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Contributions for the relief of the sufferers by the great hurricane in Bar bados in 1831. Extracted from the official papers of the Relief Committee. I. From the sister colonies and the city of Dublin :Currency.

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VI. (Page 121.)

Names of Students who Matriculated at Codrington College, with the place of their birth, and the year of their admission'.

[The names to which an asterisk is prefixed are Exhibitioners. The locality mentioned at the end of each student's name and designation is the place of his nativity or former residence.]

** The following attended the Theological Lectures of the Principal, at his private residence, in 1829 and 1830, before the College was opened as an Academical Institution.


C. C. Gill. Rector of Christ Church, Barbados.


J. H. Duke. Late Rector of Trinity Parish, Essequibo, and Rural Dean of Essequibo (died 1841). Barbados.

T. R. Redwar. Late Rector of All Saints, Berbice, and Rural Dean of Berbice; now Incumbent of St. Thomas's, Chancery Lane, London. Barbados.

W. M. Payne. Rector of St. Peter's, Barbados.


J. C. Shapley.
John Hutson.


J. C. Collins. Late Rector of St. Anthony and St. Patrick's, Montserrat (dec.). Antigua.

Late Rector of Carriacou ; retired to England in 1846. England.
Rector of St. Andrew's, Barbados. Barbados.

J. H. Hamilton. Rector of St. David's and St. Patrick's, Tobago. Montserrat.

M. B. Johnson. (From St. Bees' College) Officiating Minister in St. Crux, West Indies. England.

Students since the opening as a College on the 12th of October 1830.

S. R. M. Brathwaite. Late Rector of St. John's and St. Marks, Grenada (died 1842). Barbados.

H. W. G. Hall. Rector of St. George's, Antigua, Bishop's Chaplain and Registrar. Trinidad.

*W. W. Jackson. Minister of St. Paul's, Barbados, and Bishop's Chaplain. Barbados.

*J. A. Anton.
*J. M. Pearn.

*G. F. Sealy.
*F. B. Grant.
*R. H. Barrow.
*J. H. Gittens.
*S. P. Musson.
*H. R. Redwar.
J. N. Garland.
J. A. Gittens.

*K. B. Skeete. Graduated at Cambridge, and left the West Indies. Barbados. *J. A. Barclay. Ditto. now in the Secretary's Office in Barbados. Barbados. *F. R. Brathwaite. (M.A.) Rector of St. George's, St. Christopher's, and Arch


Curate of St. George's, Grenada. Barbados.
Died young. Barbados.

Minister of St. Matthias and St. Lawrence, Barbados. Barbados.
(M.A.) Rural Dean of St. Peter's, Antigua. Barbados.
Rector of Trinity Parish, St. Christopher's. Barbados.
Minister of Trinity Chapel, Barbados. Barbados.

(D.D.) Rural Dean, &c. in Diocese of Jamaica. Bermuda.
Curate of St. Peter's, Barbados. Barbados.

Rector of St. George's, Grenada, and Rural Dean. Antigua.
Rector of St. Ann's, St. Christopher's. Barbados.

1 This list has been compiled from " Papers relative to Codrington College," and a series of questions instituted by the Lord Bishop and answered by the late Principal of the College. The biographical notices are from a pamphlet on Codrington College, by the present Lord Bishop of Barbados.

2 Recently appointed Staff-Chaplain to H.M. Forces at Barbados.

*W. A. Beckles.
J. A. Bascom.
*J. N. Spellen.
*H. G. Alleyne.

J. Hobson.
S. A. Farr.

G. Perch.

Late Rector of St. Michael's, Berbice (died 1840). Barbados.
Rector of St. Patrick's, Grenada. Barbados.
Barrister in England. Barbados.
Physician in England. Barbados.


Removed to Cambridge. Dominica.

Late Minister at Castries, St. Lucia (died 1842). Antigua.
Landed Proprietor in Barbados. Barbados.

R. J. Rock. Minister of St. Simon's and St. Saviour's, Barbados. Barbados.
J. D. Maycock. Graduated at Cambridge; landed Proprietor. Barbados.
G. D. Gittens. Also of Trinity College, Oxford; Master of Harrison's Free School,
and Assistant-Curate of St. Michael's, Barbados. Bardados.


*T. F. Pilgrim. Private Secretary to his Excellency Sir Charles E. Grey, Governor


of Jamaica. W. B. Harper. *J. P. Wall. G. Sharp.

Late Minister of St. Paul's, Nevis (died 1836). Barbados. Rector of St. Patrick's and St. David's, St. Vincent. Barbados. Graduate of Cambridge; Member of Assembly, Barbados. Barbados.


*E. B. Skeete.

Planter in Barbados.


D. Maycock. Now an officer in the army. Barbados.
Died young, as Catechist in Nevis. England.

*T. C. Harper.
*E. D. Bascom.

Graduate of Oxford; ordained in England; drowned in the Solway' steam-packet, on his way out to Barbados, 1843. Barbados. W. S. Als. Planter in Barbados.



*J. Curtin. Rector of St. Mary's, Antigua. Antigua.

*H. B. Skeete. Minister of St. Clement's and St. Swithin's, Barbados. Barbados.


A. Reece. Minister of St. Bartholomew's and St. Patrick's, Barbados. Barbados. *T. W. Hoggard. Settler in New Zealand. Antigua. *C. A. Newsam. S. Yearwood.

