Dutch East India Com. continued sensible to the last; and his pany's service, latest breath was wafted in prayer. “ He Oct. 28, At Thompson's Creek, New

says his eldest son (his well-quali. Orleans, Richard Prime, esq. late of fied successor in the school, and the emu. Bridge-street, Blackfriars. lator of his virtues) “ he died, as he had Nov. 10. At the Isle of France, of the Jired, in the peace of God.-May my Madagascar fever, aged 21, Archibald death, as well as the remainder of my Litchfield, acting lieutenant of his Malife, be like his !"

jesty's frigate Phaeton, fifth son of Richard

Litchfield, esq. of Torrington, co. Devon. DEATHS.

Dec. 28, Old Style. At St. Petersburgh, 1817, AT Bimlipatam, Major Moore, in his 81st year, Mr. Robert Hynam, June 3. 4th Madras Native infantry. watchmaker to the Court of Russia, &c.

June 13. At Husiogabad, in his 37th 1818, Jan. 3. Rev. William Myers, cu. year, Capt. J. H. Ashurst, 14th Native rate of Davenham, Cheshire. infantry, and deputy-paymaster to the Jan. 5. Aged 29, Mr. H. Blumfield, of Nagpore subsidiary force.

Hull, professor of music. Of mild and June 19. At Cawnpore, A. Shannon, inoffensive manners, he possessed a sound M.D. assistant surgeon to his Majesty's acquaintance with the theory of his art, 14th foot,

and particularly excelled on the organ, to


which noble but neglected instrument he gave up his extensive mercantile concerns was regularly trained.

at the latter place, and went to Berlin, At Edinburgh, Lady Hope, relict of Sir when the French entered the North of Archibald Hope, of Craighall, bart.

Germany. He was a very active enterJan. 7. Very suddenly, at Vale place, prising man, and was the first who intro. Hammersmith-road, Martha, wife of Wm. duced into Prussia the use of the steamKeene, esq. of the Society of Friends ; boat, for which the King of Prussia gave much respected, and deeply regretted by him a patent. her family and a select circle of ac- Jan. 19. In his 75th year, Rev. Thos. quaintance.

Fawcet, minister of Oldbam Church. He Jan. 9. Aged four months and a half, was a staunch and tried friend to the land the Infanta Maria - Louisa - Isabella of that he breathed in, an honest man, an orSpain.

thodox Christian, and a genuine ornament At Dalby, Bennett, eldest son of Rev. of the Established Church. B. Lumley.

At Milan, aged 84, Cardinal Crivelli. At the Vicarage, Birkby, co. York, the Jan. 20. At Bristol, Jobn Bayly, esq. wife of Rev. M. Parrington.

for many years an eminent solicitor of Jan. 12. At St. Helena, aged 68, Ro

that city bert Leech, esq. member of council there. Jan. 20. At Edinburgh, Euphemia, wife

Jan. 13. At Glasgow, in his 534 year, of Robert Preston, esq. of Bath. Edward Hazelrig, esq. author of the Jan. 21. Aged 97, Rev. J. Barnes, of “ Attic Stories.”

Lakenheath, rector of Barvingham and Jan. 14. Exactly one month after the Weston, Suffolk.

His fortune goes into decease of Anne, his wife, in bis 43d year, the family of the Caldecotts, of Linton and Richard Henry Stovin, esq. of Witherne, Ixworth. He was a man of, indexible inte. co. Lincolo.

grily, but from his economical habits acAt an advanced age, James Craig, esq. cumulated an immense fortune, said to be one of the most respectable merchants of nearly one million of money. Shrewsbury for nearly half a century. At Southampton, the wife of Dr.Shadwell.

