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In his 95th year, W. Cox Rhodes, esq. all the various relations of life : as a hus. of Bruton street, Berkeley-square.

band, parent, and a friend, he was alAt Saltah Grange, co. York, in her 78th most unequalled—as a landlord and mas. year, Mrs. Ombler, relict of E. Ombler, ter he was kind and indulgent. He was esg. of that place.

much distinguished in the American war, At Chelsea, aged 63, C. Lindegren, and raised a regiment there, by which he esq. formerly Captain in the East India

lost a very large property. He was afterCompany's sea service.

wards appointed Lieut.-governor of Nova Of a typhus fever, aged 42, Mr. John Scotia, whence he was removed to Prince Firmin, of Hatfield Broad Oak, Herts; and Edward's Island, of which he was Lieut.. on the following day, aged 27, Miss governor 19 years ; when on account of ill , Grange, who was to have been married to health, and to attend to his private affairs, Mr. Firmio Feb. 17.

he resigned, to the great grief of every At Lincoln, in her 94th year, Mrs. good and loyal man in that Island. His Drake, relict of the late Rev. William conduct during his Government was beneDrake, A. M. vicar of Isleworth, Middle- ficial to the Colony, serviceable to the sex, and son of the celebrated author of

King, and honourable to bimself. Не the History and Anriquities of York. sent his only son at the age of 14, into the

Feb. 25. In Portland-street, Cavendish- army. The climate of the Isle of France square, in his 641h year, 'Mr. Jos. Kirton.

and Ceylon was too severe for him ; he At Hampstead, Mrs. Key, widow of the exchanged into the 22d regiment, in order late Jonathan Key, esq.

to return 10 Europe, which he reached At Pentonville, in her 330 year, Jane, alive, but shortly after died. Neither the wife of Mr. Sainuel Jones, of Barnard's venerable General, nor any of his family, Inn, attorney, and second daughter of An- ever recovered that blow, He bas left an thony Parkin, esq. of Great Ormond. amiable widow, and three highly accomstreet, Solicitor to the Post-office.

plished daughters. In the Greenwich Road, Mrs. Adam- Elizabeth, second daughter of R. Thorson, mother of Capt. William Adanson, ley, esq. of Petersham. of the East India Company's service.

At Hampstead, Hariiet, wife of Tobias At Chester, aged 77, Caiherine Maria, Browne, esq. and sister of Sir T. S, Raffles. widow of the late Rev. Dr. Cotton, Dean At Lewes, in his 801h year, William of Chester, and aunt to Lord Combermere.

Campion, esq. At Berriew, co. Montgomery, aged 107, At Tewkesbury, as Lieutenant Richard Richard Booth. He retained the use of Brydges, of the Royal Navy, with his brother his faculties to the last, and could read the Thomas, a midshipman, and his youngest smallest print without the aid of glasses. brother Charles (all sons of Mr. Brydges,

At Dus-eldorff, Mrs. Jacobi, of Liver- of that Borough) accompanied by Lieut. pool, only sister of John Nonnen, esq. of Butcher, R.N. were sailing in a pleasure. James.street, Buckingham Gate.

boat upon the River Severn, about midway Feb. 26. At Di. Nevinson's, Mrs. Ro. between the upper and Lower Lode, a berts, of Montague-square, widow of J. W. sudden gust of wind upset the boat, and Roberts, esq. formerly chief of the East the whole of them were drowned, with the India Company's China Establishment. exception of Mr. Thomas Brydges, who,

In his 75th year, William Holmes, esq. with very great difficulty (owing to the of Clapham Common.

strength of the current occasioned by the At Aberdeen, aged 71, Sir W. Seton, food) got to the shore in a must exhausted bart. of Pitmedden.

state. Mr. Brydges had sailed down the Feb. 27. In Baker - street, Portman- river from 'Tewkesbury with the party, but square, Lady Impey, relict of Sir Elijah got on shore at the Upper Lode, to await Impey, kot, late Lord Chief Justice of the their return, and get refreshments provided Supreme Court of Judicature at Calcutta, for them; and thus probably he escaped Province of Bengal.

the dreadful fate which, in a few minutes, At Highgate, in his 88th year, Robert overtook his children and their friend! Webster, esq.

