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Hancock, John,

-His oration commemorative of the Boston massacre, 1774, Hawley, Joseph,

- His ** broken hints," Henry, Patrick,

His resolutions concerning the stamp act,

His speech in the house of dele-
gates of Virginia, on his motion to put
the colony in a state of defence, in 1775,

-His conduct in the case of John
Hopkinson, Francis,
Hopkins, Stephen,
Knox, Henry,
Laurens, Henry,
Lee, Richard, Henry,

-His speech on his motion for the
declaration of independence, June 1776,
Livingston, Philip,
Marion, Francis,

Interesting incident
MiMin, Thomas,
Niontgomery, Richard,
Putnam, Israel,

His letter to governor Tryon,
Reed, Joseph,
Warren, Joseph,
Washington, George,
Wayne, Anthony,

-His laconic letter to general
Washington immediately after the sur-

render of Stoney Point, 1779, Yates, Robert, President Washington's farewell address,

to the people of the United States, announcing his intention of retiring from public service.

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