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BILL OF MORTALITY, from April 21, to May 26, 1818.

2 and 5 157 | 50 and 60 190
- 1155
Males 862

5 and 10 68 60 and 70 152

1723 Females 861

10 and 20 59 70 and 80 125 Whereof have died under 2 years old 426

20 and 30 124 80 and 90 67

30 and 40 162 | 90 and 100 12 Salt-£1. per bushel ; 4 d. per pound.

-40 and 50 181

Females - 1108 > 2263



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0164 0 00 000

AVERAGE PRICES of CORN, from the Returns ending May 16.

Wheat | Rye Barly| Oats Beans

Wheat Rye Barly Oats Beans d. s. ds. d. s. d. s. d.

s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. Middlesex 88 800 0150 1032 755 3 Essex 74 0 39 038 931 047 4 Surrey 83 600 046 0135 655 01 Kent 83


629 (43 0 Hertford 76 052 046 631 243 6||Sussex 84 200 100 0 30 650 0 Bedford 80 152 045 930 051 Suffolk 85 800 0 49 550 3490 Huntingdon 82 700 044 2129 250 4 Camb. 81 250 0144 10 28 0507 Northamp. 80 400 048 8 26 653 8 Norfolk 82 640 0 45 11/27 449 8 Rutland 82 000 050 030 659 6 Lincoln 76 351 8 47 1 27 10 54 11 Leicester 86 050 054 4131 464 0 York 75 1156 044 11 27 957 10 Nottingham $5 652 052 8133 0.64 of Durham 78 500 000 032 800 () Derby 85 600 053 335 078 8 Northum. 68 148 043 299.000 Stafford 91 900 056 634 470 5 Cumberl. 93 11 65 457 8 34 21000 Salop 95 4155 660 5 37

0 Westmor. 98 660

0.37 3100 0 Hereford 88 657 651 0 33 962 2 Lancaster 89 300

0135 759 6 Worcester 92 10100 056 135 1055 2 Chester 84 4.00

0.00 0100 0 Warwick 86 000 054 6 31 071 8 Flint 87 1000 0/65 1033 4 00 0 Wilts 82 600 0 49 6/38

3 73 9 Denbigh 91 400 064 235 900 0 Berks 87 200 046 933 1054 9 Anglesea 80 0 00 0/60 029 6100 Oxford 87 600 049 631 3 49 6 Carnarvon 96 8,00 056 1037 000 Bucks 84 1.CO 0 39 631

053 8 Merioneth 704 600 0 73 8 37 8100 Brecon 86 0/76 865


800 0 Cardigan 104 000 054 0.22 0100 o Montgom. 100 900 064

700 0 Pembroke 105 800 0 59 826 8600 0 Radnor 96 000 0/62 3136 100 0 Carmart. 100 000 072 026 0100 ()

Glamorgan98 500 060 238 4100 ( Average of England and Wales, per quarter. Gloucester 86 800 050 2 35 0162 4 86 0153 8153 3132 6157 0 Somerset 97 400 048 833 461 0


96 300 0160 838 400 0 Average of Scotland, per quarter.

Devon 97 400 053 335

9000 00 0,00 0,00 0,00 0,00 0Cornwall 93 800 0 54 11131 400 0

Dorset 87 500 049 1032 1700

Hants 84 500 044 1/29 1158 4
PRICE OF FLOUR, per Sack, May 25, 65s. to 70s.
OATMEAL, per Boll of 140lbs. Avoirdupois, May 16, 35s. 9d.

AVERAGE PRICE of SUGAR, May 20, 50s. 3 d. per cwt.

PRICE OF HOPS, IN THE BOROUGH MARKET, May 25 : Kent Bags .... 201. Os. to 231. Os. Sussex Pockets.........231. Os. to 2:41. Os. Sussex Ditto

191. Os. to 221. Os. Essex Ditto........ 241. Os. to 251. Os. Kent Pockets ......... 241. Os. to 261. 10s, Farnham Ditto.........001. Os. ta 001. 0s.

