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The camp

'by the Emperor ; together with an authen. islands are said to have been attacked by tic copy of the discourse pronounced by the natives, and expelled the country, after the Minister of the Interior, Count Mos- the loss of several lives. towski, on that occasion. The Minister

ASIA. dwells at considerable length on the past Extract of a private letter from an Of. and present state of Poland; establishing ficer in India, dated “ Right Bank of the a contrast between the benefits held out Jurna, in camp, Oct. 27, 1817:to the former duchy of Warsaw by Buo- “ We are now on our march-supnaparte, and those secured to the king. posed, in the first instance, to be directed dom by its inion with Russia, strikingly against the fortress of Gwalior, belonging favourable to the actual condition of the to Scindia. The great object of the camPoles. The constitutional charter which paign, however, is the entire annihilation of Alexander gave to Poland seems to merit the Pindarees, a race of plundering scounthe warm encomiums of the Minister. "It drels who have been annoying us for many guarantees the freedom of the press, and years. The whole of the army now in the stipulates securely that of persons. It field consists of 10 divisions, each of about permits every Pole to transport himself

10.000 men. We are advancing from the and his goods where he pleases. All pro- three Presidencies towards the same point perty, of whatever description or nature, with the finest army ever perhaps heard of is declared to be sacred and inviolable; in India. The Governor-general is with no authority can encroach upon it under our division, which is about 13,000 strong, any pretext-and whoever attacks the pro- wilh 60 pieces of cannon. perty of another, is pronounced a violator followers of this division alone amount to of the public safety. The Presidents of 67,000. For the carriage of the baggage the tribunals of First !ustance; of the Pa- of our regiment, we have 40 elephants and Jatine Commissions ; of the tribunals of 400 camels ; every elephant has two Appeal; the Members of the Councils of keepers, and every two camels one. Of the Palatinates; the Deputies to the Diet, is there are 37 officers present, among and the Senators, can be chosen only whom there are 310 servants ; every among the landed proprietors paying horse in the regiinent has two attendants, taxes. Foreigners naturalized can acquire one as a groom, the other to provide grass; landed property, and may remain in the these alone amount to 1,400, besides 120 country, depart from it, and return there, for the mess, and 900 for the bazaar to at pleasure. The successors of his Ma. supply the provisions; in all, for our rejesty must be crowned at Warsaw, and giment alone, about 3,500 followers, betake the oath to maintain and execute the sides their wives, children, &c. The charter. All orders of the King must be Marquis of Hastings travels in a most countersigned by a responsible Minister.” princely style : he has 150 elephants, and' These, with many other privileges, have 400 camels, besides stale-elephants splen-' been granted to the nation by the recent didly accoutred, having superb solid silcharter

ver howders or castles on their backs. An article from Revel states, that five There are now actually 36 Rajabs and insail of the line and three frigates are fit- dependent Chieftains of various ranks on ting out at Cronstadt, which are designed their



pay their respects to the for unknown, but entirely peaceable, ob- Marquis. Some of them, indeed, are jects. According to an official statement, already in camp. The Governor-general, it is alleged that there were burnt in Rus- in fact, is now as great a man as ever the sia, after the retreat of the French, the Great Mogul was.” corpses of 243,612 men, and of 123,142 In a former page we have inserted two horses.

Supplementary Gazelles, giving very full The Empewr of Russia set out from details of important events in India. A fact Warsaw on the 30th ult. for the Crimea. not there stated, which transpired a fort.

Private correspondence repeats the as- night since, is now confirmed by the latest sertion, that the Emperor Alexander will intelligence from the East.

We allude to visit Paris before the opening of the Con- the dreadful pestilence which prevailed in gress of Sovereigns that his Majesty will the camp of the Governor-general. On be preceded by the King of Prussia-and the first day on which it was observed dis. that the motive of his journey is of the tinctly, it carried off ninety-seven persons; highest importance.

on the next day abore five hundred pe. The Grand Duchess Alexandria, con. rished. Its ravages are said to have been sort of the Grand Duke Nicholas of Rus. chiefly, though not exclusively, confined to sia, was safely delivered of a Grand Duke the poorer class of natives and camp follow.' on the 29th ult.

ers; but we learn with regret, that the The exportation of corn from all Russia Marquis of Hastings was himself at one in the year 1817, amounted to the value time affected with this malady, and that of 125,000,000 roubles.

