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Indian archipelago; for the first I am indebted to Mr. Adam White.

The topographical Map has been based upon Mayo's original survey, which I unhesitatingly adopted when I found how closely the configuration of the coast agreed with Captain Barrallier's trigonometrical survey. Mayo's map has the advantage of delineating the boundaries of the parishes correctly, which is not the case in Barrallier's map. By constructing a series of triangles with an excellent theodolite of Troughton and Simms, it became comparatively easy to me to insert the changes which have taken place since these maps have been published. The size of the map is double what I intended when I issued my prospectus: it contains every sugar-estate possessing a windmill; and the churches and chapels, a number of detached houses, the police-stations, and main roads with the principal branches, have all been laid down.

No person can be more aware of the insufficiency of his work than the author himself. With all my precautions, I find that in several instances I have been misled. I do not wish to claim the reader's indulgence upon the plea that no history is free from error, even where more materials have been at hand to guard against it, but prefer throwing myself unconditionally upon his candour. Wherever I have discovered an error, I have taken the earliest opportunity to correct it.

It has been my endeavour to state the events in the following pages in as plain language as the circumstance of my being a foreigner would permit. If the reader should observe peculiarities in the style, I hope he will excuse them, as arising from the difficulty of writing in a language not acquired in early childhood.

Surbiton, Surrey. November, 1847.


[Where no other locality is mentioned the Subscribers are residents in Barbados.]

ABRAMS, M. M., Esq.
Allder, John C., Esq.
Allder, William H., Esq.

Bradshaw, John, Esq.
Branch, Thomas M., Esq.
Brandon, J. L., Esq.

Alleyne, the Hon. Henry, M.C. (the Brathwaite, John H., Esq.

Map only).

Antigua Library Society, the.
Anton, Colonel James.

Archer, Edward J., M.C.P.

Archer, J., Esq.
Archer, W., Esq.
Armstrong, W. H., Esq.
Ashby, Alexander, Esq.
Atwell, Robert H., Esq.
Atwood, John, Esq.
Austin, William H., Esq.

Barrow, Robert G., Esq.
Barry, James, Esq.
Bascom, James S., Esq., M.C.P.
Bascom, Joseph S., Esq.
Batson, Richard S., Esq.
Bayley, Haynes G., Esq.
Bayley, Joseph, Esq.
Belasco, Henry, Esq.
Belgrave, Thomas, Esq.
Bend, James D., Esq.
Berkeley, his Excellency Lieutenant-

General Saville H.

Brown, John, Esq., F.R.G.S., London.
Browne, George, Esq.

Carew, John, Esq.

Bailey, W. C., Esq.
Baker, Charles, Esq.

Carrington, George, Esq., Missenden
Abbey, Bucks.

Barbados, the Right Rev. the Lord Carrington, J. W. W., Esq., M.D.
Bishop of.
Carrington, N. W., Esq.

Cavan, Brothers and Co., London.
Chaderton, Edward C., Esq.
Challenor, Robert, Esq.
Chapman, Peter, Esq.
Clairmonte, Frederick A., Esq.
Clark, Sir James, Bart., M.D. &c. &c.

Best, James P., Esq.
Best, Thomas, Esq.
Bishop, Charles Kyd, Esq. (3 copies).
Bishop, J. Harris, Esq.
Bland, Thomas, Esq., Jamaica.
Bonyun, John W., Esq.
Bourne, London, Esq.
Bovell, Benjamin T., Esq.
Bovell, Rev. H. B.
Bovell, John, Esq.

Browne, James T., Esq.

Bruce, Samuel Barwick, Esq., M.D.,
Ripon, Yorkshire.

Bruce, W. Downing, Esq., K.C.J.,
F.S.A., London.
Buhot, John, Esq.
Byar, W. S., Esq.
Bynoe, Samuel, Esq.

Clarke, his Honour Sir R. Bowcher,
Chief-Justice (2 copies).

Clarke, Samuel F., Esq.
Clarke, Rev. Thomas, B.A.
Clarke, William, Esq., M.D.
Clarke, J. W., Esq.
Clawson, Edward G., Esq.
Clinckett, Rev. G. M.
Codd, William T., Esq.
Codrington College Library.
Collymore, H., Esq.
Combermere, Lord Viscount, G.C.B.
G.C.H., Combermere Abbey, Che-

Connell, Joseph, Esq. (2 copies).