Rector of St. Andrew's and St. David's, Grenada. Barbados. Planter in Barbados.



St. Christopher's.

W. H. Davis.
R. Duvernet.

*A. Bott. Rector of St. George's, Tortola. Antigua.

*H. W. Moore. Minister of All Saints and Welsh Town, Barbados. Barbados.

Resided only one term.
Died young. New Brunswick.

J. Alleyne. Merchant in Barbados. Barbados.

J. L. Wilkinson. Physician in Barbados. Barbados.

R. King. Planter in Trinidad. Barbados.

*C. H. Grayfoot. Minister of Innocents' Chapel, Barbados. Barbados.

*D. Maycock. Died young, as Catechist in Tortola. Barbados.

*S. L. B. Richards. Rector of St. Andrew's and St. Philip's, Trinidad. Barbados.


T. A. Browne. Rector of Charlotte Parish, St. Vincent. St. Vincent.


H. Richards. Rector of St. Mary's, Trinidad. Barbados.

*J. C. Sharp.

J. Peyton.

Officer in the army. England.

*G. M. Clinckett. Assistant-Curate in St. James's Parish, Barbados. Barbados. R. R. Abbott. Minister of All Saints, Antigua. *H. Collymore. Assistant-Curate in St. James's parish, Barbados. Barbados.

St. Christopher's.


E. K. Lovell. Now of University College, Oxford. Barbados.

*D. Davey. Curate of St. Peter's, Antigua. Antigua.

*F. A. Pinsent. Master of the Public Grammar School, Antigua, recently ordained Deacon. England.

*J. Checkley. Now of Lincoln College, Oxford. St. Vincent.

*T. Johnson. Late Minister of St. David's and St. Patrick's, Tobago (died 1846).


*H. Warneford. Rector of St. Thomas's, St. Christopher's. England.

*T. G. Connell. Vincent.


*W. Checkley. Ireland.


Assistant-Curate of the parishes of St. Patrick and St. David, St.

*Joseph Peshier. Trinidad.

C. A. Sims. Late Minister in Castries, St. Lucia (died 1842). England.
B. Blagrove. Kept only a few terms. Barbados.


*Bryan T. Nurse. Barbados.

William Eversley. Barbados.

*W. D. Taylor. Now of Durham University. Barbados.

A. Dasent. Minister of St. Paul's, St. Vincent. St. Vincent.

C. King. Planter in Barbados. Barbados.


*E. O. Roach. Recently ordained in Antigua. Antigua.

*J. Connell. Assistant-Curate in Charlotte parish, St. Vincent. Barbados.


E. C. Wharf. For a few terms only. Trinidad.

C. T. Stevenson. Barbados.

*H. C. Melville. St. Vincent.

G. Jemmett. Grenada.

W. T. Harte. Now of St. Bees' College, Cumberland; recently ordained in Diocese of Chester. Barbados.

A. H. Bishop. Assistant-Curate in Demerara. Barbados.

*C. R. Chandler. Barbados.

J. A. Holder. Barbados.

*S. L. Arthurton. For a few terms only. Nevis.

T. II. Cuppage. England.

J. S. Lamitt. Curate in Dominica. Antigua.


*E. G. Sinckler. Assistant-Curate in the parishes of St. Patrick and St. David, St. Vincent. Barbados. *W. A. Sanders. *R. F. Berkeley.

A. F. M. Berkeley.


T. P. Hodge. Curate in Diocese of Antigua. Anguilla.
*J. W. Haddock. Returned to England unordained. England.

*John Griffith.


Curate of St. George's, Antigua. British Guiana.

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Commoners since the opening of the College as an academical in-
stitution on the 12th of October 1830 to the 1st of August 1846 40



Among those who were Educated at the College Grammar School, before 1829, the following names appear.

[Those marked thus † went as Exhibitioners to complete their education in England with an allowance of £100 a-year each].


Rev. Richard Harris, ordained in 1760.

Rev. John Packer, ordained in 1824, afterwards Master of the School at the Chap

+J. N. Spellen, Barrister in England.

+H. G. Alleyne, M.D., in England.

lain's Lodge.

+Rev. E. P. Smith, M.A., ordained in 1828; now Tutor of the College.

+Jonas Alleyne Maynard, now a Barrister in England.

+G. E. Thomas, M.D., Medical Lecturer at the College.

+Henry Bishop, M.D., in Barbados (deceased).

+Rev. Henry Wall, M.A., Fellow of Balliol College, Oxford. +William Clarke, M.D., in Barbados.

Rev. William Gill, M.A., of Exeter College, Oxford; Rector of St. Matthew's, Demerara.


Ven. F. R. Brathwaite, M.A., Archdeacon of St. Christopher's.

Rev. John Hamlet Gittens, S.C.C., Curate in Barbados.

Henry Haynes Watson, M.D., in England.

John Hall Brathwaite, Master of the Central School, Barbados.


Sir Reynold Alleyne, Bart., late Member of H.M. Council in Barbados.
Rev. Thomas Gill, M.A., Rector of St. John's and St. Mark's, in Grenada.

Captain Edward Senhouse, R.N., Provost-Marshal of Barbados.

Sir Robert Bowcher Clarke, Chief-Justice of Barbados.

Rev. Hinds Howell, M.A., now Rural Dean of Cadbury, in the Diocese of Exeter.

Rev. J. Hampden, M.A., Rector of Hinton Mastell, Dorset.

Nathan Young, Esq., M.D., in Barbados.

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