At the Parsonage, Dunnington, in her Jan. 24. At Edinburgh, Robert Beat59th year, Frances, wife of Rev. J. Mit. son, LL. D. F. R. S. Edinb. late barrackchinson, late of Long Preston, and daugh- master at Aberdeen. He was born in ter of Mr. T. Metcalfe, formerly an emi. 1742, at Dysart, co. Fife, and bred to the nent surgeon at Pocklington.

military profession. In 1756, he obtained Jan. 15. At Ely, Frances, sister of Rev. an ensigncy, and the following year ac. William Bennett, M.A. formerly of Trinity companied the expedition to the coast of College, Cambridge, and one of the Minor


He afterwards served as lieute. Canons of Christ Church, Canterbury. nant at the attack on Martinique and the

At Jamaica, Alexander, second son of taking of Guadaloupe, and about 1766 David Macdowall Grant, esq. of Arndilly. retired on On the commence

Jan. 16. At Peorith, aged 70, William ment of the American war, he endeavoured Wilson, esq. one of his Majesty's Justices to obtain employment in a situation suitof the Peace for the county of Cumberland. able to his former services, but without

In the Cloisters, Westminster, the wife success; and since that time, chiefly de. of Rev. Richard Lendon, A. M. preben- voted himself to literary pursuits.

His dary of St. Paul's Cathedral.

publications are, “ A Political Index to At Balquhain, William Elrich, who was the Histories of Great Britain and Ireborn in the eventful year 1715. He land," 8vo, 1786, of which a third edi. was able to continue his occupation as a tion, in 3 vols. appeared a few years ago. day labourer till within these five years, “ Naval and Military Memoirs of Great and retained bis faculties of seeing, hear- Britain from 1727 to the present Time," ing, and speech, to the time of his death. 3 vols. 8vo. 1790; 2d edition, 6 vols. On Candlemas day he would have com- 1804.-" View of the memorable Action pleted his 103d year.

of the 27th July, 1778," 8vo. 1791.Jan. 17. At Brampton, Westmoreland, “ Essay on the Comparative Advantages aged 75, James Longmire; and about of Vertical and Horizontal Windmills," three hours afterwards, aged 78, Margaret, 8vo. 1798.-" Chronological Register of his wife: they had been married about 50 both Houses of Parliament from 1708 to years, and were both interred in one grave. 1807," 3 vols. Svo. 1807.-Dr. B. contri

At Great Wyrley, Gloucestershire, aged buted several papers to the Communi89, Mr. J. Street, who had occupied a cations to the Board of Agriculture,” of farm there 50 years; he had served eight which he was an honorary member. years as a private soldier, and was with Jan. 26. In his 66th year, William Lee, Gen. Wolfe at the siege of Quebec.

esq. late of Upper King-street, BloomsAt Berlin, Mr. John Humphreys, of Lon- bury. don, who was formerly established at In Newman-street, the wife of William Hamburgh, and afterwards at Leipsic; he Hozier, esq.

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sted, esq.

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Elliott, esq.

At Dedham, Essex, aged 79, Mrs. Eli. Jan. 30. Anne Aletta, daughter of the zabeth D’Oyley, eldest daughter of the Jate Gysbert Van Voorst, esq. of Devonlate Sir Madley D'Oyley, bart.

shire-square. At Castletowa, co. Wexford, Ebenezer At Greenwich, aged 88, Mrs. Gage, reRadford Rowe, jun. esq.

lict of the late Benj. Gage, esq. of Barnet. At Arufert House, co. Kerry, of the At Wadhurst, aged 82, Henry Playtyphus fever, Rev. Johu T. Crosbie.

Jan. 27. Mr. John Munford, late quar- At Towneley-hall, Lancashire, Charter-master in Clerkenwell volunteer lotte, eldest daughter of P. Towneley, esq. corps, which situation he held gratui. Jun. 31. Aged 68, Janet, wife of Rev. tously during the whole time the regiment W. Smith, of Camberwell. was embodied.

At Maurice-square, Plymouth - dock, Jan. 28. In Devonshire-place, Geo. aged 79, William Lawrence, esq. late Morse.

storekeeper at Keyham Point, from which In Heathcote -street, Mecklenburgh- situation he had lately retired, after hav. square, Miss Grane, late of New Bridge- ing passed fifty years in the service of the street.

ordnance department. In Crutched-friars, Thomas Christo- At Binfield-house, Berks, Emma Ca. pher, esq.

roline, youngest daughter of George Henry At Tottenham, Tamazine, wife of Mr. P. Guillemard.