AVERAGE PRICE OF HAY AND STRAW, May 25 : St.James's, Hay 51.3s. Od. Straw 31. 2s.6d. Clover 01. Os.Od.--Whitechapel, Hayr 51. 10s. Od. Straw 31. Clover 61, 16s. 60.--Smithfield, Hay 51. 10s. 6d. Straw 21. 13s.6d. Clover 61.10s.


Beef ........

SMITHFIELD, May 25. To sink the Offal--per Stone of 8lbs.
... 45. 4d. to 5s. 4d.


...........6s. Od', to 78. Od. Mutton

....5s. Od. to 5s. 8d. Head of Cattle at Market Ma.y 25 : Veal

5s. Od. to 6s. 8d. Beasts ..., 2,241. (Salves 220. Pork

......5s. Od. to 6s. Od. Sheep and Lambs 14,640. ligs 220. COALS, May 25: Newcastle 33s. Od. to 44s. 6d. Sunderland 35s. Od. to 39s. Od. TALLOW, per Stone, 816. St. James's 45.54d. Clare Market Os. Od. Whitechapel 4s. 447. SOAP, Yellow, 98s. Mottled 108s. Curd 1125.-- CANDLES, 125, 5d. per Doz, pinulds 14s. THE AVERAGE PRICES of NAVIGABLE CANAL SHares and other PROPERTY, in May 1818 (to the 25th), at the Office of Mr. Scott, 28, New Bridge.street, London.Coventry Canal, 9401. ex half Yearly Div. 221.–Stafford and Worcestershire, 6201. ex Half Year Div. 181.-Oxford, 610l. ex Half Yearly Div.-Monmouthshire, 130€. with 41. Half-Year's Div.- Grand Junction, 233l. 2351.-Old Union, 901.-Ellesmere, 651. — Kennel and Avon, 231. - Thames and Medway, 291.-Croydon Railway, 181.Surrey Iron diito, 101.-West India Dock, 2021. Div. 101. per annum.---London Dock, 831. Div. 31.--East Country, 201.—Globe Assurance, 1301.---London ditto Ship Shares, 221. 15s. Hupe, 31. 175. - - Rock, 41, 125.--East London Water Works, 941. Div. 31. per annum. — West Middlesex, 481. 10s. — Grand Junction Ditto, 521. - Original Gas Light, 711. - Russel Institution, 151. 15s.

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108 164

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| 14

11 Holiday
12 Holiday
10 Sunday


794804 80
793 804
801 804 803 97}


$ 975 | 1071


Stock p.ct Consols. Cons.Navy Ano. per Ct.3perCi. Ceat

Bank Red. 3 per Ct. AperCisperCt./B.Long Irish 5, Imp. 131 per India So. Sea 13 perc India E. Billel E. Bills Comm. omnium

Stock. Stock. Sib Sea vonds.

24d. Bills 21 pr. 22 pr. - 1 24 pr.

pr. 3 dis. 24 2 pr.


می ده

RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, and Co. Bank - Buildings, London.

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Printed by Nichols, Son, and Bentley, ked Lion Passage, Fleet Street, London.



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Cornw.-Covent. 2 General EVENING

Cumb.2-Doncast. Times-M. Advert.

Derb.-Dorchest. N.Times-- B. Press

Durham — Essex P.Ledger &Oracle

Exeter 2, Glouc.2 M.Post-M.Herald

Halifax-Hants 2 Morning Chronic.

Hereford, Hull 3 St. James's Chron.

Huntingd.-Kent 4 Sun-Evén. Mail

Ipswich1, Lancas. Courier-Star

Leices.2--Leeds 2 Globe-Traveller

Lichfield, Liver. 6 Statesman

Maidst. Manch. 6 Packet-Lond.Chr.

Newc.3.-Notts. 2 Albion--C. Chron.

