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8481 Memoirs of the House of Brandenburg from the earliest Accounts to the Death of Frederic I. with Dissertations on Manners, Customs, Industry, and the Progress of the Arts and Sciences, 12mo. bd. 18. 8482 Memoranda illustrative of the Tombs and Sepulchral Decorations of the Egyptians, plate, 8vo. boards, 28.... 1822 8483 Mendelsohn.-Memoirs of Moses Mendelsohn the Jewish Philosopher, by M. Samuels, 8vo. boards, 28. (pub. at 78.6d.)...........1825 8184 Mendez's (Moses) Collection of esteemed pieces of Poetry, crown 8vo. bound, 18.6d.... .....1767 8485 Menin's Treatise of the Anointing and Coronation of the Kings and Queens of France, from Clovis I. to the present King, plate, 8vo. bound, 28.6d....


8486 Meredith's Account of the Gold Coast of Africa, with a brief History of the African Company, map, 8vo. half-russia, neat, 18.6d...1817 8487 Meriton's Anglorum Gesta, or brief History of England, 12mo. calf, 18.6d. 8488 Merlin's Life, Prophecies, and Predictions; being a Chronographical

History of all the Kings, and memorable Passages of this Kingdom, from Brute to the Reign of King Charles, 8vo. boards, 28.6d.1812 8489 Another copy, with front. 8vo. calf, very neat, 58...... 1813 8490 Meston's (Professor) Poetical Works, 12mo. bound, 28.6d.Edinb. 1767 8491 Metastasio's Works, translated by Hoole, 2 vols. 12mo. calf, 38...1767 8492 Method to Science, by J. S. 8vo. calf, neat, 28..... ..1696 8493 Mexio and Sansovino's Treasurie of Ancient and Modern Times; con➡ taining Learned Collections, and Memorable Observations, Divine, Moral, Philosophical, Historical, Astrological, &c., translated from the Spanish and Italian, 2 vols. folio, bound, imperfect, 128.1613-19 8494 M'Henry's Blessings of Friendship, and other Poems, 12mo. bds. 18. 8495 Michaux's Travels to the Allegany Mountains, in the States of the Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee, translated by Lambert, 8vo. bd. 28.1805 8496 Middleton's Life of Cicero, 2 vols. 4to. calf, 88... 1741 .1801




Another copy, 3 vols. 8vo. calf, neat, 10s. 6d...

Treatise on the Roman Senate; Polybius's Discourse on the Roman Senate, in Gr. and Eng. in 1 vol. 8vo. calf. 3s.... ...1747 Letters between Lord Hervey and Dr. Middleton concerning the Roman Senate, published by Dr. T. Knowles, portrait, 4to. boards, 2s... 8500 Middleton's (Sir Thomas) Declaration, setting forth the Illegality and Incongruity of a pernicious Oath, imposed upon many peaceable Subjects, &c., portrait, 4to. boards, 28. 6d




8501 Midnight, the Signal, in Sixteen Letters to a Lady of Quality, 2 vols. 12mo. calf, neat, 28.... .Dodsley, 1779 8502 Midon's History of the Rise and Fall of Masaniello, the Fisherman of Naples, front. 8vo. bound, 38... ....1729 8503 Miers' Travels in Chile and La Plata, maps and plates, 2 vols. 8vo. boards, 88..... 8504 Milburn's Oriental Commerce, with maps, 2 vols. 4to. large paper, halfrussia, 148.....




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8505 Military Memoirs of the great Civil War; being the military Memoirs of John Gwynne; and an Account of the Earl of Glencairn's Expe-> dition in the Highlands of Scotland, in 1653-4, 4to. boards, 58.6d. Edinb. 1822

Another, fine copy, 4to. half-russia, gilt top, 98........ib. 1822



8507 Military Character of the European Armies engaged in the late Wars, 8vo. boards, 28..... .1806


8508 Military History of Germany, and England, from 1631, to 1648, 12mo. bound, 18.6d...... Edinb. 1778 8509 Mill's (James) Elements of Political Economy, 8vo. half-calf, neat, 4s. 8510 Millar's (John) Historical View of the English Government, from the Settlement of the Saxons in Britain to the Accession of the House of Stewart, 4to. half-calf, neat, 5s....

...1787 8511 Millar's Origin of the Distinction of Ranks, 8vo. bound, 29......1781 8512 Millar's (Lady) Letters from Italy, Describing the Manners, Customs, Antiquities, Paintings, &c., of that Country, 3 vols. 8vo. calf, neat, 48.6d.... ..1776 8513 Millard's New Pocket Cyclopædia, 12mo. boards, 28.6d... ...1811 8514 Miller's (J. R.) History of the Reign of George III., portrait, 8vo. cloth, 58. (pub. at 108.6d.)..

