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To show the dangers of the way,
And guide my feeble steps to God.

88 and 78.
205. Prayer for comforting Influences.
1 HOLY GHOST! dispel our sadness,

Pierce the clouds of nature's night;
Come, thou source of joy and gladness!

Breathe thy life, and spread thy light. 2 Author of our new creation!

Bid us all thine influence prove;
Make our souls thy habitation;
Shed abroad the Saviour's love,

L. M.
Prayer for spiritual Enjoyment.
1 COME, Holy Spirit ! calm my mind,

And fit me to approach my God; Remove each vain, each worldly thoughly

And lead me to thy blest abode. 2 Hast thou imparted to my soul

A living spark of holy fire?
Oh! kindle now the sacred flame,

Make me to burn with pure desire. 3 A brighter faith and hope impart,

And let me now my Saviour see;
Oh! soothe and cheer my burdened heart,
And bid my spirit rest in thee.

L. M. 207.

The sight of God and Christ in Heaven. 1 DESCEND from heaven, immortal Dove!

Stoop down, and take us on thy wings, And mount, and bear us far above

The reach of these inferior things; 2 Beyond-beyond this lower sky,

Up where eternal ages roll,
Where solid pleasures never die,

And fruits immortal feast the soul. 3 Oh! for a sight, a blissful sight

of our almighty Father's throne ! There sits the Saviour, crowned with light,

Clothed in a body like our own.


4 Adoring saints around him stand,

And thrones and powers before him fall ; The God shines gracious through the man,

And sheds sweet glories on them all.
5 Oh! what amazing joys they feel,

While to their golden harps they sing,
And sit on every heavenly hill,
And spread the triumph of their King !

208. Prayer for Light and Sanctification.
1 HOLY GHOST! with light divine,

Shine upon this heart of mine;
Chase the shades of night away,

Turn my darkness into day.
2 Holy Ghost ! with power divine,

Cleanse this guilty heart of mine;
Long hath sin, without control,

Held dominion o'er my soul.
3 Holy Ghost ! with joy divine,

Cheer this saddened heart of mine;
Bid my many woes depart,

Heal my wounded, bleeding heart.
4 Holy Spirit! all-divine,

Dwell within this heart of mine;
Cast down every idol-throne,
Reign supreme, --and reign alone.

C. M.

Various Influences desired.
1 ETERNAL Spirit!--God of truth!

Our contrite hearts inspire;
Kindle a flame of heavenly love,

And feed the pure desire.
2 'T' is thine to soothe the sorr'wing mind,

With guilt and fear oppressed ;
'Tis thine to bid the dying live,

And give the weary rest.
3 Subdue the power of every sin,

Whate'er that sin may be ;
That we, in singleness of heart,
May worship only thee.

4 Then with our spirits witness bear,

That we are sons of God;
Redeemed from sin, and death, and hell,
Through Christ's atoning blood.

S. M. 210.

Prayer for the Spirit. 1 BLEST Comforter divine !

Let rays of heavenly love
Amid our gloom and darkness shine,

To guide our souls above.
2 Draw, with thy still small voice, 1

From every sinful way;
And bid the mourning saint rejoice

Though earthly joys decay. 3 By thine inspiring breath,

Make every cloud of care,
And e'en the gloomy vale of death,

· A smile of glory wear. 4 Oh! fill thou every heart

With love to all our race:
Great Comforter! to us impart
These blessings of thy grace.

L. M. 211.

Prayer for Light and Guidance. 1 COME, gracious Spirit, heavenly Dove!

With light and comfort from above;
Be thou our guardian, thou our guide;

O’er every thought and step preside. 2 To us the light of truth display,

And make us know and choose thy way;
Plant holy fear in every heart,

That we from God may ne'er depart. 3 Lead us to holiness-the road

That we must take to dwell with God :
Lead us to Christ, the living way,

Nor let us from his precepts stray. 4 Lead us to God, our final rest,

To be with him for ever blessed ;
Lead us to heaven, its bliss to share,
And drink our fill of pleasure there.

C. M.

The Sealing of the Spirit.


1 WHY should the children of a king
Go mourning all their days?-
Great Comforter! descend, and bring
Some tokens of thy grace.

2 Dost thou not dwell in all the saints, And seal the heirs of heaven?

When wilt thou banish my complaints,
And show my sins forgiven?

3 Assure my conscience of her part
In the Redeemer's blood;

And bear thy witness with my heart,
That I am born of God.

4 Thou art the earnest of his love,
The pledge of joys to come;
And thy soft wings, celestial Dove!
Will safe convey me home.

L. M.

213. Prayer against grieving the Spirit.

1 STAY, thou insulted Spirit! stay,
Though I have done thee such despite;
Cast not a sinner quite away,
Nor take thine everlasting flight.

2 Though I have most unfaithful been
Of all who e'er thy grace received;
Ten thousand times thy goodness seen,
Ten thousand times thy goodness grieved;-

3 Yet, Oh! the chief of sinners spare, In honor of my great High-Priest; Nor, in thy righteous anger, swear

I shall not see thy people's rest. 4 My weary soul, O God! release,

Uphold me with thy gracious hand;
Guide me into thy perfect peace,
And bring me to the promised land.
L. M.
The Comforter.


1 SURE, the blest Comforter is nigh;
'Tis he sustains my fainting heart;

Else would my hope for ever die,

And every cheering ray depart. 2 Whene'er, to call the Saviour mine,

With ardent wish my heart aspires, Can it be less than power divine,

That animates these strong desires ? 3 And, when my cheerful hope can say,,

I love my God and taste his grace,
Lord ! is it not thy blissful ray,

That brings this dawn of sacred peace ? 4 Let thy good Spirit in my heart

For ever dwell, O God of love!
And light and heavenly peace impart
Sweet earnest of the joys above.

O. M. 215.

The Necessity of renewing Grace 1 HOW helpless guilty nature lies,

Unconscious of its load!
The heart, unchanged, can never rise

To happiness and God.
2 Can aught, beneath a power divipe,

The stubborn will subdue ?
'Tis thine, eternal Spirit ! thine,

To form the heart anew.
3 'T is thine, the passions to recall,

And upward bid them rise;.
To make the scales of error fall,

From reason's darkened eyes ;-
4 To chase the shades of death away,

And bid the sinner live;
A beam of heaven-& vital ray,

"T is thine alone to give. 5 Oh! change these wretched hearts of ours,

And give them life divine;
Then shall our passions and our powers,
Almighty Lord I be thine.

C. M. 216.

The Spirit desired.
I GREAT Father of each perfect gin!

Behold thy servants wait;

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