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Apocrypha. 59 Watch ye, and keep them till ye deliver been shewed unto us from thee, O Lord, that them to the chief of the priests and Levites, and there should be left us a root and a name in the to the principal men of the families of Israel, in place of thy sanctuary; Jerusalem, into the chambers of the house of 79 And to discover unto us a light in the our God.

house of the Lord our God, and to give us food 60 So the priests and the Levites, who had in the time of our servitude. received the silver, and the gold, and the ves- 80 Yea, when we were in bondage, we were sels, brought them unto Jerusalem into the not forsaken of our Lord; but he made us gratemple of the Lord.

cious before the kings of Persia, so that they 61 [ And from the river Theras we departed gave us food; the twelfth day of the first month, and came to 81 Yea, and honoured the temple of our Lord, Jerusalem by the mighty hand of our Lord, and raised up the desolate Zion, that they have which was with us; and from the beginning of given us a sure abiding in Jewry and Jerusalem. our journey the Lord delivered us from every 82 And now, O Lord, what shall we say, enemy, and so we came to Jerusalem.

having these things? for we have transgressed 62 And when we had been there three days, thy commandments which thou gavest by the the gold and silver that was weighed was de hand of thy servants the prophets, saying, livered in the house of our Lord on the fourth 83 That the land which ye enter into to posday unto Marmoth the priest the son of Iri, sess as an heritage, is a land polluted with the

63 And with him was Eleazar the son of Phi-pollutions of the strangers of the land, and they nees, and with them were Josabad the son of have filled it with their uncleanness. Jesu, and Moeth the son of Sabban, Levites : alll 84 Therefore now shall ye not join your was delivered them by number and weight. daughters unto their sons, neither shall ye take

64 And all the weight of them was written their daughters unto your sons. up the same hour.

85 Moreover, ye shall never seek to have 65 Moreover, they that were come out of the peace with them, that ye may be strong, and captivity offered sacrifice unto the Lord God of eat the good things of the land, and that ye may Israel, even twelve bullocks for all Israel, four- leave the inheritance of the land unto your chil. score and sixteen rams,

dren for evermore. 66 Threescore and twelve lambs, goats for a 86 And all that is befallen, is done unto us for peace-offering, twelve ; all of them a sacrifice to our wicked works, and great sins; for thou, O the Lord.

Lord, didst make our sins light, 07 And they delivered the king's command- 87 And didst give unto us such a root; but ments unto the king's stewards, and to the go- we have turned back again to transgress thy vernors of Celosyria and Phenice; and they law, and to mingle ourselves with the uncleanhonoured the people and the temple of God."ness of the nations of the land.

63 Now when these things were done, the 88 Mightest not thou be angry with us to derulers came unto me, and said,

stroy us, till thou hadst left us neither root, seed, 69 The nation of Israel, the princes, the nor name? priests, and Levites, have not put away from 89 O Lord of Israel, thou art true : for ve them the strange people of the land, nor the are left a root this day. pollutions of the Gentiles, to uit, of the Ca. 90 Behold, now are we before thee in our ininaanites, Ilittites, Pheresites, Jebusites, and the quities, for we cannot stand any longer by reason Moabites, Egyptians, and Edomites.

of these things before thee. 70 For both they and their sons have married 91 And as Esdras in his prayer made his conwith their daughters, and the holy secd is mixed fession, weeping, and lying fat upon the ground with the strange people of the land ; and from before the temple, there gathered unto him from the beginning of this matter the rulers and the Jerusalem a very great multitude of men, and great men have been partakers of this iniquity. women, and children: for there was great weep

71 And as soon as I had heard these things, ing among the multitude. I rent my clothes, and the holy garinent, and 92 | Then Jechonias the son of Jeelus, one pulled off the hair from off my head and beard, of the sons of Israel, called out, and said, O Esand sat me down sad and very heavy.

dras, we have sinned against the Lord God, we 72 So all they that were then moved at the have married strange women of the nations of word of the Lord God of Israel assembled unto the land, and now is all Israel aloft. me, whilst I mourned for the iniquity : but I sat 93 Let us make an oath to the Lord, that we still full of heaviness until the evening sacrifice. will put away all our wives, which we have

73 Then rising up from the fast with my taken of the heathen, with their children, clothes and the holy garment rent, and bowing 94 Like as thou hast decreed, and as many as my knees, and stretching forth my hands unto do obey the law of the Lord. the Lord,