....1831 8515 Miller's (Sam.) Retrospect of the Eighteenth Century; containing a Sketch of the Revolutions and Improvements in Science, Arts and Literature, 3 vols. 8vo. 58... .1805 8516 Miller's (Walter) Physical and Metaphysical Inquiries, being an Essay to inculcate the rational System of Deism, 8vo. boards, 3s....1819 8517 Millhouse's (Robert) Sherwood Forest, and other Poems, 12mo. bds.




8518 Milman's Fazio, a Tragedy, 8vo. sewed, 18........


Fall of Jerusalem, a Dramatic Poem, 8vo. boards, 28.6d....1820 8520 Milne's (Christian) Simple Poems on simple Subjects, cr. 8vo. calf, 18.6d. Aberdeen, 1805 8521 Miltenberg's Man of Nature, or Nature and Love, translated from the German by Wennington, with illustrative Notes, 8vo. calf, 3s. 8522 Milton's (John) Prose Works, with an Introductory Review, portrait, imperial 8vo. cloth, 18s....



Defence of the People of England, 8vo. bound, 28.. ...1692 Answer to Eikon Basilike, with enlargements by Baron, 4to. boards, 38....

Answer to Eikon Basilike, 8vo. bound, 2s..

.1756 ..1690

Tractate on Education, and Areopagitica, with Remarks on Johnson's Life of Milton, 12mo. half-calf, neat, 28..... ....1780 Poetical Works, with his Life, portrait, 2 vols. 12mo. half-cloth, 38.6d ... .1824 Poetical Works, with his Life, thick 18mo. cloth lettered, 3s. Paradise Lost, with Notes by Bp. Newton, portraits and plates, 2 vols. 8vo. calf, neat, 128.... Paradise Lost, with Notes, and Life of the Author by Newton, 2 vols. 12mo. calf, gilt, 48.6d..





Paradise Lost, with plates, 12mo. bound, 18.6d.

Paradise Lost, abridged by Mrs. Siddons, 8vo. bds. 18.6d.1822
Paradise Regained, with Notes by Dunster, map, 4to. bds. 38.
Paradise Regained, and Poems on Several Occasions, 12mo. bd.
















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Latin and Italian Poems, translated by Strutt, crown 8vo. bds. 1 8. 6d . . . . . . . .



Toland's Life of Milton, and Defence of Milton's Life, 8vo. halfcalf, neat, 3s,...


12mo. calf, 28....

8537 Mirabeau's Gallery of Portraits of the National Assembly, 2 vols. in 1, ....... Dub. 1790 8538 MIRROR of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction, with cuts, 11 vols. 8vo. half-calf, neat, £1.88...... 1823-8 ..1786


8539 Mirror, a Periodical Paper, 3 vols. 12mo. bound, 28.6d. 8540 Another copy, 3 vols. 12mo. calf, neat, 38... Another copy, with plates, 3 vols. 18mo. calf, neat, 48.6d..1809 Another copy, with Preface by Lynam, 12mo. boards, 28..1826 8543 Miscellanea Aurea, or the Golden Medley; consisting of a Voyage to




the Mountains of the Moon, Vindication of Card. Alberoni, Amours of Don Alonzo, Garden of Adonis, or Love to no Purpose, Mahomet no Impostor, and an Account of bad and good Women, &c., 8vo. calf, 28... 8544 Miscellanea Curiosa; a collection of the principal Phenomena in Nature, 3 vols. 8vo. calf, 6s.... .1705 8545 Miscellaneous and Fugitive Pieces, 3 vols. crown 8vo. calf, 48....1774 8546 Miscellaneous Pieces in Prose and Verse, 12mo. boards, 18...... 1817 8547 Miseries of Human Life, coloured plate-More Miseries, by Sir Fretful Murmur, coloured plate, in 1 vol. 12mo. half-calf, neat, 38.6d.1806 8548 Missionary Voyage to the Southern Pacific Ocean, performed in 17967-8, in the Ship Duff, commanded by Cap. Wilson, maps and plates, 4to. large paper, calf, neat, 88..... ... 1799 8549 Misson's (Maximilian) New Voyage to Italy, with curious Observations on several other Countries, plates, 2 vols. 8vo. half-calf, 3s....1699 8550 Another copy, plates, 4 vols. 8vo. calf, 88. ...1739 8551 Mitchell's (J.) Dictionary of Universal History, Chronology, and Historical Biography, numerous portraits, thick 12mo. boards, 48. (pub. at 108.6d.). 8552 Mitford's (W.) History of Greece, 5 vols. 4to. 4 vols. calf, gilt, vol. 5 in boards, £2...... ..1808