17 of bis Lordship's native servants djed. The Russian colonists in the Sandwich When the accounts came away, however,


hopes were entertained that the progress vent the acquisition of Florida by the of the disorder had been arrested,

United States. Intelligence has been received from the The Navigation Bill has passed the Seisland of Ceylon, by which we learn, that pate of the United States with only one disan insurrection, though by no means for- sentient voice. This is a kind of retalia. midable, had broken out there, with the tive act; its object being not to allow supposed view of placing a Member of the English vessels from the West Indies to late King's family on the throne. The trade with the United States, if the British dispatches, which are dated the 15th of do not allow vessels of the United States to December, state, that in the month of trade with the West Indies. This, of September last, a spirit of dissatisfaction course, is merely a matter of commercial and disturbance partially manifested itself regulation. The Americans only receive in the provinces of Wellasse and Ouva, from our Islands rum and money; while within the Candian territory, principally our Islands receive from the United States excited by a Malabar Chief, who had col. large quantities of provisions and lumber, lected an armed force of about 200 per- for which they can find no other market. sons, and issued a Proclamation, stating This will be a great loss to the agriculhis claims to the Kingdom of Candy. Mr. turists of the United States, and a great Wilson, the resident at Badulla, instantly gain to the English northern colonies of proceeded with a small military detach- Nova Scotia, Canada, &c. which will now ment, in the direction of the insurgents, supply our West India Islands; unless, and came up with a considerable party. indeed, the traders of the United States Having unfortunately separated himself find means to carry on the traile with the from the detachment under his orders, in West Indies clandestinely, which will, the hope of persuading the insurgents to probably, be the case; as they will patudisperse, and thus to prevent any effusion rally strain every point, rather than relinof blood, he was attacked and killed on quish so profitable a traffic.-The Indians the spot. The servant who accompanied still continue to make an effectual stand him died the next day of the wounds which against the forces of the United States. he received at the same time. The troops More iban 1300 Creek warriors are emsept in pursuit of the insurgents had been ployed in the American expediuion against very successful in dispersing them. Many the hostile Seminole Indians. They are of those who had originally joined had commanded by the distinguished Chief, submitted and returned to their duty; and Col. Mackintosh. there was every reason to hope that the The American papers inform us of the leader of the insurrection would soon be dreadful fact of the extensive powderintercepted by some one of the military mills at Brandywine, Delaware, belongdetachments who were actively in pursuit ing to M. Dupont Nemoirs (who fled of him.

from France with Marshal Grouchy), AFRICA.

having blown up 19th March, and that The plague is said to be extending its thirty persons were killed and ten wounded. ravages on the coast of Africa, and to Montreal papers of the 6th ult. say, rage with violence as well in Oray and its that on the 2d of March bills of indictment environs as in Algiers.

were found against Cuthbert Grant, AlexAMERICA AND THE WEST INDIES. der Frazer, Thomas Mackay, and 14

American papers of the 26th March others, for the murder of Governor Sem. announce that the United States' ship ple, and 20 others, near the Settlement of Hornet bas got under weigh for St. Do- Red River, on the 19th of June, 1816. miogo, and thence for the Spanish Main, True bills were also found against a numhaving gentlemen on board who have been ber of persons, as accessaries before and clothed by the President with extensive after the fact, and for pillaging and burndiplomatic powers. Their mission is said ing the settlements on the Red River, to be connected with the unfriendly stale Intelligence has been received of the of the negociations between America and death of Petion. Some time since this Spain; and it is not disguised, that the Chief was authorised by his Senate to apExecutive of the United States was, at the point his successor, and he nominated moment when the accounts came away, General Boyer. Petion is said to have discussiog some very important measure starved himself to death ; the cause is yet in relation to the Spanish Government, a mystery ; but he had frequently been

The National Intelligencer publishes a beard to say that he wished himself dead; paragraph discountenancing the rumour for that, with all his study to render the that any hostile measures were in con- people happy and prosperous, some were templation of the American Government still dissatisfied, and made his life a toragainst Spain-at least within the present ment, He was buried at Port au Prioce, Session.

amid the public lamentations for a man The Americans have a notion, that who was beloved for bis acts of charity England and France will interfere to pre- and benevolence.