93 Árise, and put in execution : for to thee 74. I said, O Lord, I am confounded and doth this matter appertain, and we will be with ashamed before thy face ;

thee: do valiantly. 75 For our sins are multiplied above our 96 So Esdras arose, and took an oath of the heads, and our ignorances have reached up chief of the priests and Levites of all Israel to unto heaven.

do after these things; and so they sware. 76 For ever since the time of our fathers,

CHAP. IX. we have been and are in great sin, even unto THEN Esdras, rising from the court of the this day.

temple, went to the chamber of Joanan 77 And for our sins and our fathers' we with the son of Eliasib, our brethren and our kings and our priests were 2 And remained there, and did eat no meat, given up unto the kings of the earth, to the nor drink water, mourning for the great iniquisword, and to captivity, and for a prey with ties of the multitude. shame, unto this day.

3 And there was a proclamation in all Jewry 78 And now in some measure hath mercy and Jerusalem to all them that were of the capIsrael


Apocrypha. tivity, that they should be gathered together att 28 And of the sons of Zamoth; Eliadas, EliJerusalem:

simus, Othonias, Jarimoth, and Sabatus, and 4 And that whosoever met not there within Sardeus. two or three days, according as the elders that 29 Of the sons of Bebai ; Johannes, and Anabare rule appointed, their cattle should be seized nias, and Josabad, and Amatheis. to the use of the temple, and himself cast out 30 Of the sons of Mani ; Olamus, Mamuchus, from them that were of the captivity.

Jedeus, Jasubus, Jasael, and Hieremoth. 5 And in three days were all they of the tribe 31 And of the sons of Addi; Naathus, and of Juda and Benjamin gathered together at Je- Moosias, Lacunus, and Naidus, and Mathanias, rusalem the twentieth day of the ninth month. and Sesthel, Balnuus, and Manasseas.

6 And all the multitude sat trembling in the 32 And of the sons of Annas ; Elionas, and broad court of the temple because of the pre- Aseas, and Melchias, and Sabbeus, and Simon sent fout weather.

Chosameus. 7 So Esdras arose up, and said unto them, 33 And of the sons of Asom ; Altaneus, and Ye have transgressed the law in marrying Matthias, and Bannaia, Eliphalat, and Manasstrange wives, thereby to increase the sins of ses, and Semei.

34 And of the sons of Maani ; Jeremias, 8 And now by confession give glory unto the Momdis, Omaerus, Juel, Mabdai, and Pelias, and Lord God of our fathers,

Anos, Carabasion, and Enasibus, and Mamnita9 And do his will, and separate yourselves naimus, Eliasis, Bannus, Eliali, Samis, Selemias, from the heathen of the land, and from the Nathanias : and of the sons of Ozora ; Sesis, strange women.

Esril, Azaelus, Samatus, Zambis, Josephus. 10 | Then cried the whole multitude, and 35 And of the sons of Ethma; Mazitias, Zasaid with a loud voice, Like as thou hast spoken, badaias, Edes, Juel, Banaias. 80 will we do.

36 All these had taken strange wives, and 11 But forasmuch as the people are many, they put them away with their children. and it is foul weather, so that we cannot stand 37 And the priests and Levites, and they that without, and this is not a work of a day or two, were of Israel, dwelt in Jerusalem, and in the seeing our sin in these things is spread far: country, in the first day of the seventh month :

12 Therefore let the rulers of the multitude so the children of Israel were in their habitastay, and let all them of our habitations that tions. hare strange wives come at the time appoint- 38 [ And the whole multitude came together ed,

with one accord into the broad place of the holy 13 And with them the rulers and judges of porch toward the east : every place, till we turn away the wrath of the 39 And they spake unto Esdras the priest and Lord from us for this matter.

reader, that he would bring the law of Moses, 14 | Then Jonathan the son of Azael, and that was given of the Lord God of Israel. Ezechias the son of Theocanus, accordingly took 40 So Esdras the chief priest brought the law this matter upon them: and Mosollam, and Le- unto the whole multitude from man to woman, vis, and Sabbatheus helped them.

and to all the priests, to hear the law in the first 15 And they that were of the captivity did day of the seventh month. according to all these things.

| 41 And he read in the broad court before the 16 And Esdras the priest chose unto him the holy porch from morning unto mid-day, before principal men of their families, all by name : both men and women; and all the multitude and in the first day of the tenth month they sat gave heed unto the law. together to examine the matter.

| 42 And Esdras the priest and reader of the 17 So their cause that held strange wives was law stood up upon a pulpit of wood, which was brought to an end in the first day of the first made for that purpose. month.