Lieut. Brydges was in his 26th year, was At Richmond, Surrey, in her 79th year, a most enterprising and excellent officer, Diana Caroline, wife of William Meyinott, and gave fair promise of proving an orna. esq. to whom she had been married 57 ment to that service in which he had been years, leaving behind her a numerous fa- actively and constantly employed for 15 mily to deplore the loss of so eminent an


He and his brother had just reexample of conjugal affection and mater- turned from long voyages, and neither of nal tenderness.

them had arrived from Plymouth many At Laleham, Henrietta, wife of George days. Lieut. Butcher (who thus unhap. Hartwell, esq.

pily perished in the 32d year of his age) Feb. 28. Iu Upper Seymour-street, at was an officer of experience ; had often an advanced age, Gen. Edmund Fanning fought the battles of his country, and sufThe world did not contain a better man in fered many of the difficulties and dangers


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attending a nautical life. He had suffereil had attached to bimself an extensive circle shipwreck twice; and one vessel, on which of early friends, among whom bis premahe was aboard, was destroyed by fire when ture decease has excited feelings of uniat sea.

He had been a prisoner of war in versal regret. His manners were peculiFrance and Holland, and on one occasion qily calculated to conciliate affection, to narrowly escaped being massacred by the command esteem, and to enforce respect. Malays. After a long and arduous ser- Mr. Meyler died intestate, and there is vice he retired among his friends at ibe much doubt as to the distribution of his conclusion of the war; and if a deport- large property. He had begun a will, ment unassuming, and manners the most but had left off without naming a single inoffensive, have any claim to the respect legatee. Mr. Meyler, the respectable of mankiud, a large portion of it is due to bookseller of Bath, is supposed to have the gallant but unfortunate Lieut. Butcher. been related to him, and it is said that

March 1. At Richmond, Surrey, Henry there is another distant kinsman at Bristol. Tillard, eldest son of Major Purvis, of the At Villa Franca, near Nice, aged 19, Ist dragoons.

Robert A. B. St. John Sparrow, esq. only At Rochester, Mary, wife of Rev. Fran- son of the late Brig.-gen. Sparrow, and cis Barrow.

grandson of Robert Sparrow, esų. of WorMrs. Anne Lee, relict of the late John lingham Hall, Suffolk. Lee, esq. of Westbury-upon-Trym.

March 4. The Dowager Viscountess At Castle Bluudeu, Sir John Bluoden, Arbuthnot, bart,

At Norbiton, near Kingston, Surrey, At Avaranches, in a duel with Lieu- aged 81, John Beale, esq. tenant Maxwell, Lieutenant Cartwright, At Windsor, in her 87th year, Mrs. of the Royal Navy. Mr. Cartwright re- Henley, widow of Rev. Phocion Henley. ceived his adversary's first fire; the ball Drowned at the mouth of Portsmouth entered his forehead, and he expired in a harbour, in a wherry, which was pooped few moments. A few weeks since he was by a sea during the tremendous gale, Hon. married, in St. Helier's, to Miss Mann, Mr. Thellusson (brother of Lord Rendlepiece to the late Bishop of Cork and Ross, sham), Mr. Hassall, son of J. Hassall, ésq.

March 2. Martha, wife of Mr. James of Hartshorn, co. Derby, and Mr. Leeson, Smith, Wynyatt - street, Northampton- son of Hon. Mrs. Leeson, all midshipmen square.

of his Majesty's ship Tiber. The waterAt Cleobury North, co. Salop, most man, Brown, and a boy also perished. deeply and deservedly lamented, Thomas These young gentlemen, who were most Mytton, jun, esq. eldest son of Thomas highly esteemed by their brother officers, Mytton, esq. barrister-at-law. The mor- were tempted to leave the ship by their tal remains of this excellent young man anxious desire to see the performance of were deposited, with due funereal solem. Mr. Kean, that evening. nity, in the family-vault at Shipton, on the March 5. 1o Salisbury-square, in her 11th, when a large concourse of persons 82d year, Mrs. Elizabeih Bardin, relict of assembled to witness the last tribute of re- Mr. William Bardin, formerly of the spect to the memory of one, who was, in. same place. deed," eyes to the blind, and feet 10 the At Tunbridge Wells, aged 23, John lame, and who caused the widow's heart to Visc. Kelburne, eldest son of the Earl of sing for joy."