DOMESTIC OCCURRENCES. INTELLIGENCE FROM VARIOUS and the latter was only a few inches lower

PARTS OF THE COUNTRY. than the flood of 1795. 'Travelling upon Feb. 6. At 2 o'clock p. m. a large and many of the roads was much impeded, luminous Meteor was seen descending ver- and ju some instances was very dangertically from the zenith towards the hori. Tuesday afternoon, (May 5,) the zon, in the Northern part of the hemi. Wellington coach approaching Gloucester sphere, by per:ons in the weighbourhood from Tewkesbury, owing to the depth of of Cambridge. The most remarkable cir. water at Norton, missed the road and was cumstance attending this phænomenon is, overturned; but though the coach was that it was thus visible in broad day-light, nearly covered with water, the only inconthe sun shioing at the time in great splen. venience sustained by the passengers (ten dour, in a cloudless sky. Both the form in number) was a thorough wetting. of the Meteor, and its vertical course, An incombustible store-house bas just seemed to indicate a fall of matter from been completed in Plymouth Dock-yard, the almosphere. The same Meteor was every part of which is composed of stone seen at Swaffham, in Norfolk at the same and iron, without an inch of wood in the hour. It was

seen also at Middleton whole building; the girders, joists, doors, Cheney, near Banbury, in the county of sashes, and frames, are all of cast-iron, Northampton, not in the zenith, but per- neatly executed. The roof is also of cast, haps 450 from it, in the North eastern iron, and the floors of ' Yorkshire stone; quarter of the heavens, shooting along 10- the staircase, which is a geometrical one, wards the North. It seemed to be, di.

is of moorstone, projecting six feet from vided into two before it became extinct. the wall. The estimated expence of this

April 16. One of the most destructive novel building is 15,0001. fires happened in Liverpool, since the Lord Colchester has presented a wellGoree buildings in 1802. The fire com- selected Law library to the City of Chester, menced about two in the afternoon, in the for the use of the judges and Gentlemen bonded warehouses in Suffolk street, called of the Bar who attend that Circuit, to Parr's Factory, and continued its destruc- which bis Lordship, when first called to the tive ravages until seven in the evening, bar, belonged, and in which he received when one of the main walls fell in with a his first brief. tremendous crash. The destruction of co. lonial produce was very considerable; OCCURRENCES IN LONDON AND and it is stated, that along with other pro

ITS VICINITY. perty of less magnitude, 250 tons of cof. Windsor Castle, May 2. The King fee were consumed. The whole amount of has passed the last month in great tranproduce desi royed is estimated at 50,0001. quillity, and remains in good health of

Oxford, April 16. In a Convocation, budy; but his Majesty's disorder is un10001. were voted in aid of “the Society altered.” for promoting the Enlargement and Build

Saturday, April 18. ing of Churches.". From the University The Benevolent Society of St. Patrick Calendar for the present year, it appears held its anniversary at the Free Masons' that the number of Members whose names Tavern ; the Duke of Kent in ibe chair : are on the books amounts to 3785, being 1,2701. were subscribed. 106 more than those in the preceding year;

Wednesday, April 29. and that of Members of Convocation to The London National Schools underwent 1792, being an increase of 25.

a public examination in the Egyptian- hall, Cambridge, April 17. The Master and in the presence of Her Majesty, several Fellows of Trinity College have subscribed members of the Royal Family, the Lord 5001. in aid of the Society for building and Mayor and a great number of the Nobility enlarging Churches.

and persons of distinction. The Prince May 9. The late continued and heavy of Hesse Homberg stood on the left of raias have again subjected Gloucester and the Queeu. The Earl of Harcourt, Masits neighbourhood to all the inconvenience Ter of the Horse, the Earl of Morton, Vice of a high fond; being the second which Chamberlain, aud the Ladies in Waiting, has occurred within three weeks. The were in attendance on her Majesty : the Quay, part of St. Mary's-square, and St. Archbishop of Canterbury, the Bishop of Catherine's parish, and all the low lands London, and several other Prelates, were near Gloucester, were completely inun- present. The business cominenced with dated, and in many places the water was the introduction of the scholars into the so deep, as to render even the tops of the space in the centre of the Hall. There bedges invisible. This flood was the high- were briween 2 and 300 girls, and more est kuown there for these nine years, hav- than 700 boys, nearly 1000 in all, of difing risen to within two feet of the height ferent ages. When they were arranged of the extraordinary flood of Jan. 29, 1809; in order, they sang a hymn, and repeated