43 And there stood up by him Mattathias, 18 ( And of the priests that were come to- Sammus, Ananias, Azarias, Urias, Ezecias, Bagether, and had strange wives, there were lasamus, upon the right hand : found;

| 44 And upon his left hand stood Phaldaius, 19 Of the sons of Jesus the son of Josedec, Misael, Melchias, Lothasubus, and Nabarias. and his brethren ; Matthelas, and Eleazar, and 45 Then took Esdras the book of the law beJoribus, and Joadanus.

fore the multitude : for ho sat honourably in the 20 And they gave their hands to put away first place in the sight of them all. their wives, and to offer rams to make recon- 46' And when he opened the law, they stood cilement for their errors.

all straight up. So Esdras blessed the Lord 21 And of the sons of Emmer; Ananias, and God most High, the God of hosts, Almighty. Zabdeus, and Eanes, and Sameius, and Hiereel, 47 And all the people answered, Amen; and and Azarias.

lifting up their hands they fell to the ground, 22 And of the sons of Phaisur ; Elionas, Mas- and worshipped the Lord. sias, Ismael, and Nathanael, and Ocidelus, and 48 Also Jesus, Anus, Sarabias, Adinus, JacuTalsas.

bus, Sabatteas, Auteas, Maianeas, and Calitas, 23 And of the Levites; Jozabad, and Semis, Azarias, and Joazabdus, and Ananias, Biatas, the and Colius, who was called Calitas, and Pathe- Levites, taught the law of the Lord, making us, and Judas, and Jonas.

them withal to understand it. 24 Of the holy singers; Eleazurus, Bacchu- 49 1 Then spake Attharates unto Esdras the rus.

chief priest and reader, and to the Levites that 25 Of the porters; Sallumus, and Tolbanes. taught the multitude, even to all, saying,

26 Of them of Israel, of the sons of Phoros; 50 This day is holy unto the Lord; (for they Hiermas, and Eddias, and Melchias, and Mae- all wept when they heard the law.) lus, and Eleazar, and Asibias, and Baanias. | 51 Go then, and eat the fat, and drink the

27 Of the sons of Ela ; Matthanias, Zacha- sweet, and send part to them that have nothing; rias, and Hierielus, and Hieremoth, and Aedias. 52 For this day is holy unto the Lord : and


Apocrypha. be not sorrowful ; for the Lord will bring you eat and drink, and make merry, and to give to honour.

part to them that had nothing, and to make great 53 So the Levites published all things to the cheer ; people, saying, This day is holy to the Lord ; 55 Because they understood the words wherebe not sorrowful.

in they were instructed, and for the which they 54 Then went they their way, every one to had been assembled.



gave you manna to eat; so ye did eat angels' TIHE second book of the prophet Esdras, the Cread."

1 son of Şaraias, the son of Azarias, the son 20 When ye were thirsty, did I not cleare of Helchias, the son of Sadamias, the son of Sa- the rock, and waters flowed out to your fill? doc, the son of Achitob,

for the heat I covered you with the leaves of 2 The son of Achias, the son of Phinees, the the trees. son of Heli, the son of Amarias, the son of Aziei, 21 I divided among you a fruitful land, I cast the son of Marimoth, the son of Arna, the son out the Canaanites, the Pherezites, and the of Ozias, the son of Borith, the son of Abisei, Philistines, before you: what shall I yet do more the son of Phinees, the son of Eleazar,

for you? saith the Lord. 3 The son of Aaron, of the tribe of Levi;| 22 Thus saith the Almighty Lord, When ye which was captive in the land of the Medes, were in the wilderness, in the river of the Amoin the reign of Artaxerxes king of the Per- rites, being athirst, and blaspheming my name, sians.