Northampton Eng. Chron. --Inq.

Norfolk, Norwich Cour.d'Angleterre

N.Wales, Oxford 2) Cour. de'Londres

Portsea-Pottery 11 Weekly Papers

Hem Preston-Plym. 2 17 Sunday Papers

Reading -Salisb. Hue & Cry Police

Salop-Sheffield2 Lit. Adv.-Lit.Gaz,

Sherborne, Sussex Bath 3-Bristol 5

Shrewsbury Berwiek-Boston

Staff. Stamf. 2 Birmingham

Taunton—Tyne Blackb. Brighton

Wakefi.-Warw. Bury St. Edmund's

1818. Wolverh. Worc. 2


York3,1RELAND37 Carli.2--Chester 2 CONTAINING

SCOTLAND 24. Chelms. Cambria.

Jersey 2. Guern. 2 Miscellaneous Correspondence.

Keview of pew Publications. MINOR CORRESPONDENCE.--Corrections, &c. 482 The Plain Bible, &e. by Rev.W.L. Bowles 521 Letter of Lord Orford on a visit to Houghton483 Completion of the History of Dorsetshire..522 On the Purchase of Dr. Burney's Library..484 The Royal Minstrel ; by J. F. Pennie......524 Epitaph on the late Rev. Dean Nickolls...ibid. Pastoral Duties 526.—The Fudge Family.527 Missionary Societies.-Case of T. Redmile486 The Confession, or The Novice of St. Clare528 Various Cathedral Schools: Durham, &c..487 Religio Clerici, a Churchman's Epistle....529 Antient Stone Building near Tewkesbury..489 Mills's “ History of Muhammedism”.......531 On English Sculpture as applied to Tombs ibid. Purton on Plants in Midland Counties.....534 Village of Esher, and Palace of Claremont493 Ashford's Case.-Warwick Castle, a Poem,537 Proposal to extend the Regent's Canal.....494 LITERARY, INTELLIGENCE....

..538 Hints to improve Kensington Gardens, &c. 496 The late Commemoration, &c. at Oxford..540 Some Account of Norton Church, Derbysh.497 Select POETRY

,541-544 Account of St. John's Chapel, Deretend..ibid.

Historical Chronicle, Cave discovered in Standard Hill, Nottingh.499 Proceedings in the lateSession of Parliament545 Recollections on the Origin of States, Interesting Intellig. from London Gazettes549

Thoughts on exercising the Mind, &c....500 Abstract of principal Foreign Occurences 553 Mr. Graham, the inventor of the Orrery...504 Intelligence from various parts of the KingCOMPENDIUM OF COUNTY Hist. : Middlesex505 dom, 557.- London and its Vicinity.....559 Remarks on the Signs of Inns, &C..........510 Circuits of Judges 560.- Promotions, &C...561 “ The Castle”—"Cat and Fiddle," &c.&c. ib. Births, & Marriages of remarkable Persons 562 Joha Dunton's Life and Errors illustrated. 513 | Obituary, with Anecdotes ofeminent Persons563 The DETECTED, a Periodical Paper, No. V. 515 The Prince of Condé,563 ; President Petion 565 On the Almshouses at Quainton, Bucks....516 G. Dempster, Esq.566.-M. Visconti......567 “ Anvual Biography and Obituary" 1817, 519 Meteorological Diary,575; Bill of Mortality ib. Remarks respecting National Monuments. 520 Prices of the Markets,575—The Stocks, &c. 576 With a Sketch of an interesting Stone BUILDING near T'EWKESBURY ;

and a View of the Church of Norton, in DERBYSHIRE.



Printed by Nichols, Son, and Bentley, at Cicero's Head, Red Lion Passage, Fleet-str. London;

where all Letters to the Editor are particularly desired to be addressed, Post-PAID.