At his son-in-law's,, Rev. J. Walton, at Thomas Beaumont, of Buckland, Sur- the rectory of Birdbroke, Essex, aged 78, rey, esq.

T. Fenn, esq. of Ballingdon, and senior At Bristol, Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. partner in the Sudbury bank. D. Baynton, solicitor.

The Most Rev. Richard O'Reilly, titular At Windsor, in his 79th year, Josiah archbishop of Armagh, and prinjate of all Sarney, esq.

Ireland. At Stoke-green, near Windsor, Mrs.' At Horley, Oxon. whilst on a visit, Ellerker, widow of the late Major.Gen. aged 56, John Steele, esq. of Newington, E. Ellerker, of Ellerker, co. York, and of Surrey, formerly in Lord Amherst's, or 24 the East India Company's Bengal esta- regiment of life guards. blishment.

Feb. 1. Sarah, wife of J, Blackett, esq. At Bedford, aged 108, Mr. Philip of (See p. 333.) Thoinpson. In the course of last suminer At Tottenham, Anne, wife of R. H. he had the misfortune to lose his wife, Sparks, esq. with whom for upwards of 70 years he had Rev. Joseph Daniel, one of the chaplived in the most perfect harmony : and lains of the Catholic chapel, Virginia. on that occasion he walked a distance of street, Wapping; who fell a victim to the half a mile and back as chief mourner in typhus fever, in the discharge of his sacerthe funeral procession. So singular an dotal duties. instance of longevity could not fail to ex. At Clapham, in her 89th year, Cathacite attention ; and the deceased had the rine, relict of the late Titus Wilson, esq. honour of receiving visits from even Roy. The wife of John Goodeve, esq. of Berryalty itself, as well as from íhe surrounding hall, Gosport, Hants. nobility and gentry, some of whom re- In her 61st year, the wife of Mr. W. quested he would allow his likeness to be Carrothers, of Bristol, and niece of the taken. Up to the time of his decease it late John Dimock, esq. of Bridgend, Glouc. was his daily custom to take a walk.

At Hunispill-court, Amey Anne, second At Saville-green, near Halifax, aged 59, daughter of Sulomon Pain, esq. John Rhodes, esq. senior pariner in the Elizabeth, wife of Rev. J. Cleaver, D.D. banking-house of Rhodes, Briggs, and Co. of Malton. and one of his Majesty's deputy-lieute- Feb. 2. Mr. J. Grindle, of Pall-mall, pants for the West Riding of Yorkshire. chemist. Mr. Rhodes was in apparent health and At Tooting-house, Surrey, aged 30, of a spirits with his family, but retired hastily démence chronique, the result of a long-estafrom the table on account of a crumb of blished nervous affeciion, and of afflictive bread irritating the top of the windpipe, events, acting upon an ardent and extremely, which induced a fit coughing, the vio susceptible nind, in some degree aggra, lence of which broke a blood vessel in his vated by the use of improper remedies, lungs, and caused his death in half an Caroline Huntly, dau. of J. and W. Mabon, hour.

of Athy, co. Kildare, Ireland. For more Jan. 29. At Homerton, aged 66, William than twelve months did this poor sufferer Tiffin, esy.

remain with her eyes almost constantly At Bloxham, co. Oxford, in her 80th closed, keeping nearly a continual silence; year, Mrs. Sarah Lord.

she was placed under the immediate care At Dublin, Rt. Hon. Sackville Hamilton. of the superintending lady at this estaGent. Mag. April, 1818.




blishment, and during this long state of Mrs. Rose, wife of John Rose, esq. of complete helplessness, did this worthy Coalport, Salop. lady (to her' eternal honour be it recorded) Feb. 5. lo Crown-street, Finsburyshew ber unfortunate patient the most square, Mrs. Letitia Knox, wife of George kind, affectionate, and unremitted atten- ' Knox, esq. late of Devonshire-street; tion ; feeding her, dressing her, and af- Portland place. fording her every comfort and consolation In Soho square, Mr. William Buchanan, she was capable of receiving, even till her surgeon R. N. He fell a victim in the final moment, On examination of the prime of life to his bumanity and higte brain after death, its vessels were found

duty, by attending a professional to be completely gorged with blood, with friend in his last moments, who died of a some water in its cavities.