[blocks in formation]

Gibson, John, Esq.
Gill, Howard, Esq.
Gill, Rev. Thomas, Grenada.
Gittens, the Hon. and Rev. John H.,

Gittens, Rev. G. D.

Gittens, John, Esq.
Gittens, Thomas P., Esq.

Goding, the Hon. Francis, M.D., M.C.
Goodman, Samuel, Esq.
Goodridge, Henry, Esq.
Goring, Thomas, Esq.
Grannum, Henry, Esq.
Grant, John G., Esq., M.C.P.
Greenidge, Richard, Esq.
Greenidge, T. W., Esq.
Grey, his Excellency the Right Hon.
Sir Charles, &c. &c. &c., Governor
of Jamaica (10 copies).
Griffith, Thomas, sen., Esq.
Griffith, Thomas, Esq.
Griffith, William B., Esq.
Griffith, W. H., Esq.

Griffith, W. H., Esq., of St. Andrew's.

Hall, Thomas, Esq.
Hamilton, Joseph, Esq.

Hereford, R. D. Hampden, D.D., Lord
Bishop of.

Hampden, Renn, Esq., Little Marlow, Bucks.

Hampden, John, Esq., Leamington. Hampden, Rev. John Hinton, Martell, Dorset.

Harding, J. S., Esq.

Hardy, Robert, Esq.

Hargreaves, William, Esq., H.M. Col-
lector of Customs, St. Vincent
Harper, George, Esq.
Hart, Edward P., Esq.
Haselwood, John H., Esq.
Haynes, Joseph, Esq.

Haywood, James, Esq., the Willows,

Heath, Josiah, Esq., M.C.P.
Hebeler, Bernhard, the Chevalier, his
Prussian Majesty's Consul-General,

Hedges, W. Smith, Esq.
Hendy, James P., Esq.
Hendy, P. G., Esq.
Herbert, Thomas, Esq.
Heyes, John, Esq.
Higginson, Jonathan (2 copies).
Hill, Henry, Esq., London.

Hill, J. W., Esq.
Horsham, John, Esq.
Howard, Anthony, Esq.
Howard, William M., Esq.
Howell, Benjamin C., Esq.,


Treasurer (2 copies).
Howell, Conrad A., Esq.

Howell, Rev. Hinds, M.A., Rural Marshall, W. T., Esq.
Martindale, D., Esq.
Maycock, James D., Esq.
Mayers, Henry J., Esq.

Dean of Cadbury.
Howell, William, Esq.
Hunte, James, Esq.
Hunte, R., Esq.
Husbands, Samuel, Esq.
Hutchinson, W. H., Esq.
Hutson, Rev. John.


Ifill, William, Esq., M.D.
Innis, Samuel, Esq.
Inniss, John, Esq., Surveyor-General

of Roads.

Inniss, Richard, Esq.

Jones, Benjamin H., Esq.
Jones, Thomas, Esq.

Mayers, J. P., Esq., Colonial Agent of
Barbados, Brasted, Kent (4 copies).
Mayers, John, Esq.

Mayers, Joseph, Esq.
Mills, Edward W., Esq.

Ifill, Benjamin, Esq., London (2 Moody, S. B., Esq.

Johnson, John S., Esq., Trinidad.

Johnson, J. T., Esq.
Johnson, R. P., Esq.
Johnson, Samuel L. G., Esq.
Jordan, W., Esq.

Kellman, John, Esq.
Kilkelly, Patrick, Esq.
King, Eyare, Esq.
King, Francis, Esq.
King, James W., Esq.
King, John, Esq.
King, John E., Esq.
King, Rev. R. F.

King, J. Hampden, Esq.
King, Robert, Esq.
Knowles, Thomas, Esq.

Lyall, Charles, Esq.
Lynch, P. J. D., Esq.

Lawson, James F., Esq.
Leach, William P., Esq.
Library Association of Barbados (2

Literary Society of Barbados (2 copies).
Lobo, D. M., Esq.
Lord, Miss Elizabeth S.
Louis, Thomas, Esq.

McChlery, James, Esq.
Maddock, Thomas, Esq., Liverpool.
Manning, James, Esq., M.D.
Marshall, Thomas C., Esq.