1 23 I gave you not fire for your blasphemies, 4 And the word of the Lord came unto me, but cast a tree in the water, and made the river saying,

sweet. 5 Go thy way, and shew my people their 24 What shall I do unto thee, O Jacob? thou sinful deeds, and their children their wicked- Juda wouldest not obey me: I will turn me to ness which they have done against me; that other nations, and unto those will I give my they may tell their children's children:

name, that they may keep my statutes. 6 Because the sins of their fathers are in 25 Seeing ye have forsaken me, I will forsake creased in them: for they have forgotten me, you also; when ye desire me to be gracious and have offered unto strange gods.

unto you, I shall have no mercy upon you. 7 Am not I even he that brought them out 26 Whensoever ye shall call upon me, I will of the land of Egypt, from the house of bon- not hear you : for ye have defiled your hands dage? but they have provoked me unto wrath, with blood, and your feet are swift to commit and despised my counsels.

manslaughter. 8 Pull thou off then the hair of thy head, and 27 Ye have not as it were forsaken me, but cast all evil upon them, for they have not been your own selves, saith the Lord. obedient unto my law, but it is a rebellious peo- 28 Thus saith the Almighty Lord, Have I ple.

not prayed you as a father his sons, as a mo9 How long shall I forbear them unto whom ther' her daughters, and a nurse her young I have done so much good ?

babes, 10 Many kings hav. I destroyed for their 29 That ye would be my people, and I should sakes; Pharaoh with his servants, and all his be your God; that ye would be my children, power have I smitten down.

und I should be your father? 11 All the nations have I destroyed before 30 I gathered you together, as a hen gatherthem, and in the east I have scattered the peo- eth her chickens under her wings: but now, ple of two provinces, even of Tyrus and Sidon, what shall I do unto you? I will cast you out and have slain all their enemies.

from my face. 12 Speak thou therefore unto them, saying, 31 When ye offer unto me, I will turn my Thus saith the Lord,

face from you: for your solemn feast-dars, 13 I led you through the sea, and in the be- your new moons, and your circumcisions hare ginning gave you a large and safe passage: I i forsaken. gave you Moses for a leader, and Aaron for a 32 I sent unto you my servants the prophets, priest.

whom ye have taken and slain, and torn their 14 I gave you light in a pillar of fire, and bodies in pieces, whose blood I will require of great wonders have I done among you; yet your hands, saith the Lord. have ye forgotten me, saith the Lord.” | 33 Thus saith the Almighty Lord, Your

15 Thus saith the Almighty Lord, The quails house is desolate, I will cast you out as the wind were as a token to you; I gave you tents for doth stubble. your safeguard: nevertheless ye murmured 34 And your children shall not be fruitful ; there,

for they have despised my commandment, and 16 And triumphed not in my name for the done the thing that is evil before me. destruction of your enemies, but ever to this day 35 Your houses will I give to a people that do ye yet murmur.

shall come ; which not having heard of me yet 17 Where are the benefits that I have done shall believe me: to whom I have shewed no signs, for you? When ye were hungry and thirsty in yet they shall do that I have commanded them. the wilderness, did ye not cry unto me,

36 They have seen no prophets, yet they 18 Saying, Why hast thou brought us into shall call their sins to remembrance, and acthis wilderness to kill us ? it had been better for knowledge them. us to have served the Egyptians, than to die in 37 I take to witness the grace of the people this wilderness.

to come, whose little ones rejoice in gladness: 19 Then had I pity upon your mournings, and and though they have not seen me with bodily


Apocrypha. eyes, yet in spirit they believe the thing that I 20 Do right to the widow, judge for the fasay

therless, give to the poor, defend the orphan, 38 And now, brother, behold what glory; and clothe the naked, see the people that come from the east : | 21 Heal the broken and the weak, laugh not

39 Unto whom I will give for leaders, Abra- a lame man to scorn, defend the maimed, and ham, Isaac, and Jacob, Oseas, Amos, and Miche- let the blind man come into the sight of my as, Joel, Abdias, and Jonas,

clearness. 40 Nahum, and Abacuc, Sophonias, Aggeus, 22 Keep the old and young within thy walls. Zachary, and Malachy, which is called also an 23 Wheresoever thou findest the dead, take angel of the Lord.

them and bury them, and I will give thee the CHAP. II.

first place in iny resurrection. TVHUS saith the Lord, I brought this people 24' Abide still, O my people, and take thy

1 out of bondage, and I gave them my com- rest, for thy quietness shall come. mandments by my servants the prophets; whom 25 Nourish thy children, O) thou good nurse; they weuld not hear, but despised my counsels. stablish their feet.