BIBLIOPHILUS refers our Correspondent prints, Mr. Bisset thought proper to adMr. C. J. Smyth, p. 3. to Lowth’s Latin dress the Duke of Portland on the subPrælections, 8vo. page 118, or to the ject, and was immediately honoured with Index of texts at the end of the work, a letter authorising him to announce “ Houbigant,” he says, “reads the He- that the report was UNTRUE." brew word 1975, with a , inserted, thus, We are desired by a valuable Corre757b, yeyinoa ce, and thinks the words spondent, well informed

on the subso ss superfluous. With this correc. ject, to correct two errors of some magtion it will agree with the Septua.

nitude in the statements relative to gint, and thus most probably the He

the late Mr. Carter; the one, at pages brew copy read it. Horsley's Annota. 275, 276, in the extract from « The tions on this passage are not unwor.

New Monthly Magazine,”-the other at thy of notice. See Bp. Horsley on the

page 382 in the account of the Sale. Psalms."—He wishes an opinion as to

In the former it is stated that “ he had what was the reading of the 6th verse

purchased an annuity for his own life, of the 40th Psalm in the copy from

of four hundred pounds, and did not live which the Septuagint translated ; since

to receive the first quarter ;” this was the passage in our Version “ mine ears not the fact, since the annuity he purhast thou opened,” they read “a body chased, and of which he did not live to hast thou prepared me;" a difference

receive any payment, was for only 2131. truly material with respect to words. -Again, the produce of Mr. Carter's ColMr. CHAMBERLIN, in reference to the

lection of Drawings, &c. including what observations on the proper translation of

was bought in, was not 16951. 3s. but

15271. 38. 6d. from which some deducPsalm cx. v. 3. offers the rendering of

tions have been since made. Mons. Ostervald as nearly corresponding with the improved reading suggested

BIOGRAPHICUS says, “ The Writer in by the Rev. Dr. Mant, in the Notes to

p. 204. is mistaken as to the Hardwicke his useful Bible. “ Ton Peuple sera un

Peerage. The title of Earl of Hardwicke Peuple plein de franche volonté, au jour tershire. In the Biography the writer

is derived from Hardwicke, in Gloucesque tu assembleras ton armée avec une

omits Jeremy Taylor, Bishop of Down sainte pompe; ta posterité sera comme la

and Connor, who was a native of Camrosée qui est produite du sein de l'aurore.”

bridge. It is certain that Bishop TounMr. C. J. SMYTH says, “ I have lately son was a native of Cambridge?" purchased a very useful, and, as I suppose, The Rev. GEORGE TRAVIS, M. A. Archnot a very common book, Liber Psal

deacon and Prebendary of Chester, statmorum Hebraice, Editio nova cum an

ed in p. 328. to have been buried in the notationibus A. Hulsii, Hildå-montani, Cathedral of Chester, was buried at Lugduni Bat. clɔlɔcl.' I mention it Hampstead in Middlesex, March 6, 1797, merely for the purpose of expressing a

as appears by the register of burials. See wish that some one would publish a Park’s History of Hampstead, p. 344. Translation of the Elegantiæ Hebraicæ An Old Resident wishes to ascertain annexed to this Psalter of Hulse; and

whether the Rock Pigeon of India has very much enlarge the plan of it. I am

ever been noticed by Ornithologists. It disposed to think such a publication is called in Hindoostany, (or rather perwould be highly useful and entertaining." haps, Deckny,) Byte Teetui, or the Sit