Morton, Charles S., Esq.
Murray, William, Esq.
Murray, William, jun., Esq.
Nelson, H., Esq., London.
Nightingale, George A., Esq.
Nurse, Joshua B., Esq.
Nurse, Thomas, Esq., M.D.
Nurse, William J., Esq.

Officers' Garrison Library of Barbados.
O'Neal, J. W., Esq.
Owens, Philip, Esq.

Oxley, William, Esq.

Lansey, W., Esq.

Lawson, the Venerable Charles, Arch- Phillips, Henry Brown, Esq.

deacon of Barbados.

Phillips, John R., Esq.
Phillips, Tobias, Esq.
Piggott, Rev. Joseph T.
Pile, Conrad, Esq.
Pile, Conrad, jun., Esq.
Pile, Nathaniel John, Esq.
Pile, Thomas G., Esq.
Pilgrim, T. Foster, Esq.
Pilgrim, Francis F., Esq.

Packer, the Hon. Charles, Solicitor-
General, M.C.P.

Packer, Edward, Esq.
Parkinson, Rev. Henry.
Parks, W. F., Esq.
Parris, James W., Esq.
Parsons, Rev. Daniel, M.A., Pale Bar-
ton Cottage, Tiverton, Devon.
Perch, George, Esq.

Perch, Thomas, Esq.

Phillipps, Sir Thomas, Bart., M.A.,
F.R.S., F.S.A., Middle Hill, Broad-
way, Worcestershire.
Phillips, Arthur, Esq.

Pinheiro, Edward H., Esq. Preston, Plunket, Esq. Prettijohn, Charles, Esq.

Redwar, Rev. Henry R.
Reid, his Excellency Colonel William,
R.E., &c. Governor of Barbados.
Richards, John, Esq.
Roach, Joseph W., Esq.
Robarts, Thomas P., Esq.
Rock, Joseph, Esq., M.C.P.
Rogers, James T., Esq.
Russell, Richard, Esq.

Sainsbury, John S., Esq.
Saintjohn, C., Esq.
Sealy, the Hon. John, Attorney-Gene-
ral, M.C.P.

Senhouse, the Hon. Captain E. H.,
R.N., Provost-Marshal (2 copies).
Seon, William, Esq.
Shanahan, W., Esq.
Sharp, George, Esq., M.C.P.
Sharpe, his Honour H. E., Chief-
Justice of St. Vincent.

Simmons, John, Esq.
Simpson, William, Esq.
Sinckler, J. W., Esq., jun., M.D.
Skeete, Rev. H. B.

Skinner, John T., Esq.
Smith, Rev. Edward P.
Smith, Richard W., Esq.
Smith, S. B., Esq.
Smith, Thomas, Esq.
Speed, Thomas, Esq.
Spencer, George H., Esq.
Stokes, Edward, Esq.
Stutchbury, J. S., Esq., Demerara.

Taylor, Arthur, Esq.

Taylor, the Hon. George N., M.C. Taylor, Richard, F.Š.A., F.L.S., London.

Taylor, Samuel, Esq.
Thomas, the Hon. Grant E., M.D.,

Thomas, the Hon. John, Speaker of
the House of Assembly.
Thompson, William, Esq.
Thorne, Joseph, Esq.
Torrance, John, Esq.
Trimmingham, Nathaniel J., Esq.

Waith, John H., Esq.

Walcott, the Hon. Robert J., M.C.
Walcott, R. B., Esq., M.B.
Waley, Samuel J., Esq., London.
Walker, James, Esq., Colonial Secre-
tary of Barbados.

Walrond, Benjamin, Esq.
Walrond, C. A. H., Esq.
Walton, George O'D., Esq.
Walton, Samuel W. T., Esq.
Ward, William, Esq.
Warren, John, Esq.
Warren, Richard W., Esq.
Warren, William L., Esq.
Watson, John M., Esq.
Watts, Frederick, Esq.
Webb, Samuel, Esq.
Welsford, J., Esq.
Went, Rev. James K.
West, John, Esq.
Wiles, Richard, Esq.
Wilkins, Valentine, Esq.
Wilkinson, J. L., Esq., M.D.
Williams, H. W., Esq.
Wilson, John, Esq.
Wilson, John, Esq.

Yearwood, John R., Esq.
Yearwood, Joseph, Esq.
Yearwood, Obed B., Esq.
Young, Bryan Taylor, Esq., M.C.P.
Young, John G., Esq.

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