Glasgow. At Thames Place, near Walton, Mrs. At Bath, Algernon Otway Buckle, fourth Payne, relict of the late George Payne, son of Capt. Buckle, R.N. esq. of Brooklands, Surrey,

March 6. Aged 33, Emina Georgiana At Bromley, in his 47th year, John Elizabeth, second daughter of the late Cowell, esq. of Bygrave, Herts.

Erasmus Darwin, M. D. of the Priory, At Sawbridgeworth, aged 91, Miss near Derby. Anna Allen.

At Ainderby Steeple, co. York, Eleanor, At Dublin, suddenly, of gout in the sto. wife of W. B. Wastell, esq. of Aydon mach, Sir Charles Ormsby.

house, Northumberland. March 3. Near Melton Mowbray, co. At Lisbon, in his 26th year, Mr. James Leicester, aged 26, Richard Meyler, esq. M‘Andrew, of St. Helen's Place, London. of Grosvenor-square, M. P. for the city of March 7. Jo Upper Brooke-street, Lady Winchester. He had been indisposed for Caroline Wrottesley; wife of Sir John some days, and was seized with a fit while Wrottesley, bart. of Wrottesley, co. Stafhunting, which ended in apoplexy, and ter- ford, and eldest daughter of ihe Earl of minated his life the following day. He Tankerville. was the last descendant of an eminent In Weymouth-street, Portland Place, mercantile family in Bristol and Jamaica, Mrs. Margaret Quarington. from whom he inherited a fortune of lo ber 45th year, Margaret, wife of E. 35,000l. per annum. Educated at Eton A. Butcher, esq. of Upper Montagu-street, and at Christ Church College, Oxford, he Montagu-square.


At Kentish Town, aged 76, William Capt. N. Dobree, R, N. lately in comWilmot, esg. many years clerk to the mand of the 7:enobia, nephew of Sir James Commissioners of Sewers for Westminster Saumarez. This excellent officer and and part of Middlesex.

amiable man lost his life (with eight men) At Camberwell, Dr. Andrew High, late in the humane attempt to rescue from a deputy-inspector of Hospitals at Ceylon. rock, the crew of a vessel, which had been

At Bath, aged 32, the wife of William wrecked in the night near Guernsey, and Stace, esq. chief commissary of Orduance, who were in great danger of perishing from Woolwich.

fatigue and hunger. Capt. Dobree apAt Tetcott, Devon, in his 81st year, proached the rock with difficulty, and let Rev. John Rouse, 27 years rector of that go an auchor, throwing a small grapnel, parish, and afterwards of St. Breock, Corn- by which three of the men reached the wall. He performed his sacred function boat, when a heavy sea nearly filled her, with a diligent and unremitted attention, and another soon after took herunder the and was a man of the strictest honour bow, and overset her: two of the boalmen and integrity.

only were saved. Captain Dobree's faMarch 8. Mr. Henderson, surgeon, of ther beheld the sad catastrophe from the Margaret-street, Cavendish-square.

beach. At Copthorn, near Shrewsbury, in his March 10. In Percy-street, aged 82, 87th year, John Probert, esq.

He was

Mrs. Susanna Jackson, a lady whose loss his own tutor, and the founder of bis own will be severely deplored by the numbers fortune, having risen entirely by mental who enjoyed ber annual and weekly beneexertion. After emerging from servitude, volence, and whose memory will be long he commenced land-surveyor, which he gratefully cherished by the friends of the practised for many years. He, bad for many public charities she had generously upwards of 50 years, the important charge assisted during her life, and to which she ,' of the estates of the great families of has bequeathed liberal memorials of her Powys, Clive, Mytton, &c. confided to his approval. care ; and the distinguished talent and March 11. In Charlotte.street, Fitzroyactive zeal which he displayed for their square, aged 24, Robert, second son of several interests, redounds as much to his Alexander Balmanno, esq. own praise, as to their advantage. He was At Ormond Villa, aged 75, George distinguished by a comprehensive and Shew, esq. formerly an eminent surgeon vigorous mind, actuated by a warm and dentist in Ba:b'; he was a most ingenious generous heart; and through a long and mani, possessing a benero!ent heart. arduous life, was governed by the most At Babington House, Somerset, in her liberal views, and the most inviolable 54th year, Fiances, wife of Charles Knaich. sense of honour.