A malicious and unfounded report ting Partridge ; and, in the Tamul lanhaving been circulated tbrough the me- guage, Kyloo Purraw, or the Rock Pidium of several of the London papers, geon, which appellation has been, be stating, that “the Duke of Portland thinks, injudiciously adopted by Eurohad left Leamington in consequence of peans, as the bird in question bears a inundations and fogs;" Mr. Bisset as- much stronger resemblance, both in sures us that the whole is a most scan- form and feather, to the Partridge, than dalous and gross misrepresentation. to the Pigeon. It is, like both of these, “ There is not a place in the kingdom gregarious, and there is something in more free from fogs or damp; the air the colour of its variegated plumage is pure and salubrious, and the springs which assimilates with the rock, sand, are reckoned superior to any in the Im- or parched herbage, on which it is usuperial kingdom. When the report was ally found ; to discover it sitting, therefirst circulated, the inhabitants of Lea- fore, requires a very acute sight. mington deemed it too insignificant to A SUPPLEMENTAL NUMBER (complet. notice : but when they found that the ing the First Part of our Volume for the paragraph from the London Papers had present year) will be published on the been copied in several of the Provincial 31st of July.



For JUNE, 1818.



Mr. URBAN, King's Lynn, May 30. with Guido's ideas! Does great youth AS S a suitable companion to the feel with poetic limbs, as well as see with

pathetic lamentation of Lord poetic eyes? In one respect I am very Orford, on the removal of the splendid young, I cannot satiate myself with collection of his father's Pictures from looking: an incident contributed to this neigbbourhood (printed in your

make me feel this more strongly. A last volume, ii. 339); permit me to party arrived, just as I did, to see the recommend to you the following de house, a man and three women in riding

dresses, and they rode post through the scription by the same Noble Writer, transcribed from the recent publication

apartments. I could not hurry before

them fast enough ; they were not so of his Correspondence with the truly amjable Mrs. Montague.

long in seeing, for the first time, as I

could have been in one room to exaYours, &c. AN OLD WHIG. mine what I knew by heart. I remem

Houghton, March 25, 1761. ber formerly being diverted with those “ Here I am at Houghton! and alone! see-ers; they come, ask what such a room In this spot, where (except two hours is called in which Sir Robert lay, write it last month) I have not been for sixteen down, admire a lobster or a cabbage in a years! Think, what a crowd of reflec- market-piece, dispute whether the last tions! No, Gray and forty Church-yards room was green or purple, and then hurry could not furnish so many; nay, I know to the Inn for fear the fish should be one must feel them with greater indif- over-dressed. How different my sensaference than I feel I possess to put them tions ! Not a picture here but recalls a into verse. Here I am, probably for the history; not one but I remember in last time of my life, though not for the Downing-street or Chelsea, where Queens last time. Every clock that strikes tells and crowds admired them, though seeing me I am an hour nearer to yonder them as little as those travellers ! Church-that Church into which I have " When I had drunk tea, I strolled not the courage to enter, where lies the into the garden : they told me it was mother on whom I doated, and who now called the pleasure-ground.' What doated on me! There are the two rival a dissonant idea of pleasure! Those mistresses of Houghton, neither of whom groves, those alleys, where I have passed ever wished to enjoy it! There too lies so many charming moments, are now he who founded its greatness, to con- stripped up or overgrown: many fond tribute to whose fall Europe was em- paths I could not unravel, though with a broiled. There he sleeps in quiet and very exact clue in my memory. I met dignity, while his friend and his foe, ra- two gamekeepers and a thousand bares ! ther his false ally and his real enemy, In the days when all my soul was tuned are exhausting the dregs of their pitiful to pleasure and vivacity (and you will lives in squabbles and pamphlets. think, perhaps, it is far from being out

“ The surprize the Pictures gave me is of tune yet), I hated Houghton and its again renewed : accustomed for many solitude. Yet I loved this garden-as years to see nothing but wretched daubs now, with many regrets, I love Houghand varnished copies at auctions, I look ton-Houghton, I know not what to call at these as enchantment. My own de- it, a monument of grandeur or ruin. scription of them seems poor; but shall How I wished this evening for Lord I tell you truly, the majesty of Italian Bute: how I could preach to him! For ideas sinks before the warm NATURE of myself, I don't want to be preached to. Flemish colouring. Alas! don't I grow The servants wanted to lay me in the old? My young imagination was fired great apartment:-what! to make me pass


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