Another copy, 10 vols. 8vo. half-calf, neat and new, £2.158. Essay upon the Harmony of Language, intended principally to Illustrate that of the English Language, 8vo. calf, neat, 28......1774 Another copy, second edition, with the Mechanism of Verse, ancient and modern, 8vo. boards, 38.6d.... ...1804 8556 Mitford's (E.) Law of Wills, Codicils, and Revocations, with Plain Instructions for Executors, &c., 8vo. 18.. ...1817 8557 M'Leod's Voyage of the Alceste to China, Corea, and the Island of Lewchew, coloured plates, 8vo. boards, 28.6d..... ...1819

8558 Voyage to Africa, with some Account of the Manners and Customs of the Dahomian People, plates,_ 12mo. boards, 18......1720 8559 M'Nicol's Remarks on Dr. S. Johnson's Journey to the Hebrides, 8vo. .1779

boards, 2s..... 8560 Modern Gazeteer, being a copious Geographical Dictionary, numerous maps, 2 vols. 8vo. half-calf, neat, 68.6d..... Edinb. 1810 8561 Modern Antique, or the Muse in the Costume of Queen Anne, royal 8vo. russia, gilt, marbled leaves, very fine copy, 68.6d... 8562 Modern London, being the History and present State of the British Metropolis, numerous plates, 4to. boards, 108.6d. (pub. at £3.138.6d.) 8563 Modern Athens, a Dissection and Demonstration of Men and Things in


the Scotch Capital, crown 8vo. boards, 28. (pub. at 98.)...... 1825



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. 1781

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8564 Moffatt's History of the Town of Malmesbury, and of its ancient Abbey, with Memoirs of eminent Natives, &c. plates, 8vo. half-calf, neat, 38. 8565 Moir's (Thomas) Inquiry into the most curious and interesting Subjects of History, Antiquity, and Science, 12mo. boards, 18.6d..... 1817 8566 Molesworth's (Robert) Account of Denmark as it was in 1692; Account of Sweden as it was in 1688; with several Pieces relating to those Accounts, 8vo. calf, neat, 48..... 1738

8567 Moleville's History of Great Britain from the first Invasion of the Romans to the Accession of George IV. with maps, portraits, &c. 6 vols. 8vo. half-calf, gilt, £1.18........... 1823 History of Great Britain from the first Invasion of the Romanş to 1763, 4 vols. 8vo. calf, neat, 108.6d..



1812 Private Memoirs of the last Year of the Reign of Lewis XVI., portrait, 3 vols. 8vo. half-calf, neat, 5s..... ..1797 8570 Mollien's Travels in the Republic of Colombia, in 1822-3, translated from the French, map and plate, 8vo. boards, 38.6d....... ....1824 8571 Mollineux's (Mary) Fruits of Retirement, or miscellaneous Poems, moral and divine, 12mo. bound, 18.6d.... ....1720 8572 Molloy (Philip) on Popular Discontent in Ireland, 8vo. cloth, 18.6d. 8573 Moments of Idleness, or a Peep into the World we call Ours," " 12mo.


cloth, 38.6d ..1833 8574 Monarchy revived, being a personal History of Charles II. from his earliest Years to his Restoration to the Throne, with 14 ports. 8vo. boards, 78.6d... ...Reprint, 1821 8575 MONBODDO's Antient Metaphysics, 6 vols. 4to. calf, neat, scarce, £2.158, Origin and Progress of Language, portrait, 6 vols. 8vo. calf, neat, marbled leaves, £2.28... .ib. 1774





8577 Monitor; or British Freeholder, 8vo. calf, 18.6d.. 8578 Monk's (General) Observations upon Military and Political Affairs, folio, bound, 28....



Life of General Monk, by Dr. Skinner; containing a faithful Account of his unparalleled Conduct in the Restoration of Monarchy; a Relation of the memorable March from Coldstream to London, and the Mistakes of our Historians rectified; with a general Vindication of General Monk's Conduct, by W. Webster, portrait, 8vo. bound, neat, 38 1724 8580 MONSTRELET'S (Eng. de) CHRONICLES, translated by Johnes, 12 vols. 8vo. and plates in 4to. calf, neat, £3.38.. 8581 Mont's New Voyage to the Levant, translated from the French, plates, 1702



. 1810

8vo. calf, 28..

