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5 We bow before his face,
And sound his glories high:
Hosanna to the God of grace,
Who lays his thunder by.

6 On earth thy mercy reigns,
And triumphs all above:
But, Lord! how weak our mortal strains,
To speak immortal love!

L. M.


The Dominion of Christ.

1 HAIL to the Prince of life and peace, Who holds the keys of death and hell! The boundless world unseen is his,

And sovereign power becomes him well.
2 In shame and anguish once he died;-
But now he lives for evermore:
Bow down, ye saints! around his seat,
And, all ye angel-bands! adore.

4 Worthy thy hand to hold the keys, Guided by wisdom, and by love; Worthy to rule o'er mortal life,

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O'er worlds below, and worlds above.

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3 Live-live for ever, glorious Lord!

To quell thy foes-and guard thy friends;
While all thy chosen tribes rejoice,
That thy dominion never ends.

5 For ever reign, victorious King!

Wide through the earth thy name be known
And call my longing soul to sing
Sublimer anthems near thy throne.

H. M.


Our High-Priest in Heaven.

1 TH' atoning work is done,
The victim's blood is shed; t
And Jesus now is gone

2 No temple made with hands His place of service is:

His people's cause to plead

He stands in heaven, their great high-priest, And bears their names upon his breast.

In heaven itself he stands,

A heavenly priesthood his :
In him the shadows of the law

Are all fulfilled, and now withdraw. 3 And though awhile he be

Hid from the eyes of men,
His people look to see

Their great high-priest again:
In brightest glory he will come,
And take his waiting people home.

C. M.
197. Our Great High-Priest.
I COME, let us join our songs of praise

To our ascended Priest;
He entered heaven, with all our names

Engraven on his breast.
2 Below he washed our guilt away,

By his atoning blood;
Now he appears before the throne,

And pleads our cause with God. 3 Clothed with our nature still, he knows

The weakness of our frame,
And how to shield us from the foes

Whom he himself o'ercame. 4 Nor time, nor distance, e'er shall quench

The fervors of his love;
For us he died in kindness here,

And intercedes above.
5 Oh! may we ne'er forget his grace,

Nor blush to bear his name;
Still may our hearts hold fast his faith-

Our lips his praise proclaim.


C. M. 198. Breathing after the Holy Spirit. 1 COME, Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove!

With all thy quickening powers,

Kindle a flame of sacred love,

In these cold hearts of ours.
2 Look-how we grovel here below,

Fond of these trifling toys!
Our souls can neither fly nor go,

To reach eternal joys.
3 In vain we tune our formal songs,

In vain we strive to rise;
Hosannas languish on our tongues,

And our devotion dies.
4 Dear Lord! and shall we ever live

At this poor dying rate ?
Our love so faini, so cold to thee,

And thine to us so great ?
5 Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove!

With all thy quickening powers ;
Come, shed abroad a Saviour's love,
And that shall kindle ours.

S. M. 199. Convicting and sanctifying Influence. I COME, Holy Spirit! come,

Let thy bright beams arise;
Dispel the sorrow from our minds,

The darkness from our eyes. 2 Convince us of our sin,

Then lead to Jesus' blood;
And, to our wondering view, reveal

The secret love of God.
3 'Tis thine to cleanse the heart,

To sanctify the soul,
To pour fresh life in every part,

And new.create the whole. 4 Revive our drouping faith;

Our doubts and fears remove;
And kindle in our breast the flame
Of never-dying love.

200. Influences of the Spirit.
1 GRACIOUS Spirit! Love divine !

Let thy light within me shine:

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All my guilty fears remove,

Fill me with thy heavenly love.
2 Speak thy pard’ning grace to me,

Set the burdened sinner free;
Lead me to the Lamb of God,

Wash me in his precious blood.
3 Life and peace to me impart,

Seal salvation on my heart;
Breathe thyself into my breast,

Earnest of immortal rest.
4 Let me never from thee stray,

Keep me in the narrow way;
Fill my soul with joy divine,
Keep me, Lord! for ever thine.

L. M.
201. The Spirit grieved.
1 THE Spirit, like a peaceful dove,

Flies from the realms of noise and strife;
Why shonld we vex and grieve his love,

Who seals our souls to heavenly life?' 2 Tender and kind be all our thoughts,

Through all our lives let mercy run:
So God forgives our numerous faults,
For the dear sake of Christ, his Son.

H. M.
202. Pleading the Promise of the Spirit.
10 THOU that hearest prayer !

Attend our humble cry;
And let thy servant share

Thy blessing from on high :
We plead the promise of thy word;

Grant us thy Holy Spirit, Lord !
2 If earthly parents hear

Their children when they cry;
If they, with love sincere,

Their varied wants supply;
Much more wilt thou thy love display,

And answer when thy children pray.
3 Our Heavenly Father, thou ;-

We, children of thy grace:

Oh! let thy Spirit now

Descend, and fill the place:
So shall we feel the heavenly flame,
And all unite to praise thy name.

4 Oh! send thy Spirit down

On all the nations, Lord!
With great success to crown

The preaching of thy word,
Till heathen lands shall own thy sway,
And cast their idol-gods away.

S. M.

203.The indwelling Influences of the Spirit.

1 'TIS God, the Spirit, leads
In paths before unknown;
The work to be performed is ours,
The strength is all his own.

2 Supported by his grace,

We still pursue our way;
And hope at last to reach the prize,
Secure in endless day.

3 'T is he that works to will,

'Tis he that works to do;
His is the power by which we act,-
His be the glory too.

L. M.

Teachings of the Spirit.


1 COME, blessed Spirit! source of light,
Whose power and grace are unconfined,
Dispel the gloomy shades of night,-
The thicker darkness of the mind.

2 To mine illumined eyes display

The glorious truth thy word reveals,
Cause me to run the heavenly way,

Thy book unfold and loose the seals.
3 Thine inward teachings make me know
The mysteries of redeeming love,
The vanity of things below,

And excellence of things above.

4 While through this dubious maze I stray, Spread, like the sun, thy beams abroad,

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