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4 Ten thousand thousand lips shall join

To hail this welcome morn,
Which scatters blessings, from its wings,

To nations yet unborn.

H. M. 191.

Morning of the Lord's Day.
1 AWAKE, ye saints ! awake,

And hail this sacred day;
In loftiest songs of praise

Your joyful homage pay:
Come, bless the day that God hath blessed,

The type of heaven's eternal rest. 2 On this auspicious morn

The Lord of life arose,
And burst the bars of death,

And vanquished all our foes ;
And now he pleads our cause above,

And reaps the fruit of all his love. 3 All hail! triumphant Lord !

Heaven with hosannas rings;
And earth, in humbler strains,

Thy praise responsive sings;-
“Worthy the Lamb that once was slain,

Through endless years, to live and reign!” 4 Great King ! gird on thy sword,

Ascend thy conquering car;
While justice, power and love

Maintain the glorious war:
This day let sinners own thy sway,
And rebels cast their arms away.

L. M. 492.

The Morning of the Lord's Day. 1 HAIL! morning known among the blest,

Morning of hope, and joy, and love,-
Of heavenly peace, and holy rest,

Pledge of the endless rest above! 2 Blest be the Father of our Lord,

Who, from the dead, hath brought his Sono
Hope to the lost was then restored,
And everlasting glory won.

3 Scarce morning-twilight had begun

To chase the shades of night away,
When Christ arose-unsetting sun-

The dawn of joy's eternal day.
4 Mercy looked down, with smiling eye,

When our Immanuel left the dead;
Faith marked his bright ascent on high,

And hope, with gladness, raised her head. 5 Descend, o spirit of the Lord !

Thy fire to every bosorn bring ;
Then shall our ardent hearts accord,
And teach our lips God's praise to sing.

C. M. 493.

The Resurrection-Morn. 1 BLEST morning! whose young dawning rays

Beheld our rising God;
That saw him triumph o'er the dust,

And leave his dark abode. 2 In the cold prison of a tomb,

The great Redeemer lay,
Till the revolving skies had brought

The third, th' appointed day.
3 Hell and the grave unite their force

To hold our God in vain :
The sleeping Conqueror arose,

And burst their feeble chain.
4 To thy great name, almighty Lord !

These sacred hours we pay;
And loud hosannas shall proclaim

The triumph of the day.
5 Salvation, and immortal praise,

To our victorious King!
Let heaven and earth, and rocks and seas,
With glad hosannas ring.

L. M. 494.

The Rest of the Sabbath.
| ANOTHER six days' work is done,

Another Sabbath is begun;
Return, my soul! enjoy thy rest,
Improve the day thy God hath blessed

2 Oh! that our thoughts and thanks may rise,

As grateful incense to the skies;
And draw, from heaven, that sweet repose

Which none, but he that feels it, knows. 3 This heavenly calm, within the breast,

Is the dear pledge of glorious rest-
Which for the church

of God remains,
The end of cares, the end of pains.
4 Iu holy duties let the day,-

In holy pleasures, pass away;
How sweet a Sabbath thus to spend,
In hope of one that ne'er shall end !

L. M. 495. The earthly and heavenly Sabbath. 1 THINE earthly Sabbaths, Lord! we love,

But there's a nobler rest above;
To that our longing souls aspire,

With cheerful hope and strong desire. 2 No more fatigue, no more distress,

Nor sin, nor death shall reach the place;
No groans shall mingle with the songs

That warble from immortal tongues. 3 No rude alarms of raging foes,

No cares to break the long repose,
No midnight-shade, no clouded sun,

But sacred, high, eternal noon.
4 Soon shall that glorious day begin,

Beyond this world of death and sin,
Soon shall our voices join the song
of the triumphant, holy throng.

78. 496.

The holy Day of Rest.
1 WELCOME—sacred day of rest!

Sweet repose from worldly care;-
Day above all days the best,

When our souls for heaven prepare ;
Day when our Redeemer rose,

Victor o'er the hosts of hell
Thus he vanquished all our foes ;

Let our lips his glory tell.

2 Gracious Lord! we love this day,

When we hear thy holy word;
When we sing thy praise, and pray ;-

Earth can no such joys afford :
But a better rest remains,

Heavenly Sabbaths,-happier days,
Rest from sin, and rest from pains,

Endless joys, and endless praise.

C. M.
497. A Sabbath in the House of God.
I HERE cares and angry passions cease,

For saints together meet
To spend an hour of prayer and peace,

At their Reedemer's feet.
2 No sculptured wonders meet the sight,

Nor pictured saints appear,
Nor storied window's gorgeous light,

For God himself is here.
3 And here are comrades in the war

With Satan and with sin,
Who now in God's own favor share,

And soon their heaven will win. 4 Glory to God! who deigns to bless

This consecrated day,
Unfolds his wondrous promises,

And makes it sweet to pray.
5 Glory to God! who deigns to hear

The humblest sigh we raise,
And answers every heart-felt prayer,

And hears our hymn of praise.


C. M. 498.

The first Day of the Week. 1 AND now another week begins,

This day we call the Lord's;
This day he rose, who bore our sins,

For so his word records.
2 Hark, how the angels sweetly sing !

Their voices fill the sky;
They hail their great victorious king,
And welcome him on high.

3 We'll catch the note of lofty praise ;

May we their rapture feel;
Our thankful song with theirs we'll raise,

And emulate their zeal. 4 Come, then, ye saints ! and grateful sing

or Christ, our risen Lord,
or Christ, the everlasting king,

of Christ, th' incarnate word.
5 Hail, mighty Saviour! thee we hail !

High on thy throne above;
Till heart and flesh together fail,
We 'll sing thy matchless love.

C. M. 499. The first Sabbath. 1 HOW bright a day was that, which saw

Creation's work complete!
All nature owned her Maker's law,

And worshipped at his feet.
2 The world, arranged by power divine,

In perfect order stood;
And, resting from his great design,

God saw that all was good.
3 Not such a Sabbath now appears,

For sin has ruined all;
No longer man with pleasure hears

A gracious Father's call. 4 Yet, Lord ! bring back the reign of peace,

Let brighter days begin ;
Anu teach vain creatures how to cease

From folly and from sin.
5 Let sinners be again made thine,

Though once with vengeance cursed;
And let a second Sabbath shine,
As glorious as the first.

C. M. 500.

The Resurrection of Christ.
I THE Lord of Sabbath let us praise,

In concert with the blest:
And joyful, in harmonious lays,

Employ this day of rest.

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