Mrs. Gilkes, relict of the late Richard At New Sirelitz, in her 8916 year, her Gilkes, esq. .of Charlton, near. Banbury. Serene lighness the Princess Maria LouMrs. Lockhart now becomes possessed of isa Albertine, widow of the Landgrave the estates,

George of Hesse Da mstadt. Her Serene In her 651h year, Joanna, wife of Mr. Ilighness was a Couniess of Leiningen, Joseph Wood, of Chipping Sodbury ; and Dachsberg, and Broich. on the following morning, in his 75th year, March 12. Ai Croydon, William Sa. the said Mr. Joseph Wood. They were very, esq. the parents of Mr. George Wood, one of Louisa Catherine, wife of F. R. Holds. the proprietors of the Bath and Chelten- worth, e.q. of Clapham Rise. ham Gazette.

At Ripon, aged 82, Rev. J. Boutfiover, Ac Roscommon, on the Circuit, James B. D. vicar of Seamer, near Scarborough, Whitestone, esq. one of his Majesty's At Lambridge, co. Somerset, Caroline, counsel at law.

wife of Res. J. Williams, M. A. rector of March 9. At Bedminster, aged 47, Wireton, co. Norfolk, and curate of James Phillips, Lord Nelson's boatswain on Poulshot, Wilts. board the Victory at the battle of Trafala March 13. At Bristol, Mr. Edward gar; having proved his close attachment to Daniel, nearly 50 years an eminent soli. his brave Admiral by his numerons wounds, citor in that city. viz. four large sabre wounds on the head, Elizabeth, wife of James De Visme, many gun-shot on his body, and three esq. of New Court, Newent, co. Gloucester, balls on his right thigh and leg. Thus and eldest daughter of the lare Edward sbattered, he obtained an honourable dis- Bearcroft, esq. Chief Justice of Chester. charge and a liberal pension.

At The Hague, at the house of the DowaAt an advanced age, Capt. Edmond ger Countess of Athlone, in his 43d year, O'Reilly. This gentleman, who was a na- Hon. John Gerard Rynhart De Reede tive of Dublin, embarked at an early pe- Ginkell, third son of Ilie late and brother riod as a soldier of fortune, and distin- to the presept Earl of Athlone. guished himself in the Prussian service. March 14. At her apartments in St. He served under Frederick the Great. James's Palace, Miss Henrietta Finch,


bull, esą.


daughter of the late Lady C. Finch, and to those who differed with him in opinion ; sister to the Earl of Winchelsea.

and had his hands open to the wants of the Al Exeter, whither he had gone for the necessitous. In short, his neighbours may benefit of his healib, aged 43, Rev. Ed- justly exclaim, that they will seldom see ward Hare, of Leeds, having been 20 his like again. years an itinerant preacher in ihe Metho- At Bath, Rev. J. Burges, B. D. fellow dist connexión.

of St. John's College, Oxford. March 15. Miss Dodd, daughter of the Aged 80, Rev. T. Eglin, vicar of Stil. late. Rev. Richard Dodd, of Camberwell. lingtleet and Riccall, perpetual curate of

At Fulham, John Druce, esq. of Nor. Whilby, and in the commission of the folk-street, Strand, Navy Agent. The peace for the East Riding of Yorkshire. death of this gentleman will be much felt At Edinburgh, Sir John Stirling, bart, and lamented, not only among his Majes- of Glorat. ty's Naval Officers, to whose interests no March 17. At Harlow, aged 67, Stéperson was ever more devoted, but also phen Barber, esq. formerly of Camberwell. among his brother agents, by whom he At Sydenham, Kent, aged 82, 'Hugh was looked up to as possessing à mind French, M. D. one of his Majesty's justruly independent and honourable. No tices of the peace, and a deputy lieute. man was more attentive to his religious du- nant for that connty nearly 40 years. ties, and as a magistrate he was ever fore- Near Bromley, Mrs. M. Shafto, daughmost in shielding the poor and helpless ter of the late John Shafto, esq. M. P. and from oppression.

sister of the late Countess of Lisburne. At Leith, Mr. Alexander Neilson Lamb, Sarah, wife of Robert Thorpe, LL. D. solicitor and procurator fiscal.