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part of the Church service. The great were much fewer. They listened for a body were then dismissed, and each class considerable time to an barangue from was afterwards introduced in succession. Watson, who, of course, desired them to On a word being given, the children spelt conduct themselves peaceably, and they it, and wrote it on their slates. They per

did so The second orator was Preston, formed exercises in arithmetic in the same who spoke not only of the abuses of God manner, and read several chapters of ihe vernment, but of some which must come scriptures. The Queen, before leaving nearer to his own bosom, the ill distributhe Hall, conversed for a short time with tion of the subscriptions raised for those the benevolent Mrs. Fry, and some oti who had been imprisoned under the Susladies; and the Rev. Mr. Shepherd, who pension Act! Thistlewood, without whom, examined the children, and the Rev. Mr. he said, there never would have been a Hesketh, the Secretary of the Institution, meeting in Spa-fields, was now neglected were introduced to Her Majesty. The in his misfortunes! The joke of the thing Royal party afterwards partook of a cold is, that Sir Francis Burdett is at last sus.' collation.

pected of Aristocracy, and therefore he is Thursday, April 30.

not to carry the Petition of the Meeting to A motion was made by Mr. Brougham the Prince. The Members of the Deputain the Court of King's Bench, for a Man- tion are Watson, Cartwright, and Hunt, damụs to the Governor and Company of

Saturday, May 9. the Bank of England, ordering them to From the heavy rain which commenced proceed to a dividend of all the profils yesterday evening at 6 o'clock, and conThe Court granted the Rule. -Sir A. Pig- tinued pouring incessantly till 4 this morpgot, on the 25th of May, shewed cause ing, Battle Bridge, St. Pancras, and part against the Rule. He contended that the of Somers Town, were inundated. The Court had no right to interpose ; but if the water was several fee deep in many of the Court had, the Governors of the Bank had houses ; and covered an extent of upin this case nu power to obey the Court in wards of a mile. The carcases of several the terms now required. Lord Ellenbo sheep and goats were found near Hamprough inquired whether the party


stead reservoir; and property was daplied had attended the meetivgs for de- maged to a very considerable amount. claring dividends, and taken any step be- The personal inconvenience and danger fore the constituted authority of the Cor- may easily be imagined. Various other poration, to effect his purpose. Sir A. places in the neighbourhood of the Me. Piggott stated that he had not, Lord El- tropolis were also inundated. lenborough said, that the gentleman's mo.

Tuesday, May 12. tion should first be made to the Court com. The long-expected Monument to Lord petent to give information as to the state of Nelson, erected at the National expense the funds; and if they did not produce in. in St. Paul's Cathedral, was this day formation, there inight be an application opened to public inspection. for a Mandamus to compel them. The The Siatue of Lord Nelson, dressed in Rule was therefore discharged.

the Pellise received from the Grand Signor, Friday, May 1.

leans on an anchor. Beneath, on the A very numerous meeting of the friends right of the Hero, Britannia directs the of the National Society for the Education attention of two young seamey to Nelson, of the Poor in the principles of the Esta- their great example. The British Lion blished Church, was held at Fre-masons' on the other side guards the Monument, Hall, the Duke of York in the Chair. The On the cornice of the Pedestal are the object of the meeting was to re-establish words Copenhagen, Nile, Trafalgar. The the exhausted funds of the Society; and figures on the Pedestal represent the nearly 50001. were subscribed; of which North Sea, the German Ocean, the Nile, the Regent and the Queen gave 5001. and the Mediterranean. each, the Duke of York 100 guineas, the This Monument is the performance of Prince and Princess of Hesse Homberg John Flaxman, esq. Professor of Sculpture 1001., and the Princess Augusta 501. to the Royal Academy. Monday, May 4.

Saturday, May 23. A small Meeting of the populace took In the Court of King's Bench, Arthur place near Spa-fields, pursuant to notice. Thistlewood, who was convicted in the late

Our readers will thank us for not filling sittings on an indictment preferred against our columns with a long speech by Wat- him by Lord Sidmouth for a breach of the son about the patriotism and absence of peace (see p. 173), applied for a ne trial. Henry Hunt, Esq. (who had sent a letter The reasons assigned being considered by from Ireland to say that he feared he the Court as insufficient, the rule for a could not arrive in town in time to attend new trial was refused. the Meeting,) and about annual Parlia.

Wednesday, May 27. ments to be elected by universal suffrage, The Queen was taken iil on Saturday The populace did not, at any moment, evening, the 24 instant, with a spasmodic exceed 2000 in number, and at first they affection, during an entertainment given


by the Duke and Duchess of York. Her The cast-iron pavement, which was laid Majesty has been confined to her room as an experiment in Spur-street, Leicesever since; but we are happy to add is ter-square, after two trials, 'has failed; now nearly recovered. The following bul- and ihe ground has been again . paved letin was this day issued by Sir P. Mill

with stone.
man and Sir H. Halford. * The Queen
has slept well, and continues better.”