8582 Montagu's (Basil) Selection of Opinions of different Authors upon the Punishment of Death, with the Debates in the House of Commons, 4 vols. 8vo. boards, 88.6d..... .....1812 8583 Montagu's (E. W.) Reflections on the Rise and Fall of the ancient Republics, adapted to the present State of Great Britain, 8vo. calf,




8584 Montagu's (Mrs. Eliz.) Essay on the Writings and Genius of Shakspeare, with Remarks upon the Misrepresentions of Voltaire, 8vo. bound, 28.



Another copy, 8vo. calf, gilt, 38.6d.......... 8586 Montagu's (Hon. Lady M. Wortley) Works, portrait, 5 vols. crown 8vo. boards, 128...



8587 Montagu's Letters, 2 vols. 12mo. calf, neat, 28..... 8588 Montaigne's Essays, translated by John Florio, with portrait of Florio, folio, bound, 38.6d......





..... 1811

Essays, translated by Cotton, 3 vols. 8vo. calf, 68.6d... .1711 Essays, translated by Coste, 3 vols. 8vo. bound, 88.6d... ..1759 8591 Essays, Selected from Montaigne, 12mo. russia, neat, 28....1800 8592 Montalban, a Tragedy, 8vo. calf, very neat, 18... 8593 Montefiore's (Joshua) Commercial Dictionary; containing the present State of merchantile Law, Practice, and Custom, 4to. fine copy, russia, marble papers, 68... 8594 Montelion.-Famous History of Montelion, Knight of the Oracle, front. 4to. neat, 38... ....N. D. 8595 Montesquieu's Spirit of Laws, translated by Nugent, 2 vols. 8vo. calf, neat, 68..... .....1758 .1823 Edinb. 1793


Another copy, 2 vols. 8vo. boards, 68.6d

Another copy, 2 vols. in 1, 8vo. half-calf, neat, 5s...
Another copy, 2 vols. 12mo. calf, neat, 48...

. ib. 1772

Persian Letters, translated by Flloyd, 2 vols. 12mo. calf neat, 48.
Miscellaneous Pieces, 8vo. half-bound, 18....
Ditto, fine old copy, calf, 28...



Reflections on the Causes of the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire, 8vo. calf, neat, 3s..


...1759 .1752

Another copy, 2 vols. in 1, 12mo. bound, 18.6d...



Reflections on the Causes of the Grandeur and Declension of the Romans, 12mo. calf, 1s..... 1734 8605 Montfaucon's (Bern. de) Antiquities of Italy, with large Improvements by Henley, numerous cuts, folio, calf, 68... 8606 Montgomery's (James) Songs of Zion, 12mo. boards, 28.... ..1824 8607 Thoughts on Wheels, a Poem; and Roberts's State Lottery, a Dream, coloured plate, 8vo. boards, 18.6d..... 8608 Montgomery's (R.) Oxford, a Poem, crown 8vo. boards, 28. (pub. at 78.6d.)..... Oxford, 1831 8609 108.6d.) 1830 Vision of Hell,



Satan, a Poem, crown 8vo. boards, 28. 6d. (pub. at Universal Prayer, Death, Vision of Heaven, and crown 8vo. boards, 28. (pub. at 78.6d.) .... 8611 Monti's Penance of Hugo; a Vision on the French Revolution, translated by Boyd, 12mo. calf, neat, 18.6d....



8612 Montrose, (James Graham, Marquis of,) Memoirs of, translated from the Latin of Bishop Wishart, with original Letters, portrait, 8vo. boards, 58. (pub. at 128.).... .. Edinb. 1819 ..1814

8613 Moonshine, 2 vols. crown 8vo. boards, 18.6d.. 8614 Moor's (E.) Narrative of the Operations of Captain Little's Detachment, and of the Mahratta Army, commanded by Purseram Bhow, during the late Confederacy in India, against the Nawab, Tippo Sultan Bahadur, map and plates, 4to. boards, 38.6d.... ....1794 8615 Moore's (Francis) Age of Intellect, or clerical Show folk, and wonderful Lay folk, plate, 12mo. boards, 1s... ..1819 8616 Moore's (George) Lives of Cardinal Alberoni, the Duke of Ripperda, and Marquis of Pombal, 8vo. boards, 18. 6d. (pub. at 10s.6d.) 1814 8617 Moore's (J. Hamilton) Complete Collection of Voyages and Travels into all Parts of the World, numerous maps and plates, 2 vols. folio, calf,


. 1788














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