Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Volume 29

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Page 59 - Mint, and if they are absolutely identical in form, weight, and material, they will be completely balanced by placing one each in the two separate coils, provided that for these experiments there is an adjustable resting-place in each pair of coils, so that each coin may lie exactly in the centre of the vacant space between the primary and secondary coils. If, however, these shillings are in the slightest degree worn, or have a different temperature, we at once perceive this difference, and, if desired,...
Page 413 - The PRESIDENT then delivered his Address, (p. 65.) It was proposed by Mr. LATHAM, seconded by Mr. FIELD, and resolved:— " That the thanks of the Society be given to the President for his Address, and that he be requested to allow it to be printed in the Quarterly Journal of the Society.
Page iv - PHYSICS. LESSONS IN ELEMENTARY PHYSICS. By "BALFOUR STEWART, FRS, Professor of Natural Philosophy in Owens College, Manchester. With numerous Illustrations and Chromoliths of the Spectra of the Sun, Stars, and Nebulae.
Page 87 - ... portion of the jet at the same moment passing the orifice. The pitch of the note, though not absolutely definite, cannot differ much from that which corresponds to the division of the jet into wave-lengths of maximum instability; and, in fact, Savart found that the frequency was directly as the square root of the head, inversely as the diameter of the orifice, and independent of the nature of the fluid — laws which follow immediately from Plateau's theory. From the...
Page 143 - Catalogue of Books added to the Radcliffe Library, Oxford University Museum, during the year 1878.
Page 127 - The variations in the composition of the products of explosion furnished in close chambers by one and the same powder, under different conditions as regards pressure, and by two powders of similar composition under the same conditions as regards pressure, are so considerable, that no value whatever can be attached to any attempt to give a general chemical expression to the metamorphosis of a gunpowder of normal composition (p.
Page 140 - FRS I have lately been engaged in studying the spectrum of sodium under new experimental conditions. In anticipation of a detailed communication I take leave to state that the vapour given off from the metal after slow distillation in a vacuum for some time shows the red and green lines without any trace whatever of the yellow one. Hydrogen is given off in large quantities, and at times the C line and the red "structure
Page 268 - Geological Survey of Victoria. Report of Progress by the Secretary for Mines. No.
Page 89 - ... still greater improvement may be effected by using an electrically maintained fork, which performs the double office of controlling the resolution of the jet and of interrupting the primary current of the induction coil. In this form the experiment is one of remarkable beauty. The jet, illuminated only in one phase of transformation, appears almost perfectly steady, and may be examined at leisure. The fork that I used had a frequency of 128, and communicated its vibration to the reservoir through...
Page 57 - If this secondary coil is near either primary coil, we hear loud tones, due to its proximity. The same effect takes place if the secondary coil is near the opposing coil, except that the induced current is now in a contrary direction, as a similar pole of the primary acts now on the opposite side of the...

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