The Cenotaph Coinmiitee for erecting a
Public Monument to the memory of the

New Pieces. late lamented Princess Charlotte, have

Covent GARDEN THEATRE, given notice that it is their intention,

April 22. Beblamira; or, The Fall of should their funds be adequate, io con

Tunis; a Tragedy in five Acts, by Mr. struct the proposed Tempte of the Ceno

Shiels. taph on a scale sufficiently extensive tu

May 6. The Sorrows of Werter ; a Sen. admit of its being appropriated to the pur

timental Tragical Entertainment. . poses of divine worship, and constituted a

May 16. December and May; a Musi. Free Church.

cical Afterpiece. "The Society for Propagating the Gospel in Foreign Parts have placed 5,0001. at the disposal of the Bishop of Calcuita, to

DRURY LANE Theatre. further ihe objects of that institution.

April 24. The Jew of Malla ; à TrageThe head of the celebrated Egyptian dy by Marlowe, revived. statue of Memnon is arrived from that

April 30. The Mountain Chief ; a Dra. country, sent over by Mr. Salte, for ihe matic Romance. The Musick by Lanza. British Museum -- it is a solid block of

May 16.

The Blackamoor's Head; a grauite, and weighs nine tous.



Ecclesiastical PreferMeNTS. Carlton House, May 8. A. R. Welles- Rev. James Andrew, Whitby Perpetual ley, esq. Page of Honour iu Ordinary, Curacy, co. York, vice Eglin, dec.

Rev. Thomas Brocklebank, Dean V. Civil PROMOTION3.

co. Lancaster. H. M. Dyer, esq. one of the Magistrates Rev. J. Gossett, M. A. Chaplain to his of Marlborough-street Police Office, vice Majesty at Windsor Ca-tle, vice Morice,dec. Gifford, dec.

Rev.H.G.Phillips, Mildenhall V. Suffolk. R. Bavill, esq. one of the Magistrates Rev. Heury Donne, Boscombe R. Wilts. at Worship-street Police Office, vice Dyer. Rev. Alex. F. Lutterell, East Quaotox.

Cambridge, May 20. Rev, Adam Sedg- head R. Somerset. wick, M. A. Woodwardian Professor of Rev. Lloyd Williams, Eggesford and Mineralogy, vice Rev. J. Hailstone, res. Chawleigh RR. Devon.

BIRTHS. April 3. At Cheltenham, the wife of the lady of Sir John-Courtenay HonyStanford Carroll, esq. a son and heir.–5. wood, bart. a dau.-25. Mrs. Rolleston, At Boyle, co. Roscominon, the wife of of Wataall-Hall, Notts, a dau.—29. At Lieut.-col. Steevens, 20th regt. a son.–6. Merchistoun Castle, the wife of Hon. Capt. At Archcliff Fort, Dover, the wife of Col. Napier, R. N. a daughter. Ford, Royal Engineers, a dau.-10. At Lately. At Ham Common, the wife of Dublin, Viscountess Jocelyn, a son.--At George Sinclair, esq. a son and heir. --At Marseilles, the wife of Capt. West, R. N. Somborne House, Right Hon. Lady Kena son and heir.--At Ballinrobe, the wife nedy, a son. of Lt.-col. Holmes, C. B. 3d drag.-guards, May 1. In Berkeley-square, Lady Wala dau.--12. At Yester House, Scotland, pole, a son.-3. At Beaumont Park, near the Marchioness of Tweeddale, a dau. Cork, Hon. Mrs. Beamish, a dau.-5. At

13. At Berlin, the wife of George Sholio Blithfield, co. Stafford, Rt. Hon. Lady - Douglas, esq. Charge d'Affaires of his Harriet Bagot, a son.--10. Lady Fitz-Britannic Majesty at that Court, a son. Herbert, a son.--13. At Paris, Lady Har-16. At Bath, the wife of Jobu Hussey, riet Drummond, a dau.-14. lu Welbeckesq. of Nash court, Marnbull, Dorset, a street, the wife of George Ormerod, ésy. son and heir.-At Stockholm, Viscountess a son.-18. In York-street, the wife of Strangford, lady of his Britannic Majes Lievit.-col. Dance, 2d Life Guards, a son. ty's Minister at that Court, a son and -13. At the Rectory House, Scotter, the heir.-18. At the Chateau de Rosamel, wife of the Rev. Henry John Wollastou, a France, the lady of Maj.-gen. Sic Hussey daughter.---21. The wife of T. J. Pelti.Vivian, a son.----20. At Evington, Kent, grew, esq. of Spring Gardens, a son.


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