late judge of Sierra Leone. At Auteuil, near Paris, in her 4th year, Aged 81, William Allies, sen. esq. of Lady Caroline A. Parker, only daughter the Upper House, Alfrick, co. Worcester, of the Earl and Countess of Morley. In At Exmouth, the wife of John Sweet. person and mind this amiable child bore a land, esq. late principal commissary at strong resemblance to ber lameuted bro- Gibraltar. ther Lord Borringdon, whose untimely

At Bath, Rev. Edward Lambert, rector deatla from an extraordinary cause of East Horsley, Surrey, and of Freshlately recorded.

ford, Somerset. March 16. Dr. Pollock, of his Majes. At Keith, co. Bamff, suddenly, by the ty's Hospital ship Dromedary, lying off bursting of a hloud - vessel, in his 49h Greenwich.

year, Major Peter Grant, late of the 924 At Greenwich, in her 88th year, Anne, regte or Gordon Highlanders.' His zeal widow of the late Lieuto-general Forbes for the service induced him to join the M.Bean, royal artillery.

army in Flanders in 1793 as a volunteer. At Hampton Lodge, near Farnham, His services having been noticed by the Mary, wife of Beeston Long, esq.

Marquis of Huntley, his Lordship apAged 62, the wife of Thomas Smyth, pointed him to his regiment upon its esiaesq. of East Dereham.

blishment in 1794. Major Grant was con. Aged 74, Walter Ruding, esq. of West- stantly present with, and shared in the cotes, near Leicester. Mr. Roding had many gallant exploits of this distinguished retired to rest at his accustomed hour, corps in Holland, Egypt, and in the Peninand in his usual good state of health, sula, &c.

in the course of those severe after attending divine service twice in the conflicts he was repeatedly wounded, and course of the day ; but about four o'clock was finally under the necessity of retiring the following morning he was suddenly

from the service, in consequence of losing seized with an apoplectic fit, and expired a leg by a cannon-ball, in Spain. Major before his physician Dr. Arnold arrived. Grant was of the family of Tullochgorm, About 20 years since he stood forward with in Strathspey. Mr. Greathead, as candidate to represent

Mareh 18. In bis 78th year, T. War. the borough of Leicester in Parliament; burion, esq. formerly Major in the 7th or but did not meet with success. It has Queen's own regiment of dragoons. been remarked, to his honour, that he At Mapperton House, Bridport, Miss uuiformly. maintained his political con. Grant, daughter of J. F. Grant, esq. late sis:ency during the last five and twenty

of the Island of St. Vincent. years, His papers signed “ Cato,"

March 19. Aged 31, Mary, wife of glo-Saxon," Millions,” &, which ap. John Delafield, esq. of Woburu Place, peared in the Leicester Chronicle, niavi. Russell-square. fested a praise-worthy regard for the cou- At Pentonville, in his 230 year, Francis siituijonal rights of Englislimen. lo pri. Henry, son of J. L. Muller, esq. of St. Croix. vate life, Mr. Ruding was surpassed by At Wonersh, Surrey, the seat of Lord

lle was punctual in his engage. Grantley, in his 720 year, Gen..the Hon. mculsaapable ih bis demeanour-liberal Chapple Norton, colonel of the 56th regt.


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and governor of Charlemont. He served At Stoke, near Plymouth, Mr. Alexan. with great credit in America, and since der Usborne, late purser of the Hannibal. his return from thence has been con- At Eastbourne, Lieut. J. Beckett, R. N. stantly honoured by the regard and gra. John Haydon, esq. of Banbury, banker. cious favour of the Duke of York, Com- At Clifton, in his 26th year, James mander-in-chief, who perhaps could not Jones, esq. youngest son of the late James have distinguished by them a braver sol. Jones, esq. dier or a better man. General Norton At Ackworth Villa, near Pontefract, was third son of Sir Fletcher Norton, many Mrs. Lilley, relict of the late Thomas years Speaker of the House of Commons, Lilley, esq. of London. She has bequeathand first Lord Grantley, by Grace, eldest ed a considerable sbare of her large fora daughter of Sir W. Chapple, one of the tune to her brother-in-law, John Seaton, . Judges of the Court of King's Bench; was esq. of Pontefract, and his family. brother to Lord Grantley and the Hon. At Manchester, aged 47, William Boyd, Baron Norton; and uncle to Lieut. Nor- esq. merchant. ton, of the grenadier guards. He several At Anstruther, after thirteen years ille times represented the borough and town of neşs, in his 81st year, Mr. Daniel Conolly, Guildford in Parliament.

late treasurer of Crail, and formerly a serMarch 20. At Wanstead, Essex, in his jeant in the 28th foot. He was born at 65th year, Robert Wilks, esq.