typhus fever. Robert Longdear, esq. of Caius College, la the Edgeware-road, in his 56th Cambridge, and of Ashburne, Derbyshire. year, Charles Dudley Pater, esq. rear

At Stonehaven, aged 91, in the 6411 admiral of the white squadron. He enyear of his ministry, Rev. Robert Me. tered the naval profession at an early age, mess, Episcopal clergyman at that place. early distinguished himself, was allvanced

At Dublin, in his 83d' year, George to the rank of commander and post capBurdert, esq. for many years representa. tain successively for his con picuous galtive in the Irish parliament for the borough lanıry in America, under a command and of Gowran.

at a time when merit imperiously found F66. 3. Aged 75, Mr. William Slaugh. its way to honour. He was a principal inter, of St Martin's-lane.

strument in quelling a mutiny which At Writtle, in his 88th year, Mr. Ro- might have deluged England with blood bert Bailey. Nearly in the same hour in his eminent skill and foresight saved a which Mr. Bailey breathed his last, Mrs. whole crew of British subjects from the Bailey,who'had watched over her husband's ocean's fury, when the brave Admiral; infirmities with unremitting tenderuess, Reynolds perished in the waters. After and whose appearance until that period a period of loog and arduous service, he did not bespeak so early a dissolution, was promoted to the diguity of a flag ofwas taken suddenly ill, and notwithstand. icer; yet was be passed over and weg. ing every medical aid, survived her bus. lected, whilst others have risen to title, band only a few days, baving entered the affluence, and command. He was a dis83d year of her age, upwards of forty tant relative of the Dudley and Ward family. years of which time she had been his faith- At Ewell, Surrey, in his 77th year, Ed. fut wife,

ward Hunt, esq. At Harcott, near Kidderminster, Mr. At Paris, Charlotte, wife of Lieut. Gen. W. Spencer, miller : he was a relation to Koollys, leaving a disconsolate husband the poet Shenstone, a part of whose library and eight children. This truly amiable hé possessed, as well as his portrait, à lady was daughter of the late Mr, Blackhalf-length front face, in fine preservation. well, banker, in Lombard-street, and

At Bath, aged 27, Lucy Isabella, daugh- niece to the learned aud much esteemed ter of James Anderson, esq. formerly Bishop Lowth. agent for packets at Gothenburg.

At Hamburgh, in his 70th year, Mr. At Howsham, aged 65, Mrs. Cholmley, Benjamin Goetlob Hoffman, senior bookwidow of the late Henry Cholmley, of seller of that place. Howsham and Whitby, co. York.

Feb. 6. In the prime of life, Mr. Lar. At Edinburgh, Mrs. Majoribanks, wi- rence Dundas, second son of the Member dow of the late Edward Majoribanks, esq. for York: he was found dead in Parker's of Lees, co. Berwick.

Piece, a field close to the town of CauAt Dublin, Mrs. Grange, widow of Rev. bridge. It appears, that from the darkness Richard Chapel Grange, of Sally mount, of the night, he fell into the ditch which seco. Wicklow, daughter of Hon. W. Roch- parates the field from the public road, and fort, and first cousin to the Earl of Bel. that being unable to extricate himself, be videre.

died by the inclemency of the weather. Feb. 4. In his 41st year, James Aleyne At Bury St. Edmunds, ia his 73d year, Hendy, M. D. of Chelmsford, Essex. He George Leathes, esq. enjoyed a very exteusive practice, in At Wellesbourne, co. Warwick, in his which he displayed distinguished abilities. 24th year, Charles Hamilton, esq. of

In her 620 year, Mrs. Street, of Black Hauswood, co. Meath, well-ball, Chesham, Bucks, relict of the At Belvoir Castle, the infant son of late James Wallis Street, esq.

the Duke of Rutland. At Chislehampton, Oxon. in his 76th Feb. 7. Mrs. Page, wife of Henry Page, year, Robert Peers, esq. one of the doo esq. of Norton-street, Portland-row. puty lieutenants of the county, and a in bis 60th year, Mr, Thomas Clark, of beacher of the laner Temple.

Wicken-ball, Essex.


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