2 The mother that bare them saith unto them, 26 As for the servants whom I have given Go your way, ye children ; for I am a widow thee, there shall not one of them perish ; for I and forsaken.

will require them from among thy number. 3 I brought you up with gladness; but with 27 Be not weary: for when the day of trousorrow and heaviness have I lost you : for ye ble and heaviness cometh, others shall weep have sinned before the Lord your God, and done and be sorrowful, but thou shalt be merry, and that thing that is evil before him.

have abundance. 4 But what shall I now do unto you? I am a 28 The heathen shall envy thee, but they widow and forsaken: go your way, O my chil- shall be able to do nothing against thee, saith dren, and ask mercy of the Lord.

the Lord. 5 As for me, o father, I call upon thee for a 29 My hands shall cover thee, so that thy witness over the mother of these children, which children shall not see hell. would not keep my covenant,

30 Be joyful, ( thou mother, with thy chil6 That thou bring them to confusion, and dren; for I will deliver thee, saith the Lord. their mother to a spoil, that there may be no 31 Remember thy children that sleep, for I ofispring of them.

shall bring them out of the sides of the earth, 7 Let them be scattered abroad among the and shew mercy unto them: for I am merciful, heathen, let their names be put out of the earth : saith the Lord Almighty. for they have despised my covenant.

132 Embrace thy children until I come, and 8 Wo be unto thee, Assur, thou that hidest shew mercy unto them : for my wells run over, the unrighteous in thee! 0 thou wicked peo- and my grace shall not fail. ple, remember what I did unto Sodom and Go- 33 | Esdras received a charge of the Lord inorrah;

upon the mount Oreb, that I should go unto Is. 9 Whose land lieth in clods of pitch and heaps rael; but when I came unto them, they set me of ashes: even so also will I do unto them that at nought, and despised the commandment of hear me not, saith the Almighty Lord.

the Lord. 10 Thus saith the Lord unto Esdras, Tell my 34 And therefore I say unto you, O ye heapeople, that I will give them the kingdom of Je- then, that hear and understand, Look for your rusalem, which I would have given unto Is- Shenherd, he shall give you everlasting rest; rael.

for he is nigh at hand, that shall come in the 11 Their glory also will I take unto me, and end of the world. give these the everlasting tabernacles, which I 35 Be ready to the reward of the kingdom, had prepared for them.

for the everlasting light shall shine upon you 12 They shall have the tree of life for an for evermore. ointment of sweet savour; they shall neither 36 Flee the shadow of this world, receive the labour, nor be weary.

joyfulness of your glory: I testify my Saviour 13 Go, and ye shall receive : pray for few openly. days unto you, that they may be shortened : the '37 0 receive the gift that is given you, and kingdom is already prepared for you: watch. be glad, giving thanks unto him that hath called

14 Take heaven and earth to witness; for I you to the heavenly kingdom. have broken the evil in pieces, and created the 38 Arise up and stand, behold the number of good : for I live, saith the Lord.

those that be sealed in the feast of the Lord ; 15 Mother, embrace thy children, and bring 39 Which are departed from the shadow of thein up with gladness, make their feet as fast the world, and have received glorious garments as a pillar : for I have chosen thee, saith the of the Lord. Lord.

40 Take thy number, O Sion, and shut up Hi And those that be dead will I raise up those of thine that are clothed in white, which again from their places, and bring them out of have fulfilled the law of the Lord. the graves : for I have known my name in Is- 41 The number of thy children whom thou rael.

longedst for. is fulfilled : beseech the power of 17 Fear not, thou mother of the children: the Lord, that thy people, which have been for I have chosen thee, saith the Lord.

called from the beginning, may be hallowed. 18 For thy help will I send my servants, 42 I Esdras saw upon the mount Sion a great Esay and Jeremy, after whose counsel I have people, whom I could not number, and they all sanctified and prepared for thee twelve trees praised the Lord with songs. laden with divers fruits,

43 And in the midst of them there was a 19 And as many fountains flowing with milk young man of a high stature, taller than all the and honey, and seven mighty mountains, where- rest, and upon every one of their heads he set upon there grow roses and lilies, whereby I will crowns, and was more exalted; which I marfill thy children with joy.

I yelled at greatly.


Apocrypha 44 So I asked the angel, and said, Sir, what fast the earth, movedst the whole world, and are these?

madest the depths to tremble, and troubledst the 45 He answered and said unto me, These be men of that age. they that have put off the mortal clothing, and 19 And thy glory went through four gates, put on the immortal, and have confessed the of fire, and of earthquake, and of wind, and of name of God: now are they crowned, and re-cold ; that thou mightest give the law unto the ceive palms.

seed of Jacob, and diligence unto the generation 46 Then said I unto the angel, What young of Israel. person is it that crowneth them, and giveth 20 And yet tookest thou not away from them them palms in their hands?

a wicked heart, that thy law might bring forth 47 So be answered and said unto me, It is the fruit in them. Son of God, whom they have confessed in the 21 For the first Adam bearing a wicked heart, world. Then began I greatly to commend them transgressed, and was overcome; and so be all that stood so stiffly for the name of the Lord. they that are born of him.