Oidcastle, in Ireland, entered the army at At Tunbridge Wells, aged 73, Dame an early age, and was at the taking of Deborah Dering, relict of Sir Edward Louisburg in 1758, at the siege of Quebec Dering, of Surrenden Dering, co. Kent, in 1759, and on the field when the gallant bart. great-grandfather of the present Wolfe fell. He was also at the taking of Baronet.

Martinique and the Havannah in 1762. At Cheltenham, in his 84th year, Alex- At Kilmarnock, in bis 87th year, Thos. ander Jaffray, esq. formerly of Dublin. Gilmour, esq. merchant. Suddenly, in her 37th year, Jane, wife

March 23. In her 18th year, Anne of C. Jones, esq. of Cononley Hall, co. York, Price, daughter of Rev. Sir James Hanham, and only daughter of the lale Johnson At- bart, of Dean's Court, co. Dorset. kinson Busfeild, esq. one of his Majesty's In her 68th year, the wife of Mr. Van justices of the peace, and registrar for the Hemeit, and daughter of the late Roger West Riding.

Walshman, esq. of Lancaster. In his 70ih year, William Fisher, esq. At York, aged 28, Jane, eldest daughter comptroller of his Majesty's Customs at of the late James Backhouse, esq. of Dar. Lancaster.

lington, banker. March 21. In Devonshire-street, in her March 24. At Chelsea, in his 78th 20th year, Caroline, daughter of the late year, J. C. Jacoby, es4. J. R. Carnac, esq. member of council At Marwell Hall, Hants, Wm. Long, esq. at Bombay.

At Hawthorn Cottage, near Lymington, At Hanbury Hall, Worcestershire, in Mrs. Rochfort, relict of the late Captain her 64th year, Mrs. Phillips.

John P.J. Rochfort, of the Royal Navy. At ldstone, Berks, aged 89, Lieut.-gen. At Donaghadee, in her 77th year, ElizaCharles Tarrant, late of the royal engi- beth, relict of Rev. E. Leslie, D. D. and neers in Ireland.

Archdeacou of Down, and last surviving On Easter Sunday, March 22, in the live- sister of the late G. M. Portis, esq. many ly hope of a blessed resurrection through years collector of Belfast. Him who gloriously, as on that day, him- March 25. At Chelsea, aged 71, James self arose, Elizabeth Emma Eardley Wile Fraser, esq. of Cleveland-row, St. James's, mot, the wife of John Eardley Eardley Wil Westmiuster. mot, esq. of Berkswell Hall, co. Warwick. Of apoplexy, Rev. John Kennett Parker, She sunk in child-bed, at the age of 28, in of Barking, Essex. the fulness of innocence, and the ripeness At Tottenham, in his 66th year, Charles of every virtue. The pattern she was, as well as the delight, of all who had the hap- At Exeter, Mrs. Browne, relict of Col, piness to know her: to her family the loss Browne, of Glenpagary, co. Dublin, and is irreparable, and to her afflicted hus. daughter of Edward Corry, esq. M. P. of band, as the conjugal felicity was perfect, a the Irish House of Commons. calamity most deep and overwbelming. March 26. In Nassau-street, Caven

Hon. Vere Peregrine Bertie, youngest dish-square, in her 88th year, Christiana, child of the Earl of Abingdon.

widow of R. H. Losack, esq. late Lieut.. At Blackheath, Mrs. Larkins, widow of gen, of the Leeward Islands. Thomas Larkins, esq.

At Topsham, co. Devon, in her 21st At Chichester, in her 76th year, Mrs. year, Charlotte, only child of Lach. M'Lean, Tufnell, relict of the late G. F. Tufnell, esq. esq. paymaster of pensions from the Chest colonel of the East Middlesex Militia. at Greenwich. Gent. Mag. May, 1818.


Pratt, esg.

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