48 Then the angel said unto me, Go thy way, 22 Thus infirmity was made permanent; and and tell my people what manner of things, and the law (also) in the heart of the people with how great wonders of the Lord thy God thou the malignity of the root; so that the good dehast seen.

parted away, and the evil abode still. CHAP. III.

23 So the times passed away, and the years TN the thirtieth year after the ruin of the city, were brought to an end: then didst thou raise

1 I was in Babylon, and lay troubled upon my thee up a servant, called David : bed, and my thoughts came up over my heart: 24 Whom thou commandedst to build a city

2 For I saw the desolation of Sion, and the unto thy name, and to offer incense and oblawealth of them that dwelt at Babylon.

tions unto thee therein. 3 And my spirit was sore moved, so that I 25 When this was done many years, then began to speak words full of fear to the Most they that inhabited the city forsook thee, High, and said,

26 And in all things did even as Adam and 40 Lord, who bearest rule, thou spakest at all his generations had done: for they also had the beginning, when thou didst plant the earth, a wicked heart: (and that thyself alone,) and commandedst the 27 And so thou gavest thy city over into the people,

hands of thine enemies. 5 And gavest a body unto Adam without soul, 28 Are their deeds then any better that inwhich was the workmanship of thine hands, and habit Babylon, that they should therefore bare didst breathe into him the breath of life, and he the dominion over Sion ? was made living before thee.

129 For when I came thither, and had seen 6 And thou leddest him into paradise, which impieties without number, then my soul saw thy right hand had planted, before ever the many evil-doers in this thirtieth year, so that earth came forward.

my heart failed me. 7 And unto him thou gavest commandment 30 For I have seen how thon sufferest them to love thy way: which he transgressed, and sinning, and hast spared wicked doers : and hast immediately thou appointedst death in him and destroyed thy people, and hast preserved thine in his generations, of whom came nations, tribes, enemies, and hast not signified it. people, and kindreds, out of number.

31 I do not remember how this way may be 8 And every people walked after their own left: Are they then of Babylon better than they will, and did wonderful things before thee, and of Sion ? despised thy commandments.

| 32 Or is there any other people that knoketh 9 And again in process of time thou brought thee beside Israel ? or what generation hath so est the flood upon those that dwelt in the world, believed thy covenants as Jacob? and destroyedst them.

33 And yet their reward appearoth not, and 10 And it came to pass in every of them, that their labour hath no fruit: for I have gone here as death was to Adam, so was the flood to these. and there through the heathen, and I see that

11 Nevertheless, one of them thou leftest, they flow in wealth, and think not upon thy namely, Noah with his household, of whom |commandments. came all righteous men.

34 Weigh thou therefore our wickedness 12 And it happened that when they that now in the balance, and theirs also that dwell in dwelt upon the earth began to multiply, and had the world ; and so shall thy name no where be gotten them many children, and were a great found but in Israel. people, they began again to be more ungodly 35 Or when was it that they which dwell than the first.

upon the earth have not simned in thy sight? 13 Now when they lived so wickedly before or what people hath so kept thy commandthee, thou didst choose thee a man from among ments ? them, whose name was Abraham.

1 36 Thou shalt find that Israel by name hath 14 Him thou lovedst, and unto him only thou kept thy precepts ; but not the heathen. shewedst thy will:

CHAP. IV. 15 And madest an everlasting covenant with A ND the angel that was sent unto me, whose him, promising him that thou wouldest never I name was Uriel, gave me an answer, forsake his secd.

1 2 And said, Thy heart hath gone too far in 16 And unto him thou gavest Isaac, and unto this world, and thinkest thou to comprehend the Isaac also thou gavest Jacob and Esau. As for way of the Most High? Jacob, thou didst choose him to thee, and put by 3 Then said I, Yea, my lord. And he anEsau : and so Jacob became a great inultitude. swered me, and said, I am sent to shew thee

17 And it came to pass, that when thou led-three ways, and to set forth three similitudes bedest his seed out of Egypt, thou broughtest them fore thee : up to the mount Sinai.

| 4 Whereof if thou canst declare me one. I 18 And bowing the heavens, thou didst set will shew thee also the way that thou desirest

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